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Monday, September 22, 2003

In Australia, Mike explains to the police that he called in about Constable Bratton being killed, but that he had to rush to save Katie from Mordecai Shears. Katie enters the room to ask if there is word about Simon, since she still hopes that he might have survived the explosion somehow. A policeman enters to say that they have found a body, and hands Katie Simon's cross necklace and his wedding ring for her to identify. Katie asks to see the body to identify it, but the policemen tell her that it will not be necessary for her to identify it. Katie insists that she wants to take the body back to Oakdale, then she cries, blaming herself for being the bait, and thus causing Simon's death. When Mike tries to comfort her, she pushes him away saying, "I don't want you near me, ever again." Mike is stunned when Katie goes on to blame him for not letting her go into the explosion after Simon, but he declares that he will never be sorry for keeping Katie alive. Katie puts Simon's cross around her neck, and his ring on the finger next to her wedding ring. She intends to go directly home to Oakdale and not wait for the body to be released, and states, "I don't want you to do anything for me, Mike - ever again."

At Carly's house, Carly oversleeps and finds Rosanna taking care of Sage. The sisters discuss Rosanna's situation with Craig, and Rosanna tells Carly that she is ready to give up the idea of adopting a baby with Craig. Meanwhile, at Java Underground, Craig takes a card bearing the name of a Canadian lawyer from Molly and leaves to "go get a baby." Craig goes to Fairwinds to pack for the trip. There he finds Lucy working on college applications while Aaron despairs over finding a new job with no education. While Aaron goes out to move his truck, Lucy begs Craig to help Aaron find a new job. After grumbling for a while, Craig gives Aaron a card from Java Underground to call for a job. Aaron is thrilled, but tells Lucy that he is going to keep the job a secret until he actually gets it. Craig calls Dusty and asks him to hire Aaron as he leaves the house. Craig appears at Carly's door to ask Rosanna if she still wants a baby, because he is on his way to Canada to see a lawyer about adopting a baby. Rosanna, thrilled, jumps into his arms. She agrees to come back to Fairwinds to help Lucy with her college applications.

As soon as Craig leaves Java Underground, Paul and Dusty arrive and Molly watches Paul taunt Dusty about his kiss with Rose. When Paul leaves, Dusty mutters, "I could kill that guy." Molly, coming on to Dusty, tells Dusty that the fact that Rose did not show up to meet him the night before is giving him a message. Paul and Henry have wired Java, and are outside listening to the conversation. Paul gloats that Molly is doing exactly what he wants her to do. Dusty and Molly, with their lips inches apart, continue to talk about the kiss and Molly tries to convince Dusty that Rose's feelings toward him have changed. Dusty accuses Molly of trying to push his buttons, and Molly responds, "I have some buttons I'd like for you to push." In spite of Molly's efforts, Dusty goes back to work. Paul then calls Molly and asks her to meet him at Paul's penthouse. When he disconnects, he tells Henry, "It's only a matter of time until Rose is mine." Molly leaves to meet Paul. Aaron enters Java to ask Dusty for a job. Aaron is delighted when Dusty hires him. Dusty tells Aaron to buy a new suit and charge it to Java, then as Aaron leaves, Dusty further instructs him, "Cut your hair." When Molly arrives at the penthouse, Paul tells Molly that he would like to help her get together with Dusty. Of course, Molly tells him that she knows that what Paul really wants is to get together with Rose himself, and that he does not care about Molly and Dusty.

At the Roller Palace, Rose is so distracted that she snips a customer's ear. Later, she admits to Mitzi that she kissed Paul and that she has discovered that she still has feelings for Paul. Fighting these feelings, Rose tells Mitzi that she is determined to stick with her commitment to Dusty, and that she will put Paul out of her mind. Rose sends Mitzi home for the day, and Dusty enters the shop. When Rose professes her love for him, Dusty insists that they get things straight about Paul.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Jess and Marshall meet at the Lakeview to discuss a case and Marshall is quick to change the subject to Bonnie and his daughter. Jess tells him they aren't there to talk about the children but the law. Meanwhile Bonnie sees Sarah at Al's and questions her. Sarah tells her she went to school and everyone started whispering about her father and Jess and she wanted to know why. She figured bonnie knew and asked her. Bonnie then decided Marshall should be the one since Sarah was going to search the internet to find out what was going on. Bonnie caught up with Marshall at the Lakeview and told him about Sarah. He tried to tell her there but decided that he should tell her in the room and with Bonnie's help.

Jess went to talk to Ben and talk to Dr. Daniels to see if he would check in on Bonnie every now and then since she and Isaac broke up and she has moved out of Jess's. Daniel's agreed to do it since he and Bonnie were friends because of Sarah, but Jess said she feels Bonnie is better off without her.

Paul tries to evoke Molly's help to get her back with Dusty so he can get back with Rose. Dusty asked Rose about the kiss she and Paul had the other day. She said it meant something to him but not to her. Dusty went away mad and went back to the club. Molly didn't want to take Paul up on the offer claiming she had no feelings for Dusty, but later called Paul to go in on it with him since Dusty and Molly embraced after he was upset over Rose.

Aaron gets a new suit and a haircut and shows up to surprise Lucy and does. He tells her about his new job and Lucy isn't too happy but decides if he is happy and wants the job then so is she. He said this would teach him a lot and when she goes to grad school and he moves with her he can manage a hotel or something. She accepts his new job and they decide to take advantage of an empty house.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Mike and Katie come back from Australia and Margo brings them right to the hospital. While Mike is getting examined, Katie tells Margo that Mike killed her husband. Mike tries to talk with Katie and tells her that he wants to be friends again. He said that everything he did was for her but he "can't live with the silence." She says she knows he tried but he did it all wrong. Mike feels bad that he couldn't give Katie what she wanted - to find Simon and then to die with Simon. Now, she wants Mike out of her life and that is the one thing that he can give her so he says goodbye. Carly arrives because Mike called her to pick him up. Mike tells Carly that he would do anything for Katie including trading places with Simon because he does love Katie.

Emily and Susan find Rick's suitcase, which turns out to be Jeffrey Starr's. Alison and Chris are there and Alison feels she should stay with her mother but Chris and Emily convince her to go out. She ends up going with Chris to Margo and Tom's house. At first she is upset that she left her mother but Chris is understanding and says he'll take care of her.

Paul calls Molly and tells her that his plan is all set and that she should stay with Dusty. He tells Henry that he wants Dusty to find out that he bugged Java Underground. He then calls Rose and tells her that he's done something bad to Dusty and asks her to come over as soon as she gets the message. Rose does come over and Paul tells her that he wanted to prove that Dusty was wrong for her so he bugged his club.

Continuing with Paul's plan, Henry goes to the club and makes noise that causes Dusty to come after him with a bat. Henry tells Dusty and Molly that Paul hired him to put bugs all over the place. After he leaves, Dusty goes through the club looking for all the bugs. Molly stays close by his side.

Marshall wants Bonnie to tell Sarah the truth about the rape but Bonnie makes him do it. Marshall sits Sarah down and tells her that he was accused of rape. Sarah first assumes that he didn't do it but when she realizes he did it, she asks why he isn't in jail. He tells her that he didn't admit his guilt in court and it resulted in a mistrial. Sarah now understands why Bonnie hates him so much and says she wants to go see Bonnie.

Meanwhile, Bonnie sees Walker at the Lakeview and tells him what is happening with Marshall and Sarah. She says that as soon as Sarah hears about her father, she'll run to Bonnie and Marshall will finally pay for what he did. Walker says that Sarah deserves a chance with her father. Sarah arrives and surprises Bonnie because she is angry with her and says that her father had the guts to come clean but she feels like she can't trust Bonnie anymore.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Carly was teasing Mike about his love for Katie. Mike felt that Katie would never look at him the same way because of Simon. Carly told Mike not to give up. She said Katie was running on emotion and that she couldn't possibly be thinking right. Mike said it would never be the same between them but Carly assured him that he and Katie would find their way back to each other.

Margo took Katie home. Katie told Margo that she couldn't forgive Mike because he held her back where they found Simon. Margo said she would thank Mike a million times for saving Katie. As they entered the house they caught Chris and Alison playing around. Margo didn't want to know what was going on and changed the subject. As they were talking, Katie fainted. Margo asked Chris to stay and examine Katie. As Chris was examining Katie, Margo received a phone call. Chris tried to make Katie feel better as she talked about Simon. Chris told her that she had two good years with Simon and to cherish that memory. He told her Simon would want her to go on with her life. When Chris mentioned Mike's name, Katie said that Mike would not be in her life anymore. Margo came back into the room and told Katie that the Australian authorities found a body in the building and it was positively identified as Simon's. Katie broke down in Margo's arms. Alison took Katie upstairs. Margo asked Chris to stay in case Katie needed medical attention.

Paul told Rose that he bugged Java to spy on Dusty so he could drive a wedge between Dusty and Jennifer but Paul realized that he was really doing it for Rose. Paul told Rose that he wanted to live in a more truthful place with Rose. He wants to wipe the slate clean. Barbara came in and tried to interfere. Rose was quite impressed with the way Paul talked to his mother. Paul told Barbara he was not over Rose and was trying to get her back. Rose said she was not interested and that she was with Dusty, now and forever. Paul asked Rose to try to understand him but wouldn't stand in her way if she wanted to be with Dusty. Rose told Paul that he should go to Dusty and apologize. Paul said he would only if Rose went with him. They arrived at Java and Paul took Rose down to the surveillance van. When they got down to garage, the van was gone. Paul slipped and made a reference to 'they'. Rose caught on and wanted to know what was really go on!

At Java, Molly and Dusty were down in the basement where they found the surveillance van. After listening to the tapes they found in the van, they discovered they were locked in. Molly finds a bottle of booze and as they were drinking they came up with the name for the club. It will be called "Metro." Molly pretended that she was claustrophobic and hot. She took off her shirt and suggested that Dusty do the same. The van started to move. They were being towed! As they were getting bounced around, they started to kiss passionately.

Friday, September 26, 2003
by Andy

Mike finds Alison at Al's drowning herself in a cup of sugar. She's upset that every time she and Chris are close to connecting, something gets in the way. This time it's Katie mourning Simon. Mike suggests she bring ice cream sundaes over to Chris and Katie to help lighten their mood. Alison coerces Mike to tag along.

Katie, in a dream, sees Mike held captive in the warehouse sitting on the same bomb. She also hears Simon's voice calling out to her. She starts to look for Simon until Mike pleads with her to untie him before the bomb explodes. The timer counts down from fifteen seconds. Katie actually thinks about it before she leaves Mike to look for Simon. As the imagined bomb explodes, Katie screams Mike's name. Chris arrives and wakes her up assuring her it was all just a bad nightmare.

At the Lakeview, Jen tells her mother she's not concerned if Rose hates Paul right now. She thinks Paul's charm will soon win Rose back, leaving Dusty available for Jen. Barbara scoffs and tries to warn her daughter about Dusty's character...again. She also has a sudden lapse in memory, "When have I tried to control you Jen?" Jen can't believe her ears, but reminds her mother how cool they were before she left town in the first place. Babs, to her credit, reveals some of her rationale. She says she "let her" go to Europe instead of college, when other mothers might have forced their daughters to stay at home or pursue education. Babs says she sent Jen letters and left messages to her in Europe none of which Jen returned. Barbara respected her privacy and her need to be alone, even when her mother needed her the most, when she was on trial and when Will was in a coma. Barbara admits some guilt, and actually asks for her daughter's forgiveness. Jen pieces a theory together in her head and accuses her mother of wanting her to stay away from Dusty so she can have him all to herself. Babs' jaw drops in shock. She denies the accusation and tugs harder at Jen's heartstrings. Barbara reveals some of her depression about being alone after losing Hal, and after being taken by Craig. She hates waking up to an empty bed, but won't resort to filling the void with Dusty. Sensing she has an edge after Jen has apologized for her attack, Babs gently surfs the edge of manipulation, "Dusty is poison. Be cautious. I don't want you hurt." After her mother walks away, Jen looks within herself to take another look at her plans with Dusty.

Paul leads Rose to where the surveillance van should have been, but it's missing. He has a slip of the tongue and wonders where "they" went. Rose starts to catch on that Paul may be planning this whole charade. He tries to cover his tracks, but Rose says, "something stinks. If any of this keeps Dusty from opening the club, you're going to wish you stayed buried in the Atlantic Ocean."

Meanwhile, in the van, Molly and Dusty take advantage of their alone time and begin to rekindle old fires. The van stops somewhere, the side door opens, and someone yells, "Freeze!" Dusty and Molly are caught. Later, an officer brings the two turtledoves back to the OPD for booking. Dusty wants a lawyer, and Molly can't stop giggling. She sees an opportunity to plant more seeds of suspicion into Dusty's head. "Paul is never gonna give up, and Rose, is never gonna make up her mind." She says she thinks he enjoyed rolling around in the van. Dusty accuses her of being in on the plan with Paul. Molly recoils, denying the accusation. Seeing her reaction, Dusty thinks he may have been off the mark. Margo arrives to take a statement. Later, Dusty makes an almost gracious apology, and Molly apologizes for taking advantage of the situation. Dusty mumbles that he knew what he was doing. Molly giggles, "You always did." He thinks about how crazy Rose is making him feel. Molly suggests that the only cure for crazy love is unabashed lust. "You've got my number." Margo returns and they head over to the bar to check out the bugs.

Rose and Paul return to the old Java, where she tries to get in touch with Dusty. Paul says he wanted to show Rose a different side of Dusty, but she says, "Instead you showed me the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!" She suspects Paul is reeling her in for the old ‘hook ‘n dump.' She thinks Paul is trying to get her back so he can dump her after she can't get Dusty back. Paul explains he fell in love with Rose because she is a fighter and because she is good, "and that's a great combination." Paul professes his love for Rose again. Rose doesn't buy it. Paul tells her he's changed. He's now a fighter and now he's going to fight for her. Rose still isn't swayed. He says everything changed when they kissed last week. He takes her hand and says, "I want you back Rose. Will you give me another chance?" Just then, Dusty kicks in his front door and walks down his stairs. He tells Margo to cuff him and drag him out. Margo has a few questions to ask first. Paul saves her the trouble and admits his mistakes, offering an apology to Dusty. Rose gets Dusty to not press charges. He sucker punches Paul in the stomach to take some sort of revenge. Margo looks the other way. After Margo leaves, Molly also slugs Paul for getting her locked in the van. She says she won't be helping him in the future.

Alison and Mike visit Chris and Katie with sundaes. Mike asks for some alone time with Katie. After her dream, Katie's heart is a little more open to hear what Mike has to say. He offers her another olive branch, and this time it's not greeted with a hedge trimmer. She begins to sob again, and pleads with Mike to give her some more space and time to heal. He passes Chris and Alison on his way to the car. Chris asks Alison to go to the new Java club opening tomorrow.

Jen storms into Paul's apartment looking for answers after going a few rounds with Barbara. She calls Dusty and leaves a message after she can't find her brother. Later, Dusty returns Jen's call from the Lakeview Lounge and tells her to meet him tomorrow, then hangs up.

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