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Monday, March 24, 2003

Jessica decides to face the press and admits that she is taking Marshall to court with a charge of rape. After she allows the press to use her name in their stories, Ben escorts her home and then runs to read the letter from Marshall. Though Isaac claims Jessica is lying about what happened the night she says she was attacked, Ben won't hear it and burns Marshall's letter. When Jessica hears a noise at her place, she grabs a gun and almost shoots Bonnie. Rosanna denies to Craig and Carly that she offered Barbara a job and insists that she simply asked Barbara to come up with a few designs to "shadow" Carly. Tired of arguing about Monte Carly, Rosanna suggests to Craig that they get rid of the company and then slip out of town to tie the knot. Craig insists he can't abandon Carly and her dream of being a fashion designer. Later, Barbara offers a thousand dollar bet to Craig that Carly won't have her designs in time but Craig won't bite. Claiming that time is running out for both of them, Molly asks Mike to marry her as soon as possible. Mike won't do it and explains that he's not in a position to devote himself entirely to her. Molly is quick to blame Carly for his refusal and ends things with him. Mike later lets Carly know that he and Molly are history. Later, running into Rosanna at the Java Underground, Molly and Rosanna try to drink their frustration away and end up thinking how they can get even with Carly.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

When her suggestion that she move in with her and Tom falls on deaf ears, Margo escorts Katie home after her release from the hospital. Hearing a noise in another part of the cottage, Katie's greatly disappointed to find Henry there, not Simon. Katie opens up to Chris about the miserable state of her life. Henry agrees to move in with Katie while Katie considers Chris' suggestion of being a nurses' aide. Isaac infuriates Bonnie when he admits that he retrieved Marshall's letter from the garbage and told Ben about it. Ben hints to Jessica that she may not win her court case because of a lack of evidence. She quickly gets him to confirm that he believes and supports her action against Marshall. Handing the handgun he found at Jessica's to Isaac for safekeeping, Ben assures Bonnie that he will be there for her mother. Finding he's riding the same elevator as Jessica, Marshall stops the car and pleads with her to drop the charges against him. She refuses and once on her floor, vows to see him in court. Paul offers Rose some advice on how to swing a loan for her new business but she's not interested. When Paul complains to his best friend, Dusty convinces Paul to let him act as Rose's mentor. When Rose's appeal to a bank loan officer falls flat, she agrees to talk with Dusty who has heard from Barbara that she'll pay anything to rid Rose from her son's life.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Running into Aaron, Emily tries to blame him for Alison's troubles but backs down when he points out how many people have been hurt by Alison's mistakes. Hal is astounded to hear Alison claim that she shouldn't be sent to prison for burning down the Snyder barn because she was simply trying to help Aaron. He urges her to have some feelings of regret for what she did but fails to get through to her. Tom arrives with the news that Evelyn has offered a deal which will require Alison to spend six months in prison. When Alison panics at the thought, Tom reminds her that her confession to arson carries a minimum sentence of five years. When Alison runs out, Hal urges Emily to stop babying her and start treating her like an adult. Aaron tries to comfort her which pleases Emily. Though Dusty agrees that her business proposal is a bad one, he convinces Rose to make some revisions to try to secure a new business loan. He also offers to finance her business if the banks turn her down again. Upset that she's accepting of Dusty's help but not his, Paul asks to see her new proposal. Inviting Craig to meet for dinner, Rosanna guesses he's got a meeting with Carly. He lies and then rushes to Carly's hospital bed where he finds Jack has just left. She asks for permission to tell Jack about her work for Monte Carlo but he won't allow it. She convinces Craig to prove his love and set a wedding date with Rosanna. While Craig's gone, Rosanna meets with Barbara who senses she and Craig just argued about Carly. Admitting she wants to see Carly lose Monte Carlo, Molly likes the idea when Rosanna talks about using Barbara's designs. Surprising her with matching beepers to use when she needs him, Jack kisses Carly.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Emily talks to Alison about how dangerous prison can be if you don't do as you're told. Panicking, Alison uses some vegetable shortening to slip her home monitor bracelet off her ankle. But as she races out of the house, she runs into Chris who convinces her to stay and accept Evelyn's deal. Rosanna is caught off guard when Craig asks her to marry him tonight. He admits that he hasn't been concentrating on her due to everything else in his life but promises to make it up to her. They agree to marry in town weeks. When he promises to meet her later after a stop by the office, Rosanna realizes he's going to see Carly and decides to place a call to Monte Carlo's designer. An anxious Barbara reminds Dusty that he needs to work fast to end Paul and Rose's engagement since they have plans to tie the knot in May. When Molly enters the bar, Dusty quickly takes a seat and downplays his conversation with Barbara. Flirting seductively, Molly invites Dusty to her room where they make love. Rose pays Carly a visit and shows off her engagement ring. When Carly admits that she's suffering from a creative block, Rose reassures her that she'll get past it. Just then, Rosanna calls with a reminder that if she can't come up with some designs, she'll use Barbara's. Craig stops by and urges Carly to get to work. When Mitzi lets Rose know the landlord needs the signed lease and money for the beauty parlor by tomorrow or else she'll lose it, Rose tries to call Dusty but can't reach him. Aaron helps Lucy take her first step and after Rosanna mentions her upcoming wedding, Lucy vows to walk down the aisle.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Emily approaches Lucy and Aaron and urges them to come say goodbye to Alison before she's sent to "the place." Lucy wants nothing to do with her but eventually, Emily convinces them to meet with Alison just to show her that they will always be a couple and that Alison has no chance wooing Aaron. At Hal and Emily's place, Lucy and Aaron wish Alison well but Lucy advises Alison that they can never be friends again. Craig is furious when Rosanna confirms that she has hired Barbara to create some designs for Monte Carlo. Rosanna argues that she is working with her in case Carly is unable to come up with the designs needed for the next show. Craig counters that if Barbara ends up doing any work for Monte Carlo, he's resigning but assures her that he's not giving up on them. Mike stops by Carly's hospital room to offer his help moving her to the Snyder farm but she asks him to back off. Craig stops by after his argument with Rosanna and again pushes Carly to finish her designs. Jack is upset when he figures out that Carly has lied to him and is still working for Craig. After making love, Molly and Dusty are interrupted by Rose who advises Dusty that she needs to pay the landlord within 24 hours or she'll lose the perfect spot for her beauty parlor. Later, giving her the money she needs, Dusty insists that they be partners n her venture. He then advises Barbara that he's going to need more money for their plan. Molly hints to Mike about her night of passion.

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