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Monday, March 10, 2003

At Al's Diner, Mitzi cannot understand why Rose has not told Paul about Dusty's kiss. Outside the door of the diner, Paul tells Dusty that he plans to propose to Rose that night at Java Underground. Although Dusty tries to plant seeds of doubt in Paul's mind, Dusty agrees to help Paul by distracting Mitzi for the evening. At the same time, inside the diner, Rose tells Mitzi that she is ready to tell Paul that she wants to be his wife. Paul and Dusty come up to the girls' table and Paul talks Rose into leaving. Mitzi stays behind with Dusty, not looking thrilled. As soon as Paul and Rose leave, Dusty makes it clear to Mitzi that he does not think Paul and Rose should be getting married.

At Java Underground, Paul reminds Rose that this was the very place where their engagement party was to be held, when Rose disappeared. Paul asks Rose if she thinks that there is a possibility that the two of them can start over. Rose responds that the night is full of possibilities. Paul then says, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" They kiss.

Henry waits anxiously outside Simon and Katie's dark house, where Margo soon joins him. Margo opens the door with her key, where they find the house in a mess and Katie crouching on the floor. Katie cries, "Margo, Simon's gone," then discloses that Simon has been gone for two days. When Margo tells Katie that Bartleby Shears is not in jail, Katie insists that Bartleby has taken Simon away. Katie discloses to Margo and Henry that Simon told her that he doesn't love her any more, but Katie knows that Simon did not mean it. Henry and Margo exchange doubting looks over Katie's head. Katie collapses, and John Dixon comes to check on her. John tells Katie that she is dehydrated and that her liver is already compromised. They all insist that Katie go to the hospital, although she wants to stay in case Simon comes home. Henry carries her to the car in his arms. At the hospital, Katie asks Henry to stay in her house while she is hospitalized. Margo comes in to Katie's room with the stunning news that Bartleby has been tracked to Thailand, and that Simon has withdrawn all the money from their bank accounts. While Katie cries, Henry furtively fingers the note Simon left with him to give Katie.

Carly returns to Mike's house and sees Molly lurking outside the open window. Carly, speaking loudly so that Molly can hear through the window, sends Mike to the store for ginger ale and crackers. After Mike leaves, Carly asks Molly, "If it's true that you don't care about Mike any more, what are you doing sneaking around here?" Molly shrugs, then comes inside where Carly warns her to be careful of Dusty. Molly finally admits to Carly that she and Jack did not sleep together because Jack turned her down. Molly tells Carly that she has been talking to Jack and trying to get Jack to forgive Carly. Carly urges Molly to tell Jack that she still loves him, but Molly tells Carly that she can't while Carly is still living in the house. Carly thanks Molly for trying to help with Jack, apologizes once again, and tells Molly how much she misses her. The cousins agree that their friendship can never be the same, but they agree to peacefully coexist, which is a start. As Molly walks out the front door, Mike arrives from the store. He asks Molly if she might agree to have lunch with him. Molly replies, "Give me a call." As Molly walks away, Carly watches her from the window with a hopeful smile on her face.

At the hospital, Tom, Hal, and Emily wait anxiously to hear about Alison's health. Emily begs Tom to go back to the district attorney once again to try to get Alison out of jail. While she is alone in her hospital room, Alison is bouncing around on the bed to rock music and thinking about getting a manicure. When Susan knocks on the door, Alison darts under the covers, and Susan coos, "How's my little sweetie?" Susan tells Alison that she has classic symptoms of a panic attack, and should be treated with antidepressants. Chris Hughes overhears at the door, with his eyebrow raised skeptically. When Susan and Emily leave the room, Chris tells Alison that he knows that she is faking it and he warns Alison of the dangers of taking medication that she doesn't really need. When Hal and Emily come into the room, Hal asks Chris directly what is wrong with Alison. Chris reluctantly lies that she shows symptoms of a panic attack and should stay in the hospital for 48 hours. Susan and Tom burst into the room with the news that Alison can come home. Hal reads the paper in Tom's hand and announces that there is a catch. Hal and Tom explain that Alison will be under house arrest, with an electronic monitor attached to her ankle. She cannot leave the house and will have to report to an officer once a week. Alison's first reaction is indignation that she can't go out and see her friends, but she stops herself and agrees to be a model prisoner.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Craig informs Carly she has to make the appeal for money to Rosanna herself. Meanwhile, at Al's Diner, Rosanna explains to Emma that every time she and Craig get closer, Carly messes things up. Emma encourages Rosanna to give Carly the money she wants, but Rosanna says no. Later at Fairwinds, when Carly makes a personal plea to Rosanna for the money, Rosanna finally agrees, but only with a stipulation that Carly stays away from Craig and that she has her designs done by the deadline. Jack tells Lily he realizes he'll never love anyone as much as he's loved Carly. Lily says that he should withdraw the divorce papers, but Jack says he can't. Meanwhile, Craig visits Carly only to find that she is unable to create any designs for the upcoming show because she is mentally blocked. Later, Craig asks Jack not to divorce Carly – for Craig's sake. Rose and Paul agree their problems are behind them. Later, Mitzi reveals to Rose that Dusty probed her for information about Rose. Mitzi thinks Dusty wants Rose and Rose needs to tell Paul immediately.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

While in the hospital, Alison has a bad dream that wakes her up. She hears someone crying and realizes that the person in the bed next to her is Katie. They talk and Alison admits that she was the one who started the barn fire. Katie is upset about Simon leaving and Alison suggests that maybe he broke her heart for reasons only he knows and that someday, he'll come back and tell her everything.

At Al's Diner, Margo tries to get Jessica to tell her what is wrong. As they are talking, Marshall walks in to the diner and sits down to talk with Jessica. They argue again over what happened that night. Jessica tells Marshall to leave her alone or else she will defend herself by "any and all means necessary." Marshall says, "passion isn't illegal" and that she turned to him because Ben can't give her what she needs. He says that Ben doesn't "light that fire in you Jess." Jessica becomes very upset and gets up to leave. She says that, "choice was the first thing you took from me" and she threatens to call the police. Marshall challenges her to go ahead and call the police because he's not afraid of the truth. Jessica says the only thing preventing her from reporting it is that she doesn't want to cause any more pain for Bonnie or Ben. Marshall says she's not telling the police because it isn't true. Marshall leaves and Margo comes back to talk with Jessica. This time Margo insists that Jessica tell her the truth. Finally, Jessica tells Margo that Marshall raped her.

Paul and Rose go back to her place to talk about Dusty. She tells Paul everything that Mitzi just told her. As she is about to tell him that Dusty kissed her, Dusty knocks on the door. Dusty explains that Paul wanted him to ask Mitzi questions to see how Rose would feel about Paul's proposal. Dusty then admits that he kissed Rose and apologizes for it. Paul is pleased that Rose was trying to protect him but he is mad that the two people he cares about most let a situation drive them crazy. Paul wants to start fresh and introduces Rose and Dusty. After Dusty leaves, Paul gets down on one knee and proposes to Rose. She says yes, they kiss and then rush off to his place so they can be alone.

Jack goes to see Carly and says he heard that she is looking for a new place to live. He asks her what the move means for them. Carly says there is "no us." Jack says he misses her every day. Carly doesn't want him to be jealous but he says he can't promise her anything. Carly wants to be trusted completely but Jack isn't sure if he can yet. Jack holds up a key and asks Carly to move back in with him, but not in his bed. Carly says she doesn't need a roommate or someone to keep an eye on her. He says he wants to rebuild their life. Carly says she can never go back to Milltown because it was his home and not hers. She says she wants her own life for her and Parker and that she loves Jack but she doesn't want to need him. As they are talking, Carly feels lightheaded and thinks she is going to pass out. Jack comforts her and Carly says she is scared that something is wrong with the baby.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Rose and Paul are driving back to the Lakeview. Rose is very frisky and she is all over Paul. He tells her to please wait until they get back to the Lakeview but she can't wait that long. Before Paul has an accident, he pulls off to the side of the road and they make love in the backseat of his car. He tells her how much he has missed her. After they are finished making love, Paul tells Rose that he doesn't want to wait to get married. She tells him that she doesn't want to wait either. Paul tells her that there is a problem. He takes her left hand in his and says that he doesn't like her empty finger. Rose says, "Let's go to Lily's and get the ring."

Jessica finally gives in and tells Margo that Marshall Travers raped her. Margo is shocked and she knows how Jessica feels. Margo suggests that they go back to the police station and talk. At the police station, Jessica is making all kinds of excuses not to have Marshall arrested for rape. Finally, Margo talks her into making a complaint. Jessica is in tears and tells her side of the story. After the complaint is finished, Jessica tells Margo that she has to tell Bonnie about all this. Margo tells her to call Bonnie and she will get the complaint filed. Before Margo leaves, she reassures Jessica that she is doing the right thing. When Margo leaves, Jessica takes out her cell phone and dials her daughter.

Marshall visits Bonnie at Java Underground. Bonnie tells Marshall to leave and he says that he wants her to hear his side. She says that he can leave. He tells her that Jessica won't be honest with herself, but she is still in love with him. He tells her about the two of them making love and now Jessica is threatening him. Bonnie tries to grasp what Marshall has told her. She asks, "You and my mother?" Marshall finishes her sentence and says, "Made love." Marshall takes out an envelope and tells Bonnie that he wrote Jessica a letter and he would like Bonnie to deliver it to her mother. Bonnie tells him that she will not take his letter to her mother after he has forced himself on her. Marshall tells her that he did not force himself on Jessica. Bonnie tells Marshall that she knew something like this would happen and she warned her mother about him. Marshall tells Bonnie that he would never do anything to hurt Jessica. He adds that he loves Jessica. Bonnie is staring at Marshall like he is an alien from Mars and the phone rings. When Bonnie answers the phone, Jessica asks her daughter to meet her at the police station. Bonnie asks if her mother is ok. She tells her daughter not to worry and she is ok. Bonnie says that she will be right there. Bonnie hangs up the phone. Marshall asks if that was Jessica. Bonnie tells him to get out of her way. He tells Bonnie that there are two sides to every story. He takes the letter for Jessica and lays it on the bar. He turns and leaves. Bonnie goes over to the bar and hesitates, but picks up the envelope anyway. Isaac comes in from the back and asks if he heard Marshall's voice. Bonnie tells him that he just left. Isaac can see that something is wrong. Bonnie tells him that her mother is at the police station and needs to see her. Isaac tells her to go and he will close up. Bonnie kisses him and tells him that he is a good person. Isaac says that is why he likes Marshall to come by, because Bonnie appreciates him so much more. Isaac tells her to call him later. Bonnie heads for the police station with Marshall's letter in her hand.

Carly is not feeling well and Jack calls the emergency room to alert them that they are coming in. When Jack hangs up the phone, Mike walks into the room and asks what is going on. Jack tells him that Carly is not feeling well and he is taking her to the hospital. Mike wants to come along and Jack tells him to stay there. After Jack and Carly is gone, Mike grabs his coat and his car keys and says, "And this is never happening again." He goes out the door after Jack and Carly.

At the hospital, Mike tells Jack that Carly's illness is Jack's fault. John comes out and tells Mike and Jack that Carly has a problem with high blood pressure. He informs them that she does not need any undue stress. They need to keep Carly calm for a few days or the baby will have to be born by C-section. John asks Mike and Jack if they can keep Carly calm. After John is gone, Mike tells Jack that Carly needs peace and quiet. Jack asks what that means and Mike says, "It means to stay the hell away from her." Then they get into a huge argument in the middle of the hospital. Mike tells Jack that he is not going to let Carly hang in the wind while Jack tries to make up his mind what he is going to do about his marriage. Jack tells Mike that Carly is so sick of him trying to take over her life that she went to Rosanna and asks her for money so she could get a place of her own. Mike asks, "Carly asked Rosanna for money?" John comes out and breaks up the fight. He reminds them that this has to stop for Carly and the baby's sake. John tells them that Carly is going for an ultra sound. Jack says that he will go up with her. John walks away and Jack tells Mike that he can go. Mike says that he is not going anywhere until he knows that Carly and baby will be ok. Jack tells Mike that he should know when Carly is released there will be some changes. When they roll Carly out on the gurney, she grabs Jack's hand and asks if she is going to lose the baby. Jack reassures her that she has two great doctors looking after her and he promises her that everything is going to be all right. He says that he will go with her to the ultra sound. As they roll her away, Mike looks very worried.

When Bonnie gets to the police station, she finds her mother in the interrogation room. When Jessica sees Bonnie, she starts to cry. She tells her daughter to close the door. Bonnie closes the door and sits with her mother. She tells Jessica that whatever it is they will get through it. Jessica tells her daughter that she is so sorry. Bonnie asks if this has something to do with Marshall. Bonnie tells her mother that she should have known something was up when Jessica threw him out. Jessica tells her daughter again that she is sorry for what she is about to do. Jessica tells Bonnie that Marshall raped her and she is pressing charges. Bonnie's mouth flies open and she says, "What?" Jessica says through her tears, "He raped me! Oh god, I so sorry!!" Bonnie asks her mother why she keeps saying that she is sorry. Jessica says that she feels like she brought this on herself because she didn't listen to Bonnie about Marshall moving in with her and they had been involved before. Bonnie tells her mother that if she says it was rape then she believes her. Jessica thanks her daughter for being there for her. Margo comes in and asks Jessica if she had seen a doctor after the assault. Jessica tells her that she did not. Bonnie tells Margo that she will take her to the doctor. Margo asks if Jessica has any cuts or bruises or if Marshall had used a weapon. Jessica tells her no. Margo gives Jessica the complaint to sign. Jessica looks the complaint over and signs the papers. Margo explains that there will be a warrant put out for Marshall's arrest. Margo leaves and Bonnie asks her mother to tell her what happened. Jessica is hesitant but she tells her daughter the whole story. When Jessica is finished, Bonnie tells her mother about Marshall coming to see her. She tells Jessica that he had a letter for her. Jessica tells her to burn it. Bonnie tells her mother that it is gone. She puts her arms around Jessica and asks if she can driver her home. Jessica says that she needs to stay and make sure the warrant is right and finish up everything. She thanks her daughter for being there and for standing by her. She adds that she doesn't know what she would do if she didn't have her. Jessica walks out of the interrogation room. Bonnie remembers that Marshall said that there are two sides to every story. Bonnie says, "You are going to use your side to attack my mother and I'm not going to let you." She picks up her purse and leaves.

Later, Isaac and Ben walk into the police station and ask for Jessica or Margo. The policeman on duty tells them that they just missed them. Isaac walks away and over to Margo's desk. As Ben is talking with the police officer, Isaac starts to look through some papers on Margo's desk. The officer sees Isaac and asks what is he doing. Isaac tells the officer that he is just leaving Margo a note. The officer walks away and Isaac looks through the papers again. Ben walks over and tells him that he can't do that. Isaac says, "You can't do it because you are an uptight surgeon who does everything by the book. But I...ok, here we go." Isaac finds a file and hands it to Ben. Ben tells him that he is crazy, but he looks at the file anyway. Ben gets a stunned look on his face. Isaac asks what is up. Ben tells him that Jessica filed a complaint against Travers...for rape. Ben looks up and says, "He raped her."

At the Lakeview Lounge, Marshall walks in and sits at the bar. He tells the bartender to give him the usual. The bartender pours him a drink. Marshall downs the drink in one gulp. The bartender asks if he had a bad day. Marshall orders another drink and asks if he has any messages. He adds, "From Ms. Griffin perhaps?" The bartender says that she didn't call, but there were two men there earlier with gold badges looking for him. When the bartender turns around with Marshall's drink, Marshall is gone.

Friday, March 14, 2003
by Andy

Just after Paul and Rose announce to Lily and Holden their engagement, Dusty rings the doorbell. He's stopping by to give the newest Snyder a baby present. He sees Rose and tries to leave, but Lily asks him to stay. Rose tolerates him. Lucinda stops by later with champagne to celebrate. Paul goes down on one knee for a third time and asks Rose for her hand in marriage. She accepts and as they kiss, Dusty slips outside and makes a phone call. "Hey. It's me. We got a big problem."

Craig wakes up on the sofa as Rosanna is at the tea service holding a cup of coffee. She asks him why he didn't come to bed. Craig says he just fell asleep. Rosanna is looking to spend some quality time with Craig, and hopes his attention won't soon be diverted by Aaron, or Lucy, or Alison, or Carly. He asks her, "What you're saying is that you miss me? Why don't you just send me a card?" Rosanna smugly grabs a pillow and starts to beat Craig over the head with it. Rosanna says she gave Carly a loan after all, but there were a couple stipulations. Carly has to deliver her designs by April 15, and if Carly ever needs a shoulder to cry on, she shouldn't look to Craig for comfort. She says, "Consider this romantic methadone." Craig carefully and quickly thinks her stipulations over and says, "Maybe it's time to let Carly succeed or fail on her own." The phone rings, and a Monte-Carlo representative tells Craig that Carly was rushed to the hospital the night before with pregnancy complications. Craig tells Rosanna the news, and she picks up his coat with one finger and says, "You'll be rushing right out?" Craig says he won't be going to the hospital, but "You should. She's your sister." Rosanna does a one-eighty, and asks Craig to come along with her for moral support.

Bonnie gets to work early to begin inventory, and to try to clear her head about her mother's rape. Isaac asks her if she's alright. Ben stops by looking for Jessica. Bonnie tells him she spent the night at Margo's house. Ben wants to show his support, and leaves to go find Jessica. Isaac encourages Bonnie to go with him, but she decides to stay behind. Isaac wonders aloud if Jessica should consider dropping the charges because she's put Ben and Bonnie through so much drama already. Why add to the fire? Bonnie looks him in the eye and says, "She was raped." Isaac isn't sure what to believe and asks Bonnie if she is 100% certain Jessica is telling the truth. Bonnie's eyes betray her true feelings, "Only my mom and Marshall know for sure what happened." Bonnie thinks Marshall actually loves Jessica based on what she read in his letter. She gives it to Isaac to read, and after he's finished, he says, "I think you showed me this letter because you want me to help you find the truth." Isaac wants to show it to Ben, but Bonnie rips it from his hands, tears it in two, and throws it away. After she leaves to visit her mother, Isaac retrieves the trashed letter.

A police escort walks Jessica to her front door. They offer to walk through the house to confirm that her home is secure, but she declines the offer. She walks in, closes and locks the door. She turns around and stares at the couch where the incident happened. She moves around the couch to get a different view when she hears Marshall's deep voice say, "Hello Jessica." She turns around, scared out of her wits. She tries to get to the door, but he blocks her way. He tries to calm her down by telling her he's not there to hurt her, but to talk about what happened and what's going on. She reaches for the phone to call the police, but Marshall grabs the phone and angrily says, "No! No cops until you and I sort things out first!" He backs her up, step by step, into a wall cabinet. She fumbles for a drawer and finds the gun inside. She grabs the gun and points it straight at his chest telling him to back up or, "I'll shoot you!! I swear to God I will!!" He backs away and heads for the door, but he stops and says, "If I really did rape you, then I deserve your bullet. Go ahead. Finish the job. Let me get a little closer so you get it right." She has the gun pressed against his chest, but can't seem to pull the trigger. Ben knocks at the door, and bursts in when Jessica screams his name. Ben throws Marshall to the floor, and two cops rush into the room to arrest the intruder. Ben and Jessica hug. After Ben and Jessica are alone, he asks her why she couldn't tell him Marshall raped her. She says she was ashamed.

Jack strokes Carly's hair until she wakes up. When she regains enough of her consciousness, she bolts straight up and yells, "The baby! The baby!" Jack assures her everything is fine. Dr. John walks in and tells her they want to keep her in the hospital for a couple of days of observation. Next up on the visitation list is Mike. When he walks in, Jack winces. Carly makes an excuse to chat with Mike alone, and asks Jack to leave. Jack looks directly at Mike and says, "I'll be right back." After Jack leaves, she looks at Mike and asks, "We've been through this before. Am I going to lose this baby too?" Mike counsels her to focus on staying calm for the sake of the baby's health. Outside the room, Jack runs into Molly. Molly asks about Carly, but Jack is skeptical of her sincerity, "Wow. It almost sounds like you care." Molly walks into Carly's room as Mike is on his way out. She also counsels Carly to just put all the drama out of her head and focus on staying calm until the baby is born. They say their good-byes and Molly overhears John confirming to Mike and Jack that Carly is suffering from preeclampsia. He scolds both men that it is imperative to keep her blood pressure low. Jack tries to lay down the law with Mike about how Carly will receive her care from now on, and Molly breaks up the fight. Rosanna is next up to see Carly. Carly hears the curtain swish open and groggily thinks it's Jack. Rosanna announces herself, "It's just your sister." It takes a moment for Carly to figure out what she thinks Rosanna is doing. Her defenses light up, and she says, "Here to check up on your investment? Well...I don't think I'll be making that April fifteen deadline, so you can just sue me!" Rosanna only wanted to comfort Carly, yet, she is stunned by this outburst. Just then, the heart monitor flat-lines, and Dr. John rushes in to assess the situation. Carly is freaking out, and Craig comes in and asks Rosanna what she said to upset Carly.

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