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Monday, February 10, 2003

At the Fusion office, Greenlee was babbling on the phone, while the very muscular Carlos tinkered away at the thermostat. Greenlee carelessly threw some crumpled paper towards the garbage pail, but missed badly. Carlos approached Greenlee and made the strange offer to throw out the paper for her. Greenlee shrugged off his offer, and went back to her phone calls. Reggie noticed Carlos kneeling on the ground, and advised him to pay less attention to Greenlee's garbage, and more attention to Simone's ogling. Carlos looked up, and sure enough, Simone was giving him a big smile. Carlos insisted that he was there to repair the thermostat, and that was all.

Just then, Simone shrieked, "Oh, my God, Greenlee. You'll never guess who Kendall is dating." At first, Greenlee was uninterested -- until Simone pointed out his photo on the Internet. Greenlee immediately recognized mystery man as Michael Cambias, of Cambias Industries. He'd lied about his name, Simone exclaimed. Greenlee was boiling mad because she said Cambias Industries was a huge corporation that targeted small companies. "That son of a ... he's trying to bed Kendall to get to us," Greenlee said angrily.

Simone was skeptical. She reasoned that Fusion was just a blip on the radar screen. Greenlee bragged that Fusion was, but she wasn't. "Michael Cambias knows that everything I touch turns to gold," she declared. Carlos the repairman appeared to be listening in to the conversation. Simone immediately felt sorry for Kendall, because Kendall had really liked the man. However, Greenlee was feeling much more sorry for Fusion, and ran out of the office.

Suddenly left alone, Simone noticed Carlos again. She shot him a seductive smile. Reggie, who was assisting Carlos, observed Simone's very obvious flirtations. Reggie asked Carlos how he could concentrate with all the beautiful scenery. Carlos brushed off Reggie's comments and reiterated that he was there to fix the pipe, not meet women. "All I know is that girl is hot for you," Reggie told Carlos.

Carlos walked away, but then quickly glanced at Simone. Simone gave him the eye, and quickly looked down. When she looked up again, she saw Reggie, who mouthed the words "I love you." Simone looked annoyed and went back to work.

In the meantime, Kendall was busy sipping champagne with mystery man Michael. Michael poured on more compliments, and Kendall giggled in appreciation, noting how expensive the champagne was. He told Kendall that he had been with all kinds of celebrities, but he had never been so curious to know someone. He leaned over the table and kissed her.

Greenlee loudly interrupted their passionate kiss. She immediately told Michael that she was onto his scam. Kendall stood up and ordered Greenlee to leave. Michael shook his head, and calmly told Greenlee that he didn't know what she was talking about. Kendall grabbed Greenlee's arm and dragged her towards the corner. "What the hell are you doing?" Kendall asked angrily. Greenlee tried to say that she was saving the company, that Michael was an imposter.

Kendall accused Greenlee of wanting everyone to be miserable. Greenlee then grabbed Kendall's arm and dragged her back to Michael's table. "Tell her," Greenlee commanded Michael. At first, Michael played dumb, but soon confessed. "Kendall, my real name is Michael Cambias," he said with a sigh.

Kendall was in shock. Michael began to apologize, but Greenlee wouldn't let him. "When were you going to tell her the truth -- after you got her into bed?" Greenlee demanded. Kendall told Greenlee to shut up, and asked Michael why he'd lied. Michael explained that his name got in the way of meeting people. "Oh please," Greenlee sniped. Michael added that he'd started using an alias because of the tremendous media attention he received.

Kendall was surprised to hear that he was famous, because she had never heard of him. "If you read the business section instead of the comics, you'd know him," said Greenlee sarcastically. Greenlee explained that Michael was the son of one of the richest men in Europe, and that his dad was known for swallowing up companies. Greenlee tried to convince Kendall that he was indeed using her to get to Fusion.

Still in disbelief, Kendall turned to Michael. "Did you use me?" she asked. Michael said no, but Kendall pressed on. "You made me believe I was special," Kendall said, looking extremely hurt. "Why did you do this? What did you want?" she asked quietly. Michael stared at Kendall and said, "You, Kendall. I wanted you, Kendall." Kendall stood up, leaned slightly towards him, and gave him a big slap across the face.

David initiated the surgery, with Dr. Pelosi consulting via telephone. Also assisting were Jake, Janelle, and several other staff members. Suddenly, the fetal heart rate began to drop. David panicked, and asked Dr. Pelosi for advice. The advice worked, and the baby started moving again. David sighed in relief, and began to insert a catheter into the fetus' aorta. Suddenly, Jake raised his hands, while David yelled that he was hearing static. "The line is dead. We lost Dr. Pelosi," Janelle stated frantically.

Jake informed David that he was on his own. David nodded, and got ready to inflate the balloon. He was sweating profusely because he was so nervous. Jake and Janelle complimented David for his work to that point. Then, there was a stroke of luck: Dr. Pelosi was back on the phone. David relaxed slightly and told Pelosi that he was about to inflate the balloon. Just then, a doctor announced that Anna's heart rate and pressure were rapidly dropping.

Jake ordered David to stop, but David refused, saying that he'd promised Anna he would save their baby. "At what price?" shouted Jake. Anna's pulse dropped to 40. Jake yelled that David was risking brain damage. Again, David ignored Jake, swearing that he wouldn't lose Anna or the baby. All the doctors were begging David to stop. "David, if you don't bring Anna out now, you're going to lose both of them," Jake shouted. But David wouldn't stop.

Erica was in her Enchantment office, staring at a photo of her and Chris. She had a sudden flashback of her recent tryst with Jackson. Just then, Erica's assistant, Val, buzzed in that Chris was there. Erica gave Val instructions to tell Chris she was busy. But, Chris barged in anyway. "Any particular reason why you told Val to send me away?" Chris asked, visibly annoyed.

Erica quickly explained that she was simply swamped with work. Chris gave her a kiss, but Erica backed away, promising to give him her full attention later that night. Then, Chris gave her a beautiful bouquet of white roses, and reminded her that their wedding was just around the corner. They joked a bit about the "Frenchie" who was creating her wedding gown, and then Erica insisted on going back to work. But Chris had other plans. He reminded Erica that he still had tickets for an Italian cruise. "Andiamo. Let's go... right now," Chris said excitedly.

At first, Erica said no, citing the cold weather and her paperwork. But Chris suggested lots of ways they could keep each other warm. Then Erica just glared at him. "Are you out of your mind?" she asked abruptly. She was appalled that Chris wanted her to drop everything and "run into the sunset" with him. She started shouting that she was busy fending off the competition, like Fusion. "You're the boss. Give yourself a vacation," Chris shouted back.

The fight was really heating up, as Erica insisted that there was no way she could leave Enchantment at that moment. She angrily asked Chris if it was all part of some midlife crisis. "If this was a midlife crisis, I'd be inviting my neighbor's wife, not my fiancée," he said. That statement calmed Erica down, and she began to apologize, but Chris was still hot. "I offer you moonlit nights, and you want to go ten rounds -- again. And I'm tired of it," he yelled. They started to fight again, and Chris asked her point-blank if she didn't want to marry him.

Just then, Jackson walked in, oblivious to the tension in the room. Erica ignored Chris's glares, and asked Jack about Lily's condition. Jack assured her that Lily was faring quite well. Chris wished Lily a healthy recovery, and then politely told Jack that he and Erica were in the middle of something. Jack quickly apologized, and began to leave, but Erica stopped Jack. She informed Chris that Jack had gone through hell, and that her discussion/argument with Chris could wait. Chris got very angry and walked out.

Jack turned to Erica and brought up the real reason for his visit. He wanted to apologize for their fling a few nights before. Erica stared at him and asked why he was sorry. Jack felt like he had taken advantage of her, and said that he didn't want to get between her and Chris. "You thought you were over me, didn't you?" Erica asked coyly. Jackson chuckled and reassured her that he'd never be over her, but he'd also never let "that" happen again.

"Never seems unrealistic," Erica said seductively. Jackson finally realized that Erica was hitting on him. Jack demanded to know what sort of "thing" he had interrupted earlier with Chris. Erica explained that Chris wanted to whisk her away to Italy. "That guy's got some nerve," Jack said sarcastically. He then accused Erica of doing what she always did: sabotaging her relationship with Chris. "I love him -- why would I do that?" Erica shouted. "Because commitment scares the hell out of you," Jack said forcefully.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Ambling along a beautiful beach on Paradise Island, Maria and Aidan looked more like a vacationing couple than two people hunting down a killer. Maria was wearing a midriff-baring tank top, while Aidan was happily pointing out the sights, such as the famous Atlantis Resort. Soon Aidan saw a Bahamian waving from the beach bar. The man ran towards them and gave Aidan a big hug. He introduced himself to Maria as "Kingman," and they all headed back to the bar. At the bar, Kingman served them some delicious-looking tropical drinks.

Kingman quickly informed Aidan that his "boys" hadn't yet seen Julian. Aidan concluded that Julian was just playing a waiting game, but eventually would show up. "Let him," Kingman said. "I've got your back," he promised. He then suggested that Aidan and Maria get some rest and relaxation while they waited, and escorted them back to a beautiful room. "Is this the honeymoon suite?" Maria asked with a giggle. Kingman told them it was part of their cover.

"No one will bother you, Mr. and Mrs. Swallow," Kingman said, smiling. Kingman then explained to Maria that he was indebted to Aidan because Aidan had saved his life when they were in Afghanistan together. After Kingman left, Aidan suggested that Maria get some sleep, while he waited down by the pool. But Maria grabbed Aidan's arm and begged him not to leave. "I can't feel safe sleeping, unless you stay," she explained. Aidan agreed to stay, but only if she slept on the bed, while he slept on the couch.

After the nap, they went back to the bar, with Maria clad in sexy new swimwear. The reggae music was pumping, and Maria immediately jumped onto the dance floor. Aidan watched her dance, and then Maria dragged Aidan out onto the dance floor with her. Soon, Maria was caressing his face, and they started dancing closer together.

Michael was intent on gaining Kendall's forgiveness, and begged to go somewhere where they could be alone. But Greenlee laughed in his face. She dragged Kendall back to the corner, where Kendall insisted on handling the Michael situation alone. Greenlee tried to talk her out of it, to no avail. However, instead of getting annoyed at Greenlee, Kendall praised her. Kendall said she was genuinely touched by Greenlee's concern. She thanked Greenlee, and went back to Michael's table. They sat down, and Kendall demanded the truth from him.

Michael insisted he'd never meant to mislead her, and that he was just trying to keep a low profile. But Kendall wasn't buying his story. She stood up, and stalked over to the bar. Michael followed her, still trying to convince her that he was telling the truth. He claimed he had been about to tell Kendall his real name, but Greenlee had beaten him to it. Kendall rolled her eyes in disgust. Then Michael reiterated that there was a real connection between them. Kendall agreed, but said that the connection was with Michael Kinsey, who didn't exist.

Kendall then explained why his lie was so unforgivable. "My parents lied to me all my life about who I really was," she informed him. Michael looked sincerely sorry upon hearing that. He got her to sit down again, and begged again for her forgiveness. Finally, Kendall started to soften. "I want to believe in you, Michael," she said tearfully. "Then forgive me," he urged. Kendall broke down and forgave him.

Erica was furious at Jack for a number of things: for calling her commitment-phobic, for apologizing for their fling, and for judging her. But Jack wasn't backing down, and yelled back at her. Erica ran over to him, pulled her arm back, and gave him a big slap in the face. She groaned slightly because the slap had hurt her hand, but quickly resumed her yelling at Jack. "I want you to leave," she commanded. That got Jack really mad. "Of course you do. You always want me to leave. And fool that I am -- I let you," he shouted.

Erica asked him mockingly if she was going to receive yet another of his famous "goodbye forever" speeches. "Not this time," Jack retorted. "This time you're stuck with me," he warned, subtly implying that he might tell Chris about their fling. Jack then called Erica the most manipulative, self-indulgent person he had ever met. "Loving you has been the biggest mistake of my life," Jack yelled. "No, Jack! The biggest mistake of your life was not being able to hold onto me," Erica declared.

Jack looked shocked, and then responded by saying their little tryst had meant absolutely nothing. He'd just needed comfort, and she'd just needed to use him. He urged her to look for another patsy to drive a wedge between her and Chris. Erica glared at him, and concluded that he was just jealous. Jack was appalled at the thought, and assured her that he was anything but jealous. "Prove it," Erica suggested. Jack leaned in, and started kissing her wildly.

Just then, the intercom buzz interrupted their kissing. Lena, the new Enchantment accountant, was waiting in the reception area. Erica immediately pushed Jack away. She grabbed some tissues and dabbed one on his lips so that he'd get rid of her lipstick stains. She frantically dabbed her own face for telltale kissing signs. Jack leaned over to kiss Erica again, just as Lena was walking in.

Jack quickly exited, and Lena got right to the point. She reported to Erica that she had seen Kendall with the infamous Michael Cambias, and that they obviously knew each other. Erica reasoned that a man like Cambias would never be interested in Kendall, unless he had an agenda. Lena suggested that perhaps it was Kendall who had pursued Michael, as yet another attempt to destroy Erica. She recommended that Erica keep a close eye on Kendall, and Erica thanked her for her loyalty.

Anna was having an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, but David refused to stop the surgery. "If I bring her out now, my daughter's going to die," David shouted. Jake pleaded with David, yelling that Anna's organs were about to shut down. David said he refused to choose between the lives of his wife and daughter. Then Janelle informed David that Dr. Pelosi had given instructions to deflate the balloon at that point. David obeyed Pelosi's orders, and then walked away from the operating table, sweating profusely. He told Janelle that he was the wrong choice for the surgery -- that he had lost his objectivity.

Janelle consoled him, assuring him that he had done the right thing. Just then, the doctors yelled that they were losing Anna. David ran over, and asked the doctors to leave him alone for a minute. He knelt down next to Anna and quietly told her that he had followed through on his promise to save the baby, but he needed her to fight. Suddenly, a doctor announced, "Dr. Hayward, Anna's heart rate is rising." The baby's condition was good. All the doctors marveled at how miraculous the news was. David sighed, asked the other doctors to make sure that Anna didn't go into labor, and then ran out of the room.

Outside the operating room, Maggie was in a panic. She told Trey that she'd heard that something had gone very wrong. They saw Janelle walking out of the operating room, and confronted her. Janelle confirmed there had been a problem, but everything was okay. Trey and Maggie wondered where David could have run off. Janelle explained that as arrogant as David was, he was highly insecure about his abilities to save the two people he loved most.

Trey went looking for David and found him in the hospital chapel. David was praying, and whispering, "Thank you." Trey approached David and offered his congratulations. David told Trey that he was still worried, because the fight wasn't quite over. Then David got teary-eyed as he explained how it had been the operation of his life. Afterwards, David went to Anna's bedside. Anna was conscious and asked him about the baby. He promised Anna that the baby was just fine. "We did it, Anna," he said, as he clutched her hand.

Back at Fusion, Simone was busy doing more research on Michael Cambias and his many millions. Reggie chatted with her briefly, and then answered the phone. It was Trey. Reggie told Trey that he thought the history exam had gone okay, and that the Fusion women were absolutely beautiful. Trey half-jokingly asked Reggie to stay away from his sister, and Reggie promised that he would.

Just then, Greenlee walked in, grinning ear to ear. She boasted that she had saved the day -- that Kendall had been one pucker away from handing over the company to Michael Cambias. Reggie giggled at Greenlee's "pucker" joke. "Am I talking to you?" Greenlee rudely asked Reggie. Reggie's smile quickly left his face. Simone noticed Greenlee's rude behavior, and asked for a minute of Greenlee's time.

Simone attempted to tell Greenlee to ease up her attitude a bit, but Greenlee kept getting offended. Simone was about to walk away, but Greenlee stopped her. "Does everyone here think I'm a self-absorbed bitch, or is it just you?" Greenlee asked bluntly. "Well, you had Reggie on your side, until a few minutes ago," Simone replied. Greenlee let the information sink in, and then went back to work.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Fan Fantasy Day

Tad was putting on a tux in a suite at the Valley Inn. Joe knocked on the door, and Tad let him in. Joe said he thought he'd help Tad get ready for his wedding. Tad said he was about ready. Joe asked if he really wanted to go through with the wedding. Tad said, "This woman is my destiny!" He went on to say that he had loved Erica since he had laid eyes on her, but if Joe didn't approve, he didn't have to be Tad's best man.

Joe said he'd stand by his son no matter what, and added "I just want your happiness." Tad said, "After today, I always will be." Joe left, and Brooke walked out from the back. She asked if Tad was really going to go through with it. Tad said he hoped Brooke would give him her blessings. Brooke said, "Yes, but first..." and grabbed Tad and gave him a passionate kiss.

In another suite, Opal and Myrtle discussed the wedding. Opal said, "I love that woman dearly, but not for my Tad!" Myrtle said, "You just can't reason with love!" Opal said it was like watching a train wreck. Myrtle held up the veil as Kendall walked in from another room and said that the wedding was off. Erica walked in with wild hair sticking out all over and said she couldn't marry Tad on the worst hair day of her life.

Opal told Erica to sit down, and Opal would fix her all up. Kendall stooped next to Erica and said, "Don't worry, Mommy, Opal is a miracle worker." Erica patted Kendall's cheek and said she didn't know what she'd do without Kendall. Erica asked Myrtle to find Tad and tell him what had happened. Myrtle, who had been reciting silly quotes all day, said "Lose the mystery, lose the man!" Erica said she was going to be totally honest with Tad, just like he was with her.

Anna and David walked into the wedding area. Anna said maybe David shouldn't be there, since he'd drugged just about everyone there. David wasn't bothered by that and said he could use a drink. He looked around for a waiter, and Adam showed up in a waiter's uniform and asked if he could take their order. They were shocked, and David said, "But aren't you Adam Chandler?" Adam said he had been. David said, "You're the king of the world, just like me! How could this happen?" Adam said his whole fortune was gone. Anna said she was sorry, and then they ordered their drinks.

David gave Adam a huge tip, and Adam gratefully accepted it. Anna pulled David aside and said she couldn't believe he had done that; she said he was just trying to humiliate Adam. David said Adam deserved it. Anna sneered at David and said, "Don't think the same thing couldn't happen to you!" David said he was a surgeon and wasn't in it for the money. Anna said it was for the unlimited power. She said he was so full of himself, there was no room for anyone else, and she stormed off.

Elsewhere in the Inn, Maria ran up to Edmund and cried joyfully, "I remember everything! Our love, our family! I can't believe I'd ever forgotten it!" Edmund looked at her and said, "I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?" Maria told Edmund about their life together and their incredible love. He still had no clue who she was. Brooke showed up and said there was something she had to tell him. They went for a walk, and she told him all about Maria, how she had been lost in a plane crash and presumed dead. She said Edmund's pain was so great that he had blocked it all out.

Edmund said that was impossible, but Brooke said it was true because "I've done research." She went on to say they had all thought Maria was dead until a year before, "just before our wedding." Edmund said, "You married me, knowing my wife was alive?" Brooke said Maria wasn't really his wife anymore because he'd had her declared dead. Brooke cried and said he probably hated her and guessed that he was going back to Maria, Tad was marrying Erica, and there was no one left for her. Edmund smiled and said he was glad she'd told him, but he wasn't going back to Maria. He stated, "She's too weird!"

Upstairs, Tad and Brooke began to get dressed after making love. Tad said he couldn't do that again but that she was "just too damn hot!" Brooke said, "You're right, but this has to end." They started kissing again, but there was a knock on the door. Tad pushed Brooke out the back, straightened his clothes, and opened the door. Simone walked in and grabbed Tad in a kiss, pushing him towards the bed.

In the mailroom Tad sat on huge bags of mail. Jack walked in and told him it was "Fan Fantasy," not "Tad Fantasy" day. Tad said there was a letter about Jack -- that a fan in New Mexico wanted to see Jack in a dress. Jack was disgusted, and he tried to look at other letters. He found one that said Erica should reunite with Kendall and reject Bianca. He said, "Now that I'd like to see!"

Joe franticly called Erica but only got her voicemail. He left her a message saying they had to talk about their child.

In the Valley Inn bar, Bianca sat alone drinking. Jack joined her and asked what she was doing. She told him it was "Mommy's wedding day, and I'm celebrating!" Jack said maybe it would be the day Erica would realize she couldn't hate her own daughter. Bianca said she'd left Erica a little surprise in her room and left. Chris walked in and said he needed Jack's help for surveillance, undercover work. Jack said, "I told Tad I'm not wearing a dress!"

After Simone and Tad made love, she said she was sorry, "I keep having sex with inappropriate men at weddings." Tad said he hadn't known she was such a sexual athlete, and she told him to give her another 15 minutes. However, a knock on the door interrupted them. Tad tried to get her out the back, and Simone argued a bit. Finally she agreed to leave and offered him congratulations on his marriage.

Tad opened the door and found Mia standing there. She hesitantly asked if he knew where Jake was. Tad said Jake was performing emergency surgery, and asked, "Didn't he tell you?" Mia admitted that yes, Jake had told her, it was just the only excuse she could think of. She pushed into the room and began kissing Tad. In the mailroom, Chris joined the guys and said to Tad, "Your brother's fiancée?" Jack said he couldn't believe none of the fans wanted to see any of the other men of Pine Valley with any of the Fusion women. "Who's next?" he asked Tad.

In Tad's room, a very satisfied Mia said she couldn't believe what they had just done and asked Tad not to tell Jake. Tad sarcastically said, "Glad you mentioned that to me; it might have come up in conversation." A knock on the door startled them, and Tad told Mia to go out the back way. She said suspiciously, "You sound like you've done this before!" Horrified, Tad said, "God, no!" and Mia ran out the back as Maria walked in. "Thank God I got here in time!" she said to Tad. She jumped in his arms and began kissing him.

Aidan walked in and grabbed Tad, saying, "Not with my Maureen, or I'll kill you!" Edmund walked in and said she'd been his before she was Aidan's. Tad said to Aidan, "Hey, Fish and Chips, relax. It's what the fans want." Aidan left, and the other men began to argue about what the fans really wanted. Jack said if what the fans wanted was for Tad to make love to every woman in Pine Valley, "Let's not let you miss anyone."

In walked Myrtle, puckered up for a kiss. All the guys laughed, and David showed up, angry that he hadn't had any lines in the previous 15 minutes. He left, and the others wondered why the fans hated him. Back in Tad's room, Anna walked in and started undressing for Tad. After they made love, Anna said she couldn't wait to do it again and then said, "Oh, you're getting married. Too bad."

Bianca showed up in Erica's room and was startled at her mother's disheveled appearance. "What happened? Frankenstein would be proud to have you for his bride!" she told her mother. She said, "I see you got my surprise," and Kendall had a revelation. She asked if Erica had used her regular shampoo, and as Erica said yes, Bianca said she had to leave. But Kendall grabbed the shampoo and smelled it, saying it smelled like glue. Kendall turned to Bianca and said, "You did this! How could you?" Bianca said Erica deserved it after the way she's treated her. Kendall pushed Bianca out of the room and Erica ran to a very upset Kendall and comforted her.

After Anna left Tad's room, Kendall showed up. She walked in, and Tad asked if she was there about Erica. She said no, she was there to see Tad. In the mailroom, all the guys were disgusted and asked Tad, "What kind of animal are you?" Chris said he wanted the wedding called off immediately. They all wondered who decided what scenes were going to take place and started going through all of the letters.

Chris quipped, "The inmates are taking over the asylum!" Meanwhile, Tad puckered up for Kendall's kiss but instead of kissing him, she beat him. She said she was there to make sure he kept his pants on until the wedding, and added, "You pervert!" The guys in the mailroom found this intensely amusing and said they'd see what the fans really wanted.

In the bar, Chris joined Jackson, and said that the snow was really falling down, and the city was paralyzed. He said the minister was snowed in, and Jack said that meant there was no one to perform the wedding. Chris said there was one person and looked at Jack slyly. A few minutes later, Chris dragged Jack out in front of the wedding guests, dressed in full minister uniform, including the flowing gown.

Jack wasn't pleased, but Chris thought it was great. In the back row of the guest chairs, Bianca sat alone. Adam Chandler quietly slipped in beside her, but Bianca piped up, "Hey pal, this event isn't for the hired help." Adam said he belonged there, since he'd walked down the aisle with Erica a couple of times himself.

The bridesmaids, Opal and Kendall, walked in as Tad slowly walked out to stand in front of Jackson. Jack asked him what was the matter, and Tad replied that he "couldn't feel his thighs." Then Tad looked Jack up and down and said "Nice dress." Jack told him to go to hell. Outside the doors, Erica was ready to walk down the aisle, but Joe grabbed her and said they had to talk about their child. Erica reminded him that he had promised never to mention that, but Joe said if she went through with the wedding, then Tad would be his sibling's stepfather. Erica said she loved Tad and her hair looked good, so she was going to marry him.

Joe was astounded and said, "I can't believe you could be so selfish." Erica looked at him like he was nuts and responded, "Where have you been all these years?" Erica ordered him never to mention their child again, and Joe went into the ceremony and joined Tad at the front of the room. Kendall turned to Opal and asked if Erica was okay. Opal said of course she was, "She's Erica Kane."

The doors flew open and in walked a radiant Erica. She joined Tad in front of Jackson, who turned to the guests and asked if anyone knew of a reason that Tad and Erica should not be married. They nervously looked around, and Brooke jumped up and ran to Tad, begging him not to get married. Quickly Simone, Mia, Maria, and Anna joined in.

Chris got on his knees in front of Erica and spoke to her in Italian. Jack rushed over and tried to persuade Erica to marry him. Bianca ran up and begged her mommy to love her, and Kendall pushed her away. A huge fight ensued, with everyone involved. Tad whacked Adam and grabbed a tray, trying to hide behind it as he attempted a getaway. Jack caught him, but Tad took off and got out the door.

Tad ran into the bar and shut the doors. At the bar stood Liza. She said she'd been waiting for him, and Tad said it had been a long time. Liza walked over to him seductively and said some things were worth waiting for, then winked at the camera, saying, "Right folks?" Then she kissed Tad passionately.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Lysistrata pressed an irritated Greenlee to talk about Carlos. Though relieved to learn that Anna and the baby were doing well, Jackson curtly reminded David that he had taken a terrible risk with his family's lives.

On Paradise Island, Kingman reported to Aidan that Julian had been spotted leaving Pine Valley. Brooke found Edmund nursing a hangover and a bloody hand in his office at Tempo. Enjoying some down time in anticipation of Julian's arrival, Maria and Aidan happily romped together in the tropical waters.

Meanwhile, Edmund glumly told Brooke he was resigned to the fact that his wife was dead to him "now and forever." Brooke exhorted Edmund not to give up on Maria. Julian and a gun-toting Morgan cornered Maria in her hotel room.

Bemoaning the lack of masculinity with which to flirt at work, Simone continued to bat her eyelashes at Fusion's handsome handyman. Lysistrata played hardball with Greenlee to get her to face up to her real feelings. Carlos agreed to give Simone some Spanish lessons.

Friday, February 14, 2003

At Fusion, Greenlee was talking on the phone to Marcus, who catered parties to people on the A-list. He agreed to do an incredible Fusion out-coming party in return for allowing his 14-year-old daughter an opportunity to model test shots for Fusion. "And we are going to pay him out of petty cash?" Simone commented to Greenlee. Simone lamented how they were working for no pay and no benefits. Greenlee excitedly said it would come together one day, and they were going to go sky high. Simone realized the old Greenlee's excitement and energy had returned, and she welcomed Greenlee back.

Mia bounced into the office, bursting with information about what she'd just done. She asked where Kendall was so she could share with the whole group. Greenlee said Kendall was at the Valley Inn, having her heart ripped out by Michael. Meanwhile, Kendall was at the airport, enjoying a very passionate kiss from Michael. She forgave Michael again for lying to her. Michael was flying out of town on his private jet and had his driver take Kendall home. As soon as Kendall left, Michael made two phone calls, one to have a single red rose delivered to Kendall every day, and the other to an unknown person to ask what progress had been made. He wanted it to happen right away.

The flight attendant greeted Michael as he boarded his private jet. Erica was sitting in the jet's lounge and asked him where they were going. Michael commented on Erica's impromptu visit. Erica coyly commented that he hadn't gone to see her while he was in Pine Valley and was curious why he was there. Michael said the trip had been personal. Erica toyed with him about how the woman he'd gone to see had to be naïve. Erica guessed that he was really in to Pine Valley to conquer her.

Erica asked how his father was and reminded Michael that his father had tried to take over Enchantment many times and had not succeeded. Michael said he was not there to conquer her. Erica wasn't sure she could believe he had no intention to take over her company. Michael asked if she would stay on if he did. His business philosophy embraced cooperation, one hand washing the other. He asked Erica how satisfied she was with the performance of her eastern distributor. Erica felt there was room for improvement.

Michael told Erica there was an area of mutual interest with Cambias Industries. A Hungarian company had a skin cream that would enhance her line, and he had an interest in the company. Erica was aware of the Hungarian company. Michael knew the owner from school, and a call from him would cinch the deal of a joint venture. He would send her a proposal. She promised she would try to keep an open mind. She flirted briefly with him before she left the plane.

Michael phoned his father about his conversation with Erica and swore he had no plans to acquire Enchantment. He added that being his father's son sometimes didn't help. Michael told his father he would return to Pine Valley.

Back at Fusion, Mia learned about Michael's deception. Kendal walked in glowing. Greenlee asked when Kendall had become so dumb. Greenlee said Kendall was being a fool to forgive Michael. The ladies tried to tell Kendall that she was being used. Kendall defended Michael. He was a perfect gentleman. They replied that he had seduced her under false pretenses.

Greenlee told Kendall she believed that Michael was getting ready to make a big move. The ladies teased Kendall about her dream of drinking champagne and dancing to music only she and Michael could hear and falling madly in love. Kendall believed Michael was charming. She acknowledged that the ladies didn't want her to be hurt. Greenlee pointed out that he had lied once and couldn't be trusted. Kendall reminded Greenlee about the lie Leo had told her about not wanting her trust fund and added that Greenlee had fallen in love with him anyway. Greenlee replied she hoped Kendall would be as lucky as Greenlee was.

Jackson approached the door to Erica's penthouse. He paused and thought back to his love fest with Erica. Jackson hesitantly knocked on the door, and Chris answered. He invited Jackson in to clear up a few things. Jackson wasn't sure what Chris was referring to until Chris told him Julian and Morgan had duped them. He also told Jackson that Aidan had been cleared of all charges, as Julian was the one who had killed his wife, and Maureen was not an accomplice.

As Chris explained that Devine was trying to find Julian before Julian found him, Erica entered the penthouse. She saw Jackson there and jumped to conclusions about why he was there. She told Chris she could explain everything. Jackson gave her a signal to let her know that Chris didn't know about their affair. Erica covered and said she wanted to explain where she had been. Chris's cell phone rang, and Chris left the room, giving Jackson and Erica time to talk. Jackson realized that Erica wanted to get out of her relationship with Chris and told her he wasn't going to be the fall guy. Jackson then left.

Henry stopped by the clinic to see Maggie to set her straight. He wanted to explain that he wasn't putting her down. Maggie wanted to understand the culture and his family, and said that he was making it hard to get to know him. "Do you think you are too good for me?" Maggie asked him, probing further, "Is it that you don't want whites mixing with Asians? " Henry asked if they could work together or if there was a problem. "You have the problem, Henry," replied Maggie. He told Maggie they both wanted to be doctors and to ace chemistry class. "I just want a lab partner who will accept me for who I am," she said. Maggie told him when he figured out what he wanted to let her know. She left the exam room.

At Atlantis, Paradise Island, Aidan stood on a balcony, looking through binoculars around the island, wondering where Julian might be. In one of the hotel rooms, Morgan introduced Maureen to Julian St. Clair. Maureen spit in his face. Julian grabbed Maureen and dragged her out the hotel door, leaving Morgan and Kingman in the room.

On the beach, Julian handcuffed Maureen's ankle and chained her to a bomb. He told her any movement would set it off and laughed wickedly as he walked away, leaving a guard to watch over Maureen. Aidan sneaked up behind the guard and knocked him out. Maureen warned Aidan that Julian had wired the cooler where the bomb was so that if she moved, it would blow. Aidan disabled the bomb, but he thought there might be a secondary switch to blow the bomb, so he smacked the chain with a rock, grabbed Maureen, and they both ran from the area. Julian returned to the beach and discovered Maureen gone.

Maureen and Aidan decided not to return to the hotel, as Julian's men would be everywhere. At the hotel, Morgan was playing chess with Kingman. Julian told them "they escaped," and Kingman was glad they'd gotten away. Angry, Julian pulled out his gun and killed Kingman.

Maureen felt she had caused all their troubles. Aidan disagreed. They stopped on the beach so Aidan could take the handcuff off her ankle. He promised he would make up for all the trouble he had caused her.

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