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Monday, February 10, 2003

At Simon and Katie's home, Simon told Jack that he believed that Katie had been kidnapped. Simon explained to Jack that Bartleby Shears was trying to pay Simon back for the eight years Bartleby had spent in prison. Jack left for the station to put out an immediate APB for Bartleby. Meanwhile, Katie and Bartleby were at Java Underground, admiring the gift Katie had helped select for Bartleby's mother. Lisa met Bartleby and was immediately suspicious of him, so Isaac called Simon to report that Katie was at Java Underground with Bartleby.

Simon called Jack, then Simon rushed to Java to save Katie. Simon was taking Katie away when Jack rushed in and took Bartleby to the police station for questioning. As Bartleby passed Simon, he snarled, "You'll pay for this, Frazier." Back at home, Simon told Katie that Bartleby was a bad guy and that Simon was afraid that Bartleby would hurt Katie. The two agreed to try to make a baby that night, and Katie went upstairs to get ready for bed. The phone rang, and Jack told Simon that he had been forced to let Bartleby go after questioning him.

Simon heard a noise outside, and finding Bartleby there, grabbed him by the lapels and threatened, "Stay away from my wife, or I'll kill you!" Simon refused to help Bartleby in his confidence scheme, but Bartleby threatened to have his mates kill Katie, and then Simon, if Simon did not help him. Simon finally agreed, but asked for three days, which he would use to break Katie's heart and keep her from following him. Simon went back in the house and told Katie that he never wanted a baby with her. Simon slammed out the door, then collapsed outside, brokenhearted.

Chris went to the police station to apologize to Hal and Emily, but he told them that he still believed that Will had not started the fire. He asked Hal for permission to get Tom Hughes to help question Will, but Hal refused and asked Chris to leave. Emily followed Chris out the door and asked him why he was so convinced that Will had not started the fire. Chris explained that there was no trace of the accelerant that had started the fire on Will's hands. Chris agreed not to bother Hal or Barbara, but he told Emily that he was determined to find out the truth, even if his search ended his medical career. Emily went back inside and reassured Hal that their family would be back together soon.

While Paul and Rose were at the bar, waiting for Mitzi to arrive, Paul was disturbed to find that Rose had talked to Mitzi daily when she was in Europe, while she was not in contact with him. However, the two agreed to talk about nothing more than one day in the past, which led them to reminisce about the water fight and the kiss the night before. As they kissed again, Barbara burst in and interrupted them, taking Paul to the side to talk to him.

Mitzi rushed in and was ready to see the new business, but Rose admitted that the bank hadn't loaned her the money yet. Before she went upstairs to unpack, Mitzi advised Rose not to let Paul get away. Barbara asked Paul to become a partner in her new children's line, but Paul refused, saying that a partnership with her might get between him and Rose. Rose walked up to Barbara and Paul, and Barbara, glaring at Rose, withdrew her offer to Paul, spitting, "He's all yours, Rosie."

Marshall asked why Jessica had gotten the court to release him into her custody, since that meant he would be living with her. Bonnie walked in and obviously wondered the same thing. Jessica told Bonnie that Marshall was a good man down deep. Jessica admitted to Bonnie that Ben didn't know about the new living arrangements yet. Bonnie told Jessica that she could not live in the same house with Marshall. Marshall overheard the conversation and saw Bonnie's departure. He offered to leave before he made things worse.

Bonnie arrived at Java and told Isaac that Marshall was living in Jessica's house. Bonnie asked Isaac if she could stay with him that night until she could find a room the next day. Marshall reminded Jessica that it would be almost impossible for the two of them to resist each other. Jessica denied that she would have any problem, defiantly standing there with her shirt unbuttoned a little too far. After Marshall went upstairs, Jessica called Ben and left a message for him to call her, but she didn't tell him why she was calling.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Craig showed up in Cancun to inform Carly that he suspected Jack and Molly were having an affair. Carly was shocked by the news. Craig also tried to convince Carly to return and work for Monte Carlo. Carly was convinced that she needed to return to Oakdale to reclaim Jack and her life.

Meanwhile in Oakdale, Jack was packing all of Carly's belongings when Holden arrived and tried to convince him not to be so hasty. Jack said that once Craig revealed to Carly that Jack had slept with Molly, she would want to move out. When Holden went upstairs to help Jack pack Carly's things, Mike showed up. Mike warned Jack not to burn any bridges with Carly because the baby might be Jack's. Holden returned downstairs as Jack and Mike started to argue. When Mike left, Holden admitted that he agreed with Mike.

Kim got Molly to consider not eliminating Carly from her life completely. Alison pretended that her kissing Aaron had been a joke. Aaron ordered Alison to never kiss him again. Meanwhile, Lucy explained to Lucinda how much Rosanna had helped her in trying to get her memory back. Lucinda did not trust Rosanna.

Chris went to visit Lucy and told her his theory that Will had not set the fire. Lucy recalled that Alison had been the first one to yell fire. As Chris left, Alison visited Lucy. As Alison started to mess with the fireplace, Lucy started to have a memory that upset her. Lucinda quickly hurried Alison out.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Holden tried to get Jack to calm down and stop packing Carly's things. He said that if Jack put Carly's stuff in storage, their marriage would be over, yet there was a chance that the baby could be his. After much persuasion, Jack finally agreed with Holden.

Mike tried to talk with Molly and told her to be civil, at least for the sake of the child. He said, "You're not this cold, Molly." She was still very mad at him and told him she had everything figured out. As she was leaving the Lakeview, Mike asked her where she was going. Molly replied, "Not that it's any of your business, but I think I'm going to pay Jack a visit."

Meanwhile, Carly was back in Oakdale and "ready to settle the score" with Molly. She tracked Molly down outside the Lakeview, where Craig also had assembled. When Carly saw Molly, she asked what Molly had been doing with Jack. Molly replied, "Nothing you haven't done with my boyfriend." Carly said Molly had to have seduced Jack, but Molly said it was mutual -- they had just looked at each other and then they were "hot and heavy."

She continued to upset Carly by saying Jack was the best she'd ever had and she was going back for more. Carly punched Molly in the face, and Molly fell to the ground. Mike was also there and went to help Molly, but she refused his help. She got up by herself and said, "Excuse me. I have a date, with Jack."

Carly was upset and didn't know where to go, so Mike suggested that Carly stay at his lake house until things were sorted out. He told her that the baby deserved a calm environment, and Carly finally agreed. Molly ran over to Jack's house and began kissing him passionately, telling him that she wanted him.

Lucy was starting to remember some more about her past. She told Rosanna that she saw "flashes and images." Rosanna suggested downloading pictures from Washington University so they could recreate the place, and hopefully Lucy could remember more about the argument with Alison.

Brady went to visit Aaron, and Aaron told the whole story about Lucy. Brady wanted to help out his old friend and volunteered to talk to Lucy for Aaron. Brady went to see Lucy, who did recognize him. He told Lucy there was no way that Aaron had slept with another girl. She was friendly with Brady, but he got the impression that Lucy didn't want anything to do with Aaron.

Brady went back to tell his friend what had happened with Lucy. Aaron stormed into the garage and started drinking beer. He told Alison that he had made up his mind and if Lucy didn't want him, then he didn't want Lucy. Aaron asked Alison to drink a beer with him. Alison was thrilled to be with Aaron and also happy because Emily had told her that Will's hearing was set and no matter what Chris Hughes found out, it wouldn't matter anyway.

Later on in the evening, Lucy looked at the pictures of Washington University. Suddenly, she remembered her arguments with Alison. She finally remembered the conversation and knew that Alison had started the fire.

Rosanna met Craig for dinner but not before receiving a call from the airline -- Air Mexico -- that his luggage would be sent to their home. When Rosanna saw Craig, she let him know that she had received the call, and she asked him why he had tracked Carly down in Cancun.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Lucy started to remember what had happened the day she had been hit by the trolley. She slowly put the pieces together. Finally, she remembered Alison telling her that it was she who had started the fire in the barn. Lucy said that she needed to talk to somebody to help her think everything through. If Alison was responsible for starting the fire, then she was responsible for Will and for Lucy being in the wheelchair.

Lucy decided that Aaron could help her. She tried to call him on his cell phone. The phone rang and rang, but Aaron did not answer. Aaron didn't answer his phone because he and Alison were having a party at the garage. They were drinking beer, listening to music very loudly, and dancing around the garage. Lucy hung up the phone and tried to think of who she could call to help her figure everything out. She dialed the phone again and said, "Rosanna said that she would help me with this."

At the Lakeview, Rosanna threatened Craig that she would eat his heart out of his chest if he lied to her about where he had gone on his business trip. Craig tried to settle her down. He told her about going to Cancun to see Carly to tell Carly about Molly and Jack sleeping together. Suddenly, Rosanna felt much better. She told Craig that that bit of gossip had just made her whole day. She ordered some champagne to celebrate.

As Craig and Rosanna were celebrating, Rosanna's cell phone rang. Craig told her not to answer it. Rosanna looked at the phone number and told Craig that she knew the number and had to take it. When Rosanna answered the phone, Lucy told her about remembering something about the fire at the barn. She asks Rosanna to return home and help her sort it all out. Rosanna told her that she and Craig were just about to have dinner. Lucy begged her to go home and help, but not to take her father along.

Rosanna said that she would be right there, and she hung up the phone. Craig asked if she was going to leave. Rosanna lied and said that Emma was very sick, couldn't get out of bed, and needed Rosanna. Craig said that she had a whole litter of Snyders that could help her. Rosanna said that Emma had been very good to her in her time of need and she needed to pay Emma back.

Rosanna kissed Craig and left. After Rosanna was gone, Craig called information and asked for Emma Snyder's phone number in Luther's Corner. Then he changed his mind and hung up. He said to himself that it was a new frontier, and trust was the name of the game.

At the garage, Aaron and Alison were living it up. Aaron was telling Alison that he was no longer in love with Lucy. Alison told Aaron that they were very much more alike than he and Lucy. Alison said that she was not a princess. Aaron stopped and looked at her. Alison asked what was he looking at. He told her that she was a pit bull. He said that he had told her time and time again that nothing was going to happen between the two of them.

Alison got upset and told Aaron to get over himself. She said that he could have a party by himself, and she started to leave. Aaron stopped her. She told him that she had thrown her heart out to him and he had stomped all over it. She reminded him that she was not his dog either.

Aaron apologized and said that he respected her, and he did care about her heart. He said that every time they were alone, she thought they were going to hook up or something. She asked what was wrong with thinking that way. She reminded him that they knew each other and they liked each other. Since Lucy was out of the picture, there was nothing to hold them back.

Carly went home with Mike to consider moving in with him. She made up all kinds of excuses like Parker didn't know the cottage and he was confused enough. Also, she said they should be concerned with what everyone in Oakdale would think about the two of them living together. Mike told her that he was offering his home only for her to rest and gestate. He showed her room to her and said that it was close to the bathroom and she would be close to Parker if he needed her.

Finally, Carly agreed to move in. Carly told him that she had to go and face the music. She needed to go and see Jack. Mike gave her a key to the cottage and told her that if she ran into trouble to give him a call. She said that she wouldn't have any trouble out of Jack. She added that Jack wouldn't mind her moving out of his house and out of his life. She left the cottage.

Molly went to Jack's house and started to attack him sexually. He tried to stop her. She wanted him very badly. She knocked him down on the couch and got on top of him as she was kissing him. He pushed her back and said that they couldn't do that. She asked why, and he said because. She ripped her blouse off and told him to look at her. He said that she was incredible.

Molly said that everyone thought that they were doing it, so they might as well just do it. She started to kiss him again. He stopped her and said that they just couldn't do it. Then Jack noticed that Molly had a bruise under her eye. He asked how she had gotten it, and Molly told him that her eye had run into his wife's fist. Jack asked if Carly had hit her, and then he asked if Carly was back in town. Molly told him that Carly was back, and she was out for blood.

Jack got a package of frozen peas for Molly to put on her eye. Jack asked if she knew where Carly was. Molly said that she didn't care, but Carly was probably at the Lakeview. She told him that was where she had left Carly with Mike and Craig. She told him about Craig going to Cancun and telling Carly about them sleeping together. Jack said that he should just kill Craig and get it over with. Molly reminded him that he had told Craig where Carly was.

Molly went off on Jack and reminded him that Carly had cheated on him with Molly's man. He said that he knew; he had packed up all her stuff and when she got there, she could move out. Molly told him that they needed to make love to each other and hope that all the hurt would just pour out. Molly started to kiss him again, and he stopped her again. Molly wanted to know what Carly did to guys.

Molly told Jack that if Carly wanted a fight then she was going to get a war. Molly asked Jack if he had thought about the two of them together. Jack said that he had. She said that she knew he had because he looked at her differently. He said that it would have been for the wrong reasons. She said that everybody was doing whatever they wanted, so they might as well just throw caution to the wind and do it.

Jack told her that if it would make her complete, then "bring it on" and they could do it. He told her that she was an amazing woman, but it wouldn't be good for them to make love right then. She gave in and said that he didn't get to make love to her. She told him how amazing his was. Molly hugged Jack, and the door opened. Carly walked in and saw the two together. She said, "Hi, honey, I'm home!"

Friday, February 14, 2003
by Andy

Aaron refused Alison's kiss. Aaron spilled beer all over himself and sought dry clothes in the office. An inebriated Aaron was unable to get himself into the clothes and passed out in Burt's office. Alison found Aaron in the office and took off his shirt. Alison drew a heart with lipstick on Aaron's chest and then kissed the middle of the heart. Alison undressed, wrapped herself in a sheet, and lay next to Aaron.

Meanwhile, Rosanna took Lucy to the hospital to talk to Will. Will admitted that Alison had confessed to him that she had started the fire and had said that if he took the rap, he would not go to jail because he was a kid. Lucy realized Alison had lied about everything. Rosanna and Lucy headed to Burt's garage, where Lucy found Alison sleeping with Aaron. Emily questioned Chris if it were possible that Alison had set the barn fire.

Carly did not believe Jack when he explained that he and Molly had not slept with one another. Jack explained to Carly that he needed time to sort through everything that had happened before he could make a decision about their relationship. Carly informed Jack that she and Parker were going to stay at Mike's unless Jack had a better alternative. Mike revealed to Molly that he loved her but was going to let her go. Mike made it clear to Molly that Carly was probably the mother of his child, and he intended to stand by her.

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