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Monday, January 20, 2003

Rosanna announces to Emma and Mike that she is marrying Craig and moving into Fairwinds. Rosanna explains to Mike that not only is she finished hounding him and Molly, but she has also decided to accept Carly's offer to be a part of her family. Meanwhile, Carly is arguing with Craig about taking the paternity fall for her pregnancy by Mike. Craig informs Carly that he is on his way to tell Rosanna the truth about Carly's affair and pregnancy. Just as Craig is about to go off and tell Rosanna the truth he hears a loud scream from Carly. Craig rushes Carly to the ER. Jack is still suspicious of Mike and Henry's fallout and questions Katie and Simon about Henry. Katie admits to Jack that she ended Henry's blackmail of an unnamed person. Later, Katie admits to Simon that Henry was blackmailing Carly whom he caught in a compromising situation. Meanwhile, at a family gathering at Lucinda's, Rose announces that she is quitting Worldwide and opening up a beauty salon. Later, Paul tells Rose to take back her engagement ring. Rose and Paul agree that they will let Lily to hold onto the ring as they take things slowly.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Katie and Simon trick Henry into coming over to their house to interrogate him about who he is blackmailing and why. By the end of the day Katie and Simon uncover that Henry is blackmailing Carly for $50,000. Henry admits that Mike knew what he was doing. Katie figures out that Mike is the father of Carly's baby. Meanwhile, Craig rushes Carly to the hospital where they encounter Mike. Mike goes in search of Jack to inform him that Carly is in the hospital. When Jack arrives at the hospital he rips into Craig when he finds out that Craig was there when Carly started having stomach pains. Mike convinces Jack to lay off Craig and to take a walk to cool off. Meanwhile, Emily comes to the hospital and tries to convince Carly not to tell Jack the truth. Later, Carly shows Jack the sonogram picture and informs him that the baby is due in July. Just when Carly thinks that everything is contained and on track she encounters Katie who informs her she will not divulge her secret. Molly realizes after talking to Holden that she has not been a good friend to Carly and promises to be there for her no matter what may come. Meanwhile, Alison tries to convince Aaron not to see Lucy in person but rather through letters which she will gladly deliver to Lucy. Aaron declines Alison's offer. Later, Alison gives Craig the letters she was previously holding on to.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Molly goes to see Carly and apologizes to her, saying that she wants Carly to trust her. Molly says she is sorry for being judgmental. She tells her cousin that they are the "real deal – best friends forever." Molly then says she thinks she knows what's been bothering her. She is a little scared about the pictures of Mike dressed in Jack's clothes even though she says that Mike would never cheat on her. Yet, she feels as if there is some attraction between Mike and Carly. Hal brings Parker home and Molly finds the sonogram picture. Right away she can see that the baby is twelve weeks not eight. Hal overhears Molly and Carly talking about the due date and how Rosanna may count and realize that Carly conceived earlier. After Molly leaves, Carly tells Hal that she is pregnant. Hal acts suspicious and Carly senses it. Hal asks why Carly doesn't seem happy. She says she is thrilled to have a baby and so is Jack. She says she is tense because of the scare she had the other day.

Marshall has an episode and begins acting out so his father runs out of the room to find a doctor. He sees Ben and asks him for help. Ben calms him down and gives him medication. Bob sees that Ben helped Marshall and advises Ben to stay away. Ben says he had to help because it was an emergency situation. Mr. Travers tells his son that he should drop the charges against Ben because Ben helped him and also because it is wise not to agitate Jessica. Marshall does apologize to Ben and thanks him for saving his life. Mr. Travers says he has to return to Atlanta to work on a case. Jessica comes to see Marshall and tells him that she found his daughter. The news brings him to tears. Jessica says she'll go to Washington on his behalf. They hug as Ben is passing by and looks into the room.

Rosanna goes to see Craig but he isn't there. Lucy invites her in and says that she got the impression that Rosanna and her father were serious. She says she just wants her father to be happy. Rosanna goes to hug her and Lucy remembers that they had a fight. Rosanna says it was just an argument and if Lucy were willing, she would like to try again. Craig comes in and is pleased to see them together. He gives Aaron's letter to Lucy who says she is ready to see Aaron again. Craig doesn't want Lucy to see Aaron and asks for Rosanna's advice but Rosanna sides with Lucy. Rosanna tells Craig that if Aaron makes Lucy happy, then she should see him because it will speed her recovery. Lucy calls Aaron and asks him to come over. Aaron leaves work and races to see her. Rosanna even puts a barrette in Lucy's hair to help her get ready for Aaron. Lucy says she is so glad that Rosanna is a part of Craig's life and hers. Craig calls Alison and tells her that he does need her help after all.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Jessica tells Marshall that he should concentrate on recuperating and she will go to Washington for him. Marshall gives Jessica a hug in appreciation for helping out with trying to find his daughter. Ben walks by and sees the two hugging. He walks into the room and clears his throat. Jessica turns around and tells Ben that she was giving Marshall some good news about his daughter. Ben asks Jessica to excuse them. Jessica turns to Marshall and says that she will come by later and give him an update. Jessica leaves and Ben asks, "So how many times do I have to ask the same question and not get an answer?" Marshall asks, "What question is that?" Ben asks, "What is the real deal between you and Jessica?" Marshall tells Ben that Jessica is helping him find his daughter and she is going to Washington to be his advocate. Ben asks if Marshall asked Jessica to do this or did she volunteer. Marshall says that she volunteered. Ben asks if this was a deal that if she volunteered to help Marshall then Marshall would back off on the accusations that he tried to kill him. Marshall tells Ben that he had better get off his wounded lover routine and he tells him what kind of woman he will be losing. Marshall reassures Ben that when Jessica gets tired of him and she walks away, he will be there waiting. Ben turns and walks out of the room.

Aaron rushes over to see Lucy. At first it seems that everything that Aaron says just brings Lucy down. Finally, Aaron says that they need to do something fun. He says that he would like to go outside for a walk with Lucy, but the weather is miserable. Then he says that they will just tool around the hotel. He gets behind her wheelchair and tells her to hang on because he is going to take her on the ride of her life. Aaron pushes her very fast out the door. Later, they return and Lucy is laughing, but she tells him that he almost dumped her out going around that one corner. He tells her that he will have to bring her helmet the next time. She asks which helmet it that. He starts to answer and then she tells him to wait. She has a flashback of when he gave her the helmet. She tells him that she remembers that the helmet is black with stickers on it and he gave it to her to ride on his motorcycle. Aaron is so excited that she remembered about getting the helmet. She tells him that he is like a magic potion and she feels so good having him around. She asks him to stay around forever. He says that he will and the two share a kiss.

Alison meets Craig at the coffee house. She has an attitude about Craig "needing" her now. Craig tells her to lose the attitude, but she keeps the smug look on her face. Craig tells her that he does need her to help out with Aaron but they need to set some boundaries. He tells her that she had better not try to put anything over on him. She smiles and says that she must have a reputation and she loves it. Craig tells her that there are certain things that he doesn't want his daughter to remember and Alison knows what "incident" he is talking about. Then he makes a reference that Alison doesn't want Lucy to remember something either and he wonders what that could be. She says that she admits that she has a crush on her best friends boyfriend and she wants them to grow apart. Alison then has a flashback of when she told Lucy that she was the one who set the fire in the barn. Alison tells Craig that they need a plan to help Lucy get over Aaron. Alison tells Craig that she could work on Lucy and convince her that Aaron had done something really bad and she was running to him the day that she got hit by the trolley to have it out with him. Craig tells her that she could never pull that off. Alison says, "You want to bet?"

Emily gets a call from Carly and Carly tells her friend that Hal had been at her house and he was in detective mode and acting a little strange. She tells Emily that she and Molly had been talking and Hal came down from upstairs and she thinks he might have heard something. Emily asks if they were having the "who's the daddy" conversation. Carly tells her yes and if he presses Emily for any information would she please cover for her because he will go straight to Jack. Hal walks in the door and Emily acts like she is talking to her mother and gets off the phone. Hal tells Emily that when he dropped Parker off at Carly's, he found out that Carly is having a baby. Hal adds that she probably already knew that since they are such good friends. Emily tells him that she did know that and Carly had asked that she not tell anyone and she didn't want to betray her friend's confidence. Emily can tell that her husband has something else on his mind. Hal says that he will come right out with it and he asks, "Is Carly pregnant by Jack or someone else?" Emily tries to evade Hal's questions but Hal tells her about hearing about a disparity in the baby's due date and something was said about Rosanna Cabot. Emily tells him that he probably heard something out of context. Hal reminds Emily that he has been on the other end of Carly playing baby games and he doesn't like his friend being played for a fool. Emily still plays dumb so Hal picks up the phone and says that he will call Jack himself. Emily stops him and then she tells him about the night that Carly had thought that Jack was finished with her and Jack had called off the wedding. She tells him that Carly had a one-night stand. Emily asks Hal not to make waves because Carly was pretty sure that the baby is Jack's. Hal asks whom the one-night stand was with and Emily tells him that it was Craig Montgomery. Hal thinks for a minute and tells Emily that couldn't be, because Craig was with him chasing the kids across the country. Emily says that if it isn't Craig, then she doesn't know who it is. Hal asks if she is lying to cover up for Carly. Emily tells him to stop treating her like a perp. She adds that she hates it when he does that. Hal says ok and then he goes to the phone to call Jack. Emily tells him that he has to look at it like this, the baby is probably Jack's and it will be born into a family that will love it. Hal tells Emily that if he finds out that the baby is not Jack's; he will play the bad guy. He hands the phone to Emily and tells her that she can warn Carly herself.

At Java Underground, Isaac and Bonnie are talking about the business and Jessica walks in. Jessica tells them that Marshall apologized for accusing Ben of foul play. Isaac asks if Jessica believes Marshall and Jessica says that she does. Isaac asks how does Ben feel and Jessica changes the subject. Bonnie tells her mother not to do that. Jessica plays dumb and asks her daughter what is she talking about. Isaac excuses himself and leaves the two women to talk. After Isaac is gone, Jessica tells Bonnie that she just can't do anything right and today she got the feeling that she is never going to get Ben back. Jessica tells her daughter about Ben catching her hugging Marshall. She goes on to explain that she had just given Marshall some good news about his daughter and Ben walked in and sent the room temperature to sub-zero. Bonnie tells her mother that she has to see it from Ben side. Every time he sees Jessica she is with Marshall and she asks her mother how would she feel if the table was turned? Jessica tells Bonnie that she has made a promise to Marshall and she is going to keep it. As the two women are talking, Ben walks in. Bonnie makes an excuse to leave and pushes her mother toward Ben. Jessica asks Ben if he talked to Marshall. Ben tells her that he had asked if Jessica had made deal with Marshall to find his daughter if he backed off. Jessica tells him that even if Marshall hadn't backed off his accusations, she was still going to help find his daughter. She adds that she is not going to apologize for it or anything else anymore. Ben tells her that he feels that Marshall is pulling her back into his web and she is more than willing to go. She tells him that being with Marshall is a reprieve from him because with Marshall she knows where she stands. Ben asks if Jessica still has feelings for Travers. Jessica tells him that he is just not listening to her. He says that he is trying but she in not making sense to him. He asks her to give him one more shot. She tells him that with Marshall, he takes her at her word. She adds that when she says that she wants to be with Ben, Marshall accepts that. She tells Ben that she has to ask if Ben still wants her. Ben says that she should know how he feels. She says that she doesn't know because when he looks at her the look in his eyes, and then she stops. Then she asks if he can tell her what he wants from her. Ben says, "Yes, don't go to Washington on behave of Travers." Jessica tells him that she gave her word and she made a promise and she keeps her promises. Ben asks, "Do you?" Jessica looks him right in the face and says, "This one I will." Jessica turns to leave Java Underground and Ben goes after her. Ben stops at the steps and Bonnie and Isaac walk over to Ben. Bonnie asks if that was her mom that just left and Ben says it was. Isaac asks what happened and Ben says, "I think that Jessica just walked out of my life for good."

At Carly and Jack's house, Carly is waiting for Emily to call her back and tell her that she doesn't have anything to worry about. Jack comes in with a tee ball stand for Parker to practice on. Jack asks if Hal brought Parker back and Carly yells upstairs for Parker to come down. Carly asks Jack if he thinks now is a good time to tell Parker about the baby. Jack says that he thinks it would be a great time. When Parker comes into the room, they sit him down and tell him that they have something to talk to him about. Carly tells him that pretty soon he will have a brand new baby brother or baby sister to share his stuff with. Carly asks if it will be cool having a baby in the house. Parker asks, "You mean Jackie?" Carly and Jack look at each other. Jack explains to Parker that J.J. had to go home to his real parents and they were just taking care of him for a while. Carly takes Parker over to the couch and sits him down. Carly tells him that the new baby is in her tummy right now and that is where he came from. She goes on to say that in a few months the new baby will come out of her tummy and he will have a sister or brother that he can care for and stick up for and look out for. Then she asks what he thinks about that. Parker asks, "Who's the daddy?" Carly gets a strange look on her face. Jack picks Parker up and says, "Are you busting by chops?" Carly says, "Parker, Jack is the baby's father." Jack asks Parker if he remembers when he married his mommy and Parker says that he does. Jack goes on to say that when a man and woman get married and they are having a baby, then the husband, that would be me, is the daddy. Then he adds, "Or that is the way it is supposed to be." Jack asks Parker if he understands what they are saying and he says, "Yes, can I go play now?" Carly and Jack tell him to please, go play. After Parker goes upstairs, Jack sits with Carly on the couch. Jack says, "I think that went well." Carly starts to laugh hysterically. Jack asks if he missed the joke and Carly tells him that he should have seen his face when Parker asks who the father is. Jack says, "Yeah, that kids a real joker." The phone rings and Carly answers it. Emily is calling and tells Carly that Hal knows the score, but she talked him down and he isn't going to say anything. She tells Carly to stay out of Hal's way. Carly says, "Oh. Okay and we will have lunch and go shopping." She says goodbye and hangs up the phone. Jack is standing behind her and she tells him that he is a good man. She turns to him and says. "I think that you are the very best man that I have ever known." He asks, "Where is this coming from?" She says, "From my heart." She pulls him to her and they hug.

Friday, January 24, 2003
by Andy

Jessica tells Bonnie that she has a lead on the whereabouts of Marshall's long lost daughter, Zara, in Brazil. Since Marshall is recuperating, she is going to go check it out on his behalf. Jessica leaves to visit Marshall at the hospital.

Marshall tries to sneak himself out of the hospital, but is caught when John and Bob stop by for rounds. Just as he tells the doctors that he doesn't want to let Jessica help in the search, she walks in his room and asks, "Why not?" John and Bob wash their hands of the situation, and leave Marshall alone with Jessica. After a small heart-to-heart, Marshall decides to cut Jessica loose so she can be with Ben.

Carly comes downstairs with all her travel bags ready to go on her honeymoon. Carly says she moved up her appointment with Dr. Schiller. Molly intrudes and tried to go with her, but Carly pushes her away and says she will go on her own. Molly doesn't know what to think about Carly's sudden rage. Carly recovers, and settles on asking her to help out by watching Parker. Molly buys it and stays behind. Jack heads for the station to tie up some loose ends, leaving Mike and Molly to house-sit. Mike mentions how proud Jack sounds about having a baby, and Molly begins to suspect that Mike may be the real father of Carly's child.

Emily and Hal talk about Will returning to school full time. Hal can't tell if his son is telling the truth any longer. Emily says she's going to help Carly through her pregnancy. Hal encourages Emily to tell Carly to get a paternity test. He thinks Carly owes that to Jack, but Emily tells him to mind his own business. Hal says he needs to tell Jack what's happened, but Emily pleads with him to wait until after he goes on his honeymoon. After Hal leaves, Carly slips in to get advice from Emily. Emily tells her that Hal knows everything except that Mike is the true father of the baby. Carly feels like her world is crumbling around her. Emily tells her to just focus on the next few days. Her world can come tumbling down around her AFTER the honeymoon.

Craig shuffles Rosanna out of his Lakeview suite so he can make engagement plans. Rosanna asks if she can come back after her appointment with Dr. Schiller, and Craig consents. They kiss good-bye. Katie comes out of Lucy's room, and then there is a knock at the front door. A jeweler arrives with an assortment of wedding rings for Craig to choose from. Katie briefly tries to talk Craig out of marriage, but he won't hear it. Katie directs Craig to a great engagement ring choice, and then Craig tells the jeweler he'll come by later to complete the sale. On his way out the jeweler compliments Craig for being such a great customer. Katie hints that she knows about Carly's situation, but doesn't press the issue.

Rosanna gets the good news from Dr. Schiller that she won't have to schedule a follow-up appointment for another six weeks. Rosanna brings up Carly, and the doctor lets it slip that Carly will need to come in more often, now that she's starting her second trimester. This news hits Rosanna like a brick. Is it possible that Craig is the father?

Rosanna rushes home to confront Craig. Katie sees that she's no longer needed, and leaves the two alone. Rosanna accuses him of being the father of Carly's baby, but Craig comes clean with the truth. "I didn't sleep with Carly that night." Rosanna starts off on a very logical tirade, based on the lies she's been fed over the past few weeks and months, then tries to leave Craig in the dust. Craig blocks her from getting to the door, then he takes the phone out of her hands as she tries to call security. He sternly says, "You are not going to leave until you hear what I have to say. Carly was desperate, and needed to be rescued." Rosanna asks him if he knows who slept with Carly. Craig says it was Mike. Rosanna soaks it all in, and tearfully says, "You know I can't imagine anyone feeling like a bigger fool at the moment than I do." She turns and walks toward the door. Craig drops his hands at his side and says, "You know, I do...I do love you." Rosanna opens the door, turns around, and says, " just don't know how." She gently closes the door and walks out of his life.

Outside Craig's suite, Rosanna calls Mike on his cell phone and demands to meet him at Java ASAP. Molly hears that Mike is talking with Rosanna and takes the phone away from him. Molly tells Rosanna that she won't need to buy back her old apartment after all because she and Mike "are really very happy at the lake." Rosanna tearfully dismisses her enthusiasm by saying, "Well, I'm just thrilled for you...would you please put Mike back on?" Mike gets back on the phone and Rosanna grits her teeth and says, "Meet me at Java, or there will be no mercy for you!" She successfully pulls Mike's strings, and hangs up the phone.

Jack is confirming his travel arrangements at the station, when Hal walks in. Jack is happy to pass along all his open case files to Hal to handle while he is away. Hal measures Jack's attitude and somberly says, "I need to talk to you about something. It's about Carly and the baby." Jack spews the story of his recent bit of good news, and Hal decides to not break his heart at that moment.

Carly and Emily arrive at Dr. Schiller's office. The doctor is surprised to hear about Carly's travel plans. Carly realizes that Rosanna spoke with Dr. Schiller in the morning and worries about what was said between the two. Her suspicions are quickly confirmed when the doctor tells Carly that she told Rosanna about Carly being in her second trimester. The doctor walks away, and the news starts to sink in. Emily tries to comfort Carly, but Carly thinks it may be too late unless she can "stop my sister from destroying my life!"

Craig calls Carly's house, and Molly answers the phone. He doesn't wait to confirm that it is Carly he's speaking with and says, "Carly, we have a problem. Rosanna knows everything."

Mike meets a rigid, frigid, and jilted Rosanna at the Java Café. He says, "What's this all about?" She sizes him up as he takes a seat and says, "You got Carly pregnant again." Mike can't believe, or doesn't want to believe, what he's hearing. He admits that he slept with her, but "that doesn't mean the baby's mine." "It does if she's three months pregnant. I spoke to her doctor." Mike's jaw drops as he absorbs the truth.

Rosanna fixes her eyes on Mike, grits her teeth, and spits, "So, why aren't you smiling? You're going to be a daddy."

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