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Monday, December 23, 2002

Margo, Jessica and Jack race to the docks as James and Marshall face off. James relays to Marshall the name and location of his daughter before shooting him in the head. Margo and Jack arrest James as Jessica accompanies Marshall to the hospital, where Ben is slated to perform his surgery. A suspicious Craig finds Carly and Mike in an embrace. Alone with Carly, Craig accuses Carly of stealing money from Monte Carlo to cover up her affair with Mike. Craig storms out urging Carly to warn Mike that Craig might go to see him. Craig pays Mike and Molly a visit but doesn't spill the beans. Later, Craig informs Carly that he did not sell her out. Molly is upset to find out that Mike did not tell her about his loan from Lucinda. Later, Mike covers with Molly when he and Craig argue. Molly questions Mike but he insists on delaying the conversation. Katie sells her doll collection to buy Simon his family's sheep from Australia, only to discover that Simon built a case for her dolls as a Christmas gift. Simon is touched by Katie's gift but hesitant to visit the farm right away. Later, Katie and Simon celebrate a romantic Christmas Eve.

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Hope assures Luke that she knows they're going to have a baby sister because she wished for it though he is counting on a brother. When Bob arrives with the others, singing Christmas carols, Lily goes into labor and delivers a healthy baby girl, Natalie, much to Hope's delight. Lucy becomes frustrated when her memory seems to be coming back only in patches. John warns Lucinda about pushing the patient's memory too much for fear of discouraging her and setting her back further. When Aaron calls to wish Lucy a Merry Christmas, Lucinda won't allow him to talk to her. Lucy recalls going to see "The Nutcracker" which encourages her and her mother. When Aaron arrives with news about Lily and Holden's special Christmas present, Lucinda and Sierra head to the Snyder house while Aaron spends time with Lucy. She remembers kissing him. Jack finds Carly at the Monte Carlo offices and takes her to celebrate with Molly and Mike. She's surprised to learn that Jack asked Molly to buy presents for Jackie Jr. since he wasn't sure if Carly would want to. Carly pleases Jack when she reveals a present she has for his baby. Jessica sits with an unconscious Marshall as he waits for surgery, encouraging to get well for his daughter's sake. John makes the holiday special for Kim when he helps Denice and Andy send their daughter to her for a Christmas visit.

Wednesday, December >25, 2002

Due to the Christmas holiday, As The World Turns did not air an original episode today. Instead an episode from 1985 in which Holden is thwarted by Dusty in his attempt to give Lily a gift aired.

The show will resume tomorrow, December 26th, where Tuesday's show concluded.

On behalf of everyone involved with Soap Opera Central, I'd like to extend to you, your family and loved ones our wishes for the happiest and merriest of Christmases.

Dan J Kroll
Owner/Founder, Soap Opera Central

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Carly is left with two cranky kids after Jack cancels their plans to oversee James' prison transfer. Craig shows up and pacifies the kids, and then unloads his hurt on Carly's claim that he never loved her. Emma urges Rosanna to let Craig help her through her surgery. Later, Rosanna calls Craig but hangs up when she hears Carly and a crying JJ in the background. Rosanna confronts Carly and Craig before leaving to tell Jack that Carly slept with Mike. Mike apologizes to Molly about evading her questions about his loan from Lucinda. Molly asks for an explanation for the loan and Mike's dispute with Craig. Mike lies that the loan is to cover old debts and that Rosanna sparked Craig's jealousy of Mike's past with her. Later, a suspicious Molly wonders if Carly is somehow involved. Jessica brings Marshall's father Oliver to see him. Meanwhile, Ben convinces Bob that his feelings for Marshall will not affect his work. Later, Ben begins Marshall's surgery. Barbara presents James with divorce papers before his transfer to prison. James needles Paul and vows that he will return. Later, Barbara is grateful when Paul says that he forgives her.

Friday, December 27, 2002
by Andy

Molly wants to know the secret about Mike's business deal with Lucinda, but he says it's a private matter. That's not good enough for Molly, so she walks out. Mike runs after her and finds her on the porch. Molly says she can't help but feel that there's something more going on with Mike and Carly. Mike relents, and says he has something to tell Molly. He tells her a little bit about his past with Carly, and Molly doesn't press him any further. She gives him a hug and thanks him for being so honest with her. Now, Molly wants to talk things through with Carly, but Mike discourages her. Mike agrees to take Parker and JJ from Jack and Carly for the afternoon so they can have some alone time.

Alison and Aaron are at the hospital. Aaron wants Alison to visit Lucy to help jog Lucy's memory. Aaron tells Alison that he kissed Lucy in hopes that she might start to remember their relationship. Alison discourages him to try anything like that in the future. Aaron runs off to see Lucy. Alison talks to herself. She thinks it's time to tell Craig about Lucy's history. Aaron visits Lucy and tells her Alison is a great friend, even though she didn't stop by for a visit.

Emily comes home and finds Hal on the phone. Hal tries to apologize for running away, but Emily is furious. Will comes downstairs and asks where Daniel's things went. Emily says she moved a few things out until some issues are settled. Later, when they are alone, Emily lays into Hal. "Don't you get it? You are perfect!" Hal says, "I was so scared of the truth, all I could do was run from it." Margo stops by with a social worker who wants to know why she should let Hal keep Will. She gives Hal a warrant to have Will stay at a hospital for a mandatory 30-day evaluation. The social worker gives Hal 48 hours to comply, then she and Margo leave. Hal tells Emily he won't subject Will to those tests. Later at dinner, Will yells at his father because he thought that his dad could fix all the problems. He runs upstairs. Emily tells Hal they will hire a lawyer to help them out of the jam. Emily tells Hal she will move back into his home.

Jack comes home with a bad mood. A kiss from Carly helps to turn things around. They both agree to shut the world out for the rest of the day. Jack says he has to make one phone call, then they can get busy. Craig tries to throw Rosanna off the track by confessing that he was the one who slept with Carly. Rosanna doesn't buy it, "Do you think I left my brain completely at the door?" Craig sells his story and brings Rosanna to tears. Rosanna's phone rings and she sees it's Jack calling. Craig snatches the phone away from her and says they won't be interrupted until she's heard everything he has to say. He throws the phone into a glass of water. Craig begs to put all the drama behind them. Ro-zilla says that since he freely admitted that he violated the Carly Clause in the contract, full ownership reverts to Rosanna, and that he needs to clear out his desk, and tell her slut of a sister that she needs to clean out her designs before she changes the locks. Rosanna denies that she is still in love with Craig, but demands to know why Craig says that he loves her. Craig says that compared to all the women he's been with, they 'matter' to each other. Rosanna's phone rings, even in the water. It's her doctor, but she declines to take the call. She tearfully tells Craig good-bye and walks toward the door. Craig asks her not to leave town. She says, "I'm not leaving town. I'm just leaving you."

Jack returns downstairs after making his phone call and finds that JJ has a 102 degree temperature. They rush off to the emergency room. Later at the hospital, Susan tells Jack that JJ has a minor temperature and that it's really nothing to worry about. But she also says that JJ has a small curvature in his spine that will need to be monitored over time. She and Dr. John say that most of the time this condition works itself out. Susan tells John in JJ's room that she checked into the medical histories of both Julia and Jack and neither has a history of Infantile Scoliosis. They both suspect that the baby isn't Jack's.

Craig meets up with Carly at the hospital. She is desperate to know if Craig got Rosanna to keep her mouth shut. He says it's complicated. Carly says, "There isn't anything complicated about duct tape." Craig tells Carly that in order to cover Carly's secret, he confessed that he was the one who slept with Carly the night before the wedding.

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