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Hal arranged for Emily to stay with Margo and Tom in his absence. The 'Oakdale Three' continued their trek through Maryland. After Mike blasted Rosanna, she correctly assumed that he was the person who had spent the night with Carly. Carly admitted to Molly that she had slept with someone the night before her wedding. Immediately after the nurse took DNA samples from Jack and the baby, Julia replaced Jack's blood sample with blood from the real father of the baby. John agreed to let Barbara move in with him. From a photo Bonnie provided, a hotel employee placed James at the hotel the night of Brandy's death.
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Monday, November 11, 2002

Mike and Molly agree to be an exclusive couple, kissing. Molly spots Henry Coleman with Rosanna across the restaurant and deduces that he was the one who broke into her apartment to unearth the check for the burn unit. Simultaneously, Henry sees Molly with Mike and is surprised that Mike is Rosanna's boyfriend. When Molly confronts Rosanna and Henry, Rosanna makes a veiled threat to Mike, mentioning Carly's indiscretion. Mike lays down the law to Rosanna and says that he will not live with threats. He emphasizes to Rosanna, "We're done!" Rosanna looks down, tears springing to her eyes. Rosanna's expression changes to a calculating sneer, and, after Mike and Molly leave she tells Henry that something important just happened - she knows that Mike is "Mr. Fingerprints," the one who was with Carly the night before her wedding.

Emily and Daniel agree to stay with Margo and Hal while James Stenbeck is on the loose at Hal's urging, when he calls Emily from the road. Emily apologizes to Margo for her past actions and tells Margo that she admires her. Emily agrees to help Margo around the house while she and Daniel stay there. Emily goes to the hospital to see Will, as Hal asked, and Margo waits for her at the Munson house. The telephone rings, and Margo hears Hal on the answering machine saying that he hopes Emily has agreed to stay at Tom and Margo's. Margo picks up the phone to speak to Hal but forgets to erase the message. Barbara comes in to Will's hospital room and finds Emily at Will's bedside. She shouts at Emily hysterically to get out and to get away from Will. The guard insists that Hal had called to say that Emily could visit Will so that she can let Hal know how Will is doing. As she leaves, Emily tells Barbara to let her friend James Stenbeck know that she can no longer be found at home, that she has found somewhere else to stay.

Marshall begs Jessica not to represent Paul, saying that Stenbeck has threatened to air their affair, but Jessica says that she is willing to take the chance of losing her reputation to do the right thing. Lucinda and Bonnie agree to work together to take James Stenbeck down. Jessica tells Bonnie that going after James Stenbeck will not help Paul, and that Bonnie should stay away from Stenbeck because he is evil. However, Bonne and Lucinda are firm on going after James.

While Jack is at the hospital getting his blood tested to see is he is the father of Julia's baby, Julia and the baby are in the room with him as well as Carly and Julia's psychiatrist, apparently so the nurse can take everyone's DNA at once. Julia tells Jack that Carly hates the baby over and over in a number of different ways. The nurse tells them all that the test will take about a week. When the test is over, Julie pretends to have trouble breathing, and the nurse leaves to get help, leaving the samples for the DNA test sitting right there beside Julia! Julie pulls a vial out of her pocket and says to little Jackie, "I confess. I stole a vial of your real daddy's blood." She switches the vials, then when everyone rushes in to see how Julia is doing, she gloats, "I'm doing much, much better."

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Carly and Jack struggle to keep their marriage together while dealing with Julia and her baby. Carly insists the baby is not a newborn and therefore cannot be Jack's, but he insists that they wait for the paternity test results. Later, Julia rents Carly's old apartment and calls Jack to come over with the baby.

Mike consoles Molly after she learns Abigail is staying in California. Molly later admits her fear that Carly cheated on Jack. A guilty Mike tells Carly that Rosanna hired Henry to find proof that they slept together and vows to stop Rosanna.

Meanwhile, Rosanna is plotting with Henry to prove that Carly slept with Mike before her wedding. Rosanna can't wait to tell Craig about Carly's fling, but decides to wait after seeing his distress over Lucy.

Emily is surprised when Hal returns home before he resumes his search for the teens. Hal storms out of the hospital after learning that Barbara and James are married and that Will is suspected of starting the fire. Meanwhile, John consoles Barbara at the hospital and agrees to let her stay at his place.

Aaron, Lucy and Alison are recognized while crashing a Parents' Weekend party at the University of Pittsburgh. Katie and Simon show up and bail the teens out, but insist on bringing them back home. They tell Katie and Simon they can't return until there is proof that Aaron is not the real arsonist. A reluctant Katie and Simon allow the teens to leave, despite the trouble they will face for letting them off.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Holden calls Emily and Hal and tells them that Simon and Katie found "the kids" - Alison, Lucy, and Aaron. However, when Emily, Hal, and Craig rush over to Holden's place, they are upset to hear that Simon and Katie let "the kids" go. Katie tells them they did it because there is new evidence that may exonerate Aaron. Hal is furious and tells them that Will is not a liar. Holden says Will did lie to him and Luke in the past. He tells Hal that Barbara thought Craig was responsible in the boathouse fire, so it is possible that Will thinks someone else set the barn fire. Hal says that his son is innocent and he will make Aaron pay for what he has done. He says he can't trust anybody but himself. Emily asks if he can trust her. Hal doesn't answer and walks away. When they return home, it is clear that Emily is upset. Hal says he felt that Emily wasn't on his side. She tells Hal that she married him but she still has her own thoughts and feelings. Hal decides that he must find Aaron. Emily begs him to take Craig with him. Hal finally agrees and tells Emily how much he loves her.

Lucy is starting to worry about running away and she hopes that she doesn't get Simon and Katie into trouble. Alison says they should keep running and then she asks Aaron what he thinks. Aaron is being put on the spot but they are soon interrupted by a security officer and guard dog. Aaron tells Lucy and Alison to run ahead. The guard catches him and he admits who he is. Then, at just the right moment, Aaron makes a run for it.

Mike calls Rosanna and tells her that he needs to talk to her. Rosanna tells Mike that she knows he slept with Carly the night before her wedding. Mike looks right into her eyes and tells her he didn't sleep with Carly. Rosanna says Mike never lied to her until Carly came into the picture. Mike sees how bitter Rosanna really is. He asks Rosanna, "Why do you care what Carly does, you seem to have it all." She says that although she has a lot of money, she wants a husband, a home, a child, and "things I might have had with you if she didn't come along." Mike tells Rosanna he only came to apologize for being unkind to her and to tell her to "butt out of Carly's life."

Molly asks Carly if there is something she wants to share with her. She asks Carly if she did sleep with someone the night before her wedding. Finally, Carly admits that she did sleep with someone else but doesn't reveal to Molly who it was. Molly says she'll help Carly so that Jack doesn't find out.

Jack brings Jackie Jr. to see Julia who is now renting the same apartment where she attacked Jack and held him prisoner. While he is there, a photographer that Julia hired shows up to take pictures. Julia says she wants to give Jackie a father because she may not always be around. She tells Jack that Jackie, "never has to know I exist." After Jack leaves, Julia cleans up. Her doctor asks her what happened to her sweater. She says the baby "spit up" on it and she becomes agitated. When she is left alone in the room she calls the baby "a disgusting, stinky, little thing." And she says she hopes she doesn't see the baby too soon. She says her baby would never drool that much.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Bonnie goes to see Paul at the jail. She shows him a picture of James that she got from Lucinda. She tells him that she fixed the picture so that James is wearing the Dracula costume. She says that she is going to go show the picture around the Lakeview because she believes that someone saw James the night that Brandy was killed. Paul begs her to stay out of this mess. He tells her that she could end up like Brandy. Bonnie says that she is a Duchess and she will do what she wants and she is going to get him out of this mess. As she starts to leave, Paul stops her and tells her to be careful.

Barbara and John are having coffee at the Lakeview. John tells Barbara that she can stay with him at his apartment, but she shouldn't make herself too comfortable because she won't be staying long. He presents her with a key. As he is handing her the key, James walks in and over to their table. He reminds Barbara and John that Barbara is still his wife. James makes some innuendos about Barbara staying with John. John goes with it and tells James that he and Barbara had made mad love all night long. Barbara gets a smile on her face. James asks if he can have a minute with his wife. John starts to tell James to get lost, but Barbara tells John that it is ok. John leaves the two alone. After John is gone, James sits down and tells Barbara that while she is carrying on with Dr. Dixon, she can't be helping their son. She informs James that she is not carrying on with John and they are just good friends. James reminds her that she is the only one that can make Paul's legal problems go away. She says that even if she was crazy enough to go away with him, she couldn't because Will is in the hospital fighting for his life. James says that he doesn't envy her having to choose the welfare of one son over another. He adds that he hopes that nothing worst happens to either one of her sons. Barbara wants to know what he means. He sees Dr. Dixon coming back. He stands up and says that he has made his point and the choice is hers. He walks away as John gets to the table. John asks what that was all about and Barbara says that she can't explain and she has to get to the hospital to see Will. She walks away from John.

Bonnie walks in with some of the staff that was working at the Lakeview on Halloween night. She asks them if they had seen this man and she shows them the picture of James. They tell her that someone was having a costume party, but the man in the picture didn't look familiar. As they go back to work, Bonnie slumps down on a couch in the lobby. A manager comes up and asks if she asked to see him. She tells him that she did want to see him. She shows him the picture of James and asks if he had seen this man on Halloween night. The manager tells her that he thinks that he did see the man. He tells her that this man came into the room where everything was set up for the Snyder wedding and he told the man that the costume party was on the penthouse floor. As Bonnie is talking with the manager, James walks in and sees her. He turns his back to Bonnie and listens. She asks the manager if he would be willing to testify to seeing the man on Halloween night. He tells her that he had told the police everything already, but he would testify to it. Bonnie and the manager walk out and James gives Bonnie the death stare.

The kids have made it to the University of Maryland. They make friends with one of the students and ask if he can give them a place to stay for one night. Aaron tells him that they will do anything to pay him back. The student tells him that there is something that they can do for him. The kids go off with the student. He takes them to meet his girlfriend who is on the Ultimate Frisbee team. The student takes Aaron to get into his costume and the girlfriend asks Lucy if she ever played Ultimate Frisbee. She admits that she has played before. The girlfriend says that they are lacking some players if Lucy wants to join in with them. Alison volunteers to play too. Lucy asks if she has ever played Ultimate Frisbee before. Alison answers that it is a Frisbee and you throw it around. Over Lucy shoulder, Alison sees something and says, "What is that?" Aaron comes walking up with the student in a pink rabbit costume. Aaron has to be the cheerleader while the girls play Ultimate Frisbee. During the game, Alison becomes very aggressive toward Lucy. Aaron has to get between the girls. Lucy says that she is very hungry and needs to sleep. The student that they befriended tells them that they all did a good job and he will take them to get some food and rest. The student yells to the crowd that the kids did a good job and they should show their appreciation. The crowd goes wild and the kids walk off the field. As they are walking away, Aaron warns the girls that they are not to tell anyone about him dressing up like a rabbit.

At Java Underground, Ben and Isaac are trying to get Jessica to take a break. She tells them that she is not going to let Marshall get the best of her and railroad Paul. As they are talking, Jessica gets a call from Marshall. He tells her that he needs to see her. He adds that it is about Paul. She hangs up and tells Ben that she has to go to the police station. Ben says that he has to go to the hospital. Ben kisses her goodbye and leaves. Jessica opens up her purse and spritzes on some perfume. As she is doing this, Isaac walks in and sees her. He questions the fact that she is putting on perfume to go the police station. She tells him that she is just freshening up. She says that she has a new lifestyle and she has to act differently now to attract clients. She leaves and Isaac looks at her very suspiciously.

When Jessica gets to the police station, one of the officers gives her a toxicology report on Paul that was taken the night that Brandy was shot. She thanks him and looks at the report. She sees that there were drugs present in Paul's system that night. Marshall walks up and tells her not to get too excited about the report. Jessica asks why and he asks her to step into the interrogation room and he will tell her. They go into the interrogation room and Marshall closes the door. He tells Jessica that he has a deal for her. He will drop the charges from first-degree murder to manslaughter and if Paul is a good boy he will only spend three years in jail. Jessica tells him that is not a deal and Paul isn't going to spend three hours in jail. She starts to leave and Marshall tells her to take the deal. She turns to him and says that the toxicology report proves that her client had drugs in his system. Marshall asks how did he get the drugs in his system. Jessica asks if he is suggesting that Paul took something intentionally. Marshall tells her that all he has to do is prove that Paul had taken an aspirin and he can blow her case out of the water. He begs her to take the deal and avoid embarrassing herself when she loses. She asks if he is the same man that said that he would do anything to take her down and that he was too busy being James Stenbeck's personal fix-it man to care about anyone else. He tells her that he regrets saying that and he hated every word that came out of his mouth. She tells him that it is too late. She starts to leave and he grabs her and says that she shouldn't say that. She tells him that it doesn't matter. He asks if she can stand that close to him and feel him and say it doesn't matter. Jessica tells Marshall that she tries to not think about what had happened between them. She tells him that she has discussed the terms with Paul and they are turning down the deal and she walks out.

Marshall meets James at the Lakeview and tells him that Jessica had turned down the deal for Paul. James tells Marshall that if Jessica wants a trial it will be a trial she will get. As Marshall starts to leave, James says that Duchess Bonnie has become a problem, a problem that he would like to eliminate. James asks, "Do you have any thoughts on that?"

Friday, November 15, 2002
by Andy

Jack and Carly talk about their long night taking care of an irritable Jackie Jr. when the doorbell rings. Carly opens the door and says, "What do you think you're doing hear!" Julia barges in bringing developed pictures she took yesterday of Jack and Jackie Jr. Carly can't believe it and tells Julia's shrink to check her dosage. Jack confirms he posed for the photos to Carly's dismay. Carly is surprised Jackie Jr. was able to sit still for the photo session considering how much he cried the night before. Julia doesn't like to hear that her baby suffered, "Did you try picking him up? One day Jack's son is a ‘stinking bastard,' the next day I'm supposed to believe that you care that he needs to be loved and held?" Carly spits back, "One day you're a pathological murderous reptile, the next I'm supposed to believe you're a rational sensible human being?" Julia smiles, and with her best June Cleaver impression says, "Who wants to see pictures?" Carly grabs the pictures and throws them on the floor. Julia says, "Maybe I'm not the only one who needs to be medicated." Carly suggests to the doctor that everyone try to stick to the original plan, which is for Julia to conduct her visits with Jackie Jr. at her own home. Julia says, "Why do you have to be SO cruel to me?" Carly flips, "Maybe because of that time you tried to kill me! Or maybe it's because you tried to drown my husband! Or maybe because of the way that baby was conceived!" Parker comes downstairs and all the adult voices return to normal tones. Julia walks upstairs to visit her ‘son.' They talk more about Julia. Carly says, "Since I can't cure her, and you won't let me kill her, there's only one thing I can do. Get Parker out of here." She suggests John Dixon's place. Julia spies from the top of the staircase as Parker and Carly head out the door.

Babs visits her eldest son in prison and begs him to take her advice. She thinks it would be best if Paul drops Jessica as his defense lawyer and let Barbara hire someone with much more experience. Paul declines her offer and instead asks her to testify against James. Barbara won't because, "If I testify against him, he said he will make your brother pay!" Paul explodes knowing he'll have to fight his father on his own. Barbara whispers, "Whatever my sins, I love you." Paul dismisses her, "Go back to Will's bedside. You're wasting your breath." Barbar slithers away.

James tells Marshall at the Lakeview that Bonnie is becoming a problem and he gives him the opportunity to handle her before James takes matters into his own hands. Marshall is surprised James even knows Bonnie. James says, "If she doesn't see the light very soon, and return to bussing beer bottles at her boyfriends nightclub, I'll handle things my own way. Little threats, from little girls are not going to compromise my plan." Marshall stops James and says, "You stay the hell away from her!" James tone drops and he zings, "If you ever lay a hand of me again, all the psychics, profilers, and bloodhounds in the world won't be able to find your corpse."

Isaac confronts Jessica at the police station and presses her for answers. Jessica deflects him, "When did you start thinking what I do with my time is your personal business?" He raises his voice and demands to know who she met the other night. She admits she saw Marshall, but they only talked business. She tells Isaac she shared Paul's toxicology report and Marshall offered a plea bargain. Isaac still wants more answers about the secret Bonnie is keeping.

Barbara arrives at the hospital and runs into John. She thanks him for letting her stay at his place, and then pays a visit to her son. Her cell phone rings, and James compliments her on appearance last night. She tries to hang up, but James teases her back on the line. He wants her to go away with him and live their golden years together, "Or else." Barbara snaps her phone shut. Ben arrives to check up on Will. Barbara talks at him while he works. She wants Jessica to step aside, but Ben ignores her until she crosses the line. He pulls her off to the side and warns her that if she tries to talk to him about anything other than her sons' welfare, he will have her banned from the recovery room. Barbar tries to walk away from him scowling, but Ben grabs her arm and says, "I'm not through with you yet." Jessica walks up to the door and hears voices. She stops to listen. Ben goes on to sing Jessica's praises and puts Babs in her place. Barbara leaves the room, brushes past Jessica, and into John's comforting arms. Carly finds John and arranges for Parker to stay with him for a few days. Barbara bends down to say hello to Parker. Carly smiles, bends down and asks Parker if he remembers their chat about ‘talking to strangers.' He nods, and Carly points to Barbara and says, "That—is a stranger." John brings up the possible conflict of interest. Carly thinks it's great that John is taking in the homeless, but she won't have her child stay in the same home as Barbara.

Back in Will's recovery room, Jessica tells Ben she went to the police station to meet Marshall.

Paul gets another visitor in prison. Isaac asks Paul if Bonnie is in danger. Paul tells him he warned her to stay away from James, but it doesn't seem to be working. Isaac is stunned to learn that Bonnie had recent contact with James and demands that James call his father off. Isaac leaves and Paul asks the guard to get a message to his father.

Julia returns to the living room holding Jack Jr. and apologizes to Jack for telling Parker he has a new baby brother. Jack scoffs at her fake apology and tells her to leave.

Bonnie arrives at Java with a photo of James in his Dracula costume. She hears someone enter the front door and she hides the photo. Marshall confronts her and says, "If you don't stay out of this, and stay away from Stenbeck, you're dead!" Bonnie is only encouraged by the warming. Marshall is truly afraid for her life and grabs Bonnie's wrists to try to force her to understand. Isaac comes in, and punches him square in the jaw, which knocks him to the ground. Isaac points his finger at Marshall and says, "Tell your friend Stenbeck, if he messes with Bonnie, he messes with me."

James arrives at Paul's jail cell. Paul is ready to bargain with his father and says, "Tell me what I have to do to end this."

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