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Monday, November 4, 2002

Carly throws her bouquet, and a pair of hands emerges in back of the is Julia, conveniently dressed in red to match the flowers! All the guests emerge to overpower Julia, and Margo starts to arrest Julia as an escaped felon. Julia insists on presenting Jack with a wedding present - a nurse wheels in Jack Snyder, Jr. The police guard Julia and the baby in a separate hotel room near the reception while they decide what to do with the baby. Carly and Jack leave the reception to talk to Julia, where she contends that the baby was conceived on the day she drugged Jack. Julia begs Jack not to abandon the baby to the welfare system, and Jack tells Carly that he has to know whether the baby is his or not. Carly goes back to the reception alone and considers sending everyone home, but Molly talks her out of it. Carly and Mike have a private conversation, standing right next to the wedding cake, in which she tells Mike that Julia's appearance is her punishment for having sex with Mike the night before. Jack returns to the reception, and he and Carly dance to their favorite song. Later, the two of them agree to postpone their honeymoon, and Jack and Carly agree to take the baby home. Julia says that the baby was born prematurely, "September 7, I think." She refuses to show Jack a birth certificate or to tell him when or where the baby was born, or who helped her with the delivery. Jack looks puzzled, perhaps because he had a vague memory that Julia wasn't completely trustworthy.

At the wedding reception, Isaac agrees to let Bonnie talk to Paul about the videotape before he takes any action. While Bonnie is on her way to Paul's hotel room, Paul pulls a gun on James Stenbeck, who is wrapped in a black cloak. Although Paul is collapsing and his vision is blurring, he fires two shots before he loses consciousness. Bonnie hears the gunshots coming from Paul's room and calls the police on her cellular phone. She rushes in the unlocked door. Paul mumbles that he has killed James Stenbeck, gesturing to the crumpled cloak, which lies on the floor. Margo and Barbara burst into the room, and find Brandy Taylor's body under the cloak. Paul frantically insists that he was shooting at James Stenbeck, and that he couldn't have shot Brandy. Paul realizes that he was drugged, but Margo tells everyone that she must arrest him for Brandy's murder, and therefore she send downstairs for Tom to come represent Paul as his attorney. Paul realizes that the videotape, his only insurance against Marshall's letting Stenbeck free, has disappeared. Barbara swears to Paul that she will find a way to get him out of this trouble, but Paul asks her to keep out of it, for both their sakes.

Jessica finds Isaac, who is waiting for the outcome of Bonnie's talk with Paul. Isaac tells Jessica that he is worried about Bonnie and Paul, but Jessica heads in the other direction from Bonnie, which makes Isaac suspicious. Jessica runs to Marshall to tell him about Paul's trouble, and Marshall immediately blurts out Brandy's name. Suspicious, Jessica asks Marshall if he has seen James Stenbeck that day, and when Marshall hesitates, Jessica asks him if he has been working for James Stenbeck all along. Without answering, Marshall says that he has to go. Jessica looks devastated. Marshall finds James in a courtyard, and James shows Marshall that he has the incriminating tape. James threatens to use the tape to ruin Jessica's reputation as well as to break Marshall, if Marshall ever threatens him again.

Aaron, Lucy, and Alison are in the Volkswagen Beetle, driving away from Franklin College, Hal, and Craig. Lucy suggests a "college tour," in which they will lose themselves in a series of college campuses. Aaron, needing to think, leaves the girls to go get a pizza. While Aaron is gone, Alison taunts Lucy with the accusation that she is creating a great deal of sexual tension, and thus is impeding Aaron's ability to think of ways to escape. Lucy slams out of the car. Lucy leans back in her seat, smirking, "That was easy." When Aaron returns with the pizza, he finds that Lucy is not there. Alison tells Aaron that Lucy wants to go home, but he makes Aaron promise not to tell Lucy that she told him. When Lucy returns, Aaron tells her that he wants to go home, but he must stay away to clear his name. Lucy brings up the sexual tension and distraction ideas that Alison had planted, but Aaron convinces her that he is content to wait for her, and Lucy agrees to stay with him.

Lucinda bursts upon Simon and Katie as they are leaving the reception, begging Simon and Katie to find her poor misguided granddaughter, Lucy. She argues that the two of them could blend in perfectly with the college atmosphere. The two of them agree to go on another adventure.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

At the station, Paul tells Tom about the video of Marshall and Jessica's affair, but unfortunately, no longer has the tape in his possession. Paul insists that James killed Brandy and now has the tape, but Marshall intends to try Paul for first-degree murder. Paul understands when Tom says he cannot represent him.

Feeling guilty about Brandy's death, Bonnie takes comfort from Jessica, but their conversation ends in an argument about Marshall and his involvement with James. Bonnie pleads to Jessica to help Paul. When Jessica says she cannot do anything to help Paul, Bonnie storms out. Later, Bonnie heads to the police station and tells off Marshall and afterwards, she visits Paul in jail and promises to help him.

Jack and Carly spend their wedding night caring for Julia's baby. Carly suggests a paternity test when Jack confesses his fears that the maybe might be his. Jack worries what finding out the baby may be his might do to her. Carly, racked with guilt over her affair with Mike, assures Jack that they can handle anything as long as they are together.

At the station, Margo is up against Julia, her psychiatrist and her legal team. Julia's doctor claims that she is cured, simplifying the legal team's agenda to grant her release. Later, Julia calls Jack to check on the baby.

Mike, guilt-ridden over his affair with Carly, has a hard time listening to Molly talk about Jack and Carly's love for each other. Mike feels even worse after a repentant Molly commends him on his honesty and apologizes for lying to him about funding his Burn Unit construction job.

Barbara warns Kim that James is in Oakdale. Kim urges Barbara to help her son, despite what Paul may say or want. Later, Barbara runs into James and threatens to go to the police unless he helps Paul. A smug James tells Barbara that she cannot testify against him because she is his wife!

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Now at Ohio State University, Aaron, Alison and Lucy realize that they need to raise money. Alison passes her hat around looking for spare change. Lucy hates the idea of begging and decides to auction off her jacket instead. Before "The Oakdale Three" leave OSU, Lucy and Aaron take part in the local urban legend to ensure their eternal love. Meanwhile, Hal gets a tip from the local law and he and Craig head to OSU. Craig spots a girl in Lucy's jacket but is upset when it's not his daughter. Molly and Mike stop by to give Jack and Carly the top of their wedding cake. Jack is called away to deal with James and Molly heads out to run some errands, leaving Mike and Carly alone. Carly admits how worried she is that Rosanna will discover that she and Mike spent the night together. At the Lakeview, Rosanna demands that Henry get the fingerprints off the champagne glasses. Rosanna informs Molly Carly spent the night before her wedding with someone other than Jack. Molly defends Carly, but runs home to tell Carly about Rosanna's theories. In jail, Paul asks Barbara to help him put James away forever. James turns himself in and Jack arrests him. When he is placed in a cell next to Paul, James reveals that he and Barbara are married and therefore she won't testify against him. In the station, Jessica confronts Marshall, who admits that he works for James, but insists that he does love her. A furious Jessica offers to represent Paul in court against Marshall.

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Molly reports to Mike and Carly that Rosanna is spreading rumors that Carly slept with someone else before her wedding. Carly worries that if Jack hears this he will end their relationship. Jack overhears her and Carly tells him what Rosanna is saying. Jack, assuming it's a lie, assures her that he loves her. Julia and Dr. Wesikopf show up with the news that she has been released into her doctor's care and plans to visit her child everyday. An agitated Carly demands that Julia take her son and leave. Later, Molly admits to Mike that she is afraid that Rosanna's accusations against Carly may be true. She asks him about making their relationship exclusive. At the police station, Bonnie overhears Marshall and James and decides to follow James. James admits that if Paul stays in jail he will mostly likely get what he returned to town for: Barbara. James threatens to make the videotape public if Marshall doesn't comply. At the Lakeview, Barbara visits Lisa and Kim and asks them to join her to show their support for Paul at his trial. James taunts Barbara to leave with him, but she refuses and heads out. James reveals that he knows that Bonnie has been following him and warns her to stay out of his business. In jail, Paul reluctantly agrees to let Jessica represent him. When Marshall finds out, he pleads with her to drop the case. Ben sees their heated argument and warns Marshall to stay away from her.

Friday, November 8, 2002
by Andy

Margo and Katie are at the hospital for a follow-up appointment for their recent kidney surgeries. Katie and Simon pressure Margo to get Hal to back off Aaron because they think Hal's son Will is the one who started the fire at the Snyder barn. Simon shows Margo a medical report revealing the only part of Will's body that was burned was three of his fingertips. Margo says she'll try to convince Hal, but it probably won't do any good. Simon thinks it would be a good idea to find Aaron, Lucy, and Alison before Hal does.

Aaron and Lucy are making out in the VW Beetle when Alison returns with potato chips and donuts purchased with the twenty dollars Aaron gave her. They settle on the University of Pittsburgh as the next destination and start on their way.

At the courthouse, Marshall requests that bail be denied for Paul Ryan. Jessica defends her client and asks for bail to be set at $25,000. Marshall reminds the court that Paul was previously on trial for the attempted murder of his father. Marshall calls James Stenbeck to the stand to testify. James testifies that he will fear for his safety if Paul is released and recommends that Paul remain behind bars. Barbara stands up and reveals that she remarried James earlier this year. Chaos ensues and the judge orders Barbara to leave the room. The judge denies bail and adjourns the court. Bonnie catches James as he leaves the room and threatens him, "It is my personal mission to put you behind bars." James soaks up her words, then grins. Jessica intervenes and pulls her daughter away from James. Paul counsels Bonnie that once someone stands up to his father, he'll never forget it. The bailiff arrives to take Paul to prison. Marshall and Jessica are left alone, and he begs Jessica to drop the case. Marshall says, "If one of us is going to be destroyed by this, it's going to be you!"

Outside the courtroom, Kim counsels Barbara to control her outbursts, but Barbara says she can't help it when people attack her son. James steps up and invites Barbara to dinner. She looks at him and says, "I wish you were dead!" James begins to walk out, but he runs into Bonnie. He grabs her arm, "Now we have a chance to chat further. I do NOT like being threatened. Understand?"

Carly lets it rip on Julia, "Get out! Get out of my house! And take your screwy shrink and your bastard son with you!" Carly stops as it sinks in what just came out of her mouth. She didn't mean to insult her husband's child. She asks Jack for forgiveness. Julia is proud that Carly's true colors have surfaced. Julia says, "This baby is my child, and it is my duty to protect him from people like you! I will not leave my child in the care of that beast." Carly and the shrink take the baby out of the line of fire and put him to sleep upstairs. Julia and Jack try to work out the welfare of the baby. Carly eavesdrops at the top of the stairwell. Julia thinks that as soon as Jack confirms the baby is his, his sham marriage with Carly will crumble. Carly comes downstairs and gets a bottle. She returns and hands it to Julia who takes it and says, "Don't bother showing me the way. I know where the nursery was supposed to be," then walks upstairs in a huff. Jack suggests they all go to the hospital to take the paternity test "right now."

Katie and Simon return home to pack up for their mission to find the kids, but they get distracted and make love. After they're finished, they begin to brainstorm about where the kids are. They settle on the University of Pittsburgh and head out on the road.

Jack and Carly bring Jackie to the hospital for the paternity test. Julia and her doctor aren't far behind. Carly saunters up to Julia and whispers, "You're not going to win this time Julia." Julia looks at her and asks, "Oh no? Why is that?" Carly says, "Because I'm on to you."

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