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Monday, October 7, 2002

Molly is feeling low because it is the anniversary of her wedding day to Jake. She asks Mike to help her get through the day, but she is tormented by knowing that she should tell Mike that she is the anonymous donor for the burn wing. Unknowingly Mike adds to Molly's discomfort by inviting her to the groundbreaking ceremony for the burn wing. Molly tells Carly about the invitation, and Carly advises Molly to get a sudden headache instead of going to the groundbreaking ceremony. Molly sees Carly with photos of Mike in tuxedoes and is suddenly jealous. Carly explains that Mike was trying on possible wedding tuxedoes Carly was designing for Jack, and Molly tells Carly that she is happy with Carly and Mike's friendship. But when Carly leaves, Molly looks at the photos again worriedly.

It is election morning, and a reporter asks Jessica how she slept the night before. Rattled by the questions, Jessica admits to Margo that she spent the night with Marshall Travers the previous night. Jessica tells Margo about the camera that Paul and Bonnie had placed in Marshall's hotel room to connect Marshall with Stenbeck, but she tells Margo that she and Marshall were meeting at secret which Jessica thinks is not bugged. However, Jessica considers dropping out of the race because Bonnie has broken the law by placing the bug in Marshall's room. Margo advises Jessica to ask Marshall Travers about James Stenbeck before the drops out of the race.

Jessica's family is very concerned about her odd attitude, and Ben confides to Isaac that he suspects that Jessica is seeing another man.

At the same time Jessica is talking to Margo, Paul spots Jessica and Marshall together on the videotape from the covert camera he had placed in Marshall's "secret" room, and sees Jessica and Marshall together on the bed. Paul's video-watching is interrupted by a chambermaid who is very suspicious, and Paul places the videotape in his sock. Suddenly Jack appears behind Paul with a gun.

Jessica meets with Marshall and tells him that Bonnie was part of the plan to place the bug in his hotel room. This meeting is also being recorded, and Paul witnesses it live as it is taped on the video camera. Marshall tells Jessica that he would never betray her by going to the police. Jessica tells Marshall that she will concede the election to him, but asks Marshall, for the last time, if he is working for James Stenbeck. Marshall admits that he worked for James in the past, but tells Jessica that James has no influence over him now. Jessica rejects Marshall's offer to begin a relationship, and steps outside the room to tell Bonnie that she is going to concede the election. Marshall is standing in the doorway watching Jessica and Bonnie when his cell phone rings.

On the end of Marshall's line is none other but James Stenbeck. Stenbeck warns Marshall that "women like Jessica have toppled men much more powerful than you." Marshall replies that his relationship with Jessica is none of Stenbeck's business. Stenbeck retorts, "Marshall, I own you. You're mine. And don't you forget it!"

Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Lucy tells Aaron he has moved in with Holden and he is staying in Oakdale. Lucy is thrilled and Holden comes in to tell Aaron he needs to help get the kids to bed since everyone is excited he is staying with them. Aaron agrees to help put them to bed and asks is Lucy can see his room. Meanwhile Abigail is telling Hal about her suspicions about Aaron only to go against them when Hal wants to go after Aaron to find the truth. Abigail tells him how he saved her life along with Luke and Will's. However Hal couldn't get to Holden's fast enough to ask Holden about Aaron. Lucy and Aaron return to the living room to find Holden and Hal arguing about the cause of the fire. Hal tells them to go to the station later since Holden wants to get Tom to help them first. Aaron then assumes he should start packing but Holden believe in his innocence and tells him to stay. Holden goes to call Tom.

Jessica receives a job offer from Travers since she has backed out of the election however Ben walks in and tells Travers to back off. Jess and Ben have a talk about how Ben knows she wasn't at Al's last night and he thinks she is cheating on him. Jess admits she wasn't at Al's but tells him she was at a lake in Chicago and before she knew it was morning. She tells him she needed to get away and couldn't go to him because she was afraid he would think lees of her. He tells her that would never be the case. Jess breaks down and Ben holds her and she admits he is the only man in her heart. She later attends a party in which all of her friends were in attendance. Lisa, Tom, Margo, Kim and Bob were among some of the people there.

After Tom and Margo arrive with Lisa, Paul also arrives. Tom escorts Margo to a chair and goes to get her a drink. Margo motions for Paul to sit with her but cautions him to act like this was a friendly conversation. Margo informs him she has located James outside of Brownsville Texas, in Mexico. They guess he is waiting to see if Travers wins before he makes his move. Margo admits she found him by tracking prescriptions he needed after Barbara hit him. They join Tom and Jack and then Jack talks to Paul who promises he is done being a detective. Tom then receives a phone call from Holden and tells Margo they have to leave. On there way out they see Jess and Ben. Tom tells Jess he is sorry for what has happened and Margo wants reassurance Jess is okay with what happened.

Carly and Craig disagree on a name for their company but later decide on Monte Carlo. They drink to that, but they were spotted by jack who was tipped off by Rosanna who told him they weren't at the Lakeview. However Rosanna's night was ruined when Chris tells her the anonymous donation was made by Craig. Chris asked his parents for help since Rosanna was asking question about this but offered to pay for a pediatric ward for him to work in. After he tells her this she storms off. Bob and Kim and Chris celebrate the plan's effect.

Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Katie, Simon and Henry brainstorm about their company and discuss choosing a name. Henry proposes "Early Bird Surveillance." Simon and Katie only laugh at his suggestion. Henry gets a little upset by their jokes and goes over to the bar.

Lucy, at Holden and Lily's house, is relieved when Abigail comes over. Lucy updates Abigail on what is going on with Aaron. She wonders aloud where the police could have gotten the idea that Aaron could have started the fire. At first Lucy thinks her father is involved but Abigail tells her she was the one who talked to the police. Lucy is angry and can't believe that Abigail would think such a thing about her own brother. While they are there, the police show up with a warrant to search Aaron's room. Lucy is upset and calls Simon and Katie. She tells them that she needs to talk to them and later goes over to the Lakeview to tell them what is happening and to ask for their help.

Aaron, Holden and Tom go the police station. Aaron says he has nothing to hide and he thanks Tom for acting as his lawyer even after the incident with the trophy at Tom's house. Hal tells Aaron to tell him exactly what happened the day of the fire. Aaron tells the story and then Hal shows him the matches. Aaron says he used them when he camped out on his way to Oakdale from Seattle. Hal mentions that someone was reckless and started a fire just to be a hero. At that point, Holden and Tom agree to end the acquisition.

At the hospital, Alison goes to visit Will and even brings him a video game. Barbara comes into the room and tells Alison to get out. Alison says, "Are you always this mean? No wonder Will doesn't want to wake up." Barbara is furious and throws Alison out of Will's room even though Alison apologizes for upsetting her. John comes in and examines Will with Barbara there. For a moment, Will is conscious - yelling "fire, fire."

Jack walks in on Carly and Craig toasting to their business. Carly tells Jack they were discussing the name of the company. Jack laughs at Craig's idea and says it should be called, "Carly Tenney Creations." After Jack leaves, Craig says that Jack is intimidated and he will be a problem. When Craig is alone he makes a toast and says, "To Rosanna, who makes things possible."

Paul has no choice but to blackmail Jessica to get close with Marshall for the last two weeks of her term. Jessica says that Paul committed a crime and is in no position to threaten her but Paul says she sold them out. Jessica says, "You'll go to jail." Paul replies, " I don't care." Marshall shows up at Java Underground and tells Jessica that his apartment was videotaped and that he knows Paul Ryan did it. He asks Jessica if she was in on it. Jessica says no and asks if they could possibly be friends. During the whole conversation, Paul looks on.

Susan and Emily go to family court. Alison eventually shows up and sees a young girl being forced to go to prison. She pictures herself in the same situation and it scares her. She tells the judge that she is a "spoiled, miserable pain in the butt." The judge says he'll listen to her if she's honest. She is happy that he is listening to her and tells him not to give up on her. The judge tells Alison to drop the sob story and to go back to high school. He says she has a family that cares for her and that her life is not so bad. He gives her two weeks to get her act together, go to school, get a part-time job, and to develop a plan for the next two years. Alison says she'll do it because she is "tired of being a screw-up."

At the bar at the Lakeview, Rosanna sits down next to Henry. He starts to talk to her and mentions that he "helps people with their problems." He hands her his new business card and Rosanna suddenly has an idea. She asks Henry to find out who the anonymous donor is at Memorial Hospital. She says she'll be grateful and very generous. Henry asks if she has any "suspects." She tells him she thinks the anonymous donor is Molly. Henry smirks when he hears Molly's name. After Henry leaves, Craig shows up at the bar. Rosanna is pleased to see him and they kiss.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Barbara sits with her son and tries to give him encouragement. Will is out of his coma, but the doctors have him heavily sedated. Emily sticks her head in the room looking for Hal. Barbara bites her head off and tells her that her sister is not welcome in the room. Emily tells Barbara that she is not her favorite person, but she cares about Will and she is praying for him. Barbara tells Emily not to make her laugh. Emily tells Barbara that she has accepted her in their lives and she should do the same. She adds that everyone will get along better if she would. Hal walks in and Emily tells him to be good to Barbara. She adds that she needs it. After Emily leaves, Hal asks Barbara how she is doing. She tells him that she is very scared for their son. John comes in and tells Barbara and Hal that he talked to Ben and they are not sure if there will be any brain damage when Will wakes up. Barbara gets upset and Hal tries to settle her down. He tells her to remember that John said that they just need to wait and see. A detective sticks his head in the door and apologizes for interrupting, but he knew that Hal wanted the results from the forensics lab. As the detective leaves, Emily arrives and Hal tells her that he has the information he has been waiting for. Alison, walking by the door, hears Hal and holds the door open a little so she can hear. Hal opens up the envelope and reads the contents. He announces that he knows who set the fire. Barbara asks if he knows who did this to their son. Hal says, "It was Aaron Snyder!" Alison hears this and whispers, "My God, Aaron!!" She takes off running out of the hospital.

Molly is trying to get ready to go to the groundbreaking ceremony with Mike. She is trying to zip up her dress when Abigail comes in. Abigail helps her finish getting dressed as she tells her mother about Aaron. Molly tries to reassure her daughter that she didn't do anything wrong. Molly tells Abigail to go and talk to Aaron. As Abigail is leaving, Mike comes in and he and Molly leave to attend the groundbreaking for the burn unit at the hospital. Molly locks her apartment as they leave. After they are gone, Henry Coleman walks up to Molly's apartment door dressed in blue coveralls and is armed with a drill. He goes to work on Molly's door. He gets into the apartment and starts to look around. Finally, he finds a file with the check that Molly wrote for the donation to the burn unit. He makes a copy and leaves the apartment.

Abigail goes over to Holden and Lily's house to talk to Aaron. At first, Aaron is very upset with Abigail and doesn't want to hear her explanation for why she talked to the police about him setting the fire at the barn. Abigail, feeling dejected, starts to leave. Aaron stops her and says that he is not happy how she handled the situation, but he loves her and they are family. They hug and Abigail tries to reassure him not to worry. Molly had said that it is really hard to get arrested if you are innocent.

After the ground breaking is over, Bob, Kim, Mike and Molly show up at the Lakeview to celebrate. As they are talking, Chris walks in and says that he saw Rosanna sitting with Craig in the dining room. Kim makes a comment about Craig taking credit for the donation to the burn unit. Mike asks what is she talking about because Lucinda is the donor. Chris tells him the story about how they pulled a stunt on Rosanna because she was trying to get information from him about the burn unit donor. Mike gets very upset and says that he is going to put a stop to this right now. He stomps off to the dining room. He walks up to Rosanna and Craig and goes off on Rosanna. He tells her that he is tired of her always having her nose in his business and she should just give it up because they are through and they will never be together again. Craig asks what is he talking about and he tells Craig what Rosanna did to Chris to get information on the burn unit donor. Before Mike leaves, he gives Rosanna one last warning. After he leaves, Rosanna tries to explain to Craig, but Craig doesn't want any explanations. She begs in not to go, but he says that he has had his breakfast. As he walks away from the table, Rosanna covers her face with her hands. Henry walks over and sits down where Craig had been sitting. She looks up and says, "Mr. Coleman, if you don't have some good news, I will stab you in your heart with my fork." Henry smiles at her and says that he has some very good news. He takes a piece of paper out of his jacket and tells her that it is a photocopy of the check that Molly McKinnon had written for the completion fund for the burn unit. Rosanna takes the piece of paper and looks at it. She tells him that he has made her very happy and this information is going to come in useful when the time is right.

Friday, October 11, 2002
by Andy

Carly gets inspired to change the theme of her wedding to a Monaco styled affair. Meanwhile, Rosanna tries to make peace with Craig, but he thinks that her behavior regarding Mike and the anonymous donor is embarrassing. Rosanna accuses him of wanting to protect Molly because she is Carly's cousin. She promises Craig that she will stop trying to find out who made the donation. Craig learns of Carly's new idea for her wedding and thinks that it is the perfect platform to launch their new company. Carly refuses to turn her wedding into a publicity stunt, but Craig secretly makes a call to his publicist. Later, Rosanna questions Jack about his upcoming wedding. She fantasizes about revealing Molly's secret and being desired by both Craig and Mike. Mike and Molly discover that someone has broken into Molly's apartment. Mike asks Molly to stay with him until her place is safe again and Molly freaks out. Mike convinces her that it is not a long-term deal and she agrees. The police go over her place and Molly notices that her check for the Burn Unit has been tampered with. At the hospital, Barbara encourages Hal to make Aaron pay for his crime, but Emily wants Hal to step aside from the case and give it to Jack. She asks him not to let Barbara push him over the edge again, but their conversation is interrupted by Barbara's screams. They run into Will's room and find his hands around her neck.

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