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Monday, July 1, 2002
by Andy

Lisa calls Carly from the Lakeview Lounge and asks for a meeting to discuss their design deal. Carly hangs up and tells Jack she thinks that Lisa is backing out. He runs off to confront Lisa on Carly's behalf.

Rosanna shows up at Craig's suite in a stunning black dress for the dinner powwow Craig planned with Holden & Lily and Aaron & Lucy. Rosanna pesters Craig about the contents of the package delivered to him earlier in the day. He says of Lucy, "Once she finds out what I've got on him, she'll drop him like a bad habit."

Lucy meets up with Aaron in the Lakeview lobby. They give each other a quick hello kiss before Holden tells Lucy to "am-scray." Holden wants to respect Craig's rules and not give Craig any reason to bark. Lucy heads back upstairs to wait. Aaron watches her walk away with doe eyes.

Margo comes back down Hal's staircase with the pregnancy test. She says it's negative, but breaks down in tears. Hal encourages her to see a doctor to get checked out, but Margo resists. Hal at least wants her to tell Tom, and says now is as good a time as any since he's pulling up in the driveway. Hal makes himself scarce so Tom and Margo can talk. Tom finds the pregnancy test, then Emily walks in. He puts two and two together and congratulates Emily on her pregnancy. Margo winces in the background before saying the test has something to do with a case she and Hal are working on. He doesn't seem convinced. Nevertheless, he lifts a mug and toasts Hal and Emily on their engagement. Emily is stunned at his new attitude.

Rose tells Lucinda that when they arrived in Avanya, she and Paul were running from the locals on a beach. Rose swears she saw a man who looks just like Simon and he was throwing harpoons at them from a boat. Then Rose says island soldiers came and knocked Paul over the head and took him away. Lucinda brandishes her wallet and says the soldiers will be taken care of.

On Friday's episode, the fake-Simon brandished a knife against Cooley, and demanded to know where the diamond is. After Simon stabs him, Cooley gasps, "Katie...Katie." Fast forward to today and the pseudo-Simon tries to stop Katie from leaving because he thinks she has the jewel. He threatens to kill her if she doesn't cough up the diamond. She spits back, "You better make sure I'm dead. Because if I'm not? You're going to see a side of me you've never seen before." She pushes him aside and storms out of the room.

Katie meets up with Rose and Lucinda at the bar and tells them she's outta there. Lucinda forbids it, "We need you here!" Rose begs for her help. Both Rose and Lucinda leave Katie alone to think it over, when she hears a man groaning. She finds Cooley where Simon left him to die. Katie calls for help, then pumps him for information. All Cooley is able to get out is, "Simon...Simon," before he dies. Lucinda comes over to Katie and tells her to march back upstairs, unpack her bags, and play happy wife to the bad Simon until they all get to the bottom of this mess.

Lucy bursts into Craig's suite excited over the evening meal. She says Aaron looked really good in his new suit. Craig snips, "I wish that's all it took."

Lisa tells Jack she wants to back out of her deal with Carly because she doesn't like Carly's total package. There's trouble all the time with her. Lisa likens Carly to "a gorgeous man who makes a lousy husband. It's not worth the hassle!" Carly walks in at the end of the conversation. Craig, Lucy, and Rosanna all arrive for dinner. Craig says hello, then scampers off to his table. Lisa is impressed with Carly's self-control. But Carly says that if Lisa wants to put any provision in her contract that might govern how she lives her life, she can "stick it." Lisa gasps. Lisa excuses Jack from the discussion and turns to Carly and says, "Alright. Cards on the table." Lisa says she has a problem with Carly because of her relationship with Barbara, not because of all Carly's history. Carly says that if Lisa goes into business with her, "You will have something with me you never had with Barbara-the kind of success that changes your life." Lisa says she's heard it all before and rejects Carly yet again. Carly finally breaks her down and Lisa agrees to a deal, demanding sketches by the end of next week.

At the bar, Jack sidles up to Brandy and asks her if Lisa knows about her prison record in connection with James Stenbeck. Brandy tells him it's up to him if he wants to tell Lisa. Then before she walks away, she asks, "Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance?" Jack decides to keep the info to himself.

Donovan Curry, the pseudo-Simon, pays the real Simon a visit in his jail cell. He explains that he's been following Simon for years. He first spotted Simon in Monte Carlo and at that point made it his mission to be just like him. Donovan got a nip and tuck and now he looks virtually like the real Simon. He's visiting Simon to get info on the diamond. Donovan threatens Simon to help him out, or he'll feed Katie to the gulls. Simon cuts a deal with Donovan, and agrees to tell him how to keep Katie in Avanya.

Craig, Lucy, Rosanna, Holden, and Aaron (Lily couldn't make it) all sit down for dinner. Craig wants to get right to the point, but Rosanna suggests they all catch their breath and order drinks. Lucy congratulates Aaron on passing his GED, but Craig quickly turns the conversation to Seattle, and Aaron's past. Aaron stands up for himself and embraces his past. Holden chimes in singing how he's a good kid. Craig doesn't let up and asks, "Is there another reason you left Seattle?" Aaron looks around the table with a touch of panic. Craig opens up the envelope and pulls out a photo of a battered Aaron and shows it to the table. Craig says he was "assaulted for sleeping with another man's wife." Lucy is shocked.

Back in Katie's hotel room, Donovan walks in and weaves a story that Katie snaps up. She wants to believe him. He says he contracted Malta Fever and that's partly responsible for his poor attitude. She kisses him and he runs to the bathroom to wash-up. While he's away, Katie realizes the who just kissed her is not her husband.