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Monday, June 17, 2002
by Andy

At the cop shop, Barbara lamented to Hal over how she should give up her company, and sell BRO in order to pay for her hotshot lawyer, Marshall Travers. Surprisingly, Hal counseled Barbara to fight for what was hers, and if Rosanna offered to help bail her out, then Barbara should take her up on the offer. Barbara thanked Hal for his advice by giving him a huge hug. Just then, Emily and Jack walked in, catching the embrace. Barbara explained the situation then left Hal and Emily alone.

Emily understood Barbara's needs and Hal's need to care for his ex-wife. They kissed, and Alison walked into the station, looking for Emily. "I really need your help," she said. "What do you need?" Emily asked. "Cash. And plenty of it," Alison responded. She wanted the dough to pay for the makeup gift she'd bought for Lucy.

At the Snyder farm, Lucy and Aaron made out in the hay. Later, she opened Alison's gift box and found an expensive bracelet. The token didn't sway Lucy to lower her guard, but she decided to let Alison work to regain the friendship.

At Java, Craig and Carly were kissing when Rosanna and Holden walk in. Holden shocked them back to reality by yelling, "Somebody wanna tell us what the hell is going on here?" A stunned Rosanna asked Carly, "How did he do it? Did he tell you I was waiting for him back at my hotel room? Waiting to make love to him? The idea that he found another woman interesting just really brought out the trash in you, didn't it?"

Carly grabbed Craig and threw him at Rosanna saying, "You want him? Here! Take him, honey!" Rosanna declined the offer, and threatened to tell everyone in town what had just happened. Craig tried to stop her as she left, but she barked at him then stormed out of the room. Carly whispered at Craig, "I wish I never met you." Carly bent down to pick up her purse, and Holden snapped at her, "Hey! You wanna tell me what the hell you were thinking?"

Carly pleaded with Holden, "Please, Holden --" He interrupted her by saying, "Please what? Forget what I saw? Please don't tell Jack? Please what?" Carly said she'd tried to stop him, and Holden believed her story. He told Carly that he knew how Craig operated and that he wouldn't tell Jack if she stayed out of those situations in the future. Rosanna left the two alone to talk.

Holden shifted gears and sternly warned Craig to "think twice before you ever threaten my son." Craig told Holden that Aaron hadn't listened when he'd asked him not to take Lucy on the bike. Holden clarified, "They didn't listen. We all make mistakes." Craig calmly said, "Well, my daughter won't become one of his." Holden retorted, "At seventeen, she is a better person than you could ever hope to be."

Back at the Lakeview, Rosanna was straightening up her room when she found the negligée she'd picked out to wear for Craig. She stopped, sat down in front of the champagne chilling on ice, and began to cry because Craig had crushed her heart. Just then, Barbara knocked at her door. Rosanna didn't have time for her, and told her to go away. Barbara yelled through the door that she wanted to talk about her offer to back BRO. Rosanna laughed and opened the door to shoo her away face-to-face.

Barbara let herself in, and needled Rosanna for the juicy details about what had made her cry. A vulnerable Rosanna explained why she had returned to Oakdale. "I came back to take back what Carly took from me. I want to make her suffer. I want to make her hurt, like the way she made me hurt," Rosanna said. She told Barbara that she had seen "them" kissing.

Barbara asked who "they" were, but the phone rang. Rosanna let the machine pick up. Craig left a message telling her how sorry he was for hurting her. Barbara couldn't believe it. Barbara gasped, "Say it isn't so! You're in love with Craig Montgomery?" Barbara told Rosanna her own sob story involving Craig.

Like a little child, Rosanna asked, "But didn't you ever see the real Craig?" Barbara scoffed, "There is no real Craig!" Barbara suggested that Rosanna get back at Craig by helping her take BRO back to the top. Rosanna said she'd think about it then Barbara left her alone.

Holden found Lucy and Aaron "studying." Lucy excused herself and headed home. Holden told Aaron he'd told Craig to back off, and Aaron said Lucy had gotten Margo to help run interference as well. They high-fived each other, but Holden was worried about round two with Craig.

At the cop shop, Carly found Jack in the interrogation room, doing paperwork. She made some small talk then grabed him and told him how much she loved him, as if it were her last chance. Then she spilled it, "Craig kissed me." He breathed a sigh of relief and asked if that was it. She said, "No -- I kissed him back."

Jack shut the door and asked for more details. Carly explained the whole thing then lunged into his arms and professed her love again. He pushed her off and told her to stay right there. "I'll be right back," he said then he stormed out of the station.

At the Munson residence, Emily hinted at how she wanted to make the relationship with Hal permanent. Then she got on one knee and proposed, "Will you marry me?"

At Java, Craig sidled up to the bar and started to drown his sorrows. A little while later, Jack showed up and spied Craig at the bar. He looked at Craig's face and asked if that was where Carly had slapped him. He said yes. Jack offered to help take his mind off the pain, and sucker-punched him four times. When Craig fell to the ground Jack kicked him then threw the police commissioner's business card at him for easy reference when Craig called to report the assault.

Jack returned to the station and picked up Carly, and they headed home.

Craig managed to get to Rosanna's room and begged her to let him in. She opened the door, and he limply fell into her arms, moaning in pain.