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Monday, April 29, 2002
by Andy

As Simon and Katie wait for the cops to arrive at the Old Mill, they argue over Simon's involvement in the apparent murder of Dahlia's lawyer. Katie is thoroughly confused and asks, "If you didn't kill her, who did?" They hear sirens approach, and Simon (with his shirt still gaping open revealing the three fingernail-like scratch makes on his chest) scrambles to get Katie to get her story straight. [At the cottage, someone walks in, looks around, and picks up a piece of their mail.] When the police arrive, Simon does all the talking. He says they were at the mill because they were newlyweds. The officer is called away, and Katie is shocked at how easily Simon lied to the detective. The detective comes back and Simon begins to tell just enough of the real history with Dahlia and her lawyer. As the story unfolds, the detective asks Simon about the scratch marks on his chest. He scoffs it off by saying he stumbled in the forest. The detective says it's alright for Katie to go, but he has a few more questions for Simon.

Back at the cottage, the intruder hears someone coming and hides in the shadows. Katie walks in, turns on the light, and senses she's not alone. Seeing Katie, Henry casually walks into view and says, "You've got a lot of explaining to do Peretti."

Rosanna and Craig walk into his suite, as Craig plots how to get in to visit Carly. Baby-sitter Lucy walks in with Parker and a light bulb goes on in Craig's head. He picks up Parker and says, "I think I know what you and I both need. Know what else? I think you are our ticket to get there." Rosanna doesn't think that's a good idea. "Jack said he wasn't ready. Even to see her son." Craig argues his case in front of Parker. Rosanna compromises and says she'll call the hospital tomorrow and talk to Carly about a visit. That's not good enough for Craig and he presses her further. Rosanna finally agrees and they head off to the hospital.

Dr. Hughes tells Jack and Carly that Dr. Ferguson, a specialist, will be in town tomorrow to help examine Carly's condition. Jack is excited, but Carly won't get her hopes up. "If I'm gonna be stuck like this for the rest of my life, then I'll just have to face that head on!" Jack tells her not to give up. Dr. Dixon comes in to schedule some diagnostic tests to try to figure out what's going on with Carly's skin. John brings Carly a heart-warming present: pictures of Parker taken while Carly was away. This makes Carly cry over the time she's missed. At that moment, Craig pops his head into her room and says Parker is just down the hall and "I'll go get him." Jack walks out of the room and tries to stop Craig. John, on the other hand, encourages Carly to see her son saying that everyone has told Parker to keep hope alive, and if Carly turns her back on her son now, "you may hurt him in a way your absence didn't. It's up to you to make him feel safe." John comes out and says that Carly will see her son. Jack reaches for Parker and says, "I'll take him in." Craig says, "No. He's comfortable with me." "You're using a little boy." Craig snaps back, "And you're trying to." Jack begs Craig not to mention anything about Rosanna's attempt to take temporary custody of Parker. Craig brings Parker in, and Carly's back is facing the door. She asks Craig to bring Parker over to her bed. She turns her face to Parker and he says, "Mommy," as they hug. While mother and child are having an intimate moment, Craig sizes up Carly's face and takes a step back in awe, then leaves. He meets Jack in the hall and asks him to make sure Parker gets home to Rosanna safely. Craig is shaken and Jack asks if it's because he's seen her face. Craig dismisses his question and calmly says, "Is that what you've deduced Jack?" Then he walks out. Jack, however, thinks he's got Craig's number.

Back at Craig's suite, Rosanna tells Lucy that she and Carly will have to work out a custody arrangement later. Craig comes home and tells Rosanna Carly was very happy to see Parker. Rosanna asks about Carly. "She's old. She's an old woman. I couldn't even look at her. I love her, and I can't even look at her."

Back in the hospital, Jack, Carly, and Parker are all together in Carly's bed. He kisses her forehead and says, "I have a funny feeling that we're going to make it this time."

At the cop shop, Abigail struggles with telling Margo where Jake really went. Margo forces Abigail to tell then calls her police force and tells them to move into position, without sirens. She even instructs them to have a sharpshooter across the street ready to "take Mary out." Margo heads for the Old Warehouse, and Abigail starts to follow, but Margo demands that she go home and wait by the phone for any news.

At the Old Warehouse, Mary tries to get past Jake with the million dollars and Molly as a hostage. Jake says to Mary, "You are looking at a brick wall. A brick wall that is not gonna move unless you take that gun off my wife! You're not leaving with my wife unless you're willing to die first." Mary needs a "one-way ticket out of here," and Molly's it. Mary takes a step forward and Jake offers to trade places with Molly. Mary says no deal. Jake takes a step forward and Mary swiftly point the gun at him. Then it dawns on Mary. "I just got an idea. You two can stay together, for eternity." Meanwhile downstairs, Margo and her team are taking position for a standoff. An officer on the scene says the sharpshooter is in position, but can't take a shot because Mary is using Molly as a shield. Margo says, "We either make an arrest, or we take her out." Back on the roof, Mary takes a step forward and Jake grabs Mary's wrist. They wrestle over control of the gun and the camera zooms in on Molly's terrified face as she hears a gunshot. She screams, "NOOOO!!!" and sobs.

Margo hears the shot and asks the officer if the sharpshooter got her. He said, "No. The fall got her." Margo wonders who got shot and sends a medic team upstairs.

Mary perished when she took a dive over the side of the building. Molly runs up to Jake and hugs him. She asks, "Is it really over Jake? Is she gone?" He weakly says, "Yeah. She can't hurt you anymore." Molly puts a hand over his heart and happily says she would pin a medal there for his bravery. Jake courageously says, "You gotta take care of your family." Jake backpedals a bit, and Molly gets her first sense that something might be wrong. Jake says he feels a little tired, then collapses to the ground. Molly pulls her hand away from his chest and it is soaked in blood. Knowing that the man she loves with all her heart might be close to death, she sobs and sobs for help. Molly gets her cell phone and calls for help while Jake's eyes flutter. Thinking he doesn't have much time left, Jake says, "I want you to make sure the girls grow up strong just like you, and that they stay close to Abigail. Tell my babies I love them, and what a miracle I thought they were." Margo gets to the roof and calls the hospital and tells John to be ready in the ER. Molly strokes his face. "You're so cold. You're so cold." "I have to tell you one more thing. Do you know the best thing about you? You made it possible to meet the love of my life...twice." Molly demands he fight for his life. "You promised that you would dance with me at Abigail's wedding. Can you hear me?" Jake says, "I can...hear...peaceful." And then he goes limp. Molly is hysterical with sorrow, sobbing for her life partner, her soul mate. The EMS team arrives and Margo pries Molly from her husband so they can get to work. They get Jake on a stretcher and Molly asks if he's going to be alright. The EMS worker says, "He's gonna need surgery. He's still alive." Abigail walks in as they're rolling him away. "What happened?"

Molly hugs Abigail and sobs, "What happened is that Jake is the bravest man. He loves you and me and the girls more than anything in the world. He saved our family. Oh, God. Let's go to the hospital so we'll be there when he wakes up. OK?"