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Monday, February 11, 2002

At the studio, Dahlia and Simon are talking about Katie and her future. Simon says he is off limits and gives her the finger...the one with his wedding ring. Dahlia says she's done her homework, even on Simon. She knows all about his four ex-wives. Simon says, "What do you want?!" Dahlia purses her lips and says, "Satisfaction. Both personal and professional. And I think I can get that from Katie...and you." Katie comes into the room catching them in heated conversation. Katie sticks around long enough to cool them off then leaves to cut some more tape. Once Katie is gone, Simon turns to Dahlia and tells her, "Katie loves me more than this stupid video of yours." "We'll see." "Come between us...Even try...You'll be sorry you ever met me."

At Java, Isaac admires how Bonnie is chewing out a supplier. After she hangs up on the vendor, he tells Bonnie he thinks she's starting to take to the place. She playfully rebuffs his comments. Later, Bonnie catches Isaac on the phone making Valentine's Day plans. She presses him for details, but Jenn comes in just in time to distract Bonnie. Jenn and Bonnie go off and start talking. Jenn brought pictures from the NYC BRO fashion show. Mixed in with the photos are pictures of other shoots she worked in Europe. Bonnie stops on one photo. Jenn asks her what's wrong. Bonnie asks her how she has a picture of Duke Ian, her ex. Jenn says that she met the Duke at a party and he was pretty miserable all night long. He talked about his ex-fiancé and how giving her up was the biggest mistake of his life. Jenn thinks it was fate that she ran into Duke Ian and maybe Bonnie should reconsider getting back together with him. Bonnie tells Jenn she's now sort-of seeing Isaac. Jenn reminds her of the hi-life she was living before Oakdale and to think twice about giving up a man that's pining away for her back in Europe. Bonnie actually thinks about her ex.

At the police station, Jack continues to look for his badge in his desk while Mitzi looks over his shoulder. Margo walks in and he asks her if she's seen it. She hasn't. He thinks someone stole it, and seeing Margo reminds him of Craig. Margo gets a call from Officer Slocomb at Fairwinds. Slocomb says that the coffin is gone. While Margo is on the phone, Jack gives Mitzi the keys to his place and tells her to go ahead and move in some of her things. Margo gets off the phone and tells Jack about the coffin. Jack flips his lip. Margo and Jack head out to Fairwinds to check out what happened.

Craig gets out of the coffin and enters the cockpit. The pilot says, "Tell me you didn't just come out of that coffin." As Craig takes a seat next to the pilot, he says, "Like a Phoenix. Rising from the ashes." The pilot threatens to land the plane, but Jack shows him Jack's badge and tells him he better start answering some questions. Using his newly acquired police authority, Craig presses the pilot for info about Carly, Emily, and Rose. While Craig reaches down to pick up a flight log, the pilot grabs Craig's badge. He opens the flap and finds a picture of Jack on the inside. "How long have you been dying your hair?" The pilot decides to have a little fun and veers the plane up and down making Craig sick. Later, Craig appeals to the pilots conscience and says he doesn't care about the Cuban cigars he might be carrying. He does, however, care about the women he helped transport out of the country. This gets to the pilot and he tells Craig that all he knows is that he took the coffins to Marseilles, France. Satisfied, Craig asks him to turn the plane around and get back to Oakdale.

Jack is royally peeved that Slocomb lost the casket and tells him that he better go find the who, what, when, why, and how, and to not show his face until he has answers. Margo tries to calm Jack down, but he says he "can't let up...not when Stenbeck is involved." Jack presses Margo to find Craig. He's sure that if they find Craig, they'll find the missing casket.

Later, Dahlia and co. watch a cut from Katie's video. Everyone is happy with the final product. Simon suggests that he and Katie go back home, and Katie leaves for a quick shower. While she's gone, Dahlia plants a bit kiss on Simon's lips. Simon breaks the kiss and tells her to back off. She says, "Why? You liked it."

Jack comes home to look for a clue he thinks he wrote in a magazine and finds that Mitzi has cleaned up the apartment. Everything is put away and spotless. Jack asks her where the magazine went. She says she threw it in a trash bag and it's outside. He snaps at her, and she offers to go through the trash to find the right magazine. He tells her not to bother and walks upstairs. Mitzi feels horrible for losing Jack's clue and goes after the trash bag. She's paging through her third magazine when Jack comes back downstairs and tells her that the magazine he's looking for was actually at work. She apologizes and says that if she's in his way, "these boots were made for walkin'." He apologizes and then smells the meal Mitzi cooked for them. She says there's nothing for him to apologize for and she goes to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on dinner. On her way out of the room, she says, "I'll remind you to not give up hope, if you do the same for me." Jack then tells her to move her things in the bedroom. She thinks that's a little forward of him, until he says that he'll be staying on the couch.

Margo calls Jack and tells him she found Craig's car near Fairwinds, and that a small jet was chartered out of Oakdale Airport. Jack isn't surprised. Margo also tells him the jet has turned around and it's headed back to Oakdale.

Lisa tells Jenn that Barbara is now staying with her for awhile. Jenn could care less. Bonnie rushes past Jenn and Lisa out the door. Lisa asks her to stop by and visit sometime, but Jenn gives her a cold shoulder. Jenn asks Lisa to give Bonnie a photo. Lisa admires the handsome man in the photo and asks her who is in the picture. Jenn coyly says, "Bonnie will know."

Jack's doorbell rings and Craig is at the door. Craig is the latest victim on Jack's warpath. Craig tries to pacify Jack with his info about France. Jack is angry that he practically announced to James that they know where the three women are by making so much noise. He doesn't care that Craig found out what country they are probably in, because now James will probably move them to a more secure location. Just then Mitzi walks in wearing nothing but a bathrobe and announces dinner is ready. Craig eyes Mitzi up and down and smirks. Jack tells him to "wipe that smirk of your face" Dripping with sarcasm, Craig says, "Your ankle might be busted, but everything else is working just fine."

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Katie takes Lucy out to practice her driving skills however Lucy doesn't have a permit. Lucy talks Katie into letting her drive longer since there wasn't any traffic however when Lucy runs a stop sign the two end up in a fender bender with a squad car. Simon and Lucinda are concerned to read on a note Lucy and Katie are out driving, only to later find out that Lucy, Katie and Craig under arrest at the station house.

Craig hands Jack his badge after making a few comments about his new roommate Mitzi. Craig then reveals to his so- called partner that the coffins were delivered to Marseilles and suggests that Barbara can use her mastery of the French language to find out where the coffins went. Tired of Craig always being on his heals, Jack tricks him into putting handcuffs on and then announces that he's under arrest. He then uses Mitzi, who speaks French, to call and learn about a van which picked up the coffins at the airport. Meanwhile, Barbara panics at Lisa's place when she hears Lisa, John and Kim calling to check in on her, and then panics again when she finds herself confronted by a ghost of her former self who urges her to fight James and defeat him.

Paul catches John, Kim and Lisa trying to cheer up his mother via the phone and advises them that his mother is mentally ill, not simply depressed. He presses them to realize that Barbara must accept responsibility for what she has done to Emily, Rose, Carly and now Hal and do what she can to help find the missing victims. Bob agrees but suggests that Paul remember the good things Barbara has done for him and everyone else in town. However a reluctant Paul reminds them of how this has affected Will and Jen and how she has abandoned them more than once.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Margo goes to Nick's place to search for clues on nabbing Brandy. She finds a toothbrush with lipstick on it. The police bring Brandy to the apartment. At first she is hesitant to talk but finally agrees to speak to Margo alone. She tells Margo that she and Nick were an item but it wasn't a serious relationship. Brandy says that Nick started acting weird so she called it off. Margo doesn't believe her story and asks why an intelligent girl like Brandy would let Nick use her. Margo asks Brandy if she recognizes the music box but Brandy says she has never seen it before. The police then bring in a letter that they confiscated from Brandy's dorm room. The letter says that Nick broke it off with her and that she wanted to get even with him. Margo tells Brandy that since she has lied about everything from the beginning, she is now the prime suspect in the Nick Scudder murder case.

Katie and Lucy are brought into the police station after their accident. Craig works out a deal with Jack - if Jack lets Lucy go free, then Craig promises to stay away from Jack and the investigation of Carly's disappearance. Katie, on the other hand, does not even have a license because of unpaid parking tickets. Craig won't help and Katie and Simon don't have enough money to afford it. Dahlia walks into the police station (Katie had called her) and offers to "pay" saying that it will be an advance on Katie's salary from the video. When Katie walks away, Dahlia again makes a pass at Simon.

John, Kim and Lisa walk in on Barbara who is "freaking out." Lisa asks her, "Honey, was something there?" "Yes," says Barbara, "Me" - referring to her visit from her former self. Barbara tells them she must have been dreaming then asks to talk to John alone. John asks, "What is haunting you Barbara?" He tells her to take responsibility for her actions. Barbara says to John, "You do think I'm guilty." John says yes and asks for the truth. Referring to Carly, Rose and Emily, Barbara says, "These three vampires were sucking the life out of me and I wanted them gone." Then, she says, they just disappeared and she is glad they did and she would do it again.

Meanwhile, James has Hal captive and put him under some kind of "catatonic state" or "trance." Hal repeats whatever James says to him and James keeps referring to Hal as "good boy." James then shows Hal the King of Spades and says to him, "When you see him, you'll know what to do." Hal replies, on cue, "yes."

After Craig's pact with Jack to stay away from him, he goes over to Jack's house where Mitzi is staying. Craig tries to get Mitzi to agree to seduce Jack and he will pay her enough money to end her troubles. Mitzi realizes that Craig is doing it so he can have Carly all to himself. Instead of agreeing to seduce Jack, Mitzi seduces Craig. They fall on the couch and kiss.

Lucinda and Lucy spend some quality time together talking. Lucinda talks about her humble upbringing and Lucy tells her grandmother that she was the subject of a school essay on who she admired the most. Lucy says that Lucinda is bossy and Lucinda tells Lucy it is okay to be bossy. She reminds Lucy not to let her dad show her the easy way out.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

As Nancy reads through current and treasured valentines from her heart-shaped box, a gentle but sudden breeze sends shivers through her and causes her to call out to her late husband Chris. As the Special Valentine's Day show continues, Katie and Simon bask in the glow of their love, dining on tiny candy hearts. Their fantasy begins as Simon watches a newly successful Katie besieged by the press about her six-figure contract. In spite of a disapproving Dahlia, the two are reunited. Staring at a photo of Carly while drinking a martini in bed, Craig fantasizes he and Carly are arguing about love from the viewpoint of a 1920's James Cagney movie. Jack sings Jim Croce's "Time in a Bottle" as he pines for his missing Carly. Abigail welcomes Adam to the rooftop and listens as he talks about how mich she has changed his life. Holden and Lily kiss and talk about the special love they share. Bonnie imagines being turned into a princess thanks to a glass slipper and then being kissed by her own prince Isaac. Lisa hits the stage at the club and, to the tune "It's Raining Men," dances with her many husbands. Paul imagines waking to find Rose has returned to his bedroom. Tom surprises Margo at work with a rose and champagne. The two are transported back to a Bee Gees playing disco from the late 70s. Tom then sings "More Than a Woman" to Margo. With the sounds of "My Girl" setting the mood, Jake surprises Molly at the place where they first kissed. Bob laments to Kim that he didn't marry her sooner.

Friday, February 15, 2002

Mitzi turns the table on Craig when he asks her to seduce Jack to show Carly that he is not faithful. She pretends to want to make love to him and gets him all hot and bothered and then tells him that she is going to tell Carly on him when she returns. She tells Craig to leave and he starts toward the door. Before he goes he tells her how beautiful she is and starts to kiss her on the neck. When she gets all hot and bothered, he whispers in her ear, "Gotcha!" She hits him in the chest and tells him to leave. He leaves and the phone rings. The gentleman from France is calling Mitzi with information about the coffins and the drivers that picked them up. She gets the information and goes to the police station to tell Jack the good news.

An officer is escorting Brandy to Nick's apartment to look for her keys. The officer tells her that she has to be handcuffed before she goes into the crime scene. She gets upset and tells him that she didn't do it. She asks the officer if she can take off her bracelet first so it doesn't get scratched. She explains that her grandmother gave the bracelet to her and she was the only person who ever cared about her. The officer tells her to hurry. She takes the bracelet off and puts it in her pocket. At the same time, she takes out a spray bottle and maces the officer. Brandy takes off running.

When Lucinda puts an ad in her paper for a reward on any information on James Stenbeck, a group of people show up at the police station. Jack gets irate and tells Officer Shanks to take the group and get their names and telephone numbers and then send them home. Jack gets on the phone and calls Lucinda, but Lucinda hangs up on him. Margo and Jessica come into the interrogation room where Jack is and asks him about the group of people in the squad room. Jack tells them that he called Lucinda, but she hung up on him. Margo tells Jack about getting a new suspect, Brandy Taylor. As she is telling Jack about Brandy, an officer comes in and tells Margo that Brandy maced the officer that was escorting her and she got away. Margo goes ballistic. She goes to the squad room and starts shouting out orders. The officers are looking at her listening to her orders and then she says, "Go!!" They all shuffle off to find Brandy Taylor. Then, Lucinda waltzes in and tells Margo that she and the police department do not know what they are doing. Margo lets it slip that they are close to finding Rose. Lucinda presses her for information. When Margo won't tell her anything, Lucinda starts out the door swearing to get Stenbeck before they do. As Lucinda leaves, Mitzi walks in and asks Jack if she talk to him where Craig's sister can't hear. He takes her into the interrogation room. She tells him about Craig and how she took care of him. Then she tells him the really good news about the man from France returning their call. She gives him a piece of paper with the license plate numbers of the vans that picked up the coffins. She adds that he will call back tomorrow with the names of the drivers. Jack is very happy with this information and gives Mitzi a hug. He thanks her for her help and she says, "Anything for you, Jack." She suggests to Jack that she accompany him to France. He tells her that they already have three women missing and he doesn't want to put her in harms way. He warns her that James is not only dangerous, he is deadly. He tells her that if she sees him she better stay away from him. He also tells her to stay away from Craig, too. She says that she won't be seeing either one of them. She asks if she will see him at home later and he says she will. As she is leaving, Jack gets a call from Craig. Craig tells him that he is worried about Carly and thinks they should send Simon to France. Jack asks Craig where he finds the time. He tells him that he is harassing his houseguest and butting in the investigation of the missing women. Craig tells him that his houseguest news travels fast. Jack tells Craig that he and Carly are through and he will make sure that he never hurts her again. Jack hangs up the phone. When Craig hears the phone click, he closes his cell phone and starts to eat onion rings. Brandy opens Craig's car door and jumps into the car. She tells him to pull away. Craig says, "Huh?" Brandy yells at him that a man is chasing her and she tells him to just drive away. Craig, without question, puts the car in gear and pulls away.

Back at the station, Margo walks into the interrogation room where Jack is and she apologizes to him for being so nasty to him today. He accepts her apology and then informs her that he is going to leave for France tomorrow. Margo tells him that he can't go. She asks him if he remembers that they are short handed with Hal missing. Jack says that he realizes that, but he has to go to France. He walks out of the interrogation room.

Later, when Mitzi is back at Jack's house, someone knocks at the door. Mitzi opens the door and James Stenbeck is there dressed as a meter reader. He tells Mitzi that he has to read the meter. She asks if it is rather late for that and he tells her that he had a truck break down and he is behind and just wants to finish his route. She tells him to go ahead and do whatever he has to do and she starts to shut the door. He stops her and tells her that the meter is inside the house and he needs to come inside.

At the spa, Emily is playing around with some flowers and herbs. Rose is trying to talk to her and make a plan to pull the fire alarm and that would give Rose time to go and open the front gate. Emily is out of it and not following what Rose is talking about. As Emily smells the bowl of herbs, she sneezes. Libby runs over and asks if Emily is coming down with a cold. Rose asks if that would make a difference. Rose then realizes what the whole spa thing has been. They are there to get totally healthy before they are taken to the back. When Rose and Emily are alone, Rose tells Emily that she is going to asks the doctor to take her to the back before Emily. Emily gets upset when she thinks that Rose is trying to get her blue drink. Rose tries to explain to Emily that when they try to give Rose the blue drink she is supposed to pretend to faint to cause diversion so she can pour the blue drink out and she won't have to actually drink it. The doctor walks in with Hilda and she is carrying a blue drink. Rose convinces him to take her instead of Emily because Emily is sneezing and could be coming down with a cold. He thinks for a minute and decides that Rose can drink the blue drink and be taken to the back. Hilda hands the drink to Rose and she stands there holding the drink waiting for Emily to do her fainting thing. Emily looks at Libby and asks if this is the time they are to play the fainting game. Libby tells her that the doctor said no games today. Rose gets nervous when Emily does not come through and she sneezes and spills the drink on Dr. Weston. Dr. Weston holds his temper and tells Hilda to give Emily the shot. Rose tries to argue but they take Emily out of the room. As they wheel Emily out, Rose asks Libby what she said to the doctor. She swears that she didn't tell him anything. Rose asks when will it be her turn to go to the back. Libby tells her the day after tomorrow. Rose says that she has two days to come up with a new plan. She tells Libby that she needs to see Carly and Libby tells her that it is too dangerous. Rose asks if she still wants to go with them when they leave and Libby says that she does. Rose tells her to take her to Carly. Later, Rose has fallen asleep on the couch in front of the fireplace and she wakes up to music playing. She sits up and sees someone sitting in a wheelchair across the room. The person is wrapped from head to toe in gauze. Rose remembers Carly being wrapped from head to toe in gauze. She runs over to the person thinking it is Carly. She looks at the person and gasps in fear.

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