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Monday, February 4, 2002

Bonnie shows up at Java Underground bright and early in the morning rushing around trying to get herself together. Isaac tells her she should get some coffee. She couldn't agree more. But, Isaac says the coffee isn't for her. She'll be serving it to the people at Katie's workout video photo shoot. After freshening up in the back, Bonnie comes out looking amazing. Isaac stops her and starts to talk. Bonnie stops him, but Isaac says, "I can't believe you're going to pass up an opportunity to hear how great you look." She stops and says, "I'm listening." After more verbal sparring, Isaac finally asks Bonnie out on a real date. Bonnie accepts.

Craig comes back to his suite after pulling an all-nighter at The Intruder, babysitting the paper until Emily is found. Katie greets him outside the suite and asks for his cell phone. A bit dazed, Craig hands over the phone. Katie makes sure it's turned off before they go inside. She tries to prepare him for what he's going to see, but Craig's curiosity gets the better of him. He pushes past her and into his home finding the suite filled with half-naked sleeping NYC firefighters. Katie explains everything and says she kept all of them out of his bed. Craig says, "Have you been sniffing the scented oil diffuser again?" Craig heads to his bedroom for some rest. Craig shouts after he finds the two Dalmatians sleeping in his bed.

Dahlia arrives at Craig's suite with all of the hotel arrangements straightened out. The firemen pack their things and head out the door. Once Katie and Simon have a moment alone, Simon questions Dahlia's credibility. Why would her credit card bounce forcing Katie to take all those men into Craig's suite? If she doesn't have money for that, does she have money for the video? Simon wants to check her out. All Katie can think about is how Simon doesn't trust her instincts. Defeated, Katie leaves for the photo shoot.

Jack is talking with Margo who is still up at Lucinda's cabin with Molly. He tells Margo he hasn't heard anything new about Hal's disappearance and encourages her to continue looking for Abigail and Adam. Is Nancy next? Margo hangs up and tells Molly she thinks it's time to get the State Police involved in the search. Molly pleads with her to keep them out of it. "What if they're found and they make a run for it?" She's worried the police might shoot her daughter, and Margo's son. Margo decides to get the troopers involved. Jake and Tom join them at the cabin and when Jake hears that Margo called the State Police, he flips out and storms off. Jake comes back after letting off some steam. A trooper stops by the cabin and tells everyone that Abigail and Adam have been spotted at the courthouse, applying for a marriage license.

After Jack finishes with Margo on the phone, an issue of The Intruder is thrown on his desk. Kim demands to know who leaked the "Glamour in the Slammer" story to Craig. At first she suspects Hal, but after a little fishing, she zeros in on Jack. Kim can't believe after all that he and Barbara have been through he would turn on her now, especially after the accident which left her face horribly scarred. Jack tells Kim that somehow she let James back into her life and he probably manipulated her. He's remorseful that he wasn't there for her recently. Kim says, "You get a second chance. Save her now!"

At the spa, Rose hid the phone in a nearby potted plant. Dr. Weston comes into the living room with Hilda and tells the girls he thinks one of them has the phone. Both Emily and Rose continue acting looped out of their minds. Rose says she's seen the phone and picks up a banana, "Hello? Anybody there?" Emily chimes in and grabs a banana of her own. They start to play telephone. Dr. Weston tells Hilda that she needs to find the phone as soon as possible. Rose and Emily decide it's time to make another long distance call to Oakdale. Rose creates a diversion by singing a little cabaret on the staircase, and Emily grabs the phone. Hilda thinks it's time for Rose to have another aroma-therapy session and Emily joins her.

Back at Java, the troops have arrived for the shoot. Bonnie finds Lucy and shares her excitement over her impending date with Isaac. She wonders where he'll take her and what she should wear. Bonnie says that Isaac probably won't take her someplace fancy. Lucy asks her if she has a pair of jeans. Bonnie looks at Lucy like she just burped in front of the Queen. Around the corner, Katie is in the middle of twenty muscle men, and she's not having a good time. She's thinking about Simon and how she needs his support. She can't focus on anything else and can't smile for the camera. Simon comes in and has a quick chat with his wife. He says Dahlia's credit checks out and that he supports Katie in her endeavor. This puts a smile back on Katie's face. She runs and jumps into the arms of a shirtless hunk and the shoot continues. Simon happily looks on, while Dahlia sneaks a look at Simon, her face betraying a hidden agenda.

Jack stops by Craig's suite and slaps today's Intruder on Craig's chest. "What's the matter Jack? Don't you like the picture of Darth Bar Bar?" Jack says, "Her friends are starting to rally." "Both of them? What are YOU doing to bring Carly home?" Craig says that he's putting pressure on Babs to spill what she knows by publishing the story in The Intruder. Jack can't figure out how James got into Fairwinds, especially since he spent so much time checking up on Barbara with surprise visits. Then he thinks that maybe James found a way into Fairwinds through a tunnel. "Maybe it's a tunnel that Carly didn't know about" when she sealed off the rest of the tunnels. Jack leaves to secure a search warrant. Craig says he's coming along. Jack tells him to stay out of his way and "if we run into Stenbeck..." "He's all yours."

Rose and Emily get inside the aroma-therapy room and start to feel the affects almost immediately. They start to mess around and almost forget to call home. They snap out of it and Rose plugs the vents while Emily calls Hal.

Back in Oakdale, a phone rings at Fairwinds. The camera zooms in on ringing coming from a heating duct, then down a shaft, and finally landing on Hal's jacket. A person walks into view and reaches for the phone. As he opens the phone and brings it to his ear, James says, "Hello?"

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

At a clerk's office, Adam tries to persuade Abigail to marry him. Meanwhile, Jake, Molly and Margo await a phone call from the kids with hopes to trace the call. Abigail secretly calls Molly and later tells Adam she wants to go home. As they get ready to leave, Jake, Molly and Margo arrive. Abigail begins to recount all that she has remembered.

Emily and Rose are startled to hear Stenbeck's voice when they call Hal. Dr. Weston demands answers when he catches Emily with Hilda's phone. Later, Libby agrees to take Rose to see Carly, who is wrapped like a mummy.

Jack is injured when he and Craig enter a booby-trapped basement. Craig finds a casket containing an oxygen tank, and they realize it served as Rose and Emily's transport out of the country.

John asks Kim and Lisa to help him with Barbara.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Abigail and Adam return to the police station with Margo, Jake and Molly. Abigail tells Jessica that she is starting to remember more about the night Nick was murdered. She says that she remembers someone else being there but she cannot remember who it was. Jessica says that at this point in the case, Abigail is still the prime suspect unless she can remember more information. Tom tells Adam he is proud of him for taking care of Abigail. Margo tells Adam about Hal's disappearance and the two share a touching mother and son moment. Later, Abigail makes plans to go riding with Holden and Luke the next day. She then enjoys some time with Molly, Jake and the twins. Adam stops by and hands Abigail the "ring" (which Margo had returned to him at the police station) and tells Abigail that he is sorry they didn't get married.

Bonnie shows up for her date with Isaac dressed in "hip hop street clothes", thinking that he would take her to a place that would warrant wearing these kinds of clothes. Isaac shows up in a suit, with reservations to the Mona Lisa. He is upset and insulted by her outfit and her way of thinking. They fight and cancel their date. Bonnie finds her mother at the police station. Jessica tells her daughter that she must learn to treat everyone equal, that we are all on one level. Jessica tells Bonnie to apologize to Isaac. Bonnie goes back to Java Underground, dressed in a beautiful gown and tells Isaac she is sorry. At first he doesn't accept her apology but she then announces it to everyone at the bar and he forgives her.

At Rose's place, Lily and Mitzi take down the Christmas decorations and spend some time together talking about Rose. Mitzi leaves and Paul comes over. He tells Lily about Emily's phone call and Hal's disappearance. They reminisce about Rose and Paul vows to find her. They know that James Stenbeck is involved but laugh at how tough Rose can be. Lily says, "I think James Stenbeck has finally met his match." Later that evening, Holden finds Lily still at Rose's place. They embrace and Lily says how happy she is that she has him.

At Fairwinds, while John and Kim are upstairs, Jack and Craig are stuck in the basement with the threat of the ceiling falling on them. Jack's leg is broken and Craig starts to yell for help. Luckily, Kim hears them and John and Kim get a ladder to help them get out. At first John doesn't want to help them because he hates Craig and thinks Jack is only trying to dig up more information on Barbara. Finally, Kim convinces him to help them. Craig tells Jack that he needs him and to accept his help. Reluctantly, Jack agrees. Craig says, "Why Jack, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Thursday, February 7, 2002

Kim, Bob and John pay Barbara a visit at the station house in hopes of lifting her spirits and showing their support. John then shows the pills they retrieved from Fairwinds and offers his help with her addiction. Craig stops by Jake and Molly's place with the good news that Carly has been heard from. His good news sours when he reveals that they still don't know where she is and then adds that Hal is missing too. The two guess that Craig's there in hopes that Carly will contact Molly and learn of his concern for her. Molly's touched when she hears Jake call Abigail "our" daughter and not "her" daughter. Jack advises Paul that he thinks James put Rose and Emily in a coffin to sneak them out of the country. Jack questions Lyman Heindel the casket maker about the model found in the basement and learns that Barbara is listed as the buyer for delivery to Toronto, Canada. However, Lyman IDs James as Barbara's "assistant" who paid for three caskets with cash. When Barbara's friends bring her to Fairwinds, she is shocked to see the casket and denies knowing anything about it. Bonnie threatens to walk out when she discovers Isaac's date means a night at the club. She decides to stick around when Billy shows the French champagne Isaac's ordered for their table. She is overwhelmed when a hired bagpiper plays her father Duncan's favorite song for her. While Adam sheepishly confesses to Margo that Nick hired Brandy to ruin his relationship with Abigail, Brandy flirts with Billy behind the bar. Adam points out Brandy to Margo and Tom.

Friday, February 8, 2002

"This just in. Shocker! Katie Peretti is no longer a news anchor." This is the beginning of Katie's workout video. As they finish the opening segment, Dahlia tells Katie that she needs to speak to her. As they walk to the dressing room, Katie sees a life size cut out of herself and tells Dahlia that she can't get used to seeing herself all around the studio. Dahlia informs her that she is going to be known around the world. She tells her about all the dates she has lined up for Katie to appear at. Simon walks in and tells Katie that she looks fantastic. Katie asks if Simon heard Dahlia says that she is going to be known around the world. Simon looks at Dahlia and says that he did hear her. Dahlia gives Simon and Katie all her plans and they will even visit Australia. Dahlia gets called away and Katie looks at Simon and asks if he can believe it. Simon settles her down and tells her that she shouldn't get so excited when they don't even have the final product shot yet. Katie asks if Simon is jealous of her and he says that he is not. She pushes his hands away from her hips and says that Dahlia is right. She adds that Dahlia said that Simon doesn't believe in her. Katie tells him that he had the production company checked out and everything was fine. Simon says that the production company checked out, but he is still checking out Dahlia. Simon tries to explain that he thinks that it is not right that Dahlia shows up out of nowhere and promises the moon to a complete stranger. Katie says that Dahlia knew her from WOAK. Simon asks Katie why Dahlia would show up and pick her, a small town news anchor when she could have chosen someone with more nationwide name recognition. Katie gets upset and walks out and Dahlia walks in. Simon asks Dahlia why is she telling his wife that he doesn't believe in her. She says that he made a fuss about her being in the video and what was she supposed to think. He tells her that she is total suspect. She asks him if he is aware of something called the Q-factor. He says that he is not, but he is aware of the BS factor. She tells him that she is not after Katie's money because she doesn't have any. She adds that Simon has no money to go after either. Simon asks if she is after Katie's brother's money. She says that he is only rich in appearance. She informs him that she is doing her homework too. He asks her what it is that she wants from Katie. She takes a step closer to him and says, "Maybe what I want is you."

At Lucinda's mansion, Lucy walks in just in time to take a call from her father. Craig is at the police station and he tells Lucy that he would like to spend some time with her. She tells him that Lucinda has banned her from spending time with him or her Aunt Katie. She asks her father to try to get along with Lucinda or her mother will come and take her out of Oakdale. She tells him to spend his time looking for his other girl, Carly Tenney. In the den, Lily gets off the phone and tells Lucinda that they police have officially listed Hal as missing. Lucinda gets upset because her private detectives are not doing what she thought they would. She tells Lily that she thinks that James Stenbeck has something to do with the disappearances and she is going to have body guards posted at Lily's house for protection. Lily picks up her things and says that she is going to go home and warn her family. Lucinda yells for Matthew and tells him to get her driver. Matthew asks if she is going out and Lucinda says that she is going out to make some trouble. Lucy is hiding around the corner. After Lucinda and Lily leave, Lucy goes into the den and starts to study Latin. Mitzi walks in and then excuses herself. She tells Lucy that she doesn't want to cause any problems, she just thought that there might be some news about Rose. Lucy tells her that there isn't any news, but she would love it if Mitzi would stay and keep her company. Mitzi tells Lucy that she needs to keep a low profile because Lucinda was letting her stay there because of Rose and now that Rose is not around, she could lose her lodging. Lucy pleads with Mitzi to stay. Mitzi gives in and the two have a make-up and hairdo party.

At the spa, Rose is escorted in by one of the handsome young men that work at the spa. She sees Emily sitting on a couch with her head limp. She goes over to her and Emily looks up at Rose and says, "Hi, my name is Emily. What is yours?" Rose tries to get through to Emily and tells her that it is no time to be vegetable queen in the turnip patch. One of the guys that work at the spa comes in and settles Rose down on the couch. When he leaves, Emily looks up and says, "Hello from the turnip patch." Rose jumps up and says that she thought that Emily had been drinking the tea again. Emily says that she had been dumping tea all day. As they are trying to figure out their next move, Dr. Weston comes in. He tells the two women that he has bad news. He informs them that the blood test they had done confirmed that they had not been drinking their tea. Rose says that they will drink the tea from now on and she tells Emily to pinky swear with her. The doctor says that they don't have time for pinky swears now, they have to take more drastic measures. His attendant comes in with a syringe. She heads toward Rose and Rose starts to yell, "No, no, I can't have needles in me." Rose says that she will drink the tea. Dr. Weston calls off the woman trying to give Rose the shot. He tells the women that he thinks that tea could be arranged but they have to tell him who has been helping them. Rose looks at the old woman that helped them and then she tells Dr. Weston that no one has helped them. Emily pipes in and says that they figured the aromatherapy room out themselves. Dr. Weston says that he doesn't believe them. Emily tells him that he is already in a lot of trouble. She tells him about calling her boyfriend, Hal Munson and he is on way to help them. Dr. Weston tells them that he is not. He tells them about talking to his benefactor and he has taken care of Mr. Munson. Emily asks if he admits that James Stenbeck in behind this whole thing. Dr. Weston says, "Who?" Rose says, "Yeah, right, who." Emily gets upset and jumps up and grabs Dr. Weston by they collar and demands that he tell her what happened to Hal. Hilda and the other men grab Emily and give her a shot. They take Emily out of the room. Rose tells the doctor that she is sort of related to a very rich person and she would give him all the money he needs to keep his operation going. Dr. Weston turns to Rose and says that money is not what is important in what he does. He grabs her and says, "Science is what I do here and we are making history." He lets her go and leaves the room. The old woman enters the room with a red drink. She tells Rose to drink it. Rose looks at her and the lady nudges her to take the drink. One of the young men says that Dr. Weston says that she has to drink every drop. Rose takes the drink and gulps it down. The young man takes the glass and leaves. Rose asks the old woman what was in the drink and the woman tells her not to worry, it was only tea. Rose questions the woman about what kind of treatment they are doing at this place. The woman tells her that they only tell them what they want them to know. The woman asks if Rose will take her with them when they leave. Rose shakes her head yes and says that is as soon as she figures out how to leave, herself. Emily is wheeled in by one of the young guys and she is very happy. Emily tells Rose that she had a drink and it was her favorite color, blue. Rose asks if she had any left for her and Emily says that she drank it all. Rose starts to cry and Emily tells her not to be sad. Rose says, "I'm sad because I think that we are going to die here."

At the police station, Craig bugs Jack to let him help in the investigation. Jack tells him to leave. Craig informs him that he has made some calls to every company that transports caskets and he had narrowed it down to two companies. Jack tells him that is one more than he had found. Craig asks him to share his information and Jack says no. Jack gets a call and when he hangs up the phone he tells Craig that it was the lab calling. He goes on to tell Craig that the lab was testing Hal's clothes and they had found blood on them. Craig comments that Stenbeck has resorted to killing now. Jack tells him that they don't know that. Craig tells him that Stenbeck could do that to Carly too. Craig looks at Jack and tells him that Carly needs them both and Jack should stop playing around. Lucinda enters and demands Jack to tell her something in the case has been found. Jack takes Lucinda into the interrogation room to talk with her. After he is gone, a policeman comes over to Craig and asks if he knows where Jack is. Craig tells him no and then gets a bright idea. He asks if he can help. The policeman tells Craig that he was supposed to find some information on a person, but he can't read Jack's writing. Craig says that maybe he can. The policeman lets Craig look at the information on the paper and Craig tells him that the name looks like Devin, Chuck Devin. The policeman thanks him and leaves. Craig says, "Chuck Devin, interesting." Craig sits down at Jack's desk and says that all he needs now is some police protection. He opens the drawer where Jack keeps his police badge.

In the interrogation room, Jack tells Lucinda that he is doing the best that he can with what he has. Lucinda implores him to give her some information and she and her private detectives can help in the investigation. She tells him that Rose is like a daughter to her and she wants to get her back. Jack looks at her and reminds her that Carly is out there too. He tells her that they need to take it slow and easy or they could mess things up with Stenbeck. Lucinda looks at him and says that she will have to get him on her first try to she leaves the interrogation room.

At Fairwinds, Craig in on his cell phone and he is calling the people who transport the coffins. He tells them that he is calling for Barbara Ryan and he has another pick up for them. Later, the coffin is waiting in the main hall and the two men show up to haul it out. One of the men opens the lid and says that there is no oxygen tank or a pretty girl but this is a real stiff this time. The two men go out to get the risers to take the coffin out. When they are gone, Craig opens the lid and says, "Stiff huh, you don't know the half of it. Hold on Carly. Here I come one way are another." He puts on the oxygen mask and closes the lid.

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