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Monday, July 23, 2001

Hal has invited Nancy Hughes over to his house and he offers her some lemonade. They are making small talk and someone knocks at the door. Nancy tells Hal that she will get it and when she opens the door, Emily is standing there. Nancy tells her that Hal is busy and starts to shut the door. Emily stops her and says that Hal has invited her too. She lets it slip that Hal is going to interrogate her. Nancy decides to leave. Hal stops her and tells her that they need help in solving a case and all they need is to ask her a few questions. Nancy decides to stay. Hal and Emily start to question her about the books that she checks out at the library. Nancy ends the confusion when she tells them that she takes a list from the hospital to the library to get books for the patients. Nancy tells them that she has to leave. After Nancy is gone, Hal and Emily discuss this new information that they got from Nancy. Jennifer comes running in and she is very excited. She tells her father that Barbara is awake and she has been asking for Hal. Jennifer goes upstairs and Hal tells Emily that he is scared to go and see Barbara. He goes on to say that he is afraid that he might say something wrong. Emily reassures him that Barbara had asked for him and he should go and see her.

At Tom's house, Lien is telling her dad that Ben and Isaac and Curtis are coming over. Tom tells her that he is taking his boys to the baseball game. Tom questions Lien about her involvement with Ben. He asks her if she is getting more interested in Ben because she found out that he had saved her life. She reassures him that she is not going after Ben because of that. She points out all of Ben's great qualities. Tom is not sold on what she has told him. Ben shows up at the house with food and flowers in tow. Tom decides it is time for him to leave and he gives his daughter one last warning as he leaves. After he is gone, Ben gives Lien the flowers and she starts to put them in a vase. Ben is standing behind her and he tells her that he has been thinking about her all day. Lien takes the vase of flowers over and put them on a table. Ben follows. He tells her that she has been a lifesaver for him. She tells him that he has it backwards. He explains that she came into his life at a time when he was on autopilot and she helped him get custody of Curtis. She says that for her next trick she almost died in his living room. He tells her that that is when he knew. She asks what it is that he knew. There is a banging at the door. Isaac and Curtis come in. They tell Ben and Lien about their basketball game. Ben tells them to go wash for dinner. Before Curtis leaves the room, he asks Lien how is she doing. She tells him better than ever. Later, Isaac, Lien and Curtis are playing cards and Curtis tells them that just one year ago, he had no family. Now, he has Uncle Isaac, Ben is his new dad and he has Lien. Ben tells them that it is time to eat and they should come in and grab something. Isaac and Curtis head for the kitchen. Lien is walking slower to the kitchen and Ben stops her. She tells him that he had said to grab something, not someone. Ben says that they never finished their conversation. Lien promises that they will. Ben says that he is trying to find the right time to tell her that he is falling in love with her.

Molly walks into the area in front of Craig's cell with her cameraman. She tells him that she is there to interview him about his upcoming trial. Craig declines the interview. Molly tells him that Paul Ryan had no trouble telling his side of the story. She tells the cameraman to show Craig the tape. The cameraman holds a small TV set up in front of Craig and they run a 2-minute tape on Paul Ryan swearing that his mother is going to come out of her coma and point the finger at Craig Montgomery. After the tape is over, Craig tells Molly that he will do it. As he says this, Jack and Margo come in and tell Craig that Barbara is out of her coma and they are going to the hospital to get her statement. Margo suggests to Craig that he hold off on his interview. After Margo and Jack are gone, Craig tells Molly to fire up the camera. Molly asks if he is going to do the interview. Craig tells her that there will be no interview, he will make a statement. Molly finally agrees and Craig makes a glowing statement about how his wife is awake and she will clear his name. He looks into the camera and tells Barbara that he is so happy that she is out of her coma and soon they will pick up where they have left off.

At the hospital, Paul is talking with his mother and helping her with her memory. She can't remember the night of the explosion. Paul tries to prod her along, but she just can't remember. Ben comes in and tells them that the blood clot in Barbara's head is diminishing and they are happy with her recovery. Paul and Ben go outside to talk. Paul questions Ben about his mother's memory. Ben tells him that Barbara has a touch of amnesia. Paul asks if she will get her memory back. Ben says that every case is different, but he is betting on Barbara to come out with a full recovery. Paul goes back inside and Barbara tells him that she has started to remember the night of the explosion. She tells him that she was going to meet Jack. Paul tells her that she is right. A nurse comes in with a mirror that Barbara had been asking for. Paul tries to talk her out of looking into it. She tells him that she has to look. She lifts the mirror and then shrieks in horror at her scarred face. She yells, "He burned me! He burned me!" Paul gets her settled down and they start to talk about the night at the boathouse. Paul helps her fill in spots that she can't remember. Margo and Jack and Jessica come into Barbara's room and Barbara turns her head so they can't see her face. Jack sits on the bed and says, "Hi, Beautiful." Barbara says that she is not beautiful. Jack says that she will always be beautiful to him. Margo asks how Barbara is doing and then she asks if she is up for some questioning. Barbara tells them that she can do it. They start to ask her a few questions. Jessica asks if she remembers whom she was to meet at the boathouse. Barbara answers, "Jack." Paul tells her that she is doing great. Margo asks if she was the first person there. Barbara says that she was not the first person. Jessica asks if Jack was there first. Barbara says, "Not...Jack. was Craig!"

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Holden and Luke prepare to break through the wall as soon as the opera starts. Luke worries that Holden won't fit through the small hole. Holden prepares a plan for Luke to go to the church and ask for help finding his mother, but assures Luke that he needn't worry, they'll both get out. The guard comes in and demands to know what's going on.

Simon and Lily arrive to free Katie from jail. Lily starts to lecture Katie about all the time they wasted on her when they should be looking for Holden. Katie interrupts with the news that she's figured out where Holden is. She's learned that 'argatti' refers to the local opera house. Lily doesn't believe her at first, and then remembers that Kingsley-Malta is a huge benefactor of the opera. Simon starts to plan how they can break into the opera house, but Katie suggests that they just get tickets (and earplugs) and enter without raising any suspicions. Katie goes to pay her fine, and as soon as she's out of earshot, Lily wonders who Simon's trying to fool when he says he doesn't care about Katie. When Katie comes back, she sincerely tells Lily that she hopes that this rescue mission turns out to have a happy ending.

Cass congratulates Craig on his performance in Molly's live interview. Craig's anxious to find out about his bail. Cass tells him it was approved, but it's extremely high. Craig expects Barbara to exonerate him.

Jack, Margo & Jessica question Barbara, who insists that she saw Craig inside the boathouse before the explosion. Margo & Jack wonder if Barbara is absolutely sure. Jessica asks if Craig said anything. Barbara states that he didn't have to, he knew her life was over. Paul asks Jessica to stop Craig from making bail. Hal's waiting outside Barbara's room, and Jess fills him in on what she told them. She tells Hal he'll have to wait until they are finished questioning Barbara before he can see her. Margo refuses to believe that Barbara is thinking clearly so soon after waking from her coma. Jack starts to pull her out of the room until Barbara blurts out that Craig has another woman - Carly. She accuses Craig & Carly of trying to steal her company, and says that the only way they could do that was to try to kill her.

Cass arrives back at Craig's cell shortly after leaving, telling his client that Barbara named him as her assailant. Craig's shocked. He protests his innocence, but Cass has his doubts as to whether he should believe him. Craig wonders if Barbara's memory is hazy, or if she is deliberately lying to pay him back. When Cass asks him if he's going to skip out on his bail, Craig promises that he's going to stay and wring the truth out of his 'beloved' wife.

Jack & Paul start to argue as Jack protests that Carly would never be involved with taking someone's life. Jessica stops things before they get out of hand, and leaves with Margo and Jack. Barbara feels bad for them because of their trust for Carly and Craig. Paul informs Barbara that Hal is waiting to see her, but she doesn't want him to see the burns on her face.

Outside the hospital room, Margo storms off after Hal is informed of what Barbara has said. Jack asks for Hal's support of Carly, but Hal doesn't trust anybody's actions when they're involved with Craig. Jessica suggests that Carly get a lawyer. Paul comes out and gently denies Hal from going in to see Barbara. As everyone leaves, Hal says he'll wait as long as it takes. After they are gone, Craig pushes his way into Barbara's room.

Holden does a painful opera impression and tells the guard that he and Luke were playing around. The guard informs them that Luke will be leaving tonight, since he no longer seems to be sick. After the guard leaves, Holden tells Luke how proud he is to be his father and assures him they'll escape. Lily, Simon & Katie arrive at the opera. Katie assures Lily that they'll be able to walk around unnoticed because the people of Malta love their opera. She starts to hum the extremely loud section of the music that she heard when she was in jail.

Barbara wonders what Craig could possible want after what he's done to her. Craig is surprised when she insists he was at the boathouse, even though they are alone. He continues to plead innocence. Barbara snarls for him to save it for the jury. She taunts him, telling him that he stole her money because he couldn't make any himself and that he couldn't even kill her correctly. Her guard comes in and throws Craig out. Barbara tells him to say goodbye to life as he knows it. Paul arrives a short time later and is angry that Craig was there. He tells his mother how devastated Hal was when she turned him away. She's ashamed to see Hal after she ignored all his warnings about Craig. Paul leaves to make sure that Craig is kept away as Barbara drifts off to sleep.

Hal arrives home to find Emily still there. She comforts him and insults Barbara when he tells her she wouldn't let him in to see her. Hal defends Barbara, and Emily takes off after telling him how sorry she is that it didn't work out for him.

Craig gets to his car and finds Carly hiding in the backseat. He flirts with her as she climbs into the front. Carly wants his help in squelching Paul's rumor that she is Craig's mistress. Craig informs her that she's got bigger trouble - Barbara & Paul are spinning a tale to the police that Craig and Carly were in cahoots to murder Barbara.

The guard outside the hospital room steps away to investigate a noise nearby. An unseen assailant knocks him out, pulls him out of the hallway, and enters Barbara's room.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Parking Garage:
As they sat in the car, Craig told Carly that Barbara accused the two of them of planning to take her company away from her. Also that they planned to kill her. Carly couldn't believe that Barbara would accuse them of trying to kill her. Craig brought up all the things that they have done to look suspicious. Carly was upset that the accusations of her and Craig being in cahoots would cause trouble between her and Jack. She told Craig she wasn't going to go down with him. He told her that he would protect her. She told him she was no longer going to speak to him and she didn't want anymore surprise visits. She told him he was on his own and got out of the car.

Al's Diner:
Jack and Margo talked about Carly and Craig both having a motive to do harm to Barbara. Jack said he didn't believe that Carly had anything to do with Barbara's attempted murder. Margo said she didn't think that Craig is guilty either. Paul walked in as Margo said they have to rely on facts that happened the night of the explosion. Paul said they finally agree on something. Paul asked why Craig was out of jail. Margo told him the judge decided to reset the bail.

Barbara's Hospital Room:
As Barbara slept, the person dressed in black, with a hood to cover the head and face, walked towards her with a pillow. He put the pillow over her face and tried to smoother her. Barbara struggled with the killer when a tray from the table fell to the floor. The noise made the killer stop and the person jumped out the window. John and a nurse saw the guard on the floor in the hall and while she ran to help the guard, John went into Barbara's room. Barbara told him someone tried to kill her.

Al's Diner:
Margo got a phone call about what happened to Barbara. She told the person to send 3 units to the hospital and she would be there ASAP. Paul asked if his mother was OK. Margo told him there was an attempt on her life, but that she was all right now. Paul told her she didn't need to send out a search team, that they all knew already who it was.

Later Carly walked in looking for Jack. A waitress told her that he was there earlier and got a message to go to see Barbara at the hospital.

Barbara's Hospital Room:
Paul, Margo and Jack walked into Barbara's room. Barbara asked if they caught the person. Margo told them they hadn't yet, but they have police in and out of the hospital looking. Paul was very upset that they didn't arrest Craig again. Margo asked if Barbara could identify who put the pillow on her face. Paul told Margo that Craig was in Barbara's room earlier and when he couldn't change her mind about accusing him of the explosion at the boathouse, he came back to kill her. Margo said that they need Barbara's statement before they could arrest anyone. Barbara said it was dark and she couldn't see who it was. Paul insisted that it was Craig. Margo told Jack she was going to Craig's alone.

Paul watched Barbara while she slept and promised her that Craig and Carly wouldn't hurt her again.

Craig's Hotel Suite:
Craig walked in his suite and fixed himself a drink. Sierra walked up behind him and he was surprised to see her there. She asked him if his passport was current. She said she would fly him anywhere in the world until the police find the real criminal. Craig was surprised that she made him the offer. Sierra and Craig made love. Sierra tried again to talk Craig into leaving the country. He told her there would never be another woman in his life like her. She wanted to start their lives over again. Craig and Sierra talked about the kids and happier times. He said it was tempting to leave the country, but that he couldn't take her up on her offer. He said he's not guilty and if would leave, it would look like he was. He said he couldn't do that to Lucy and Bryant.

Opera House:
Lily, Katie and Simon were sitting in the opera box. Simon said he was going to leave to see if he could find where Luke and Holden were being held. Lily wanted to go with him, but Simon convinced her that her face was too familiar. Lily and Katie used binoculars to see if they could spot something unusual. Katie noticed a large crest in the box on the other side of the opera house. She described it to Lily. Lily told her that was the Grimaldi family crest. Then Katie saw that someone with a pinkie ring with the same Grimaldi crest on it was in that box. Lily said she was going to find out if it was Damian. Katie tried to make her wait until Simon got back, but she said she couldn't wait. Katie looked through the binoculars again and saw the person looking back at her with a smile and he lifted his glass of wine as a sign of acknowledgment. Simon returned to the box seats while Katie was still looking through the binoculars. Simon wanted to know where Lily was. Katie told him about the Grimaldi Crest and the guy wearing the pinkie ring with the Crest on it. She told him that Lily went to the Grimaldi box to see who it was. Simon took the binoculars and saw Lily in the box, looking for clues. Then he saw a man behind Lily. Simon tried to warn her and saw Lily and the man struggling. Simon told Katie to stay there while he went to help Lily. As they continued to struggle, Lily asked where Damian was. The man said that Damian, Holden and Luke were dead. When Simon got to the Grimaldi box, the man jumped over the balcony. Lily told Simon that the man told her that Luke and Holden were dead. Simon asked if that were true, then why are all the doors to the basement locked and guards are watching all the entries to the basement?

Luke and Holden went over their escape plans, but the guard came in the room before they could escape. The guard said he was there to take Luke. Holden told him that he and Luke weren't splitting up. Luke told the guard he wasn't going to go with him. When the guard reached for Luke, Holden hit him. They struggled and Holden hit him over the head. He told Luke that they couldn't wait, they had to leave right away. Holden broke through the wall and he and Luke crawled through. Before Holden left, he took the guard's gun. Just as they left, another guard walked in the room and wanted to know what happened. They saw where Luke and Holden went through the wall.

Lily and Simon went to the room where Holden and Luke had been held. Lily saw the wall opening and knew that they had escaped. She found Luke's jacket and wanted to crawl through the opening. She told Simon to go back outside and she'd go through the way the Holden and Luke did and she'd meet him outside. Katie showed up and told Simon that the guy with the pinkie ring left. Before they could leave the room, the pinkie ring guy and two other thugs showed up with guns. He said Simon and Katie weren't going anywhere until they told them what they wanted to know. He said he would kill Katie if they didn't talk, then asked where the Snyder family was.

Holden and Luke got to a hiding place. They decided to rest and wait to see if Lily would find them there.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Meeting with her in the boathouse, Jack informs Carly that Barbara has accused her of colluding with Craig in the attempt on her life. Carly quickly denies it but Jack suggests to her that Barbara will have everyone in town on her side, now that she's disfigured and her husband seems to have a mistress. He then hands her a subpoena forcing her to testify at Craig's trial. Jack finally tells Carly that he trusts her but she decides not to tell him about being with Craig.

After giving a worried Hal the news that Barbara was attacked yesterday, Emily slips into her hospital room and tries to question her. After Emily reacts to Barbara's hideous facial burns, Barbara forces her out and later, Emily guesses to Hal that Barbara won't see him because she's afraid of what he'll say about her face telling him how self conscious she will be. Emily then searches the hospital records to find out who's been requesting the bomb-making library books, unaware the stalker is nearby. Outraged to discover that Sierra has been with Craig, Lucinda reads her the riot act and reveals that Barbara was attacked yesterday. Sierra rushes to the station house where she offers Craig an alibi for yesterday. Margo pacifies her and leaves the room to make a few calls but warns she will be back for the truth. Her offer of help falls short when the timing of their meeting is off. Margo later informs her she found out she was lying and Craig is returned to jail after he refuses to reveal that he was with Carly at the time of the attack. Carly learns he protected her and is deeply affected by his act, but still can't bring herself to tell the truth in front of Jack.

Friday, July 27, 2001

Lily caught Signora Cordina searching through her room and pulled a gun on her. She then demanded that Cordina call Damian to set up a meeting between the two of them. Cordina expressed fear that if Holden and Luke have managed to escape, they are in grave danger from Dante, Damian's younger brother. Meanwhile, Holden and Luke were hiding out in the church tower when they suddenly heard footsteps!

Katie and Simon found themselves tied up and locked in the opera house by Dante. Katie suggested they use her necklace, a cross, to cut the ropes that bound their wrists. Things heated up between the two of them when Simon tried to get her necklace free by using his teeth.

After some relentless badgering from Margo, Carly admitted that she was Craig's alibi for the previous night. When Margo insisted that Jack be told, Carly grudgingly admitted the truth to him. Jack was furious with Carly because she had lied to him yet again and insisted that he talk to Craig himself.

Barbara refused to let Hal see her scarred face and begged him to leave her alone. When he tried to comfort her, she screamed at him to get out of her room. Emily consoled Hal and urged him to tell Barbara how much he loved her. Later on, Emily was alarmed when she realized someone had broken into her car.

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