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Monday, May 7, 2001

Carly barges into Craig's hotel suite and tells Craig that someone has to save her life tonight and he is it. She tells him about Emily putting a story about her and Jack in The Intruder and she wants it stopped. Craig tells her that they can't have that and she is surprised to see him agree so quickly. He says that if they put a story about her and Jack in the paper, their readers will be bored. She tells him to stop joking. She needs help and fast. She says that if Julia reads that story, she will get some high priced divorce lawyer and Jack will be tied to her forever. Craig beats around the bush and Carly tells him too hurry up and decide. She adds that Jack is waiting for her downstairs in the bar and he is not happy that she came to Craig for help. Craig asks why. She tells him that Jack doesn't like him. Finally, Craig gives her the word. He will go and talk to Emily, but he has one question. Carly tells him not to ask. He asks anyway, "What is in it for me?" Carly tells him that he owes her big time. She reminds him about the times she has bailed him out and all the times she has sat and listened to him whine about Hal picking on him. He smiles at her and says that he could eat her up like an ice cream sundae. She smiles at him and tells him to try to he may get some crushed nuts. He tells her to go and be with Jack and he will go and talk to Emily. Carly leaves and goes downstairs to the bar to meet Jack.

Craig goes to Emily's office. She tells him that she has been expecting him and he might as well save his breath, she is not going to cut the story about Carly and Jack. He tells her that he has a bigger story for her. She is skeptical, but asks what it could be? He tells her that Lucinda is about to lose her fortune. He says that a hostile takeover is in the works for Worldwide. She is not sure about the story, but she accepts his proposal and calls the pressroom to stop the story. Craig leaves and after he is gone, she keeps looking at the mock up of the Jack and Carly story. She says that she just can't pass up this opportunity and she calls the pressroom and tells them to go ahead and run the story.

When Carly gets to the bar at the Lakeview, Jack is waiting for her, but he is not happy. She asks him how mad is he at her. He tries to explain why he does not like Craig. He tells her that he has interrupted Hal and Barbara's marriage only to get her money. She tries to defend Craig. They decide it is time to leave. As they are leaving, Craig walks in and tells them that Emily has agreed to not run the story about them. Carly thanks him and she tells Jack that they have to leave. Craig questions them about leaving at the same time. Jack tells Craig to stay out of his life. Craig leaves and Carly says that maybe Craig is right. She suggests that Jack leave and she will wait a few minutes and then leave after him. Jack says that he will call her tomorrow and walks out of the hotel.

At Lucinda's house, Gabriel delivers flowers. Ruby answers the door and tells him, in a loud voice that Ms. Walsh is in the library, but she can sign for the flowers. Gabriel gives her a small bag of white powder. She asks what this is for? Lucinda steps out of the library and asks if she is needed? Ruby says that she is signing for her flower delivery. Lucinda waves her on and goes back to the library. Gabriel tells Ruby to give Lucinda a little of the white powder several times a day. He tells her that she should see a difference in Lucinda's actions right away. But, if she doesn't, they will have to up the dosage. Ruby questions Gabriel about drugging someone. She adds that they never had to do this before. Gabriel explains that they have a new partner - Craig Montgomery. Gabe leaves and Ruby takes the flowers into Lucinda. Lucinda questions why Ruby was at the door so long with the delivery guy. She tells her that she must have a secret admirer, there was no card and she and the delivery person was trying to find one. Lucinda asks who the flower shop was. Ruby says that she didn't notice. She asks Lucinda if she would like some tea. At first, Lucinda says no, then she says, "Sure, Darling, if you are having some." Ruby fixes the tea for Lucinda with the powder in it. Lucinda takes a sip and sets the tea down and starts to read a book. Ruby tells her that her tea is going to get cold if she doesn't drink it. Lucinda says that she likes it better that way. Ruby says that she is going to go to bed. She goes just outside the door and watches Lucinda take another sip of her tea. Later, Ruby comes back and Lucinda is staring into space. Ruby says, "Ms Walsh? Are you coming to bed?" Lucinda snaps out of her trance and asks Ruby why she is so interested in her bedtime? Lucinda adds that she was just there five minutes ago. Ruby informs her that it was a half an hour ago. Lucinda looks at her watch and says that her book must be better than she thought. She gets up and leaves the room. Ruby goes to Lucinda's cup and it is empty.

When Craig gets back to his suite, Gabriel is there. Craig questions why is he in his hotel suite. Gabe says that he is there to report about Lucinda. Craig warns him that if he has planted a bug in his room, he will find it. He warns Gabe not to double cross him or he will pay. As Gabe leaves, he asks Craig why is he always so grouchy? He says that he is about to be the richest man in Oakdale. Craig tells him that there are a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up. Gabe leaves.

Lily is busy around the house gather up some things for her and Holden to have a romantic dinner. Someone is watching her from the front door. She turns to look because she feels someone watching her. She goes to the front door and looks out the side windows. Holden walks in and tells her that the kids are asleep and they can have their romantic dinner now. She tells him that she thought she heard someone outside. Holden goes to get a flashlight and Lily asks if he is going outside. She tells him that it was no big deal and it was probably the wind. He says that he will just go look in case it is something else. She stops him and says that it may be Simon. She confesses to going and seeing Simon when she told him she was doing errands. Holden gets upset with her for not telling him what she was doing. She explains to Holden about finding out about Simon and what he had done to some other rich women. She tries to explain to him that she was embarrassed and just wanted to confront Simon about what his real intentions were toward her. Holden is very upset with Lily for seeing Simon. She tells him that it is all over and she almost lost him. But now they are together and they will stay that way. She adds that nothing is going to interrupt their lives now. Holden gives her a kiss and blows out the candles. He takes Lily's hand and leads her to the doorway to go upstairs. They pause and kiss again. Someone is watching them from outside the house.

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

At the courthouse, Isaac, Ben, Curtis, and Lien prepared for their custody hearing. Lien took Ben aside to calm him down and told him he needed to compose himself for Curtis' sake. Ben said he was feeling out of control, but before he could go on, Lien kissed him.

Craig laughed at the front page of the Intruder splashed with news of Carly and Jack's affair as Emily walked in and asked her why she went ahead with the story.

Carly ran to Jack's to show him the paper and they argued over Craig's failed promise to stop it with Carly defending Craig and saying it was all Emily's doing. But Jack didn't buy it and wondered why Craig deceived her.

After their kiss, Ben was much calmer and they headed back into the courtroom. Curtis told Ben he was scared and said his biological father was his not his true father, but Ben was and he wasn't ready to see Leo Thompson. Just then, Leo walked in.

As Barbara was trying to arrange the seating plan for her wedding, Lisa came in and tried to help. She ripped up Craig's name and said he was the reason for all the difficulty in her life. Of course, Barbara defended him and then Lisa showed her the Intruder and said Craig trashed their good friend Julia.

Craig argued with Emily about going against his orders, but Emily wondered what his motive was for stopping the story since he knew Jack wanted him behind bars - she said it must be that Carly was the reason. Craig said they were friends, but Emily knew he didn't do favors for anyone so maybe he had feelings for her. Craig brushed the notion aside and told her that she wouldn't get any information now about Worldwide. Emily said no one could take down Lucinda, but Craig said he could. Emily was upset to learn she wouldn't get the scoop she was promised, but Craig told her she needed to follow his rules.

Carly defended Craig to Jack, but Jack told her he's a fraud. Carly contended he had nothing to gain by running the story, but Jack felt he ran it so that his divorce wouldn't go through and Craig would be able to have Carly all to himself.

Leo introduced himself to Curtis who was reluctant to shake his hand. Leo thanked Ben for caring for Curtis and asked to talk to Curtis alone. Lien asked Ben why he let him go with Leo and Ben said he needed to meet him in case the trial didn't go their way - he needed to know his father. Lien said not to worry, everything would be fine as the hearing got underway.

Barbara told Lisa that Craig was not involved with the story and that was all Emily. Lisa disagreed and thought that Craig was after Carly, just as Craig walked in. As she was leaving, Lisa told Craig he was trash. Craig said he had nothing to do with the story running and he tried to stop it.

Carly laughed at the fact that Craig may be interested in her. But Jack was convinced saying a man doesn't take in a woman and her child if he isn't interested. Jack asked Carly if Craig ever hinted, even in jest, about the two of them being together, and reluctantly Carly told him about the time Craig jokingly asked her to run away with him. Jack felt that Craig was trying to stay close to her. But Carly said she didn't care, they needed to be thinking about Julia and what she was going to do about the story. At that moment, Hal called and told Jack to hightail it down to the station because his job was on the line.

Ben took the stand and told the court that Curtis had improved greatly since he came to live with him 9 months ago - he was no longer getting into trouble and his diabetes was in check now allowing him to participate in school. Leo's attorney tried to bring Ben down by countering with the fact that Ben had no experience raising children and his job as a doctor was very time consuming. Lien then called Curtis to the stand, but stopped as she had a dizzy episode.

Craig and Barbara discussed whether or not Julia would be up to coming to the wedding and Barbara added maybe it would be best to leave Carly off the guest list. Carly showed up at the penthouse and asked to speak with Craig.

Lien shook off her episode and Curtis took the stand saying he has had a lot of foster parents, but no one has treated him as well as Ben. Ben has changed him and made him responsible and trustworthy. Leo's attorney said the point of the case was not how good Ben was, but if his real father was a bad father. Curtis said he didn't know him, but couldn't prove he was a bad father.

At the station, Jack explained to Hal what happened with him and Carly, but Hal said the commissioner was not thrilled about the situation because adultery was illegal and there would be an internal affairs investigation.

Barbara and Carly went at it about the story, but Carly said she was one to talk considering her affair with Craig. Barbara taunted her and said she could not come to the wedding, but Carly said she would be there with bells on. Barbara left and Carly asked Craig if he "sandbagged" her on purpose.

Back in court, Leo's attorney tried to wear Curtis down and twist his words telling him that Leo could be a good father and didn't he deserve a second chance like the one Ben gave him. He asked Curtis how he could turn on his flesh and blood. Hearing about all he could take, Ben stood up and told him to leave Curtis alone.

Hal told Jack that the commissioner wouldn't budge on his investigation and Jack needed to stay away from Carly. Jack left to go see Julia.

Craig said he had no reason to expose Carly and Jack, but Carly asked him if did it because he had a "thing" for her.

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Katie & Simon's hotel room:
Katie was excited when she talked about Craig and Barbara's wedding. Simon wasn't interested in going to the wedding. Katie left the room to take a bath as Ruby showed up at the door. Ruby told Simon that Lucinda told her that he was just using her. Simon told her that it was just a game with him and now she knew how the people that she conned felt. Katie came in the room and was angry when she saw Ruby and asked what she wanted. She told Ruby to leave. The girls argued and to make Katie madder, Ruby began kissing Simon. Katie grabbed the fire extinguisher off the wall and sprayed Ruby. Ruby screamed and walked off. Simon laughed and told Katie that he loved every minute of seeing her and Ruby fighting over him. Katie told Simon that she wanted him to tell her all about the diamond that brought him to Springfield. She was surprised to hear the details of Simon's sister sinking in the water with the diamond. Katie promised to get the diamond back for Simon. After Simon left the room, Katie called Henry and asked him to meet with her at the Lakeview Lounge.

Lakeview Lounge:
Katie told Henry about the diamond and her plans to find it. He reminded her that it takes money to travel to the island and to buy all the necessary equipment to do what she wanted to do. Katie smiled and told him that she hasn't told anyone, but that she is loaded.

The Courtroom:
Leo's lawyer asked Curtis if his biological father shouldn't get a second chance at being his father. The Judge asked Lien if she was through with her questioning of Curtis. She said she had a few more questions. She asked Curtis what it was like when he first started living with Ben. He talked about his nightmares and how great Ben was by making feel at home and not afraid anymore. He looked at Leo and told him that at first he thought he would hate him, but he didn't and maybe if things were different, he could have loved him. With tears in his eyes, he begged Leo not to take Ben away from him. Outside the courtroom, Ben asked Lien if she they had a chance. Leo asked Lien if he could talk to her. When Lien returned, she told Ben and Curtis that it's all over. They wanted to know what that meant. She told hem that Leo relinquished his rights as a parent. Back in the courtroom, Leo's lawyer told the Judge that his client no longer wished to pursue custody of his son. The Judge said that there was nothing left to do but for Lien to file the adoption papers for Ben. Curtis told Leo Thanks. Ben shook Leo's hand and told him that he will be a good father to Curtis. Tom Congratulated Lien for the good job she had done.

Craig's hotel Suite:
Carly asked Craig if he had anything to do with keeping the story about her and Jack in the paper. Craig he asked her how he would profit by having them exposed on the front page of the Intruder. She suggested it was because he was interested in her, as she smiled coyly. Craig told her he has always wanted her. Carly's jaw dropped as she stared at him. Craig kept talking about her until she realized that he was joking. She told him it wasn't funny and that Jack was in hot water because of the photo. Carly defended Jack when Craig told her that Jack has changed her from the Carly he knew. She said he was wrong and that a simple life with Jack is all she wanted. He told her that he thought that Jack was turning her into another Julia.

After Carly left, Bryant showed up. He apologized about the way he acted and said he wouldn't use the pictures of Craig and Ruby. He said he realized it was a dirty trick and he wanted them to get along with each other the way the used to. Craig asked what Bryant was going to do with the pictures. Bryant told him that he burned the pictures along with the negatives. Bryant left and called Jennifer. He told her that it was done and he was sure that Craig fell for his story. Inside the suite, Craig said to himself that Bryant isn't a very good liar.

Simon told Craig that he wanted his money so he could leave town. Craig told him he'd get the money after he gets the photos of himself and Ruby. Simon told him that he was out of that business. They continue to argue and then Craig said he decided to handle getting the pictures himself. He said that he had a plan to take the guest of honor to the party at Lucinda's, as he looks at the piece of paper with Lily's name on it.

Psychiatric Ward at the Hospital:
Julia asked Jack what he wanted when he showed up to talk to her. She showed him the front page of the Intruder. Jack wanted to know what she wanted of him; he couldn't do anything about the pictures in the paper now. Julia told Jack that she realized that she had to be realistic about him loving Carly and not her. Julia told Jack that she didn't know where she was going to live when she left the hospital and he and Carly lived happily ever after. He suggested that she stay in the house in Milltown. She told him she wanted to move somewhere else to get a new start on life. Then she told him she wanted to build a home on the land he bought for Carly. Jack wanted to know why she would want the property that he bought for Carly. They argued about it. She told him that her mother's lawyers faxed her some papers. She gave the papers to Jack for him to sign over "Carly's Prize" to her. She told him to sign the papers and it would be all over, he won't have to see her again. Jack signed the papers. He wanted to make sure that she would sign the divorce papers. She said she would after Barbara and Craig's wedding. After Jack left, Julia talked to someone on the phone. She told the person on the phone, that she had recently acquired a piece of property and she has plans to build something special on it.

Jack & Julia's house:
Jack stormed in and found Carly waiting for him. He told her the day couldn't be any worse. He said that the commissioner demoted him to desk duty. He told Carly he had to give Julia the land he bought for her. Carly couldn't believe that Jack gave their home site to Julia. He said he signed the documents giving Julia the land. Carly wondered if they would ever get married or would Julia always be interfering in their lives. Jack promised Carly that they would be married and he planned to get the property back for her.

Thursday, May 10, 2001

Damian prepares for a special visit and grabs a wrapped present while hiding a huge knife in a sheath attached to the back of his belt. Damian stops by to see Luke. When Luke answers the door, Damian asks if he remembers that he is his dad.

Katie convinces Henry that she has a stockpile of money that will allow them to put together the trip to the island to find Simon's diamond. He forces her to reveal she's got about $30,000 tied up in CDs. The two agree to split the proceeds from their treasure hunt and begin planning their trip.

Lucinda's impressed with all Rose has done to get ready for tonight's party. Offering her a special dress to wear, she assures Rose that she will do all she can to help her be successful in Oakdale. Craig convinces Lily to give him an invitation to her party at Lucinda's. There, he checks on Ruby who gives Lucinda another dose of the African root drug, this time in her champagne. While babysitting for Lily and Holden, Abigail and Adam come clean about their lies and admit they don't have dates. The two promise not to lie to each other again. Rose makes a humorous but sincere toast to Lily and Holden. Rose leaks to Molly and Jake that Matthew received a telegram before he suddenly disappeared and adds that he always used a car service. The two decide to follow up on this lead and leave the party.

Friday, May 11, 2001

Lucinda threatens Craig with the pictures that Bryant claimed to have burnt. Ruby manipulates Lucinda into downing her drugged glass of champagne. Jen is thrown by Ruby working as Lucinda's maid and when she questions her about it, Ruby suspiciously replies that she will be around for as long as it takes. Lucinda starts to feel the effect of the hallucinogens. Craig feigns concern and "worries" that she may be having another stroke. Craig instructs Ruby to get rid of the evidence as Rose and John tend to Lucinda. Lucinda insists that it is not necessary that she go to the hospital all she needs is rest. Meanwhile, Molly and Jake continue to search the car for evidence. Molly finds a strand of wiry steel in the backseat, she wraps it up and saves it. The owner of the car shows up and after a brief misunderstanding of Jake and Molly's intentions, she agrees to tell them all that she remembers about the night Matthew disappeared. She tells them that Matthew left with an Englishman and asked to be taken to a boathouse. Jake and Molly suspect that the key to finding Matthew is finding out who sent him the telegram. Jake fears that Matthew may truly be in trouble when they discover that Western Union has no record of Matthew's telegram. Carly is arrested on bogus soliciting charges. The arresting officer brings her to a stakeout van where Jack is waiting with champagne and candles. He insists that he is no longer taking orders from Julia. Damian gives Luke a birthday present, the Grimaldi family crest. Damian and Luke are talking about Malta when a surprised Holden and Lily return home from the party. Damian explains to Lily and Holden that he was never a monk, it was just a cover so he could hide from the world. Damian says he is going back to Malta for good and is in Oakdale to say goodbye to his family. Holden is suspicious of Damian's true motives.

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