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Monday, April 16, 2001

Lily is wearing a sexy nightgown and positions herself on the bed in her bedroom as Holden comes in from tucking in the children. She tells him if he will lie down beside her, she will rub his back. He makes an excuse about going to take a shower and asks if she will be OK? She says that she will just read a book. He asks if the book is good? She says that she can't put it down. He walks out of the room to the bathroom and Lily opens the book. Holden sticks his head back in the door and motions for her to follow him. He says, "If you wash my back, I'll wash yours." Lily throws the book to the side and runs to the bathroom with him. After they shower, they sit in bed and talk about how they always dreamed of getting back together. They start to kiss and Lily stops Holden and sits up in bed and asks him if he trust her? He says yes, he does and he trusts that their marriage will be even stronger than before. She tells him about a dream that she had when she was on the island and she was trying to climb this mountain and she kept calling out to someone to keep trying and keep going. She goes on to say that the night before she went home, she had the same dream, but this time she made it to the top and Holden was there waiting for her. She tells him that she has realized that he has always been there for her and he makes all her dreams come true. Holden says that they both make their dreams come true and they always will. They start to kiss and lay back in the bed together.

Rose walks into Java Underground and asks Isaac for some boxes. He tells her that he has packed up the Rain Dancers stuff already. She tells him that he was sweet for doing that. He asks her about her plans for the future. She tells him that her "future" went back to his wife and she is thinking about going back to Atlantic City. Simon comes in and he and Rose sit at the bar and talk. Rose tells him that she might be moving back to Atlantic City. He tells Rose that Lucinda owes him and her something. He says that he doesn't know how he is going to get it, but she is going to give him what he is due. He thinks for a minute and then says that it is too bad he isn't thirty years older, he would give Ms. Walsh some company. Rose makes a face and asks him not to give her visuals like that on an empty stomach. She thinks for a minute and then Isaac comes over and offers her a job as a waitress at Java Underground. She tells him that she might take him up on the offer, but for now, she has one last card to play. She thanks Simon for the idea and she leaves to go see "La Walsh." After she is gone, Simon tells Isaac that he is looking for a woman. Isaac tells him to look around, there are woman everywhere. Simon says that he is looking for one woman in particular. Simon asks Isaac if he knows a woman named Ruby? Isaac looks at him and asks why he is looking for her. Simon says that someone is paying him to find her. Isaac asks him who is paying him and Simon says that Craig Montgomery is paying him to find this girl. Isaac warns him that it may only mean trouble. Simon shrugs it off and asks Isaac again if he knows the girl? Isaac tells him about the scam that she pulled with the bracelet. Simon thanks Isaac for the lead and he leaves.

Jennifer walks into her house and the phone rings. When she answers it, Ruby is calling to tell her to get herself down to Yo's. She tells Jennifer that there are men everywhere and they won't have to buy their drinks all night. Jennifer says that she is really behind in her schoolwork and she thinks that she should stay home tonight. As she is talking to Ruby, Hal walks in the kitchen. Jennifer hangs up with Ruby and asks her dad what is he doing there? He says that it is nice to see her too. He tells Jennifer that he is watching Will while Barbara is in New York. Jennifer says that she can't believe that he would be so compliant with her mother while she is off frolicking with Craig. Hal explains that he is taking a new approach with Barbara. He is now a more "sensitive" person. He sees that Jennifer is in a mood and offers to do something with her. Her eyes light up and she asks if they can go to New York and ruin her mother's time there? Hal declines and says that they have to let Barbara find out for herself what kind of man Craig Montgomery is. Jennifer looks at him and says that she has a plan and her mother won't even make it to the altar with Craig. Hal looks at her and wonders what she has up her sleeve. Jennifer says that she and Bryant have been working on this together. Hal says that he is really worried now. Jennifer finally tells her dad about the pictures they have of Craig. Hal tells her that her mother is too smart for that and it will never fly. Hal tells Jennifer that he has something to show her. He goes upstairs and comes down with a picture of he and Barbara when they were married. He explains that it wasn't tucked away in a closet, it was sitting on Barbara's bedside table and he feels that Barbara is starting to miss what they had before. Jennifer gets worried and calls Bryant.

At the Walsh Estate, Lucinda and Bryant are discussing the evidence that he has against his father. Sierra comes in and says that she can't believe that they are still talking about using this "evidence" whatever it is, against Craig. She pleads with Bryant that what he does will affect his future with his father. She tells them that Craig can't get married until she divorces him anyway. Lucinda asks her why she hasn't divorced him yet? Sierra says that she hasn't signed the papers yet and she doesn't know why, she just hasn't. Sierra gets fed up with Lucinda and she leaves. After she is gone, Lucinda tells Bryant to show her the pictures that he has of Craig. Bryant isn't sure it is the right thing to do, but he lets Lucinda see the photos. She looks at them with a gleam in her eye. She says that they look staged after you look at them for a while, but at first glance they don't. He says that all they need is for Barbara to look at them once and it will be all over. The phone rings and Jennifer is calling for Bryant. She asks him to come over to the house? He says that he will be there shortly. Lucinda says that she will keep the pictures for Bryant. Bryant says that the pictures stay with him and he takes the photos and leaves. After he is gone, Lucinda pulls out a picture from inside her blouse. She looks at the picture and smiles. Bryant marches back into the room and takes the picture from Lucinda and leaves. Lucinda laughs to herself. Lucinda pours herself a glass of wine and starts to work on her computer. Rose walks in and startles Lucinda. Rose tells Lucinda that she has been thinking and she feels that she needs something to do. She reminds Lucinda how much trouble she gets into when she doesn't have enough to do. Rose also informs Lucinda that since she should have been the one to be adopted by Lucinda, she feels that Lucinda should help her find something to do. Lucinda says that she would like to help her but she has family members that need help right now. Rose says that she can help with the family. Lucinda says that she would like to get to know Rose better and she asks Rose to stay around town a little longer. Rose asks for that in writing and Lucinda tells her to have patience.

Simon walks into Yo's and sees Ruby holding a bracelet up in front of the bar tender. He walks over and says that the piece is beautiful. Ruby asks, "Who are you?" Simon tells her that he worked for a diamond merchant once and he can tell the brilliance and the clarity. He tells Ruby that he can give her an estimate on the bracelet. She drops the bracelet in her purse and says that it won't be necessary. She waves the bar tender off and says that the deal is off. Simon buys Ruby a drink and asks what her name is? She tells him Ruby and she asks if he is from Australia? He says yes and he guesses that she is from South America and he adds that he thinks Brazil because they have the most beautiful women. Ruby smiles and accepts the compliment. She asks him on his chart of brilliance and clarity, how would he rate her. He says that she would be off the charts. She asks him what else does he see? He leans in close and says that he sees a woman that doesn't want to be alone tonight.

Bryant gets to Jennifer's house and Hal excuses himself and goes upstairs. Jennifer tells Bryant about telling her father about the pictures. She tells him that Hal thinks this is a bad idea. Bryant and Jennifer start to argue about whether or not to show the pictures to Barbara and Barbara walks in the back door. She asks if they are fighting. Bryant picks up the pictures and Barbara asks if they are fighting about those? Bryant makes up an excuse that the pictures are Lucinda's and he has to take them to her. Bryant leaves and Barbara asks if everything is OK? Hal walks into the room and Jennifer tells her that everything is good. She asks her mother if she would like something to eat? Barbara tells her that she ate on the plane. Barbara explains to Hal and Jennifer that she never left the airport in New York. She says that Craig could see how miserable she was being away that he put her on the next plane back to Oakdale. She tells them that she needs to go see Will and she goes upstairs. Hal tells Jennifer that he feels it is starting to happen. Barbara is starting to chance her mind. He adds that her mother gave up a romantic weekend in New York to come back home to Oakdale. Jennifer puts her hands together as if she is praying.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Hal told Jen that he thinks Bryant's photos of Craig will get through to Barbara. Barbara came back from New York and apologized to Jen for their argument the other day at Al's. Jen wanted Barbara to tell her that things were off between her and Craig, but Barbara said that was not the case.

At the pool house, Bryant started to light the incriminating photos on fire, but stopped.

Simon continued to woo Ruby, undercover for Craig. She was suspicious of him and asked who sent him. Simon poured the charm on and said he is there by himself. They continued to flirt with each other and Simon began to reveal parts of his past saying his family lost their fortune. Suddenly, Ruby remembered from where she knew Simon.

Katie stopped at Java Underground in search of Simon, instead she found Henry who was upset to learn that Simon and Katie had moved out of the garage and into Craig's suite. Katie let him on the fact that Craig gave Simon a job. Henry, upset that he is working for his old boss, made an empty threat to Katie to expose their marriage if Katie doesn't help him out.

Ruby told Simon she remembered seeing Simon at Java Underground, apparently Lily had just dumped him. Simon continued to cozy up to Ruby and told her that he has pulled a few scams in his lifetime as well, by marrying rich divorcees and taking their money. Ruby asked if Lily was a mark, and Simon replied that she was one that got away.

Barbara again apologized to Jen for not understanding why she is going to be with Craig. Jen wondered why Barbara didn't just leave her in boarding school so Barbara could have her life. But her mother explained that she missed her too much and wanted her near her and that is why she remarried Hal - so their family would be together. Jen is upset to hear the reason, and pleaded with her mother to tell her that she also loved Hal. Barbara said yes and that a part of her will always love Hal, but she has found a different life with Craig and her life is new again. Jen was still unsure of the marriage, but she had to head out and told her mother she was staying overnight at Abigail's. After Jen left, Hal came in and put a hand on Barbara's shoulder.

Jen went to Bryant's and the told him he was right - they need to use the pictures to break up their parents' marriage.

Hal and Barbara talked about Jen and how she is not mature enough to know what she is saying. Barbara wondered why Hal wasn't more upset with her and he said he is tired of fighting and wanted to understand her situation. Barbara confessed to Hal that he is the only one she can trust. Then she admitted that her marriage to Craig won't work.

Simon told Ruby he traveled the world looking for rich divorcees to take advantage of. He said because of how he grew up, it made him cynical and he just wanted to take from other people. Ruby said he reminded him of her father, but that Simon was a little rusty on his pick up and said for him to practice on her. But he said he had already made his move and leaned in to kiss her. They danced and Ruby said she didn't want to be scammed, but Simon told her she was different, but Ruby didn't fall for it.

Katie told Henry he had nothing to hold over her and Simon anymore. She talked him about all the marriages and he admitted that some of them were for convenience. Henry insisted he married those women for their money and since Katie doesn't have any, Simon will be sure to leave her soon. Henry then demanded the letter of recommendation Katie promised him, but she said he will never get it, because Craig hated him.

Jen told Bryant she thought things would have been better once her mother returned from New York, but everything is the same. They commiserate over their parents' troubled lived and Bryant said they need to use the pictures right before the wedding so Craig doesn't have a chance to lie his way out of it. They will pretend to accept the wedding and then drop the bomb.

Hal was elated to hear Barbara was having doubts. He apologized that she was hurting and that he has been such a jerk, but he only had her best interests at heart. Hal brought up the toxicology report again and they argued over Craig's involvement. Hal reiterated that he was afraid for Barbara's life, but she said she needed to find things out on her own. Then Barbara offered for Hal to stay over in Adam's room so he could be there for the kid's in the morning and make them breakfast.

Bryant and Jen talked more about their parents and it brought them closer. They passionately kissed and Jen said she didn't have to go home. The two began to make love.

Simon told Ruby he came to Yo's to be alone, but instead he found a soul mate. Ruby agreed and said no one understood them. They continued to dance and kiss. Ruby asked for them to go somewhere alone. Just then, Simon spotted Katie looking for him.

Bryant and Jen stopped their lovemaking because no one had a condom. Jen pushed that they continue, but Bryant said it wasn't right, but they would have their time together. He told Jen it was time for her to leave anyway. Bryant closed the door after Jen left and then said, "I love you."

Hal made a phone call to Sierra saying it was urgent that she meet him at Java Underground.

Simon tried to leave Yo's before Katie spotted them, but it was too late. Katie wanted to know what he was up to and told Ruby to back off her husband - Ruby is shocked to learn Simon is married.

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

In Jack's car:
Jack got in his car and read a note that was on his steering wheel. The note was from Carly. He found Carly in the back seat.

At Carly's apartment:
Carly and Jack walked into her apartment. Carly wanted to know where he was while he was gone. He told her he went to DC to visit with his buddies from the bureau. He told Carly he couldn't keep giving her promises that he can't keep. He told her to walk away and forget about him. She told him she wants him, but he told her it's over. Jack continued to tell Carly that they can't go on but for her not to forget what she has meant to him. Carly wanted a goodbye kiss. She hung on to him and stepped in front of the door, so he couldn't leave. She told Jack she's not letting him go. Jack said nothing has changed, that he's still married to Julia. Carly lit a candle and continued to convince Jack to stick with her. She said she doesn't care if Julia continues to be his wife; she still wanted him. She told him she loved him and then they made love.

At Java Underground:
Lisa spotted Sierra and asked if she was there for pleasure or business. Sierra told her neither. Sierra spotted Hal and excused herself to meet with him. Sierra asked Hal what he wanted. He asked her how she was able to hold off signing her divorce papers. He said that Barbara couldn't wait for the ink to dry before she got their divorce finalized. Hal told Sierra that she can't give Craig a divorce. Sierra told him that he wants her to stay married to Craig because he expects Barbara to return to him. He tried to convince her that that had nothing to do with it. He said that Barbara has moved on and he has accepted that. He told Sierra that he's trying to protect Barbara from marrying a murderer. Sierra doesn't believe that Craig is a murderer. She said she knows Craig better than anyone and she knows he wouldn't kill anyone. She began to defend Craig by saying that it was hard for him to be married to a rich woman and to have a rich powerful mother -in -law like Lucinda. She also told Hal he should know what it's like to be married to a rich woman. Hal told Sierra that Barbara would be worth a lot more to Craig dead than alive.

As they continued to argue, Lisa walked up and said she couldn't help but overhear them discussing Barbara and Craig. Lisa agreed with Hal, but Sierra again defended Craig. Lisa told her that Craig has changed and she wouldn't trust him again. As Sierra continued to defend Craig, Lisa walked away in disgust. Sierra told Hal that she would sue him if her kids heard what he is accusing Craig of doing. Hal told Sierra to go ahead and sue him; he was going to continue to try to keep Barbara from marrying Craig to save her life. Sierra told Hal that she wasn't going to help Hal put Craig in jail and walked away.

At Yo's:
Katie spotted Simon with Ruby and demanded to know what was going on. Katie told him she wanted him to go home with her. Simon told her no. Katie was furious. Simon tried everything he could to get rid of Katie so she wouldn't spoil his ruse with Ruby. When Ruby called Katie a little girl and told her to go home, Katie picked up a pool stick and dared Ruby to fight. The girls continued a verbal fight and when they started to use the pool sticks, Simon and some other men stopped them. Ruby goes outside. Simon told Katie that finding Ruby was the assignment that Craig gave him. Katie wanted more of an explanation. She didn't believe his story. He tried to get her to go home. He went outside where Ruby was waiting for him. Simon Sweet talked Ruby. He told her that she is too good to be true. Katie stayed at Yo's and tried flirting with some guys playing pool.

At Craig's hotel suite:
Katie brought one of the guys she was flirting with to Craig's suite. She set it up to look like she was making out with the guy to make Simon jealous. She sat in the guy's lap and was kissing him with her hand over the guy's mouth as Simon walked in. Simon wasn't fooled, and told Katie that the guy was so drunk, that he wouldn't be doing anything. Katie tried to say the guy wasn't drunk that she just wore him out. Simon walked the guy out of the suite and directed him to the elevator. He told Katie that a drunk wasn't any competition. He again tried to convince her that he was working and that he didn't mean to hurt her feelings with the things that he had to say to her at Yo's. He told her that Ruby was a job that was all. Katie wanted to know what he and Ruby did while they were together. He told her he did what he had to do get information for Craig. Katie wanted to know if they had sex. He told her no, which made Katie smile.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Jack is amused to find Carly has an invitation to Barbara and Craig's wedding. He suggests that she attend with him. As they talk, Julia calls and demands a meeting with Jack. She offers to give him a divorce if he will take her to Barbara's wedding. Pushing Katie into another room, Craig asks Simon to report on his run-in with Ruby. Calling her a lousy con woman, Simon reveals that she's working with her father Gabriel Frank who Craig remembers is supposed to be dead. Simon then explains that Bryant worked with Gabriel to set up Craig to be photographed with a naked Ruby.

Sierra interrupts thanks to Katie and, after Simon leaves, questions Craig about his feelings for Barbara as well as for her. She makes one last attempt to convince him to reconsider their divorce and then signs the papers, convinced that he's in love with Barbara.

Jake offers help to a flustered Adam in trying on his tuxedo for his date with Abigail and the prom. Hearing Abigail at the door, Adam runs into the other room and Jake follows to help him with his tux, while Molly deals with her upset daughter. Abigail points out the dress her father sent her from Saudi Arabia and calls it the worst looking dress in Western civilization. Abigail decides she can't go to the prom and doesn't want to listen to Molly about this, however Molly grabs some scissors and turns it into a beautiful dress. Abigail stares in amazement when Adam emerges in his well-cut tux. Later, Jake advises Abigail that Adam is smitten with her.

Friday, April 20, 2001

Jack told Carly that Julia had agreed to give him a divorce on the condition he escort her to Barbara's wedding. A suspicious Carly convinced Jack to ask Cass for legal advice concerning Julia. Cass advised him to persuade Julia to sign a joint petition dissolving their marriage by bringing the document to Barbara's wedding and confronting her there. Carly was all for it but Jack was worried. Meanwhile, back at the psych ward Julia was readying herself for the wedding and making plans to get her husband back.

Katie was hurt and spiteful when she saw Tom and Margo readying the Lakeview for Lien's Welcome Home party and came to the conclusion that she hadn't been invited. Margo told Katie that she had tried to call her at the garage to invite her, but there was no answer. She was astounded when she learned that Katie and Simon had moved in with Craig.

At Sierra's request, Bryant went to see Craig in his suite where he threatened to show Barbara the blackmail photographs unless Craig called off the wedding. Craig tried to convince Bryant that he shouldn't get involved with Ruby, Gabriel, and their con games but Bryant refused to listen and angrily left the apartment.

Lien worried that Jake's prison contact would be unable to get the goods on Leo Thompson. She was further upset when she learned that Ben planned to pay for the information and warned that it could come back to haunt them if it came to light in the future. To get her to the surprise party, Ben took Lien to the Lakeview on the pretense of having drinks with Bob and Kim. At the party, Lien had another episode and fainted. She tried to convince Jake and Margo that she had merely tripped but Margo was worried, especially when Jake admitted it wasn't the first time Lien had shown signs of a physical problem.

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