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Monday, April 2, 2001

After Carly's attack on Julia, the nurse calls Jack and he shows up at the mental hospital. Julia tells him that she told the nurse not to call him. He tells her to tell him the whole story about Carly's attack. She tells him how Carly tricked the nurses into letting her in. She tells him that she was dressed up like a candy striper. She tells him that she started saying awful things about her and how she accused her of not being mentally ill and she was only faking. Julia tells him how terrible she was and she couldn't believe that anyone would accuse her of such a thing. She also informs Jack about telling Carly about the horse. Jack can't believe that she told Carly about the horse. He tells Julia that he thought that they were only going to discuss the horse with Dr. Michaels. Julia says that Carly was saying such mean things to her that she snapped and told her. Jack asks Julia where Carly is now. Julia tells him that the nurse called the police and Hal came and took Carly away. Jack says that he has to get to the police station. Julia starts to whine about Jack running to Carly's aid and Jack tells her that he has to go do some damage control. Julia hugs him and says that she knows he will take care of her. Jack leaves to go to the police station. Julia walks over to one of the patients and tells him how she loves being crazy; she can get away with so much.

At the police station, Hal brings Carly in and she has handcuffs on. He takes her into the interrogation room and tells her to tell him what had provoked her to attack Julia? Carly tells Hal that Julia is no crazier than she is. Hal tells her to not go there. Carly starts to tell Hal about the horse and then she remembers what Julia said to her about nobody believing the biggest liar in town. She decides not to tell Hal about the horse. She tells Hal that she can't talk to him about Julia. Hal tells her that if she is not going to talk, then he will have to book her. Carly tells him that she wants to talk to Jack. Hal tells her that Jack is not on duty tonight. She tells him to book her and when Jack finds out, he will come to her. Hal tells an officer to book Carly and put her in a cell.

Later, Carly is in her cell and Margo comes to visit. Carly tells her that if Hal sent her to play the good cop, she can just go back and tell Hal that she is not talking to anyone but Jack. Margo tells her that Jack won't be in tonight. She reminds Carly that she will have to spend the night away from Parker and this won't win her any custody points. Carly turns to Margo and says to tell Hal that she is ready to talk. Margo takes Carly upstairs and tells Hal that Carly is ready to give her statement. Hal and Carly and Margo sit down and start to talk. Just as Carly is getting to the part that Julia killed her horse, Jack walks in and stops them. He tells Hal that he needs to talk to Carly first. Hal tells Jack that he has just started taking Carly's statement. Jack tells him that he will take it from here. Hal looks at Jack and says that they need to talk and the two men go off to the side. Jack tells Hal that there are some things that are really personal and he does not want them on the record. Hal tells him that he only booked Carly to get her to shut up and he tells Jack to take Carly home and let her blow off some steam. Jack tells Hal that he owes him one. Jack and Carly go to the interrogation room and Jack asks her if she knows about the horse. Carly turns to him and says that she can't believe that he knew what Julia did and he is still protecting her. She tells Jack that he is too decent. She says that he feeds off protecting Julia and coming to her aid. She says that everyone knows that, including Julia. She says that they can never be together because of that and she says good-bye and leaves the station.

Ben Harris is walking around his apartment and he is shirtless. There is a knock at the door and when he opens the door, Lien Hughes is standing there. She apologizes for not calling first, but her cell phone battery had run down. She tries not to look at Ben's physic. Ben grabs a shirt and invites her in. She tells him that she stopped by to tell him that she was going to the prison tomorrow to talk to Curtis's father. Ben says that he will go with her. She reminds him that they had decided that she would go and talk to the father by herself. Ben tells her that he will be there for his kid, all the way. As they are arguing, Curtis hears them and comes out and questions them about his father being alive. He had been told that his father was dead. Curtis asks Ben why he didn't tell him about his father? He reminds Ben that they had decided to "keep it all real." Lien jumps in and takes Ben's side. She tells Curtis that Ben was only following his lawyer's advice. She explains to him that they had thought it would be better to not tell him until they had all the legalities figured out. Curtis softens and says that he understands. He apologizes to Ben and says that he knows that Ben has his best interest at heart. Ben reminds him that he has school tomorrow and he needs to get to bed. Curtis says good night and leaves the room. Ben takes Lien's hand in his and thanks her for covering for him with Curtis. She tells him that is why she gets paid the big bucks. They keep looking at each other and then she asks if she can have her hand back. Ben snaps back to reality and lets her hand go. Lien tells him that she will come by the hospital to get him to go to the prison tomorrow. He tells her that he trusts her and he thinks that she can handle the meeting by herself. She smiles at him and tells him that she will call him on her way back and let him know how it went. They say goodnight and she leaves.

At the farmhouse, Holden is trying to explain to Rose that he and Lily have decided to stay together. Rose gets upset and tells Holden that the only thing that Lily had given him was grief and she would have given him a kidney. He says that he knows that she is going to be upset, but he feels that he needs to stay with his wife. She tells him that she is going to leave and he talks her into staying. He says that she and Joe can stay at the farmhouse for as long as they want. She says that they won't be charity cases. Holden reminds her what Emma had told her before, everyone chips in. He also says that she and Joe would be company for Emma. Rose decides that she and Joe will stay. She asks Holden to hold her one more time before he goes back to Lily. Holden goes to her and puts his arms around her. She starts to talk about when they were together last summer, at Mabel's and they were dancing. Holden remembers and says that it was a nice time. She says that later, he had given her that love letter. Her eyes widen and she says, "LOVE LETTER!!" Holden asks her what is wrong and she says that nothing is wrong. He says that she has that deer in the headlights look and he knows something is wrong. She grabs her coat and says that she needs to go see Lily. Holden stops her and insist that she tell him what is going on. Finally, she tells him about putting the letter in Lily's handbag for her to find. She says that she doesn't know if she has found it yet. Holden starts out the door and says that she had better hope Lily has not found the letter.

Lily is walking around her house and she is very happy that she and Holden have decided to stay together. She picks up his scarf that he had left and puts it around her neck. She smells the scarf and enjoys smelling him on the scarf. She sees an envelope sticking out of her handbag and she takes it out and goes to the couch to read the letter inside. At first, she thinks that Holden has written her a love letter and then as she reads, she realizes that Holden had written it to Rose. She gets upset and there is a knock at the door. Lucinda has come to visit her daughter. When Lucinda walks in, she can see her daughter is upset. Lily tells her about she and Holden deciding to stay together and Lucinda is very happy to hear this. Then Lily tells Lucinda about finding the letter. Lucinda doesn't understand why Lily is upset. Lily tells her that Holden had written the letter to Rose when he thought Rose was Lily. Lucinda tries to talk some sense into her daughter. She tells her that when Holden wrote the letter, he thought that Rose was Lily. Lily tells her mother that she feels that Holden is in love with Rose. Lucinda tells her that Holden had decided to stay with Lily and she should only think about that. Someone starts pounding on the door and then they hear Holden yelling at Lily to open the door, he needs to talk to her. Lucinda points out that he has come to her. Holden walks in and Lucinda says good-bye and leaves. Holden sees that Lily has found the letter. He tries to explain to her that when he wrote the letter, he thought he was writing to his wife. She asks him what would have happened if she had gotten off the plane and asked him for a divorce? He says that he doesn't know. She asks him if he would have gone running to Rose. He grabs the letter and takes it to the fireplace. He sets the letter on fire and puts it in with the logs. Lily comes over and sits by him. She says, "Don't say another word. Just come home. Please?" They hug as they watch the letter burn.

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Just as Katie told Henry on the phone that Simon never came home the night before, Simon walked in and he announced he was leaving to go back to Australia. Katie tried to convince him to stay.

Bryant stopped by Jen's to find her stressed out about her home life and how her mother was being so selfish about marrying Craig. Bryant said he would stop the marriage.

At Craig's suite, he and Barbara discussed their wedding plans. When she was out of the room, Craig sneaked a peek at the prenuptial agreement in her purse and called Cass to tell him they needed to find a way around it. Barbara came back in and said she cleared the day for them to talk about the wedding. She said she wanted Julia and Lisa to stand up for her and Craig informed her that Julia committed herself. Stunned, Barbara said she needed to go see her and they would have to put their plans on hold, which gave Craig the opportunity to go over the pre-nup with Cass.

Katie wasn't happy Simon decided to leave town so soon and wondered how she would explain it to the INS. Simon said she could claim he deserted her and he would give her an annulment so she could go on with her life. Katie gave him a rundown on his time in Oakdale saying how much of life he had made for himself, but did nothing but mope around all the time. She reminded him that she was the only one who could make him smile.

Bryant told Jen he would break up their parent's by making his father show his true colors through his one weakness - women. He told her he was working on a plan with Gabe and Ruby, but Jen said she didn't want him involved with them anymore and urged him to stay away from them. She announced she was going to pay Craig a visit and settle the matter herself. Bryant said if that doesn't work, they will go with his plan. She agreed.

Gabe and Ruby waited in the lobby of the Lakeview and paid the hotel staff to let them know Craig's schedule so they could begin their plan to take Craig down and ultimately get to Bryant's money.

Craig asked Barbara for the pre-nup so he could sign it while she was visiting Julia. After she left, Craig called Cass to meet him for lunch to go over it.

Katie told Simon how much she had done for him while he had been in town and made a bad situation livable for both of them. She said it was hard to be so cheerful while he moped around about Lily all the time. Simon gave in and said she had been a good friend and even made him laugh, but they both deserved more and he realized that Katie was not to blame for why and he and Lily weren't together. Katie suggested they spend the few hours he had left together and Simon agreed.

Lisa and Barbara went to see Julia and asked her why she committed herself. Julia told them that it was to save her marriage because Jack saw her as an obstacle on his way back to Carly. She explained to them how Carly snuck into the hospital and then got arrested and how Jack went running after Carly to protect Julia - proof that he stilled cared about her. Lisa and Barbara didn't think she was doing the right thing trying to hold onto to Jack if he didn't love her anymore. Julia erupted and Barbara tried to tell her that all the stunts she pulled to hold onto Jack didn't work and this one won't either.

Jen showed up at Craig's and blasted him for breaking up her parent's marriage. She said she would do anything to stop him from marrying her mother, even if it meant giving up her virginity to make her mother realize what she was doing. She told him she knows he is only marrying Barbara for her money and he won't get away with it.

Bryant found Gabe and Ruby and he told them about Jen trying to convince Craig to call off the wedding. But Gabe said their plan is already in the works and Ruby will be the bait.

Julia was stunned to hear that Barbara and Lisa thought she was manipulating Jack. Barbara said they only wanted to make sure she was doing the right thing - especially since she will need her and Lisa to stand up for her at her wedding. Julia blew up at and asked Lisa why she supported Barbara for marrying Craig, but Lisa avoided the question and said it was time for them to leave. After they left, a nurse came over to make sure Julia was all right and Julia told her not to let Barbara visit her any more - the nurse left and Julia had an evil smile on her face.

Bryant didn't like the idea of using Ruby to get to his father because Craig knew she was involved in setting him up. But Gabe said that was why it's the perfect plan because he wouldn't suspect Ruby of trying to do anything. A hotel employee informed Gabe that Craig was on his way down for lunch and he said they will have their chance to try out the plan. Barbara walked into the lobby and Bryant snuck up the back way to get Jen.

Jen told Craig Bryant is just as upset about their wedding and he will drive him away. Craig insisted he was not responsible for her parents' break up and he reminded her about the car accident last summer with Bryant that caused Hal not to trust her anymore. He insinuated she was to blame for Hal and Barbara's failed marriage. Jen screamed that Bryant said he would twist everything around and that she hated him. Bryant came in and took her away. Out in the hall, Jen told Bryant she shouldn't have come and his father is evil.

Simon came out of the shower to find the apartment filled with balloons. He and Katie had a balloon fight and she pulled his towel off of him - surprised for a moment, they continued to fool around and Simon ended up on top of Katie. He said he still planned to leave town and then leaned in to kiss Katie.

Lisa convinced Barbara to have lunch with her and they left just as Bryant and Jen entered the lobby. Bryant sent Jen to the car and then told Gabe their plan is ago. Gabe relayed the message to Ruby and they prepared to start as Craig came into the lobby.

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Katie apologizes for trying to seduce Simon. She begs him to stay in Oakdale for one more day so that they can get to know each other. When she continues to question him about his past, he cryptically admits to having been in love before. Simon insists that he has no prospects in Oakdale and, therefore, no reason to stick around. Later, Katie asks Craig to give Simon a job. Cass and Craig meet to discuss Barbara's prenuptial agreement; Cass doesn't see any loopholes in the legal document. Meanwhile, Ruby and Gabe set their plan in motion and Ruby descends upon Craig in the Lakeview Lounge. Gabe eagerly takes pictures of the two sitting next to each other. Craig instructs Ruby to remove her hand from his thigh and tells her to cut the crap. What does she really want from him? Ruby apologizes to Craig for having conned Bryant. Craig returns to his suite and, moments later, finds Ruby at his door. Bryant doesn't tell Jen the details of his plan with Gabe to stop the wedding, but both agree the wedding cannot go on. Holden tells Rose that he is moving back home with Lily, despite the incident with the letter. Rose is upset, but wishes them well. She decides to go and talk to Lily, who chastises Rose for playing dirty and planting the letter. Rose agrees to accept Holden's decision, but she insists she is not leaving town. Just then, the doorbell rings. Lily answers to an excited Holden, who sweeps her into his arms. A shattered Rose emerges from the shadows and locks eyes with Holden.

Thursday, April 5, 2001

Barbara asks Lisa to be her matron of honor when she marries Craig. Lisa explains that she doesn't approve of her choice of husbands and can't stand up for her. Upset, Barbara heads upstairs to see Craig. Not willing to give up, Ruby follows Craig to his hotel suite where she attempts to seduce him. Outside, Gabe waits for the signal to snap photos of them together. Bursting into the suite, Barbara becomes upset to find them together. Introducing her as the person who framed his son, Craig kicks Ruby out, proclaims his innocence in the matter and during the process, signs the prenuptial agreement she requested in order to prove his loyalty.

After showing off her first design to Molly, Carly asks her to show it off to Lisa and encourage her interest in hopes that Lisa will back her new line. Sickened to find out Carly is behind the beautiful outfit, Lisa refuses and reminds her of the attack on Julia earlier. Carly's rocked when she spots Craig placing the engagement ring on Barbara's finger.

Ruby spins a story for Jennifer's sake and convinces her to flirt with a pool-playing stranger in hopes of making Bryant jealous. She also pushes Jennifer to have a beer. Caught by her father, Jennifer leaks that Barbara's agreed to marry Craig. As Jennifer gets caught Ruby sneaks out the door.

After her frustrating visit to prison, Lien explains to Tom that she failed to convince the convict to give up his parental rights to Curtis. She apologizes to Ben for giving him hope and explains how she and her father have another plan. She also gave Ben the chance to find another lawyer and he assured her he trusts her judgment.

Friday, April 6, 2001

Will and Jen were upset when Barbara confirmed her acceptance of Craig's proposal and Jen angrily refused to live with them once the marriage took place. Hal dropped by unexpectedly and had breakfast with the family. When the kids left for school, he informed Barbara about catching Jen drinking and playing pool at Yo's. Hal suggested that Barbara sell the house to him so that Jen could stay there and live with him. Barbara thought it was a good idea and agreed to start the proceedings. They shared an intimate moment when Hal told her he would never stop loving her and would always be there for her.

A livid Carly demanded reimbursement from Craig for Barbara's newly purchased diamond ring. She calmed down when Craig told her the ring was left to him by his grandmother. Craig was stunned when Carly told him Julia had confessed to killing Flashdance and suggested that she sue her in civil court so they could split the proceeds of the settlement. Carly refused, stating she had promised Jack she would not tell the authorities and she intended to keep her promise.

Jack visited Julia in the psych ward and informed her that things were finally over between him and Carly. He discussed his wife's condition with Dr. Michaels and posed the question of whether or not Julia could be faking her illness to keep Jack from leaving the marriage. He later confronted Julia and accused her of getting pregnant on purpose and lying about her supposed mental state.

Ruby and Gabriel developed the incriminating photographs and showed them to Bryant. Bryant was skeptical when he viewed them and decided they wouldn't be enough. They decide they need to find another way to convince Barbara that Craig wanted to marry her for her money.

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