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Monday, January 8, 2001

Molly goes to Jake's apartment to talk to him about seeing Vicky's ghost. He won't let himself believe what he saw in the apartment. Molly tells him that she wants to see the tape that the ghost buster made of him talking with Vicky. Jake tells her that Adam brought him the tape, but he threw it in the trash because he felt like he was being taken. He tells Molly that the ghost buster people are con artist. They make you think that you are seeing your loved ones by using smoke and mirrors. Molly asks him how the ghost buster got Vicky's voice on tape if that is the case? Jake gives her the tape and she sits down to watch it. The only thing on the tape is Jake talking to thin air. He is more convinced than ever that the ghost buster was taking him for a fool. Molly tells him that she thinks that he won't believe that he saw Vicky's ghost because he does not want to believe that she is dead. Jake tells her that she is crazy for thinking that way. Molly tells Jake to make contact with Vicky again and ask her what she wants. She adds that he needs to do this so they can get on with their lives. She kisses him and leaves the apartment. After she is gone, Vicky appears and puts her hand on his shoulder. He turns and looks at her. He says, "You came back. What do you want?" She answers, "I want you to believe in me."

Katie confronts Lily about following she and Simon on their honeymoon. Katie warns her that if the INS finds out that she was there with them, they could all be in big trouble. Lily says that she has no proof that she was there. Katie tells her about the bracelet and Lily demands that she give the bracelet back. Katie tells her that she threw it at Simon in the INS office and walked out. Lily gets upset and tells Katie that Agent Halowell wants her to act like that so he can catch them. Katie tells Lily to just back off. She says that she has two years to prove to Simon that she is the better woman for him than Lily. Katie says that with all her mother's money and her social standing she has turned into a big slut. Lily slaps Katie and tells her to leave. Katie won't leave until Lily gives up on Simon. Lily tells her that the INS agents could have followed her there and they were all going to be in big trouble. Katie says that if Lily doesn't back off, she could always turn on she and Simon. She says that she will tell the INS that she was pressured into the marriage so Simon and Lily could stay together. Katie says that she thinks it is legally called immunity from the prosecution? Lily calls Katie a bitch and Katie says that she should be careful; she doesn't want to get her mad. Katie leaves and Lily goes to the phone and starts to dial. She sees a picture of she and Holden on the desk. She picks up the photo and hangs up the phone.

Rose is visiting her father and a letter is delivered. Joe tells Rose that the letter is information for Holden about his horse that he suspects is stolen. Rose wants to take it to Holden and Joe gives her a lecture about messing with a married man. She tells him that the marriage is pretty much over. Joe tells her that she only sees and hears what she wants to. Rose grabs the letter and tells her father that she knows what she is doing. She grabs her coat and leaves.

At the farm, Holden and Luke have just finished riding their horses and Luke starts questioning Holden about him moving back in to their house. Holden tells him that he can't come back right now. Luke says that he can stay in his room with him. He tells Holden that he misses him and his mommy can't tell a bedtime story like his dad does. Luke asks if he still loves his mommy. Holden tries to explain the different types of love there is and Luke asks if he will love his mommy like he used to. Rose walks in and hears the conversation. She tells Luke that she brought him some brownies and she left them in the car. Luke runs out to get them and Holden thanks her for saving him from answering the tough questions. Rose tells Holden that she hopes he understands that she never wanted to hurt the children and she hopes that he doesn't hold it against her for his marriage breaking up. Holden tells her that she is not the reason that he and Lily broke up. He says that their marriage was in trouble way before she came into their lives. Holden brings out a box with a big gold bow on it and tells Rose that he bought this for Lily for their anniversary when she was playing Lily. She says that she didn't get him anything. He tells her to open it. She opens the box and it is the dictionary that she had wanted to work on her vocabulary. She tells him that she loves it and she will start to work on how she talks. Holden tells her not to change too much, he likes the way she talks. She smiles at him and then remembers why she came out to the farm. She gets the envelope from her coat pocket and tells Holden that it is from her father and it is information about Flashdance. Holden opens the envelope and says that it is important. He asks Rose to stay with Luke until Emma gets back and he leaves.

At Java Underground, Simon is sitting at the bar having a drink. He picks up the phone at the bar and calls Katie. Katie is not home and he leaves her a message asking her if she is doing OK? Lyla walks in and hears Simon's message. He hangs up and she tells him that it was sweet of him to care about Katie. She sits down and says that she had asks to meet with him because she is leaving and wanted to talk to him about Katie. She tries to explain about Katie and losing her father at a young age, she feels like Katie is trying to replace her father with the first man that had come along. Simon tells Lyla that it must have been difficult for she and Katie and he thanks her for the insight into how Katie is feeling. Simon and Lyla leave and Holden walks in. He walks over to Isaac and tells him that he has been trying to contact him. Isaac tells him that he is very busy man. Holden tells him that he has just found out that he bought a horse with forged papers. Isaac asks what this means to him? Holden says, "You know what it means and I want the truth, NOW!"

Katie gets home to find Simon has stopped and bought dinner for them. She apologizes for getting mad at him at the INS office. She says that she is just so afraid that she is going to end up in jail. Simon promises her that nobody is going to be going to jail. She says that is Lily doesn't stop following them; they will end up there. He takes her in his arms and hugs her. He says, "I promise you that everything is going to be all right." Katie gets a big, happy smile on her face.

Rose goes back to her father's apartment and tells him that he was so wrong about Holden. She says that he doesn't hold her responsible for his marriage breaking up and she says, "Pops, he is so head over heels in love with me, he just won't admit it!"

Tuesday, January 9, 2001

Vicky visits Jake and he asks her what it is that she wants? She touches him and he can feel her this time. He takes her hand and puts it on his chest. They kiss and Vicky starts to get weak. She asks Jake to please let her go. She tells him that she is walking in limbo. She can't go over to the other side until he gives up on her and lets her go. As she is talking, she starts to fade and then she disappears. Jake yells out, "Don't leave me alone!"

At Craig Montgomery's suite, Carly is getting ready to leave. Craig tells her to be back on time to do the deal on the microchips. Carly says that she is going to visit her cousin and she will be back in plenty of time. As she is leaving, she tells Craig that she is just as anxious to get the deal done as he is and she walks out the door. After she is gone, there is a knock at the door. Craig opens the door and Lisa is standing there. Craig invites her in and asks what the pleasure of her visit is? She holds out a check with lots of zeros on it and says that this is his lucky day. She informs him that she is buying out his share in Java Underground. Craig tells her that his share is not for sale. He adds that not many people are standing in line to be in partnership with Isaac. She gets mad at him and tells him that the citizens of Oakdale are not going to stand by and let him stomp all over someone that they love. She tells him that he should be more interested in saving his son from jail. Craig shows her to the door and before she goes out the door she makes Craig take the check. He slams the door and throws the check on the desk and says that his son is not going to jail. There is another knock on the door and Craig yells to Lisa that he is not in the mood to put up with her. When he opens the door, Hal is standing there and he says, "I am not Lisa." Hal is not in a good mood and he asks if Barbara is there. Craig says that Barbara is not there and Hal can search the apartment. Hal says that he will and he walks in the apartment and starts to look around. Craig asks if Hal is having trouble on the home front? Hal starts to head to the door and Craig asks if he is leaving so soon. Hal walks back over to Craig and Craig says that he and Barbara are friends and she does stop by from time to time. He adds that Barbara trusts him and he thinks that Hal should give him a break. Hal says that Barbara only trust him because she doesn't know what he really is. Craig tells him that if he would drop the charges against his son, then he would drop Barbara and Hal could have her back. Hal says that the only thing that he is going to do is rearrange Craig's face. Craig warns him about threatening him and Hal says that the conversation is over. Hal turns and leaves and leaves the door open as he goes. Craig says that this is great and he walks over and closes the door and then picks up the phone and calls Barbara. He invites Barbara over for dinner and at first she says that she shouldn't and then she gives in and says that she will be right over.

Holden is at Java Underground and he is grilling Isaac about the forged papers on the horse that he had purchased. Isaac tells him to leave it alone. Holden says that he is worried about his daughter owning a horse that may be stolen. Isaac tells him to just enjoy the horse and not to worry about it. He says that he took a knife in the chest for the horse getting into the wrong hands and Holden just needs to forget about it. Holden won't leave it alone. He tells Isaac that he wants a name. Isaac tells him that the only name he has is Mr. Phillips and he is in jail now. Holden writes down the name and then he leaves. Jake comes in and Isaac tells him that he looks like he has seen a ghost. Jake questions Isaac about the wedding band that he had found that belonged to Vicky. Isaac tells him what he knows about the ring and Jake leaves. As Jake leaves, Lisa walks in. She goes over to Isaac at the bar, who is pouring himself a drink. She tells him to pour two, one for her. She tells him that they need to celebrate. He pours Lisa a drink and asks what it is that they are celebrating? Lisa tells him that she has given Craig Montgomery a check for his share in Java Underground. Isaac is very happy and they clink glasses and take a drink to celebrate.

Carly visits Molly and Molly fills her in on the latest with Jake and his late wife/ghost. Molly tells Carly about seeing the love in his eyes when he was talking with Vicky's ghost. Molly tells Carly that she just doesn't know what to do next. She feels like they need to take a break from each other. Carly comes up with a brilliant idea. She tells Molly that she and Abigail should move out and that will give Jake time to be alone and think about his dead wife. Molly is not too sure about this plan. She tells Carly that she doesn't want to loose him for life. Carly says that Jake will act in the opposite direction. She says that after Jake has some time alone, he will be begging Molly and Abigail to move in with him for sure. Molly decides to give it a try. Carly starts to leave and Molly warns her to be careful in the big transaction that is coming up. Carly leaves and Molly goes to pack. Later, Jake walks in and Molly comes walking out with her bags packed. Jake asks her if she is running away from home? Molly says that this is part of the problem, this is not her home. She tells him that she has been seeing Vicky and believing in her ghost and Jake has been fighting it all the way. Jake tells her that after what happened today, he is a believer.

Barbara arrives at Craig's suite and he has champagne on ice. Craig pours her a glass of champagne and hands it to her. He tells her that he does not want her to be playing Hal against him. Barbara says that should would not do that and she does not want to get between him and Hal. Barbara informs Craig that she and Hal are splitting up. She asks him not to say anything to Bryant because they have not told the children yet. He says that he should say that he is sorry but he isn't. He asks if she wants him to order some food. She tells him that she is not hungry. He says that he isn't hungry either, at least not for food. He goes over to her and they kiss. Craig leads her over to the couch and he lays down and she lays on top of him and they start kissing again. Carly walks in and see the two kissing and she gets a look on her face like she has just seen the most disgusting thing ever.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Jake confides in Molly that he saw Vicky's ghost again--he's a believer now. Jack is furious when Isaac refuses to sign his statement against Bryant. Carly spies Barbara and Craig kissing and after hearing Craig denigrate her, Carly calls Hal and asks for a meeting. Bryant turns over Ruby's letter to Tom and Margo, but they are dubious about its usefulness in his case. Isaac tells Jack the reason he's so involved in the case isn't because of Craig, it's because of Carly. When Barbara boldly asks Craig if he's involved with her because of Hal, he admits he is.

Carly reluctantly tells Hal about seeing his wife embracing Craig. Jake tells Molly he touched Vicky and could feel her. Abigail is upset when Molly tells her they're moving back to Molly's apartment. Bryant identifies one of Ruby's cohorts in the police mug shots. Craig clarifies to Barbara that he's interested in her because of Hal, but not in the way she thinks--he's interested because her husband doesn't appreciate her. Carly proposes to Hal that she wear a wire to trap Craig, in exchange for Hal granting her joint custody of Parker.

A skeptical Hal agrees to Carly's proposition, but Carly imposes one condition--Hal must keep Jack in the dark about her role in Craig's investigation. An uneasy Molly allows Abigail to convince her to stay at Jake's. Jake later proclaims to Molly that his future lies with her--he wants to be a family. Furious to find Jennifer in Bryant's arms at the police station, Hal grabs his daughter and takes her home, leaving Carly to wait anxiously for his return.

When Jennifer senses that Hal and Barbara are on the verge of splitting up again, Hal promises that he will keep the family together once the investigation of Craig is over. Barbara overhears and snaps at Hal not to make promises he can't keep. Jack spies Carly loitering at his desk and asks her what she's doing at the police station.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

Jack and Carly get her prepared to get the goods on Craig by using a wire however, Julia walks in the police headquarters and sees Jack and Carly holding each other. Julia wanted to tell Jack she felt their baby kick. However, an over reacting Julia leaves but Jack and Carly were just adjusting the wire. That, however, ends when Carly and jack kiss, after rehashing the past between them.

Molly wakes up to Vicky's voice and Abigail crying for help. Molly runs into the other room and them hears Jake calling her back however Vicky tells her to find the girl who turns out to be Abigail at age 4 being alone in a hurricane. Jake over hears Molly and Abigail talking and Molly admitting not being able to compete with Vicky and Jake reassures her she doesn't have to and they all discuss Vicky and the interpret the dream as Vicky wanting them to work together.

Hal and Barbara decide to tell Jen they are separating when Barbara walks in on Hal telling Jen everything will be ok when the investigation is done. Jen told them how she felt responsible for they breakup the first time and how she changed to make things work this time, however now she views a breakup as a way to make up new rules in that there are no rules. Hal and Barbara both disagree but Jen reminds them she will be 18 soon. Hal takes the blame for the breakup and Barbara thanks him however Hal really does not view her as the reason for the breakup. Barbara thanks him.

Friday, January 12, 2001

Hal warned Barbara that her "boyfriend", Craig, would be going to jail tonight and that she would regret ending their marriage. After a heated argument, Hal challenged Barbara to admit the truth--that she's been sleeping with Craig and having an affair with him, the only question was how long it had been going on! Barbara again denied the affair but Hal admitted he had a hard time believing anything she told him anymore. Jennifer overhead part of their conversation and was furious with her mother. She called Barbara a slut and told her she was not only being unfaithful to her husband, she was betraying the entire family.

At the police station interrogation room, Jack let his guard down and began kissing Carly passionately. He eventually came to his senses and pulled away, stating that even though he still wanted her, they couldn't act on their feelings. He insisted they concentrate on getting Craig's confession on tape once she was wired. On their way out, Jack was stunned to realize Julia had been there to bring him coffee and may have witnessed his and Carly's embrace. Meanwhile, a distraught Julia called the Lakeview to request that a handwritten note be delivered to Craig Montgomery.

Once a wired Carly arrived at the Lakeview, she was questioned by Craig about her whereabouts. Carly lied and told him she'd been with Parker instead of Jack. She tried unsuccessfully to get Craig to confess to his part in the microchip exchange. Suddenly they were interrupted by a hotel employee delivering Julia's note. The message read "She's wearing a wire!".

Consumed with guilt about what she had done, Julia called Jack while he was staking out Craig's suite and admitted to sending the note to Craig. She warned him that Craig now knew the truth about Carly's deception. A disbelieving Jack was shocked and angry that Julia would do such a reckless thing in order to hurt Carly and hinder their investigation. Meanwhile, when an unsuspecting Carly kept pressing Craig for details of the microchip transaction, he asked her point blank if she was there to betray him.