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Monday, November 20, 2000

Due to live coverage of the Florida Supreme Court hearings, As the World Turns did not air.

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

Due to Monday's national preemption, Tuesday's episode was a broadcast of the episode that was to have aired yesterday. This means that there will be no "lost" episodes.

Rose and her father, Joe are at the local bar and they are watching horse racing on the television. Rose picks out a horse to bet on because it reminds her of Holden. The horses' name is Farmer Brown. Her father asks if she could go five minutes without talking about that guy. She tells him that she has a hunch about Holden. Her father points out that she hasn't been exactly lucky in love. She tells him that it is different this time. Rose leaves to place her bet. Joe is sitting at the bar and Holden comes in and sits with him. They start to talk about horses and Joe can tell that Holden knows a lot about horses and asks if he bets on them. Holden tells him that he is a trainer. Holden offers to buy Joe a beer and Joe says that he will accept if he will let Joe tell him about placing bets. Holden agrees, but he has to call his kids first. Holden leaves and Rose walks back to her father. She tells him that she placed her bet on Farmer Brown. Her father says that she bets with her heart and she hardly ever wins. As they are talking, Holden walks back over and sees Rose standing there. He says hello and Rose turns and sees Holden standing there. She introduces Holden to her father. Her father walks over to Holden and Holden holds out his hand to shake hands and says that he is glad to meet Rose's father. Joe does not shake Holden's hand and makes a comment about this is the guy who is married to one sister and does the other sister. Rose yells at her father and says that it wasn't like that. Joe goes to the restroom and Holden says that he is out of there. Rose begs him to stay. Finally, Holden agrees and Joe comes back and apologizes to Holden for being so rude. The race starts and the three watch the horse race together. Holden watches Rose as she gets all excited about the race. As Farmer Brown wins, Rose jumps up and down and hugs Holden. She says that he is her good luck charm.

Jack and Julia are visiting Emma at the farm and Jack gets a phone call. Jack steps out on the porch to take the call from Carly. Julia interrupts Jack as he is talking on the cell phone to Carly. Julia hugs Jack and Carly's voice is coming over the phone. Julia asks Jack who is he talking to? Jack puts the phone back to his ear and acts like he is talking to Margo. He tells "Margo" that something came up, but he is back now. Julia tells Jack that "something" will wait for him in the kitchen. She stomps off to the kitchen. Jack tells Carly that this is not going to work. Carly suggests that they meet every night at the boathouse. Jack tells her that it won't work because he is married. He looks through the kitchen window and sees Julia standing inside. Carly says that they can meet every other night. Jack says, "No." Carly reminds him about the envelope that Craig has with his name on it. She asks if he is hiding something from her. He says that if there were something, it would have come out when he joined the FBI. He starts to hang up and she begs him to stay on. She says that there was something on the outside of the envelope. Some name. Jack feels like she is making up stuff to hang on the phone with him. She tells him to please hang on; she has something coming to mind. Then she remembers. The outside of the envelope had the name of Styles and Associates on it. Jack doesn't know what that means, but he has to go and tells Carly that he will meet her at the boathouse the next evening. They hang up and Carly says to herself that she will wait for him. She will wait as long as it takes.

At the Lakeview, Barbara and Craig are having dinner together. Barbara is questioning Craig about his relationship with Carly. Craig tells her that Carly is only in his life to help with a business deal. Hal walks up and questions Barbara about sitting down with this guy for dinner. He suggests that she come home now. Barbara says that this guy is her friend and she will be home when she is done having dinner. Reluctantly, Hal leaves. Barbara and Craig finish their business dinner and Craig tells her that he will always be there for her. Barbara leaves with the envelope that has a picture of Julia with Winston Lowe in it.

In Emma's kitchen, Julia is having a little fit. She is rifling through Emma's cabinets looking for something. Emma comes in and asks what is she looking for. Julia tells her that she is trying to find a shopping bag to put the baby quilt in it that she had made for them. Emma goes to a cabinet and gets a bag for her. Emma can tell that Julia is upset about something. Julia tells her that she is just upset because they came out to spend a lovely afternoon together and Jack has spent most of it on the phone. Julia and Emma have a wonderful talk about being married and having patience's. Julia's cell phone rings and it is Barbara. She tells Julia that she has the envelope and she can get on with her life with Jack now. Julia thanks Barbara and hangs up the phone. Julia says that Barbara just saved her life and she had gotten the best news of her life. Emma asks what this is all about. Julia covers and says that Barbara got her in with a great gynecologist that she had not been able to get an appointment with before. Jack comes in and apologizes to Emma for being on the phone doing business all afternoon. Emma says that she understands. Jack asks Julia if she is ready to go home. Julia asks, "Home?" Jack says that they can go out if she prefers? Julia says that going home and spending a quiet evening with him is just what she would love to do. Jack leaves to pull the car up closer to the house. Emma comments on how everyone's attitude had changed. Julia says, "Why not, Jack was on the phone talking to Carly!" She smiles at Emma and leaves.

After Barbara hangs up from telling Julia the good news, she burns the envelope in her sink. Hal walks in and says that he knows that she is mad at him, but she doesn't have to burn down the house. He asks about what she has just burned. She tells him that it is of no concern to him. Barbara looks at Hal and says that she realizes that Hal doesn't like her very much these days, but that is not what scares her. The fact that she doesn't care anymore is what is really scary. Barbara walks out of the room.

Craig returns to his suite and Carly is waiting on him. Carly questions him about having dinner with Barbara. Craig tells her that this is in his plan. They must make friends of Barbara and Hal to get custody of Parker. Carly is not fully sure that she believes Craig and she leaves the room. After she is gone, Craig says to himself, "Barbara, the fun is about to begin."

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Isaac interrupts Denise as she's preparing her letter of resignation from WOAK. John informs Kim that Andy has decided to move out of her house. Ben tells Molly that all her medical tests came back negative, but infuriates her when he suggests he see the hospital psychologist Lynn Michaels. Molly tells Jake that Adam's paranormal equipment picked up something in her apartment after Vicky's last visit, but Jake is skeptical.

Isaac playfully apologizes to Denise for kissing her and tells her they are two of a kind. Kim scoffs when John admits he's asked Andy to move in with him. Andy then walks in and tells his mother he's decided to accept John's offer. Ben advises Jake to talk to Molly about his life with Vicky. Kim accuses John of helping Andy shut himself off from the rest of the world.

Molly confesses to Jake about her dream of being Vicky as she drowned after the plane crash. Jake reveals he's tormented wondering about what Vicky's final thoughts were before she died. Andy overhears Denise and Isaac arguing and when Isaac accidentally knocks over a vase, Andy rushes in and tackles Isaac. A disgusted Denise corrects Andy and insists he needs help. Jake brings Molly to tears when he tells her he's found love again with her.

Andy visits Bob, remembering how he's never judged Andy, and asks him for advice on how to be as good a father as Bob is. Jake coaxes Molly into declaring she loves him, too.

Thursday, November 23, 2000

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, As The World Turns will not be shown today. Programming will resume as normal on Monday, November 27th. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 24, 2000

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, As The World Turns will not be shown today. Programming will resume as normal on Monday, November 27th. There will be no lost episodes as a result of this preemption.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving.

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