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Monday, September 18, 2000

Lily is in Simon's hotel room and she has decided to make love to him to get him to stay in Oakdale. He asks her if she is sure and she says that Holden had slept with Rose and didn't give her a second thought and she is sure she wants to be with him. They start kissing and then Simon stops her. He tells her that he can't do it this way. He wants to wait until she can be his all the way. They have a talk about being together and Lily tells Simon that he knows her so much more than Holden. He tells her that he got to know her when they were together on the island. He pulls out one of the letters that his grandfather had written and tells her that the words that he had written mean so much more now. He reads to Lily what his grandfather had written to his "beloved" in that letter. She tells him that she has to go and think about where she has to be and who she will be with. Simon tells her that next time, he won't let her go so easy. Lily walks outside Simon's room and looks at the letter his grandfather had written and holds it to her heart. At Lily and Holden's house, Holden is wondering where his wife is and what she is thinking. Emma tells him that everything will be OK, it always turns out good for them. Iva comes in and tells Emma that she is going to go on a trip for some important business. She asks Emma to watch over Lily and make sure everything is OK. As Iva leaves, Holden gets off the phone and tells his mother that a policeman heard Simon making a reservation to fly to California. He tells his mother that he will be glad when Simon is out of their lives. Emma comforts Holden and Lily walks in. She asks if she is interrupting anything? Emma tells her that this is her house and she is not interrupting anything. She tells Lily that she has bathed the children and they are ready for bed. She gives Lily a kiss on the cheek and leaves. Holden asks Lily if it was hard for her to say goodbye to Simon? She informs Holden that she has asked Simon to stay in Oakdale a little longer. Holden asks if she is in love with Simon. Lily tells him that she doesn't know. All she knows right now is that she needs him to be near her. She tells Holden that she is confused and she feels trapped. Holden asks if she feels trapped by him and the children? She says that she doesn't know and she doesn't know what she is saying. Holden tells her that he feels that she wants him to move out. She tells him that she thinks that will be best until she gets a few things straightened out. Holden says that he will pack a bag and leave in the morning. Later, Holden is helping Luke read a book and Lily walks down the hall toward the living room where Holden and Luke are. She has Simon's grandfather's letter in hand. She sees Holden take the book away from Luke and take the boy in his arms and hug him tightly. She steps back behind the door and puts her hand to her mouth and cries silently. Katie finds out that Craig is going to let Carly stay in his hotel suite. She asks him if he knows what he is getting into? She tells Craig that Carly is some what of a pariah and he should be careful. Craig tells her that everyone knows what she has been up to and she and Carly should get along. Carly enters the room and hears Katie talking about her. Carly tells Craig that her room key is not working and she asks him if he is handy? He tells her that he is, but he will check with the front desk about it. He leaves Katie and Carly alone together. Katie warns Carly about messing with her brother. Carly tells Katie that her brother is a big boy and can take care of himself. Katie brings up the scam that Carly had going in Hong Kong. Carly looks up at her and tells her to go away. Katie says that this is the point, she is not going away, she will be around, a lot. Craig comes back and says that he got a new room key for Carly and asks if they should go check it out? Katie realizes that she is not invited and leaves. Craig takes Carly to her room and when they open the door, she is amazed at the size of the room. Craig helps her in with her packages and says that he will leave her to get settled. After he is gone, Carly takes out a stuffed dinosaur and thinks about her son. She takes out a picture of Parker and says that they once had it all and they will have it all again. Katie walks into the bar at the hotel and sees Simon sitting at the bar drinking a beer. She walks up to him and asks if she can buy him a drink? He tells her no thanks and she says that she is not coming on to him. She explains that she knows him. He finally remembers her from the casino night that was put on by WOAK and remembers that she works for Holden. She says that is right. She orders a cognac for herself and one for Simon. She tells him that a wise person told her recently that a cognac is good for people in their predicament. She says that she has some advice for him. She tells him that through everything, Holden and Lily always find their way back to each other. She doesn't know why, they just do. She also tells him that if he should win Lily this time, it would be good for the both of them. Craig comes back into Carly's room. He has something that belongs to her. He gives her the diamond earrings that Winston had given her. She tells him that she doesn't want them. They hold bad memories for her. She says that Winston insisted that she wear them constantly and he would freak out if she didn't have them on. She says that she doesn't know if they are bad luck or magic to her. Craig leaves and goes into the other room to read the paper. He starts to think about what Carly had said about the earrings. He gets an idea and runs to Carly's door and starts pounding on it. Carly lets him in and he asks for the earrings back. She tells him that they are his and he takes them to the other room. She follows and keeps asking him what is up with the earrings? He takes a knife to the earrings and Carly tells him that he is messing them up. He tells her to look at the earrings. She is not sure what she is looking at. He tells her that the microchips are inside the earrings. He yells that she did it, she found the microchips for him. He puts down the earrings and picks her up and is hugging her and Katie walks in. Katie wants to know what is going on? Craig tells her that he will tell her, but he has to go make a phone call. When Craig is gone, Katie asks Carly what is up. She says, "Isn't it obvious? Your brother thinks that I am why they hung the moon."Lucida meets Iva at the airport. Iva has been staring at Lily and Rose's pictures. She tells Lucinda that she can't believe that Rose is related to she and Lily. Lucinda tells Iva it is time to go and this trip will tell all. Iva gets up to board the plane and turns and looks at Lucinda. She says that one way or the other, once they get on ! this plane, nothing will be the same again.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Lucinda finds Sister Mary Catherine, the nun that was with Iva when Lily was born. She introduces herself and says that she is there to find out more about the night that Lily was born. The Sister says that that was a long time ago and her memory is not what it used to be. Lucinda goes to the door and asks Iva to come in. Lucinda says that maybe this will help her memory and she introduces Iva. The Sister falls to her knees and clings to a chair. She says that she knew this day would come. Lucinda helps the Sister up from the floor and asks if she can shed some light on the night that Lily was born. The Sister starts to tell about Iva giving birth to a baby and the baby was so sickly that the lawyer (Martin, Lucinda's husband's lawyer) that was waiting for the baby wouldn't take the baby. Just as the lawyer was ready to leave, Iva went into labor again and had another baby girl and the lawyer took that one because she was very healthy. Iva can't believe what the nun is saying. She says that she would have known if she had twins. The Sister takes out a paper and says that she felt guilty about the baby and took her to a hospital to get checked out. The doctor that examined her wrote down an approximate time of birth. She shows Iva the paper and when Iva reads it, she breaks down and cries. She can't believe that she didn't sense that she had another daughter. The nun goes on to say that she prayed for the baby and nursed the baby back to health. Since she was going to take the vows to be a nun, she couldn't keep the baby. When the baby was better, she found the D'Angelo's that had a baby that had died and arranged for them to adopt the baby. The Sister asks Lucinda about the girls and how are they doing. Lucinda fills the Sister in and tells her that the girls are both striving beautifully. The Sister is happy the girls are doing well and she leaves Lucinda and Iva alone. Lucinda goes over to Iva who is crying and she tells her that they have to get home, they have some heavy, duty work to do with their daughters.

Bryant walks by the library at Lucinda's house and sees Rose looking in the cushions on the couch. He walks into the room and asks "Lily" if she is looking for extra change? Rose looks up at him and informs him that she is not his Aunt Lily. He says, "Oh, you must be the other one." She says that it depends on who you met first. He starts to introduce himself and she says that she knows him. He is Craig Montgomery's son, right? She adds that he looks just like his father. He says that it must be the curse of the Montgomery's. Craig walks in and sees that Bryant is talking to Rose. Rose, right away, says that she has something for Craig. She gives him the unused airline ticket that she had purchased and says that she checked and it is refundable. She says that she has something else for him and leaves to go get it. After she is gone, Craig tells Bryant that he has something for him and he holds out the jewelry box with the earrings in it. Bryant tells his father that he doesn't want anything from him. Craig tells him that it is a business opportunity. Bryant says that he never asked his father for anything and he is going to make his own way. Rose walks in and asks what is in the box and takes it from Craig. Craig tells her that it is a gift for his son, but he doesn't want it. Rose says that she can't figure this family out, who wouldn't accept a gift? She opens the box and sees the earrings. She tells Bryant that they are a little big for him but she could see herself in them. Craig takes the earrings from Rose and tells her that his son is a slow learner and he leaves. Rose tells Bryant that she has to agree, he is the dumbest blond guy with spiky hair that she ever has seen.

Craig goes to visit Lily. When Lily opens the door, Craig says, "Long time, no see." She is stunned for a moment and then she hugs him. She asks how he has been and he says that there is nothing like a divorce to put a little rose in your cheeks. Lily doesn't think this is funny and she walks away from the door. Craig walks in and closes the door. He apologizes to Lily and says that he didn't think that one through. He tells her that he is there to ask for a favor, he would like to put Bryant to work at WOAK. Lily says that she can't help him, Holden runs the station now. Craig asks when Holden will be home. Lily proceeds to tell him that she and Holden are separating until she can get her head on straight. Craig tells her that the divorce between him and Ciera had been coming for a long time, but they still have hope.

Holden goes to the farm and finds his mother in the barn. He tells her about he and Lily splitting for awhile because Lily needs some space. He also tells Emma that he quit his job at WOAK. His mother tells him that he was good at that job and he loved it. He says that for now, he just needs to have some space of his own. Emma says that they should get his stuff up to the house. He says that he will be staying in the barn, back to his roots. She says, OK, reluctantly and leaves him to himself. After she is gone, Holden starts to sweep and clean up the barn. He stops to think and thinks about the first time he and Lily met at her mothers stable and he was the stable master.

Back at Lily's house, she is upstairs in her bedroom and she picks up the cat that Holden had whittled for her. She holds it close to her heart and walks over to the dresser that Holden had cleaned out. He left the drawers open and she closes them one by one. She walks over to the bed and sit down and holds the wooden cat close to her chest.

Molly is visiting Carly. Carly asks Molly if she wants her to go to court with her when she testifies at David's trial? Molly tells her that she would rather no one be there. She talks about how everything is going to be brought up and she feels that she will be dragged through the mud again. Katie has walked in and sees Molly there. She says that if the mud fits, wear it. Molly turns around and Katie tells her that she doesn't want her there. Carly jumps to Molly's defense and says that she is there to see her and she had better get used to it. Katie says that Molly had slandered her. Molly says that Katie slandered herself. Carly taunts Katie and says, "What's the matter Katie, did big bad Molly beat up on you?" Molly says that what she did was a long time coming and when it happened it was better than sex. Katie goes to the desk and sits down to read the paper and ignore the cousins. Carly asks Molly if Katie has had a date recently, at least one that wasn't married? Molly says that Holden wised up to her and fast. Carly says that Katie's affair with Holden was only in her mind. The cousins laugh at their poking fun at Katie. Katie sees in the newspaper that a story about David in on the front page. Katie jumps up and says that at least her affair isn't on the front page of the paper. Molly gets up and walks over and grabs the paper and says, "Let me see that!" Katie says that if the courts were so graphic with the president, imagine how low they will go with you. Molly throws down the paper and stomps toward the door. Craig walks in the door and Molly walks out. Carly stomps off to her room and slams the door and Katie stomps off to her room and slams the door. Craig is looking like he doesn't have any idea what is going on.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2000
by Meredith Thompson

Jack shrugs off Julia's comments about how he'd be a good dad. Camille learns Andy was reading up on spinal injuries while still in the hospital. Isaac sees Andy scratching his leg and confronts him about it. When Jake brings Molly flowers and an apology, Molly worries that he'll hate her about she testifies about David.

Jake reassures Molly that he'll always be in her corner. When Jack and Julia share the news of their elopement with Emma, Holden stuns them with the news that he's left Lily. Isaac taunts Andy about faking his paralysis in order to lure Denise into bed and then threatens to pour his coffee on Andy's lap to prove he's faking it.

Denise arrives before Isaac can go through with his plans and later informs Andy that Isaac is Ben's brother. An excited John tells Andy the board has agreed to let Andy testify in Ben's case. Camille learns a spinal anesthetic and spinal needle went missing the day of Andy's tests. A disillusioned Holden tells Jack he thought his marriage would last forever. Jake leads a nervous Molly into the courtroom as Emily is testifying.

Andy tells his father he doesn't want to testify against Ben, claiming he doesn't want to bring up bad feelings for Denise. Camille shows Isaac the empty anesthetic bottle she found and shares her suspicions. Julia worries to Emma that Jack is having second thoughts about the marriage and that's why he doesn't want kids.

David petitions the court to act as his own attorney and wins the right to question Molly himself, causing Molly to run out of the courtroom. John urges Andy to reconsider his decision--he needs to testify to get closure. Jack admits to Julia that he's shaken up by Holden and Lily's split. Molly tells Jake that the only reason David is acting as his own attorney is because he doesn't want to see her happy with Jake--he wants to show Jake what Molly was like when she was with David.

Camille confronts John about the missing anesthetic. Isaac walks into the Hughes' home and tosses the empty anesthetic bottle into Andy's lap--now he knows how Andy faked his paralysis. Jack explains to Julia that he does want to have kids, but wants their marriage to be solid first. Later, Julia gets a bouquet of flowers from David intimating that he knows what she did to Carly. David shadows Molly as she reluctantly approaches the witness box and whispers to her that the two of them are together again.

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Thursday, September 21, 2000
by Donna

Andy is under attack from Isaac who has informed Ben and Denise that He is faking his paralysis. Isaac has seen him scratch his leg and if he can feel he wouldn't know his leg itched. Mean while Camille has tried to inform John about this who was less than thankful of the new information.

Meanwhile during the Stenbeck trial David questions Molly and after David goes to far Jake tries to strangle him. Molly and Jake go back to Jake's apartment and she thinks Jake wants to dump her and is very surprised when he wants to prove his love to her.

Jack and Julia talk about having kids and Jack isn't to happy about this subject. They then decide to tell Emma, Lily and Holden about there getting married in Vegas only to find out that Lily and Holden have split up. This makes matters worse for Jack and Julia having kids because now Jack sees a very stable couple going through a break-up and he is afraid that this could happen to them.

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Friday, September 22, 2000
by Cheryl Salter

Jake and Molly shared a romantic kiss in his apartment but were interrupted by an impatient Emily ringing the doorbell. After getting rid of pesky Emily, they took up where they left off. This time there were no interruptions and Jake and Molly finally made love. They both admitted to feeling a little shy afterwards and when Molly asked Jake if he was thinking about Vicky, he told her he hadn't thought about the past once the entire night. Later, they decided to stay in and order pizza. Molly found a hair clip on Jake's couch and when she asked who it belonged to, Jake got a peculiar look on his face and informed her that it looked like one that belonged to his dead wife, Vicky.

Lily was furious when she found Rose cozily ensconced in Lucinda's mansion and accused her of manipulating Lucinda by playing on her soft side. Rose needled Lily about the fact that Holden couldn't tell the two of them apart. Frustrated and enraged, Lily declared her hatred for Rose and screamed at her to get out of everyone's life. In a fit of rage, Lily attacked Rose and tried to strangle her. Lucinda and Iva arrived at the house just in time to pull Lily off of Rose. When Lily accused Lucinda of making a complete fool of her by having Rose stay there, Lucinda informed her that she and Rose had to learn to get along because they were twin sisters!

A shocked and stunned Lily refused to believe that Rose was her sister, as well as Iva's biological daughter and accused Rose of wanting Lucinda's money. Iva took Lily into the foyer and Lucinda stayed to tell an unbelieving Rose the details of her birth. Lily told Iva not to let Rose trick her into believing her crazy stories. Iva insisted that this was not a story that Rose had concocted because Rose had no idea that Iva and Lucinda were looking into her past. Lily begged Iva to explain how in the world she could have had another child without knowing it. After much persuasion and explanations from Lucinda and Iva, Lily and Rose finally accepted the fact that they are twin sisters.

At Mabel's diner, Emily grumbled to Chris that Molly posted bail for Jake before she had a chance to do so. Emily told Chris that Jake should be focusing on his career and not Molly. She accused Molly of playing the victim to get Jake's attention and intimated that her terror of taking the stand in the David Stenbeck trial was just a ruse to get Jake's sympathy. Chris told her that she just can't stand the fact that Jake chose Molly over her. Emily denied that she was competing for Jake and told Chris he was wrong. Tired of hearing Emily go on and on about Molly and Jake, Chris kissed her unexpectedly and actually stunned her into silence.

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