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Monday, July 24, 2000

Jennifer tells Bryant that the modeling agency offered her a job in Hong Kong. Bryant retorts that it's amazing how fast Craig made that happen. A surprised Jennifer wonders how or why Bryant's father would get her a job. Bryant tells her Craig is using her to get him to go away with him. There's a knock on the door. "It's Satan," Bryant announces, and opens the door to his father. When Bryant accuses Craig of twisting arms to get Jen the gig, Craig proudly concedes that he did.

Simon shares his plan to knock out Cooley with poisoned berry juice to a high-strung Lily. Cooley shows up right then and Lily hides the vial of juice in her bra. She prepares to go with him as Simon threatens Cooley that Lily better not be hurt. Psycho Cooley drags Lily to his shelter. She stalls for time and tries to figure out how to get him to drink the poison. Simon follows and lurks outside.

John stops Denise from visiting Andy and berates her for hurting his son. She tells him that Andy needs him, so he should stop wasting time hating her. Andy tries to move his legs and tells himself that it's not over between him and Denise. John threatens Denise that after Dr. Deitrich performs his tests, Ben's career will be over. Denise argues that Ben hasn't done anything wrong and they don't have to justify their actions. John believes that Ben is using his accusations against Andy to justify Denise's annulment. Ben arrives and John storms off to visit Andy. He advises his son to consult a lawyer and decide what he wants. He suggests Andy see a psychologist as well.

Jennifer is grateful to Craig, while Bryant is ready to spit bullets. Bryant accuses his father of treating them like puppets and accidentally insults Jennifer, who abruptly leaves. Craig tries to convince his son to come with him, but Bryant throws him out. Craig visits Margo at the police station. Margo's thrilled to see her brother, but asks what he wants. Craig informs Margo about his pending divorce from Sierra, while she fills him in on Bryant's New York adventure. Craig asks for his sister's help in convincing Bryant to accompany him to Hong Kong. She's offended by his request and tries to talk him out of his plans. Jennifer tells her mother about the modeling job, including how and why Craig arranged it. She gets angry when Barbara agrees with Bryant. Barbara informs her daughter that Craig has a long history of manipulating people to get what he wants and goes to tell him off. She bursts into Bryant's house looking for Craig. Bryant is only too happy to dial up his dad's hotel room. He finds that his father has checked out.

Simon tries to sneak into Cooley's shelter and falls right into a trap. As Lily plays sick, Cooley hears something outside. When he finds Simon, he taunts him as the trapped Aussie tries to talk his way out of captivity. Back inside the shelter, Lily tries to fend off an increasing psychotic Cooley, while outside Simon begins to cut himself free of the net, until he drops his knife. Lily is finally able to slip Cooley the poison, and Simon escapes as she frantically waits for it to take effect. He bursts in just as Cooley keels over.They realize the mixture of the poison and the alcohol it was mixed with must have killed him. Simon calms Lily down and they search for the missing radio part.

Bob stops into Andy's room with news -- Dr Deitrich's schedule changed and he is on his way to Memorial. Andy screams "No!" He refuses to take any more tests and wants time alone. After everyone is gone, he fakes a spasm and calls a nurse for medication. He pretends to take it, then drags himself to the medicine cart to get the medication he needs to give himself the spinal test. John comes in the room and Andy hides the medication. As soon as his father leaves, Andy convinces himself that this will bring Denise back to him.