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Monday, June 19, 2000

Barbara lets Jen have it for missing her chemistry final to be with Bryant. Bryant "gallantly" offers to stop seeing Jennifer if Barbara will forgive her. He's pleased when Jen declares she'll defy her mother to see him. Jen and Barbara return home and come to an understanding. Later, Bryant accepts Abigail's invitation to Holden's party. Once he's alone with Abigail, he quickly puts the moves on her, while comforting Jen on the phone. A drenched Lily drags an unconscious Simon onto the beach of a deserted island. She is finally able to revive him, but lets him know that she wants to go home immediately. Against Simon's advice, she takes off alone in search of help. Later, she returns to the beach and discovers that Simon's gone! Holden is stunned by the party arranged by "Lily," and admits he had been suspicious of his wife's behavior. Katie is annoyed when "Lily" responds to Holden's kiss. Lucinda is puzzled when she discovers a train case stuffed with jewelry in Lily's bedroom. She confronts "Lily," who dances with Holden to avoid her mother's questions. Jake and Molly bicker, as their sexual tension grows. Julia feels guilty when Emma remarks how much Jack values honesty. Katie fumes when Holden gives "Lily" all the credit for arranging the bash for him. She assures Henry she'll get back at "Lily" and prods Holden to open presents. Holden opens the painting of Lily - and its a nude! An unsuspecting "Lily" looks on, smiling.

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

John presses Denise to be completely honest with Andy about her intention to end up with Ben after the surgery. Reverend Horner arrives to consult with Andy and is stunned to realize Andy considers Denise his wife. Upset, Reverend Horner indicates to Denise he believes he was asked to bless Ben and Denise's union under false pretenses. Ben tries to reassure a shaken Denise. Kim sees that Ben is upset and warns him not to operate if he has any reason to believe he's not the best surgeon for the job, but Ben insists he can do it. "Lily" is baffled by the shocked reactions to the portrait and finally sees it's a nude painting! A humiliated Holden storms out. Molly suspects Katie is behind this. "Lily" almost comes clean with Holden, but holds back. She's stunned when Holden packs his things and announces he's leaving for a few days to think. Henry threatens to reveal Katie's responsible for the situation unless she allows him to call the shots as before. Katie lets a departing Holden know she's here if he needs her. "Lily" unsuccessfully tries to fend off questions from her remaining guests. Later, a frustrated Rose realizes the painting is a fake and destroys it with a letter opener, vowing revenge on Katie. Molly takes an upset Abigail home with her. Later, Jake comes by and their growing attraction is evident. But Jake abruptly leaves when Molly continues to dwell on Katie. Alone in the dark on an island beach, Lily tries not to panic. She begins to build a shelter and Simon returns with some drinking water. Lily, still angry with Simon for getting her into this mess, drinks some water but refuses to speak to him. He builds a signal fire. Later, she bids Holden and her children a tearful goodnight.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

John warns Denise he expects her to play the dutiful wife to Andy if the surgery fails. While unpacking at his penthouse, Jake comes across a photo of Vicky and is assaulted by memories of her. Luc whines to Lucinda that he misses his "real" mommy. When Rose corners Katie at the studio, Katie admits she switched portraits but warns Rose not to back out of their deal.

When Molly brings Jake a plant as a housewarming gift, he corrals her into helping him unpack. Lucinda agrees with Luc--Lily hasn't been herself since she returned from Atlantic City. Rose ignores Katie's order to fire Henry and threatens that if she's exposed, she'll take Katie down with her. Margo surprises the family in Andy's hospital room as he's being prepped for the surgery. Jake gets defensive when Molly opens a box of Vicky's things.

Lucinda is stunned when "Lily" suggests she and Holden may not belong together. An angry Jake tells Molly he wants his old life back and hurls things against the wall, causing her to leave. Mitzi arrives and Lucinda takes a dim view of her when she's introduced. Jake unwraps Vicky's snowglobe and places it next to Molly's plant on the mantle.

After Ben informs the Hugheses that Andy is out of surgery, Kim catches Ben and Denise plotting to be together. Rose enlists Mitzi's help in digging up dirt on Katie.

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