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Monday, March 27, 2000

Lily confronts Simon about the message that was left on her answering machine. A woman named Sheila said that Simon is a fraud. Simon tries to explain that the woman is the wife of a man that he was doing some work for. This woman had come on to him and he did not go for her advances and she became mad at him. He tells Lily that she is only trying to make trouble for him. He begs her to call Mac, the husband, and talk to him and he will tell her what a good job that he had done for them. Lily tells him that she does not like being put in this situation and it would be better if Simon packed his things and left. Simon begs her one more time, but Lily will not go for it. He tells her that he will go and pack his stuff and leave. After he is gone, Lily listens to the message one more time. She picks up the phone and calls the operator and asks for the dialing code for Australia. Later, she goes out to the half finished family room and Simon has finished packing. Lily tells him that she needs to apologize for flipping out on him. He tells her that he understands and she interrupts him. She explains that she called Sheila's husband, Mac and he had nothing but good things to say about him. She asks Simon to stay and he says the he will. She says, "No hard feelings?" and he says, "No way, no hard feelings." Lily leaves and Simon goes to the phone and calls Mac. He thanks him for smoothing things out for him with Lily. He tells Mac that he needs to put Sheila on a short leash. He adds that Lily is a very smart woman and they have to be careful. He says that he almost feels bad doing what he is doing to her. He ends the call by saying, "I said almost. Nobody is going to stop me from getting what I want.

Denise walks into the diner and sees Ben sitting at a table. She walks over and tries to make conversation. Ben tells her that it has been a long day and he is very busy. She asks him if they can just get over everything and be friends. Ben drops his head and she asks him to not shut her out. She says that the night that she was in the hospital, she knew he was comforting her and he was so loving. He tells her that they can't be together because she is married. She says that she is married in name only and Andy does not mean anything to her. He tells her that this is not good for her and she says, "Who says?" Ben says that her husband say so and he agrees with him. She asks him if he and Andy have been comparing notes behind her back. He says that her husband has been worried about her. They have a big discussion about being together and Ben ends it by saying that everyone makes choices and she chose Andy. She tells him that she will love him with every breath that she takes and she walks out of the diner.

Andy has Hope at Kim and Bob's house. Kim and Bob come home and Andy tells them that he hopes that they don't mind but he was trying to work and Hope had spilled some chemicals. He came over to their house so he could have more room to work and do some laundry. Kim takes Hope and tells Andy that they are welcomed there anytime. Andy starts to talk about buying a house so Hope can have more room to move around. Bob questions him about this since he and Denise have this agreement. He tells them that they are a family and a family needs to live in a house. Andy puts Hope down for a nap and comes back to the kitchen to talk to Kim and Bob. As they are talking about Hope, Denise comes busting in the door and says, "Guess who I just talked to?" Then she sees Kim and Bob. Andy asks her who she talked to and she tells him that they will talk when they get home. She starts to pack up Hope's things. Kim tries to make small talk, but Denise is not in the mood. Kim makes up an excuse to leave the room and Bob goes with her. Denise turns to Andy and tells him that he is not going to make decisions for her life, she is not going to have it. She tells him about talking to Ben at the diner and he told her what they had decided. Andy tells her that he is not like his father and was not trying to be controlling. She tells him if the shoe fits wear it. Kim and Bob come back in with Hope and Denise and Andy prepare to leave. Kim asks them if they would stay for dinner and Denise says that they can't. Andy and Denise and Hope go out the door. Kim looks at Bob and says, "That wasn't too awkward."

Chris had been wrestling with Katie's stalker and Holden comes up on them and grabs Chris. Chris yells that the stalker is going to get away, but Holden won't listen. He thinks that Chris is the culprit. Jack comes walking into the courtyard and makes Holden let go of Chris. Jack tells Holden to go check on Katie and he will take care of Chris. Holden goes up and knocks on Katie's door and she is scared and hiding behind the couch. When she hears Holden's voice, she runs and opens the door. He takes her in his arms and she is sobbing. Holden tells her that they have the stalker downstairs and it is Chris. She is surprised. Back at the courtyard, Jack is questioning Chris. Chris tells him that he had the stalker, but Holden came up and grabbed him and the stalker got away. Jack asks him about the ski mask and Chris tells him that he took the mask off before the stalker ran away. Jack asks what the stalker looked like and Chris says that he didn't get a good look at him. Jack informs Chris that they are going to take him into the station until everything can be worked out. He tells Chris not to worry, if he is innocent, they will get to the bottom of everything.

At the station, Holden is yelling at Hal to arrest Chris. Hal tells him that they don't have enough evidence to do that. Hal tells him that he and another policeman are going to go search Chris's apartment. Chris is in a room with Jack and he asks Jack for a drink of water. Jack tells him to go get it, it is just outside the door. When Chris steps outside the door, he sees Katie and goes over to her and begs her to tell them that he didn't do this. He is not the stalker. Holden runs over and grabs Chris and tells him to leave her alone. They make Chris go back to the room. Holden calls Henry at the station and informs him of what has happened with Katie's stalker and Chris Hughes is under suspicion. Holden tells Henry to hold down the fort at the station. Henry says that he will and hangs up the phone. Henry goes to his locker and takes out a plastic bag that has scissors and latex gloves in it. He takes the bag to Chris's apartment complex and finds his garbage can. He puts the plastic bag with the items in it into the can and leaves.

At Chris's apartment, Hal and another policeman start to search and Hal finds that Chris has been going through Katie's trash. He tells the other policeman to go check Chris's trash for evidence. The policeman opens the garbage can and finds the plastic bag of items that Henry had planted. Hal calls Jack and tells him to arrest Chris. He tells him about Katie's trash being in Chris's apartment. Jack hangs up the phone and tells Chris that he is being arrested for being Katie's stalker. Chris says that he thought that they didn't have enough evidence. Jack tells him that they do now, they found Katie's trash all over his apartment. He starts to read Chris his rights. Chris looks at Katie with pleading eyes.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

John sees Camille at the diner and asks her about her day. He wants to know how her six month check-up came out. Camille tells him that she is more worried about her mid-term exam that is coming up. John tells her that she should ask for a postponement from her professor. She tells him that the professor hates her. At that moment, her professor comes walking by. She says hello to him and asks how he is doing? He gives her the brush off by say that he is busy. She says that she is busy too, she has been studying for his mid-term exam. He tells her that her pretty face may get her somewhere on the runway, but it will not help her in medical school and he walks away. John tells Camille that she is right, her professor hates her. Camille decides to go for a walk alone. After she is gone, John sits with her professor and suggests that since Miss Bennett has been under a lot of stress lately, maybe he could give her some extra time before taking the exam. The professor tells John that his influence got Miss Bennett into medical school, but it was not going to be a way to give her short cuts. John says, "Fine." He gets up and leaves the table.

Camille is sitting on a dock somewhere and staring out into space. Her phone rings and it is her doctor. She asks how the test came out and then she says, "Thank you for calling." When she hangs up, Isaac comes up and sees her standing there. He tells her that he would recognize that sexy figure anywhere. Isaac asks her what is she doing here and she tells him that she took a walk to clear her head. She tells him about having her six month check-up and that the test came back negative. Isaac tells her that this is great news, but why does she look so sad? She tells him about being tired of fighting her way through medical school and then putting up with John badgering her all the time. She says that she is questioning what it is all for? Isaac tells her that she is right, it is too much to put up with and to fight for what she wants. She goes off on him about how she is going to show him and Dr. Dixon that she can make it in medical school. As she is ranting, Isaac gets a big smile on his face. Camille stops and looks at him and then she gets it, Isaac pulled reverse psychology on her. She tells him that she gets his point and they hug. As they are hugging, John sneaks up behind a tree. Isaac tells Camille that he hopes she won't be spending all her free time studying, because he has an open house coming up for his club and he was hoping that she would be his date for the evening. Camille tells him that she will make time for his open house and she would be delighted to be his date for his event. John hears this and he sneaks away.

Henry calls Kim and tells her about Katie and her stalker and that she and Holden are at the station. He adds that Katie is a mess and she might need Kim to be at the station with her. Kim agrees with him and then she asks Henry about the identity of the stalker. He tells her that she should find that information out herself. He also says that he won't report a word until he hears from either she or Holden. They hang up and Kim and Bob leave to go to the police station. When they arrive, they console Katie and they can see that she is shaken up. Bob asks her if she needs a doctor and she says that she will be fine. Kim asks who the stalker is and Katie and Holden both look over at Jack's desk and Kim and Bob look also and see Chris sitting at the desk with Jack. They are more than surprised to hear that Chris is the stalker. Chris tells his parents that he didn't do it, Holden has it out for him and is trying to pin this whole mess on him. Bob calls Tom to come and help Chris. Margo walks in and sees Katie and Jack explains to her about Katie's stalker and they have arrested Chris for the crime. Tom arrives and he and Chris go into a room together. Margo questions Katie about Chris. She asks her if she really thinks that Chris could have done this. Katie says that she wouldn't have before but now she is not sure. Holden comes over and tells Katie that since Margo is there he has to leave. Katie asks where is he going and he says that he has to go tell Abigail about this before she hears it from someone else. Katie gives him a big hug and tells him thanks for being there for her.

Tom asks Chris about the situation that he is in and Chris swears to him that he didn't do it. Tom questions him about Katie's trash being in his apartment. He tells Tom that he had a hunch about something and that is all he is going to say about it. Tom tells him that if he doesn't tell him what is going on, he could end up in jail. Chris tells him about trying to find out who had the pictures of him and Molly and had put them up on the monitor at WOAK. He adds that every time something bad had happened to Molly, something good happened to Katie and he thinks if anything that Katie is stalking Molly. He goes on with Tom that he was trying to find out more information and thought he might find something in Katie's trash. Chris asks Tom if this information will help? Tom says that it will him in jail. Chris says that even when he tries to do the right thing, he gets in trouble. Chris asks Tom if he believes that he didn't do this. Tom says that he knows Katie and he can't imagine that she would pull anything like this, but he knows Chris better and he does believe him. Chris is relieved but tells Tom that they have to work fast because Katie's stalker is still out there and with him behind bars, it will be open season on Margo's sister.

Out in the squad room, Hal comes in with the evidence from Chris's apartment. Among many items he pulls out the plastic bag that has letters clipped from magazines. Hal asks Katie if it looked familiar to her and she gets a very worried look on her face. Margo says that it looks familiar to her. As Margo and Hal are discussing the clippings, Katie sneaks away and finds a phone. She calls Henry at the station and he asks where she is. She tells him that she is still at the police station and Henry says, "OOPS, wrong number!" and he hangs up the phone. She starts to tremble and almost drops the phone. Margo comes over to comfort her. Hal and Jack go into the room where Tom and Chris have been talking. Hal informs Chris that they have found additional evidence. He shows him the bag of clippings and says that the clippings have been linked to the threatening letter that Katie had received. Chris yells that this is not right, someone is setting him up.

Bryant and Abigail walk into Lily and Holden's house and they are talking about their day and driving the "Jag" around town. Lucinda is waiting in the living room for Bryant. She jumps on him for taking her Jaguar again without permission. Abigail excuses herself and leaves. Lucinda rakes Bryant over the coals because she found out that he did not go to work today and he had taken her Jaguar without telling her. He explains that Abigail was feeling shaky about going to school and he went with her to give her support. He adds dramatically that she really needed him because the kids were making fun of her. Abigail comes back into the room and Lucinda questions her about her day. Abigail cheerfully tells Lucinda about what a great day she had and the kids were really cool with her. Lucinda turns to Bryant and tells him that he has been caught in yet another lie. Holden comes in the front door and he says that he needs to talk to Abigail. Bryant says that he should probably leave. Lucinda tells him that he is not going anywhere. Holden informs Abigail about Chris being arrest for stalking Katie. Bryant says that is sounds like the guy, the way he has been hounding Abigail. Abigail tells Holden that Chris didn't do it. Holden tries to make her see that Chris is just no good. Lucinda and Bryant leave. Abigail asks Holden if Chris admitted to the crime? Holden tells her that of course he didn't admit to it. She tells Holden that Chris has a good heart and she knows that he did not stalk Katie.

When Lucinda gets Bryant back to her mansion, she starts to lecture him about how he has to start at the bottom and work his way up. He informs her that he is not the kind that can take order, he is the one that has to give the orders. He tells Lucinda that he can make his own millions, he just doesn't have the starting capital to get going. He tells Lucinda that he could make a million in six months. She makes a bet with him, she will give him the starting capital and he has six months to make his first million and if he fails, he will be resigned to the mail room. She leaves the room and Bryant says, "Fine mess that you have gotten yourself into this time Montgomery."

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Hope's social worker Mrs. Marks interrupts Andy and Denise as they are arguing about his interfering with Ben. Margo asks the assistant D.A. who's handling Katie's case to request that bail be denied for Chris. Katie accuses Henry of planting the evidence against Chris. Bob, Kim and Nancy tell Chris they support him.

Margo stuns the Hugheses with the news that she's going to testify against Chris at the arraignment. The social worker is impressed by Andy's candor in admitting that they were in the middle of a fight. Abigail insists on going with Holden to Chris's arraignment. Henry admits he planted some of the evidence against Chris but tells Katie she should be happy to have him out of the way. Margo tells Chris she has to protect her sister--she can't take him on his word that he's innocent.

Jack discovers Julia has been following him. Ben agrees to John's proposal that they call a truce but balks at helping him break up Denise and Andy. Denise is ecstatic with the successful visit until Andy kisses her, then she backs out of dinner with him and asks to be alone. Jack agrees to let Julia help him find the real stalker. Chris sees Abigail entering the courtroom and pleads not guilty. Denise worries that Andy is getting carried away.

John brings an educational toy for Hope but Andy refuses to consider an annulment--he wants a family. Jack thanks Julia for giving him hope in the world again. Margo's testimony that if released Chris could strike again leads the judge to deny bail.

Jack and Julia decide to stake out the apartment complex and joke about having to spend long hours in the car together. Denise returns to find Andy has arranged an intimate dinner. As Chris is being led away Abigail tells him she knows he didn't do it.

Thursday, March 30, 2000

Friday, March 31, 2000

Camille tells Isaac she's the one who sent him the flowers. Ben comes home to find Denise in his apartment. After getting her kids to safety Lily goes back into the burning house to retrieve her family photos. Simon gets Emma to watch the kids and then dashes in after Lily, carrying her out when she collapses from the smoke. I need you, Denise tells Ben and kisses him until he responds.

Ben breaks off the kiss, insisting it's not right. Denise is heartened when Ben admits he is constantly fighting his feelings around her. Andy learns of Chris's legal troubles from Bob and Kim and agrees to talk to his brother. Andy later insists he doesn't want Hope to grow up as he did--he wants them to be a real family.

When she regains consciousness outside, Lily is disconsolate about her family history going up in flames. Simon runs in and manages to grab a handful of photos before the firemen pull him away.

Camille thanks Isaac for helping her when she was stressed. A policeman walks in to the club and asks for Isaac. Denise begs Ben for time to get her marriage annulled without losing custody of Hope.

Lily thanks Simon for saving her life. Simon learns the fire started because of overloaded electrical circuits. Emma consoles Lily--she and the kids are what's irreplaceable. Andy is surprised when Denise returns ebullient from her "walk" and she confesses she feels good because she finally knows what she wants.

Isaac and Camille's interlude on the dance floor is interrupted with the news that the club is being shut down because the application to renew his liquor license was rejected. Isaac then succeeds in clearing out the club.

Susan tells Lily that the burns on Simon's hands will require physical therapy. Camille is saddened when she senses Isaac is going to revert to his old dirty tricks to get his license back. Andy is torn when he gets a job offer to take photos in Chechnya. A groggy Simon asks Lily to forgive him and calls her "Beloved."

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