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Monday, March 13, 2000

Denise is coughing and not feeling well. Andy is concerned about her and wants her to go to the hospital to be checked out. She does not want to leave Hope. She goes back to her room and Andy gets on the phone and calls his mother. She is not home, so he calls John. He tells him that he wouldn't bother him, but it is an emergency. They hang up and Denise comes back out to the living room. Andy is still begging her to go to see a doctor. She says that she knows better than doctors how to take care of herself. Andy tries to cover her up and she tells him that she is too hot. The doorbell rings and John is there to help Denise. Denise starts yelling for John to get out of her house. John says that he only wants to help her. She yells at John that he had better not put his hands on her and then she passes out into Andy's arms. Andy takes her to the emergency room. A nurse and a doctor whisk her off to an examining room. Andy is giving another nurse the insurance information and Ben walks up behind him. He hears Andy say that Denise is under his insurance now. Ben finds Denise and starts to check her out. The doctor who had been attending to Denise reminds Ben that she is his patient. Ben asks if he would mind if he took over, this is a friend of his. The doctor complies and leaves. Denise wakes up and sees Ben and says that she knew that he would come to her aid. She says that she knew he couldn't stay away from her. Ben looks at the nurse and says that she is only a friend. Denise tells Ben that she is cold and wants him to get her warm. She tries to pull Ben to her. Andy peeks into the room and sees Ben with Denise. Ben takes out a warm blanket and covers Denise and asks her if that is better. Denise falls back asleep. Ben says that if God would give him another chance, she would be his wife. Ben hears the curtain open and he turns and sees Andy standing there. Andy wants to know what Ben is doing for Denise. Ben explains that they are giving her fluids and antibiotics. He adds that they will have to keep his wife overnight for observation and he leaves. Andy goes over to Denise and looks down at her and whispers, "My wife."

Lily walks into Cal's and calls out for Simon. Simon walks in and sees Lily and says that he wasn't expecting her. He looks at the picture of the woman that looks like Lily laying on the table. Simon is acting strange and Lily says to him that she should have called and starts to leave. He closes the door and tells her to stay and takes the basket of food that she has brought to him. He takes the basket over to the table and covers up the picture so Lily can't see it. Simon and Lily are making small talk and then she sees that he has been sketching something. She asks if she could see what he has been working on and he hands her the sketch pad. He tells her that the picture is of her. She tells him that he has talent. He says that he likes to do portraits on the side. Lily gets a glimmer in her eye and Simon asks her what is she thinking? She says that Holden's birthday is coming up and it would be wonderful to give him a portrait of herself as a gift. He tells her that he will do the portrait if she will sit for him. At first, she isn't sure. She tells Simon that she is antsy and can't sit still for very long. Finally, he talks her into it and he asks if they could work on the portrait tonight. She remembers that Holden may be home and she rushes out of the house.

Lucinda and Jake follow Bryant and they find Abigail. Lucinda questions her about not being in Saudi Arabia. She tells Lucinda that she didn't want to go to Saudi Arabia and she couldn't stay in Oakdale because of her mother. Lucinda tells her that she is not responsible for her mother's actions and she adds that Abigail is nothing like her mother. Jake steps in and tells Lucinda that she could have said that more tactfully. Jake explains to Abigail that Molly should come out of her coma any day and she should be there so Molly can see her face. Abigail does not want to go back. Jake asks her about living on the streets. Does she want to worry everyday that she is going to be robbed? Does she want to have to find a different place to sleep every night? Does she want to scrounge for food everyday? Lucinda butts in and says that she is going to call her father. Lucinda finds Holden on his cell phone. At first, Holden tells Lucinda that he is right in the middle of something and Lucinda interrupts him and tells him that she has found Abigail. Holden says that he has just got into Kennedy Airport and he asks where they are? Lucinda stops a waitress (they are at the diner) and asks her where they are and the waitress replies that they are at the corner of desperate and destitute. Lucinda tells Holden to hold on, she is having a communication problem. Finally, she tells Holden where they are he says that he will be right there. Jake is watching Bryant and Abigail at a booth. He is trying to talk with Abigail and Bryant keeps butting in. The waitress comes over to take their order and while Jake is talking to her, Abigail whispers to Bryant to please get her out of there. After Jake is finished with the waitress, Bryant gets up and acts like he going to run out the door. Jake grabs him and Lucinda comes running over to see what Bryant is up to? As they are tending to Bryant, Abigail makes a get away out the back door. When Jake realizes what has happened, he goes out the back door after Abigail but can't find her. Holden comes running in and asks where Abigail is? Lucinda tells him that she is gone. She explains that Bryant had created a scene and Abigail ran away when they weren't looking. Holden gets mad and gets in Bryant's face. He asks him why he has been running around New York with his daughter. Bryant tells him that he didn't know that she was linked to him. Lucinda reminds him that he did know when he helped her escape. Holden and Lucinda are both yelling at Bryant and Abigail is watching from around the corner. She runs in and tells them to stop yelling at Bryant, she is the one that they are mad at. Holden begs her to come back to Oakdale. He promises that he will make it better for her this time. She says that she can't believe that he isn't mad at her. He says that he is mad that she couldn't come to him and tell him how she was feeling. Finally, she decides to come home with him.

Lily gets home and she can't find Holden anywhere. She sees a note from him laying on the bed and she reads that he has gone to New York. The phone rings and she grabs it and says, "Holden, is that you?" Lucinda is on the other end and she explains to Lily that she had to come to New York to retrieve her grandson and then found Abigail running the streets of New York. She explains that Holden is there and that they will all be home shortly. They hang up and Lily sits down and pours a glass of champagne and takes a sip. She picks up the phone and calls Simon and tells him that Holden won't be home and asks if it is too late to sit for him tonight. He tells her to come back and they can get started. She asks what should she wear? He tells her something with a low neckline and a necklace. Then he asks if she has a family heirloom that she can wear? She says that she does and they hang up. When Lily gets to Simon's, she apologizes for taking so long, she couldn't find the right outfit. He takes off her coat and she has a black velvet dress with a plunging neckline. She tells him that this dress is Holden's favorite and she can wear it off her shoulders if he wants. He tells her that it is perfect and shows her to the chair to sit in. He positions her in the chair and then hands her a glass of wine. She asks if it is for the portrait? He says that he doesn't like to drink alone. He starts to sketch her and he is asking her questions and asks about her family. She says that her family tree is a little mixed up. She explains that Lucinda had adopted her. Simon comes over and says that something isn't right. He reaches out and pulls her dress down so her dress is over the shoulders. He looks at the necklace and says that it isn't quite right. She tells him that Holden had given that to her and she thought it would be good for the portrait. He tries to explain to her that between her face and the dress it just didn't fit and he gets a mirror and lets her look at herself to see the difference. He says that it doesn't matter now, but if she has another piece it may fit better. She says that she has many others that she can choose from. He says that it may even be better if she brings her whole collection with her next time she comes out. She says that she will do that. Simon begins to sketch again and he is talking about his family and his grandfather and the letters. He looks up and Lily has fallen asleep. He says to himself, "Nice work, you have talked her to death." Then he adds that he is no closer to the answer than he was before. He picks up the old photo of the woman that looks like Lily and says that maybe Carolyn Carpenter has the answer. He puts the photo away and walks over to Lily and covers her up with an afghan from the couch. He bends down beside Lily and says, "Well, there is always tomorrow."

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Denise wakes up in the hospital and at first she doesn't know where she is. Andy comes running to her bedside and tells her where she is and that she is going to be OK. She asks about Hope and Andy tells her that Hope is being taken care of. Denise looks at Andy and says that she remembers that they left Hope with John. Denise starts to get upset and Andy tries to settle her down. He tells her that they have beaten his dad and he knows when he has lost. She settles down a little and Andy tells her that she needs to get some rest so she can get better and come home. He says that he had to pull some strings to get this room for her. She asks him what he is talking about and he tells her that she is now the extended family of the Hughes' and she gets perks like this. She looks around the room and says that this room must cost a fortune and Andy tells her that the insurance will take care of it. She says that she doesn't have insurance and Andy says that his insurance covers his wife and child. She just looks at him. Kim opens the door and asks if she can come in. She comes in and asks Denise if she is feeling better? Denise says that her fever has broke. Kim asks Andy if she and Denise can have a few moments alone. Andy leaves and Denise starts to apologize for how she acted the last time she saw Kim. Kim tells her that she is not there for that and she has forgotten all about their difficulties. She explains to Denise that she is her son's wife and she is part of their family. Bob and Andy come back in and Bob has good news for Denise. She is getting better, but she needs to stay in the hospital for a while longer for rest. A nurse comes in and tells Denise that she didn't fill out her menu for her lunch. Denise says that anything will be fine. Kim tells her that if there is something that she wants and it is not on the menu, all she has to do is tell her and she will make sure she gets it. Denise says that some chicken noodle soup would be nice. Everyone leaves and Denise relaxes back in her bed and says, "Denise and Hope Dixon are going to be just fine."

John is at Denise's apartment taking care of Hope. Camille comes in with work for John. He asks her about her "live-in patient" and she tells him that Isaac is his name and he is gone....for good, she adds. John says that maybe he got jealous when John took Camille to the opera? Camille asks him what the difference is, the end result is the same. She says that the only man in her life now is right here with that nosy, concerned look on his face. She adds that she appreciates it, but now they have to get to work. John sits down to read the material that she has brought and she get him some coffee. John can't keep his eyes off of her. He tells her how much he appreciates her bringing the work to him. She says that she did it because she knows how much of a work-aholic his is, but his family comes first. He says that he wants to pay her back by taking her out tonight to Java Underdog and she says, "Ground." She tells him that she is not up for dancing, she doesn't feel like going out anywhere. John says that he isn't taking her just anywhere, he is taking her to Java Underwear. She laughs and tells him to stop that and then she declines again. John says that he wants to take her out where she can shake her groove thang. Camille says that he did not just say "thang." She finally gives in and says how can she pass up an offer like that and then she shakes her head and says, "Thang." Later, they arrive at Java Underground and John starts to groove to the music right away. Camille tells him that he is really getting into it. Isaac comes up and welcomes them to the Java Underground and he calls them sir and ma'am. Camille asks him what he is doing there? Is he working there? Isaac says, "Oh no, I now own Java Underground, this is my club." Camille and John look at each other and Isaac has that big beautiful smile on his face.

Jake meets up with Lucinda at the diner and asks about the kids. Lucinda says that they are sleeping late at a luxurious hotel. He asks her why is she there and she says to be with him. He reminds her that he is going to pick up Vicky's things from her apartment today. Lucinda says that she is there to go with him. Jake thanks her, but tells her that he wants to do this alone. She complies with his wishes, but reminds him that she is there if he needs her. He leaves and goes to the apartment and gets all her belongings in a box. He walks out on the front stoop of the apartment and sits down with the box. He starts to go through the items in the box and gets all choked up because he misses his wife so much. Someone puts their hand on his shoulder and when he looks up, it is Marley, Vicky's twin sister. She sits with him and they reminisce about how they miss Vicky. Jake looses it and starts crying and Marley tries to comfort him. He says that he can't live without his wife. She tells him that she and Vicky had a connection and she knows that she would want him to go on living his life. This helps and he decides to go on. He picks up her box of things and they leave together. Back at the diner, Lucinda is still waiting for Jake. He tells Lucinda about meeting Marley, Vicky's twin and she had comforted him and put a new light on his life. Lucinda says that all is good and let's go home. They walk out of the diner together.

Simon walks into the living room of Cal's house and Lily is still sleeping. He bends down beside her and gently wakes her up. Lily snaps out of her sleep when she realizes that she has spent the night there. She is ranting and raving at Simon for not waking her up. He tells her that they both fell asleep about the same time and he didn't realize it until this morning. Lily says that Holden has probably been trying to call her and she has to get home. Simon calms her down before he will let her leave. She apologizes to him for blaming him for letting her sleep. She tells him that she is a mother of small children and she has to get home. Lily leaves and Simon goes over to the old photo of the woman that looks like Lily and runs his finger over the necklace that the woman is wearing and then he touches the sketch of Lily at her neckline. When they get back to Lily's house, she runs to the phone, but there are no messages from Holden. She says that is good, he didn't try to call and she wasn't there. She says that she is going to try him on his cell phone and then she hears a noise. She calls out, "Holden?" No one answers and she goes to investigate the noise. It is Emma. She tells Lily that when she brought the children home last night and no one was here, she spent the night with them. She tells Lily that Holden had called several times for her. Lily asks Emma what she had told Holden? She says that she told Holden not to worry but she was a bit worried herself when she got up this morning and Lily was still not home. Lily says that she can explain and Simon comes up behind her and says that he can explain. Lily turns and looks at him. He explains to Emma that they had had a change of heart about the color scheme of the room and they got together early and went to the hardware store to have a look at the color chart. Emma says that they are so ambitious that she is going to put them to work on the farm. Emma says that she has to leave and as she walks by Simon she says goodbye to him and he says goodbye. Emma tells him that she loves his accent. After Emma is gone, Lily turns to Simon and says that he had better never do that again. She tells him that Emma is more than a mother-in-law to her and he made her lie to her. Simon apologizes and explains that he didn't think that Lily wanted her to know about the portrait. Lily says that she sees his point, but she doesn't like lying to Emma, she doesn't keep secrets from her. Simon says, "Except for the portrait." Lily says that is right and she wants to keep it a secret until it is finished. Simon says that this won't be too hard, since he is there working everyday and besides who would think that he would have a secret agenda? Later, Lily has changed clothes and she and Simon are talking about the new room and the phone rings. It is Holden and they have landed in Oakdale and will be home shortly. This does not make Simon happy.

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Camille is not impressed when Isaac informs her he's the new owner of Java Underground. Lily tells Simon the painting must be put on hold until Abigail is feeling better. Abigail runs into Chris at the airport and he admits he was waiting at all the New York flights.

Abigail insists Chris leave her alone and accepts Bryant's protection. Lucinda welcomes Bryant home and tells him to say goodbye to his freedom. Lily gives Simon permission to look through the family photo albums at Cal's for pictures of her. Isaac tells Lisa he has plans to add private gambling at the club, then cuts in on John and Camille on the dance floor. Abigail worries to Holden that she'll see Chris everywhere she goes.

Lucinda apprises Jake that Bryant will be working in the mailroom of the City Times. Jake gets a call from the editor at The Intruder and tells Lucinda he's going to find out where the photos of Chris and Molly came from. John is disturbed when Lisa blabs about Isaac's plans for gambling. Isaac convinces Camille to share one dance with him and John doesn't hesitate to fill in Camille about Isaac's plans when they're alone again.

Simon looks at photos of Lily in hopes of finding one of her wearing his diamond necklace. Lily leaves Holden alone with Abigail after convincing him that he's the only one who can talk to her. Abigail decides she has to see Molly. Chris visits Molly and tells her that Abigail has returned but they must work together to ensure she stays in Oakdale. Holden gets a call that someone has tripped the alarm at Cal's house.

Jake learns from Lisa that Isaac bought the club. Camille accuses Isaac of using her. Lily seeks advice from Lucinda on how to deal with Abigail and decides spending time with Bryant would be a good way to keep Abigail's mind off Chris. Abigail is furious to walk in on Chris at Molly's bedside and pulls him away, telling him to stop following her. Chris gets a call from Jake and agrees to meet him at Java to discuss the photos.

Isaac admits to Camille he got a tip from Alec Wallace that the gambling laws were going to change, but insists he stayed in Oakdale because of her. Holden is furious to learn the intruder is Simon and demands that he leave.

Bryant sneaks out of the house while Lucinda takes a bath. Simon covers up the painting of Lily while Holden confronts his wife. Katie brings Henry to the club to tell him the days of the stalker are over. Henry watches as Chris learns from Jake that the photos were supplied by someone on staff at WOAK. After Abigail leaves Molly moves her hand.

Thursday, March 16, 2000

As the World Turns will not be seen on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 due to live coverage of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament on CBS.

Friday, March 17, 2000

As the World Turns will not be seen on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 due to live coverage of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament on CBS.

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