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Monday, December 20, 1999

Everyone is in the courtroom and waiting for the jury to say what they have decided. The judge asks to see the verdict and the bailiff goes to the jury's foreman and gets a piece of paper and takes it to the judge. He looks at it and the bailiff returns it to the foreman. The foreman reads the verdict. Margo is found guilty of murder in the second degree. The courtroom starts to buzz. Cass asks the judge since it is so close to the holidays could Mrs. Hughes spend the time with her family until the sentencing. The judge denies him and says that Mrs. Hughes will be taken into custody. A policeman comes up to get Margo, but Jack tells him that he will take her. Jack tells Tom that he will take good care of her. Tom tells Margo that he will continue to look for evidence and to not give up hope. They hug and Margo whispers in his ear that she knows that he will continue to work on her case. She looks over Tom's shoulder and sees Emily leaving the courtroom and Emily has a grin on her face. Margo leaves with Jack. Bob and Lisa tell Tom that they will go home with him and be with him when he tells the boys. Before they leave, Tom calls Nancy and tells her the bad news and he will be there soon to tell the boys. As Tom is packing up his things, Jessica is getting her stuff together. Tom tells her that he hopes that she is proud of herself. She says that she was just doing her job. Tom says that he will find the evidence to clear Margo's name and then he wonders how Jessica will feel when she learns that she has sent an innocent woman to jail?

Abigail and Christopher are in the park discussing their relationship and if they should share it with Abigail's family. She wants to be honest with them, but he doesn't think it will go over well. They decide to keep it a secret, for now.

Molly is doing a relaxation ritual and Carly knocks at the door. Carly is there with champagne and she wants to celebrate. As they clink their glasses together, Carly makes a toast that she hopes to never clean toilets again. Molly starts to laugh. She had forgotten about Carly cleaning Lisa's toilets. Molly asks her about Hong Kong and Carly does not want to talk about it. Molly insist and Carly asks her if she would like to talk about her boy toy? Molly says that the subject is dropped. Abigail arrives and Carly decides to put some color into Abigail's face. She gets her make-up kit out and starts to paint Abigail. When she is finished, Carly makes a comment as to how beautiful Abigail is with make-up on. Molly doesn't like that Abigail is so beautiful all made up and she says that Abigail is just as beautiful with no make-up as well as with some. Carly makes a comment about Abigail modeling. Molly says absolutely not! Carly tells her that she sounds a bit like Emma. Molly says that she doesn't know what got into her, she sounds like a mother. She tells Abigail that if Holden says that it is OK, it will be OK with her. Abigail is all excited and Carly takes an afghan off the couch and puts it around Abigail's shoulders. Abigail acts like she is modeling it. Molly has a flashback of she and Chris making love on the afghan and she rushes over to Abigail and snatches it off of her. Abigail and Carly are surprised. Molly makes an excuse that it wasn't her color. Carly starts to talk to Abigail about the dates of the showing and of course the practices. Abigail gets her date book out of her bag and she takes a few books out too. As Carly and Abigail are talking, Molly see the F. Scott Fitzgerald book and remembers seeing the same book in Chris's apartment. She questions Abigail about it and she tells Molly that it is a book that she needs for school. Molly questions the inscription on the inside Daisy. Abigail tells her that it is a second hand book.

Chris shows up at Tom and Margo's house and he has Silly String for the boys. As he starts to shoot the boys with it he tells his grandmother not to worry it won't stain and it is easy to clean up. Adam and Casey gang up on Chris and Chris calls to his grandmother to help. She picks up a can and joins in on the fun. As the three boys are wrestling around and being rambunctious, Tom, Bob, Lisa and John walk in. All the sudden the boys see the adults and stand up. Tom tells the boys the bad news. Casey gets upset and says that his father promised to bring his mother home. He runs off saying that he will never trust Tom again. John catches Casey and Casey sobs into John's arms. Tom looks hopeless. Adam takes Casey upstairs to get him settled down. Tom asks Bob and Lisa to stay with the boys, he has some evidence to find. Tom leaves and goes to the courthouse, where he finds Jessica. She tells Tom that she is tired and could he wait until tomorrow. Tom tells her that this can't wait. He tells Jessica that Emily had been stalking Margo and Alec. He tells her that he believes that Emily was in Alec's suite the night he was murdered. He tells her about the security tape and the woman with a scarf on her head. He tells her that he needs a warrant to search Susan's home so he can find the scarf and prove that Emily is the killer. Jessica says that she will go talk to the judge.

Emily arrives home and Susan and Alison and Daniel are in the living room. Emily is happy and she goes over and picks up her son and hugs him. Emily tells Susan about Margo being convicted. Susan can't believe that she is so happy about another woman's misery. Emily tells Daniel that he will be seeing his father a lot more now. Susan starts to tell Emily about when she was Emily's age and she was addicted to drugs.....Emily interrupts and asks her mother what this boring story has to do with her? Susan tries to explain that she should not depend on anyone else to lean on. She should be adult enough to stand on her own two feet and not be dependent on Tom. Emily dismisses her mother and says that she is not doing that. Susan decides to put the children to bed. Susan takes Daniel from Emily and Emily says goodnight and Susan and the kids leave. Emily has a big smile on her face and she claps her hands and says that she knew that she would have a good Christmas. The doorbell rings and Emily opens the door. Tom is standing there and Emily smiles and says that she knew he would come.

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Jack is at the station and looking at the security tapes from the hotel that Alec Wallace was staying in. He rewinds the tape a couple of times, studying the woman in the scarf, walking down the stairs. Carly comes in with some food for Jack. He tells her what he is doing and she looks at the tapes. She tells Jack that the woman must be high society, because she is wearing a scarf from the Barbara Ryan line. Jack grabs her and kisses her and tells her that she just gave him a new lead. Jack tries to call Fashions but they are closed. Carly tells him to sit and eat his food. There is nothing that he can do until morning. He starts to eat and Carly asks him why he is still investigating this case. He tells her that he feels that Margo is innocent and he doesn't like it when innocent people get sent to jail. The phone rings and Jack answers it. The person on the phone tells Jack that they have the warrant ready that he has been waiting on. Jack kisses Carly good-bye and tells her, "Duty calls."

Tom is at Susan house and he and Emily are talking in the living room. Emily asks Tom if he would like something to drink. Tom asks her for some scotch. When she leaves to go get his drink, he starts digging into a potted plant that is in the living room. As he is digging, Susan walks into the room. Susan tells him how sorry that she is that Margo was convicted. She asks him how he is doing and how the boys are taking it. They are making small talk and Emily comes back into the room with Tom's drink. Emily asks him to stay and have dinner with them. He says that he just came over to see Daniel and he will go upstairs and do that. After he is gone, Susan starts to lecture Emily about Tom and Emily suggests that her mother go out for dinner by herself. Susan takes her coat and leaves. Emily tells her mother thank-you as she is walking out the door and then she calls her a grinch. Tom comes downstairs with Daniel. He says that he was awake when he went into his room and would not go back to sleep. Emily says that she will go upstairs and rock him for a bit. After she is gone, Tom starts to rifle through the potted plant again. Emily comes back downstairs and asks Tom what he is doing? He makes up an excuse about dropping a picture that he was looking at and broke the plant. She tells him not to worry about the plant and she has him sit in a chair. She tells him that she wants to be there for him. Whatever he needs, she will do. She starts to massage his shoulders and he is trying to explain to her how he feels. He can't concentrate with Emily giving him the massage. He asks her to stop. She tells him to relax and she will take care of him. The doorbell rings and she says that she guesses she has to answer it. When she opens the door, Jack is standing there and he shows her the warrant to search her home. Jack orders the other policeman that are with him to start searching the house. Emily says that they can't do this. She looks at Tom and asks him if they are aloud to do this? Tom tells her that it is in her best interest to cooperate. She asks Jack what is he looking for? If he would tell her maybe she could help him. She walks over to Tom and asks him about the policemen being there and Tom just looks at her. All the sudden it hits her. She says that he said in court that he had found out something and then she asks if he thinks that she killed Alec Wallace? Tom tells Jack that he had already looked through that plant and Jack tells the policemen to go upstairs and look for the scarf and look through all the shoes. Emily looks at Tom and says that she can't believe that he is doing this to her. Tom tells her about knowing that she sabotaged Margo's car the night that she was at Alec's cabin and that he knows that she had followed them to Chicago. He tells her that he is sure that she set up Jessica with the letter that Margo had written to Alec. Emily looks at Tom and says that she will never forgive him for this. Susan comes in and wants to know what is going on? Emily says that they are turning her house upside down. Susan says that she can see that, but why. Emily looks at Tom and says that this man, who is the father of my child and the man that I was willing to give my whole life to, thinks that I am capable of murder. She goes over and sit on the couch. Jack and the policeman finish the search. They take out several boxes of high heel shoes. Jack asks Emily if she would like to come with him? Emily says, "For what?" Jack tells her to be questioned in the murder of Alec Wallace.

John has come to the jail to visit Margo. He tells her that Tom is going to get her another trial and he knows that she will be found innocent. Margo tells him not to hold his breath. She says that Tom is still working on getting some evidence in her case. She tells him about Tom suspecting Emily. She tells him that in her visions, she can't see Emily's face. She tells him how bad she wants it to be Emily, but she can't. She asks him if he thinks Emily is capable of murder. John says that he thinks she is and she would be laughing while doing it. Margo says that just shoots their theory because in her memory, she hears a woman crying. John says that he has to go and she shouldn't be too hard on herself. He leaves and Margo starts to pace in the jail cell. She can't understand why she can't see the face of the woman. She closes her eyes and when she opens them, Alec is sitting on the cot in the cell. He is just looking at her. She asks him to just tell her who killed him. Why doesn't he just say the name? He holds up the scarf that the woman was wearing that was on the security tape. She looks at the scarf and he disappears. She is standing and staring at an empty cot.

Henry tells Holden that Katie has been working all day and has not heard about her sister, Margo. Henry says that he will go break the news to her. Holden tells him that he will take care of it. Henry leaves and Katie comes walking in. Holden stops her and tells her that the jury had made a decision in her sisters case. Katie looks at Holden and sees the worst. He tells her that they had convicted her. Katie starts to cry. Holden holds her while she sobs. When she composes herself a bit, she tells Holden that Tom is going to need her more now. She asks Holden if it will go against her record if she needs to take some time off work? Holden tells her to take all the time she needs and it won't affect her work record. Holden offers her a ride home and she says that she has Margo's car, but thanks. Holden leaves and Henry walks up, clapping his hands. He tells her that she played him like a Stratavarous. She looks at him like she doesn't know what he is talking about. He tells her that she has some Wiley E. Coyote in her. She gives him a look like he is something stupid.

Lily has fallen asleep on the bed waiting for Holden. She has some candles lit and a tray of finger food sitting by. Holden walks into the room and she wakes up. He apologizes for waking her. She tells him that is OK and asks him if he would like something to eat? He looks around the room and asks if he missed something? She says no, he didn't. She asks him if he is going to come to bed? He says that he has some work to do and won't be going to bed yet, but he won't wake the kids and he will try not to wake her when he comes to bed. He gives her a kiss and leaves the room. She yells after him and tells him to not stay up too late. She looks down at the candles and blows them out. She is disappointed, but does not let Holden see it.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999

Jake admits to Julia that the expensive bracelet he bought is for Vicky. Hal is not pleased to find Jack interrogating Emily and orders Jack to release her. After learning that Margo remembers seeing the butterfly scarf that was in the surveillance tape, Tom calls Lisa at Fashions and asks her to check her inventory.

Eddie vows to Georgia that he'll support Margo. Jake insists to Julia that his wife is alive and is surprised when she tells him she doesn't think he's crazy for believing such. Julia further volunteers to help him find toys for Vicky's boys. Emily slaps tom when he suggests Daniel stay with him. She bitterly tells Tom he belongs with Margo and warns him not to seek custody of their son or he'll regret it.

Eddie and Georgia visit Margo in jail and volunteer to take on her shopping list for Adam and Casey. Emily interrupts to tell Margo she won't be able to pin the blame on her. Lisa's records show she sold 3 of the butterfly scarves, and each woman had a connection to Alec. Georgia has to restrain Eddie when Emily posits that dying and leaving Eddie rich was the best thing his father ever did. Emily tells Margo she would never risk her freedom in order to try to win Tom. Leaving, she announces to Margo she can have Tom--she's through with him. Margo admits to Eddie she now knows for sure that Emily didn't kill Alec.

Lisa tells Tom, Hal and Jack that Emily isn't on the list of buyers, but Susan is. Jake protests when Lucinda's name is also announced. Julia walks in wearing the scarf, revealing herself to be the third name on the list. Hal confiscates Julia's scarf and questions her whereabouts on the night of the murder. Jake pipes up that she was at the airport with him, waiting for Vicky's plane to arrive. Jack takes Julia aside, but she insists she has nothing to hide. Privately, Julia berates Jake for even considering she actually killed Alec.

Margo explains to Georgia that she remembered a woman crying and it doesn't match up with Emily. She then mock-orders Georgia to take Eddie out of town, a plan Eddie promises to consider. Soon after Emily returns home Hal and Tom show up, telling Susan they're there to collect her scarf.

Julia lambastes Jake for trying to protect her by inventing an alibi. Jake thanks her for her shopping offer but says he's decided to go to Bay City to be with the kids. The two exchange awkward holiday greetings before separating.

Georgia and Eddie walk into the mansion as Jack is collecting Lucinda's scarf from her. Georgia protests--there's no way her "Aunt Lu" could've killed Alec. Susan returns from her bedroom and admits to Hal and Tom she can't find the scarf, which makes Emily go ballistic. Susan turns on her daughter and asks her if she killed Alec.

Emily refuses to justify herself by denying it and promises she'll leave. Lucinda tells her niece she has nothing to hide--she's more concerned that she and Susan Stewart share a scarf. Back at the station Hal and Jack discuss the fact that Susan's scarf is missing and Hal advises Jack to pray for a miracle concerning Margo. Margo is depressed at the realization she'll be in prison through at least New Year's, but Tom comforts her by telling her he won't allow her to be separated from him for a lifetime.

Thursday, December 23, 1999

At John's office, Lucinda finds Camille surprising John with Christmas decorations. Lucinda teases John about Camille, but he insists it's strictly professional between them. John tries to make plans with Camille for Christmas, but she is going to visit her mother. He gives her a gift - a doctor's bag. She loves it and thanks him. At Java, Carly and Barbara have a tense meeting discussing their fashion show. Jennifer and Abigail hit it off, and Abigail admits she has befriended an older man. Barbara demands that Carly explain what happened to her in Hong Kong. She provides a vague reply, which Jack overhears, and he wants to know what really happened. Jack tells Carly he has a surprise for her on Christmas if she holds off on lying. Carly prays she can be good for one more day. Jen offers to model for Barbara as well; though grateful, Barbara declines. Chris has a nightmare he's having wild sex with Molly when Abigail walks in. He wakes up in a cold sweat and finds Molly at his door. Chris, trying to pave the way for him and Abigail to be together, suggests that he and Molly pretend to be friends. Molly insists they should end all contact. They argue, and Chris realizes that Molly doesn't think he's good enough for Abigail. Molly says she just doesn't want him to know Abigail because of Chris/Molly's past relationship. They angrily break things off. Holden tells Lily he wants to throw a WOAK Christmas party at the house. They tell Abigail, who is thrilled because Chris will be there. Molly asks Holden how he thinks she's doing with Abigail; he assures her that Abigail worships her. Holden and Lily invite Molly to the party and she accepts, not realizing Chris will be there. Abigail happily tells Chris about the party, and how they will finally be out of hiding! Chris is speechless.

Friday, December 24, 1999

Katie arrives early at Holden and Lily's party for WOAK. Abigail is anxious for the partygoers to arrive. Chris disappoints his family when he tells them he can't come to the party with them. Hal watches as Margo wonders to Tom how she will get through the holiday. Chris gives the excuse of having to work but Nancy exposes it for a lie when she reveals she knows the taxi service is closing for the holiday. Bob concludes Chris just doesn't want to be with them. With Molly's words about not seeing Abigail ringing in his ears, Chris storms out.

Casey tells Santa he wishes it were really Christmas, that everyone has been trying to make him feel like it is, and Santa rings his bell. Casey then looks up in wonder as it begins to snow. Hal surprises Margo with Christmas decorations to spruce up her cell for the boys' visit. Holden is pleased when Ben and Denise disclose they're going to let Hope visit the Snyders for the holidays. Arriving at the party, Carly is upset when Jack corrects her assumption about their bet ending that night--their bet isn't over until tomorrow.

John deserts Camille at the airport when Tom calls him about being with Margo. Isaac learns his flight to Las Vegas is delayed and tries to get on the flight to Miami, which Camille is on, and both learn that the flight is in danger of being cancelled because of the snow. Jack tells Carly she must make it through all of Christmas Day in order to get him to pay up.

Katie urges Henry to leave the party when he makes cutting remarks about Abigail. Andy surprises his family when he joins them at the party. When Abigail learns Chris isn't coming, she asks Katie to make excuses for her and leaves.

Isaac introduces himself to Camille and explains he's trying to get out of Oakdale, noting he's not one for the holidays and Oakdale isn't exciting enough for him. Camille laughingly decides they have nothing in common.

Chris tells Santa his wish is to be with the people he loves and when he turns around Abigail is there. Chris explains to her that he realized he wants to keep their romance a secret for a little while longer. Abigail kisses him and gives him a journal in recognition of his wanting to be a writer.

Holden and Kim both give speeches to the partygoers. Ben notes Denise's unease when Andy congratulates them on their engagement and tells her she must do something. Molly worries that Abigail has gone to see her guy but Holden doesn't share her concern. Isaac and Camille share small talk until Camille's flight finally arrives, with Isaac noting he knew a guy who went to medical school and didn't have time for anything else.

Margo has a small party in her cell with the Munsons as well as John and Lisa joining Tom and the boys. When everybody has to leave, Tom surprises her with the news that he and the boys are staying the night, and Adam starts bringing in Christmas presents. As soon as the last guest departs Holden drags Lily under the mistletoe. Katie peaks through the front door and watches them kiss.

Isaac's flight to Las Vegas begins boarding, but he changes his mind--he's going to stay in Oakdale for a while. Katie arrives home to an empty house and finds a message from Tom on the answering machine explaining everything. She turns on the Christmas tree lights by herself and winds up a music box.

Tom and Margo snuggle happily on her cot after tucking Adam and Casey into sleeping bags. Holden senses Abigail's loneliness and thrills her by suggesting she call her parents in Saudi Arabia. Chris is there waiting when the Hugheses arrive home and he and Andy agree to spend the night there. Bob notes to Kim that all their children are doing well--their Christmas miracle has come true.

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