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Monday, November 15, 1999

Tom and Margo and the boys are spending a quiet evening at home eating pizza. Margo makes a toast and says that this isn't the first time that they spent the evening together but it has been the best time they have spent together. The boys start asking questions about Margo being a suspect in Alec Wallace's murder. She tries to explain to them about how she was working under cover to find out what Alec had been up to. Adam says that he never liked Alec. Casey says that he liked him because he brought him presents. Margo and Tom glance at each and Tom tells Casey that Alec was not an honest man. Casey says that the most important thing is that they are all together. Tom tells Casey that he has to remember that Tom has his own place. Casey doesn't understand, they can all be together again. Tom explains to Casey that he and his mother still have some grown up things to work out. Tom says that he will be there to help out with homework and he will be around a lot more now. Casey has something he wants to show Tom up in his room and as they are heading off to see it, Adam decides that it is time for him to go back to Hal's house. Margo kisses him good-bye. Adam thanks Tom and says that he is glad that Tom is going to be around a lot more. Later, Casey is in bed and Tom comes back downstairs and he is worn out from his injuries. He and Margo sit on the couch together. Katie calls Margo to let her know that she is at the diner with Chris Hughes and will be home later. She tells Margo how upset she has been with all the things being said at WOAK. Margo tells her not to worry about what people are saying about her. Margo finishes talking with Katie and hangs up. She starts to say something to Tom and he is fast asleep on the couch. Margo covers him up and sits down beside him and looks at his face as he sleeps.

Jennifer walks into the room and Barbara sees that she has a beautiful dress on. Jennifer reminds her that it is the 15th. Barbara says that it has been the 15th all day. Hal comes in and is talking about Margo and the case. He tells Jennifer that she looks nice. Hal makes a comment that he just wants a quiet evening at home alone. Jennifer stomps out of the room in a huff. Barbara looks at Hal and says, "What did I say?" Hal starts telling Barbara how frustrated he has been with Margo and this case. Adam comes in and he is in a huff because Hal had locked up his mother. Barbara reminds Adam that his father was doing what he had to do. Adam asks about dinner. Barbara says that dinner is in the oven. Adam says that he wasn't talking about that dinner, he was asking about Jennifer's dinner at school tonight? Hal blows up and says, "Damn it!" He looks at Barbara and says, "That is why she hates me." He adds that he is the worst father. Jennifer walks back in and Hal starts to apologize. She tells him to forget it, it is too late to go now. He tells her that they can get there for dessert and dancing. She doesn't know and then she decides to go. She and Barbara go upstairs to get her ready and when she comes back down, Hal can't believe how beautiful she is. He twirls her around in the living room a few times and says that she is ready to go to the ball. As they are leaving, he stops and gives Barbara a kiss.

Abigail and Diane are at Holden and Lily's with Molly. The five sit and try to get to know each other better. Abigail tells her mother that "she", meaning Molly, has hands just like hers. Abigail says that she doesn't mean to refer to her as "she", she just doesn't know what to call her. Molly says that she can call her Molly. Molly asks Abigail about what she likes to do. Abigail says that she, like Molly, likes to write. Abigail starts to talk about her other passion, riding horses. Her mother brags about her and how the instructor that they hired said that there was nothing further that he could teach Abigail, she already rode like a professional. Lily says to Holden, "Tell her." Holden turns to Abigail and tells her that he, too, has a passion about horses. He tells Abigail that they have a stable and she can come and ride whenever she wants. Abigail asks if she can see the stables and Holden says that he will show her around. The doorbell rings and Abigail is asking which way to the stables. Holden says that he will get the door first and then they will go out the back. Chris Hughes is at the door with a delivery from his mother to Lily. Lily tells Holden and Abigail to go on, it is probably WOAK stuff being delivered for her. Holden and Abigail leave just as Chris is being let in the door. Chris walks in and sees Molly there and says, "Hello neighbor." And then he asks if he is interrupting something. Molly tells him that she is there meeting with her daughter for the first time. Chris asks how it is going and Molly says that it is going good. Molly doesn't want him there and she asks him if he doesn't have to rush off, she knows how busy he is. Lily asks if Chris will wait, she has something that needs to go back to the production office at WOAK. He says that he will wait. Molly is uneasy with him being there. He tries to make small talk with Molly and Diane, but Molly keeps cutting him off. Finally, Lily comes back in with the package and Chris takes off. Holden and Abigail come walking back in. She is so excited about the horses and she is telling her mother all about it. Her mother says that they should be going because they have to catch the bus back to their town. Abigail reminds her mother that she needs to go by the diner to get the hat that she left there. Molly says that she will take them to the diner and then drop them off at the bus depot. Abigail and her mother say goodbye to Lily and Holden and they leave. On the way to the diner, Abigail is thinking about Christopher Hughes and how they first met. Then she thinks about them making plans to meet for breakfast, which Abigail never made. She snaps out of her day dream just as they arrive at the diner. She goes bouncing up to the building and she looks in the window and sees Chris sitting at a table. She goes inside and is watching Chris, who doesn't know that she is there.

Tuesday, November 16, 1999

Camille comes into John's office and he gets on her for not knocking again. She tells him that his family is having a crisis and if he would like to take some time off, the hospital would understand. John flies off the handle at her and tells her that she does not need to run his life. He tells her to leave his office and go home. As she is leaving, she says that she will go and he can snipe at himself. After she is gone, John starts to eat his Chinese food. After he takes a few bites, he grabs his throat and he cannot breath. He gets up from his desk and tries to make it to the door, but collapses on the floor. Camille comes back in and sees John laying on the floor. She thinks quickly and runs into another room for supplies and gives John an injection. She gets him up on the couch and as he is coming back, she tells him that he ate some shrimp and is probably allergic to it. He says that he is allergic to scallops. She says that if they are cooked in the same pan it can cause the same problem. John says that it was his good fortune that Dr. Baltore was there to save his life. Camille grits her teeth. John asks her to get him some water. She is mumbling under her breath what a miserable person he is. John wonders why she is so upset just because he asked her to get him some water. He could have died, you know. She informs him that Dr. Baltore did not save his life, she did. He can't believe it. She says that even though he doesn't want to admit it, she knows what she is doing. He tells her that he thinks that she will be a terrific doctor. She says that John is being nice now, but she won't feel better until he says those three little words. John beats around the bush for a minute and then he finally says that he is sorry for being grouchy with her earlier and he is grateful that she saves his life. That makes Camille happy and John tells her to go home. She says that she will shut the door behind her. John says that in light of what happened earlier, she can leave the door open.

Carly is sitting in the barn on some hay and she is day dreaming. Emma comes in and she hops up and acts like she is doing something. She asks Emma if there is something that she can do for her and she says that Carly should go to bed, she needs to get some rest so she can get up at the crack of dawn and help out with the chores. Emma walks out and Carly mutters that she isn't tired and it is boring with nothing to do. Her cell phone rings and she answers it to hear Jack's voice on the other end. Carly is playing it up big time with Jack, telling him how busy she has been at the farm, helping Emma. Emma comes back in and hears Carly telling Jack lies. When Carly hangs up, Emma asks her if the bet between she and Jack is still on? Emma adds, you know the one about lying? Carly says that she was not lying and she takes a shovel and starts to muck out a stall. Later, she shows Emma how she has the manure all raked up. She asks Emma about how she does this. Emma says, "What working on the farm?" Emma goes on about how the farm is full of music for her. She remembers her husband there and her children playing. Carly says that she doesn't hear any of that. Carly asks Emma if there is anything else she can do for her. Emma tells her to put the manure in a wheel barrel and get the feed ready for the morning chores. Carly says that she can do that. Emma leaves and Carly is raring to go. She wants to be successful, for Jack. She knows that Jack loves the farm and she wants to love it for him. She gets the manure gathered up and she gets the feed ready and she has gathered eggs. She picks up the eggs and turns and knocks the feed over into the manure. She can't believe that all her work has just gone down the tubes. She picks up the eggs one by one and starts to hurl them at the wall. She is saying how much she hates it at the farm and she is not made to live there. As she is throwing the eggs, Jack walks into the barn and gets hit in the face with an egg. Carly runs over to Jack and says that she is sorry and starts to clean him off. She tries to explain to Jack that it isn't going to work out for her to be at the farm. She isn't made to live on the farm, she is made to drink champagne and go to dance clubs and she loves sushi and she hates chickens and manure. Jack tells her that she is doing fine. She needs to give it some more time. He takes her hand and starts to kiss her fingers. She says that he shouldn't kiss her hands they are all rough. He says that he loves her hands. Her hands have shoveled manure and changed diapers and her hands can hold him. He asks her to hold him and she puts her arms around him. They start to kiss and they lay down on the hay. They are kissing and Carly stops and sits up. She tells Jack that they cannot do this. Jack asks her if she is afraid that Emma will come in, they can go to his house. She says that she didn't even think about Emma. She tells him that if they stay there they will get carried away and probably make love. Jack says, "That isn't so bad, is it?" She explains that there will be a better gratification if they wait. She says that when she is alone, this is what she will hear, the two of them together. She asks him to please understand. He kisses her and holds her close to him.

Molly and Diane are waiting in the car for Abigail. Diane says that she should go get Abigail or they are going to be late for their bus. Molly says that she will go get her. Abigail is looking at Chris through the window and she goes inside. She is about to go over to him and Katie comes up and Chris puts his arms around her. Abigail thinks that the blonde is Chris' girlfriend and she bolts out of the diner and runs into Molly. Molly asks her if she got her hat and she says that it doesn't matter anymore, they need to go. As Abigail is walking away, Chris sees her through the window. He about knocks Katie down trying to get out the door. Chris walks back into the diner and he has missed the girl that he went after. Katie wants him to tell her more about this girl, but Chris doesn't want to give her any information. He leaves the diner and the waitress comes up and tells Katie that there is a wallet on the floor by her feet. Katie picks it up and sees that it belongs to Chris. She tells the waitress that it belongs to her friend and she will take it to him.

When Diane and Abigail get home, Diane is worried about Abigail. She says to her that she didn't talk much on the way home. She asks if Molly said something to her to upset her? Abigail says no and she starts to say something else to Diane, then she asks if she could call Molly.

When Molly gets home, she is locked out of her apartment again. She is waiting on the super and Chris walks up. He asks Molly about her meeting with her daughter. Molly says that it went great. She tells Chris that she is waiting for the super to get home to let her in her apartment. Chris invites her up to his place to wait. She sees that the super is home after all. She puts her purse on the table and tells Chris to watch it. After she leaves, her purse begins to ring. Chris doesn't know what to do. He yells for Molly and then he picks up her purse. Molly walks back around the corner and yells, "No!!" She runs over and grabs the phone from him. She answers it and it is Abigail on the other end. Abigail says that she just wants to tell her that they made it home safe. Molly says that she is glad and then she asks Abigail if something is wrong? Abigail says that everything is fine. Molly asks if it is a guy? Abigail asks, "Why did you ask me that?" Molly says that when she sounds that down it is usually because....she changes the subject and tells Abigail that everything will look better in the morning. Molly tells Abigail that she can call her anytime she wants. They say good night and hang up. Molly apologizes to Chris for grabbing the phone, but if it had been Diane Williams and a guy answered her phone, she wouldn't let her see Abigail for another 30 years. Chris says that he understands. Molly tells Chris how great it was being with her daughter. Chris tells Molly how much he admires her and he kisses her. They back off from each other and Chris says that they won't be able to do this anymore and Molly says that they should knock it off. Molly tells Chris not to give her that look that makes her toes curl either. Chris salutes her and says, "Aye, aye sir." She salutes him back. Katie has walked up and sees Chris and Molly kissing. She steps back into the bushes to listen. She hears them talk about their affair. After Chris and Molly walk away, Katie steps out of the bushes and says, "Chris was talking about Molly? Hello! Golden opportunity!" And she has a big smile on her face.

Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Molly vows to Holden she won't do anything to embarrass her daughter. Chris worries when he sees "Grams" isn't feeling well and calls his mother, who promptly leaves the studio. Katie learns from Henry, the news director, that their midday anchor quit, so they have nobody to do their noon news.

When Georgia accompanies Eddie to Alec's gravesite they find Hal standing guard. Margo nixes Tom's plan to be her lawyer but Tom insists he'll help her remember. Margo flashes back to kissing Alec and says she refuses to relive what happened.

Katie suggests to Henry that she be the substitute anchor if he can't find anybody else in time. Henry calls Lily to apprise her of the situation but she has to pick up a sick Luke from school so she hands the phone over to Holden. Henry tells Katie to get ready to go on.

Eddie tells Hal that Alec planned to take him on a road trip without Margo and speculates that Margo's suddenly being left out could've given her motive to kill Alec. Margo is scared but agrees to go back to Alec's hotel suite with Tom.

Nancy allays Chris's fears about "Daisy" not wanting to be found by him. When Holden tells Molly about the troubles at the station, Molly jumps at the chance and suggests she be the one to fill in, reminding him of her on-air experience.

Jack, who's standing guard over Alec's room, agrees to bend the rules and let Margo and Tom enter, provided they don't touch anything. Margo stares at the bed and remembers finding blood on her hands when she woke up next to Alec.

Katie is nonplussed at Molly's arrival and decides to call Kim. Margo remembers she called Alec a murderer right before she passed out. Margo gets upset at being with Tom in a place she associated with Alec and runs out.

Katie leaves a message on Kim's voice mail about Molly taking over the news broadcast. Hal tells Jack things are looking even worse for Margo thanks to Eddie's bit of news. Margo shows up at the gravesite and apologizes to Eddie, but Eddie just walks away with Georgia. Margo then curses Alec for taking everything away from her and rips up the flowers at his grave as Tom stands near.

Lily is bemused when Holden fills her in on the crisis, noting how Molly enjoys the spotlight. Holden promises it's only temporary and that Molly will help them garner higher ratings.

Don't make me go back there, Margo cries when Tom suggests going to a hypnotist. After getting several pages from the station, Kim decides Nancy just has the flu and returns to WOAK. She's furious when she walks in during Molly's newscast, while at home Nancy and Chris watch in shock.

Tom extols the professional virtues of Dr. Stevens, whom he's used as an expert witness in the past, and tells Margo he's not going to give up until she remembers everything.

Thursday, November 18, 1999
by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Laurie Miller

Denise puts Hope down for a nap, then goes to tackle the mounting overdue bills that have been coming in lately. She realizes that she only has $17.53 in her checking account. The doorbell rings, and one of the bills falls to the floor. It is Ben at the door with Chinese take-out for lunch. Hope hears Ben's voice and starts fussing. Denise leaves to tend to Hope, and Ben finds the overdue bill on the floor.

Julia and Lucinda converse about Jake at the Lakeview. Julia offers to help Jake, and asks Lucinda how to get in touch with him. Lucinda accuses Julia of using Jake to get a jump on the Alec Wallace murder story. Jake shows up in the middle of their conversation, and tells the women not to be so paranoid about him.

Kim is livid about Molly anchoring the noon news. Katie explains to Kim that Holden is behind putting Molly on the air. Henry, the news director, puts his two cents in, and says she believes that Holden made the right decision (sticking it to Katie). Katie relives the interaction she witnessed about Chris and Molly's relationship. Katie tells Kim there is something she needs to know about Molly, but is interrupted by Holden. Kim wonders how the audience is reacting to Molly, and Lily comes in with reports that the audience is loving her. Holden recommends hiring Molly full time. In the meantime, Henry rubs in Molly's on-air success to Katie. Katie, in turn, calls Chris, and tells him to come to WOAK because there is something there that he won't want to miss.

Lucinda berates Jake for not taking enough time to grieve for his wife. Jake explains that the memorial service for Vicky was fine, that Donna is getting the care she needs in New York, and that Vicky's kids are going to stay with Stephen's father. Jake says that Lucinda has the only thing that will make him feel He inquires about what is going on with the Alec Wallace investigation.

Denise is mad when she catches Ben looking at the bill. She accuses him of going through her personal papers. She apologizes when Ben explains he found the bill on the floor. Ben inquires why Denise is hiding her financial problems from him. Ben then takes a look at all of the piling bills, with most of them being over a month late. Denise admits to being caught in the credit card trap. She bought too much for Hope on credit. Ben tells her that she doesn't need to provide luxuries for Hope like Holden and Lily could. Ben offers to help her pay her bills, but Denise flatly refuses. Ben tells Denise that he feels she is pushing him away. Denise explains that she needs to learn to handle her life on her own. Ben wonders aloud if Denise really wants him in her life at all.

Abigail recalls seeing Chris hugging Katie at Al's. She turns on the TV to see Molly doing the news. Back at the station, Chris shows up at WOAK. Molly sees Chris, and temporarily freezes while on air. The show raps up, and Holden congratulates Molly on how natural she was. Kim admits that Molly did a good job on the news with Lily. She also admits that she has been too wrapped up in personal problems lately to give WOAK the attention that it deserves. Lily agrees that she is in a similar situation. They both decide that they need to hire someone to run the station. Lily recommends Holden. Kim has her reservations, but does not veto the idea. Lily tells Holden that she has been thinking that he should run WOAK. Holden tells her to forget it. Meanwhile, Katie "suggests" to Chris that there is more to Molly's and his relationship than being just neighbors. She digs for Chris to show more reaction, mentioning Andy and what Molly did to him. Chris reveals nothing about his relationship with Molly to Katie. Katie intercepts a call from Abigail to Molly. Holden tells Lily that he is not cut out to run the station, and that he has no experience. Lily tells him that she will teach him, and that she thinks that it will be good for their relationship. Holden tells Kim and Lily that he will take the job, with a few conditions. One, it is only temporary, and two, he wants full control with no one second guessing his decisions. Kim says she won't promise not to disagree with him, but will not reveal anything publicly. Katie relays to Molly that her daughter is on the phone.

Jake tells Lucinda and Julia that he doesn't buy that Margo killed Wallace, and leaves the table. Julia says again that she thinks that Jake should be taking more time off to grieve. She offers to go after him, but Lucinda does instead. Jake tells Lucinda that he is tired of hearing everyone's sympathy. Lucinda tells him that if it is work that he needs, then that is what he will get.

Denise tells Ben that she feels like all she is to him is a big hassle, and that she is afraid of losing him. Ben tells Denise that she will not lose him, but Denise is afraid that nothing this good can last. She feels that Ben has been her "perfect prince" and that he has been saving her since they first met. She mentions that things are going too good as far as Hope is concerned, especially that Andy is now out of town, and won't find out the connection. Denise is also afraid that Ben will tire of her in the long run. She also is afraid that Hope will get too attached to Ben, and when he leaves them, Hope will be devastated. Ben accuses Denise of not wanting a father in Hope's life, since she discounted Andy, and now she is doing the same thing to him.

Lucinda orders Jake to get back to work. Jake leaves to go to the police station to find leads. Julia yells at Lucinda for her lack of sympathy towards Jake.

Abigail congratulates Molly on her broadcast. She talks about the "boy trouble" that she mentioned to Molly in their phone call earlier. Molly wonders if she should really be talking about this with Abigail, but Abigail says that if she doesn't tell someone, that she will burst. Molly wonders shy Abby would confide in her instead of her mother, and Abby says that she feels that Molly would understand more. Abby talks about the connection that she felt with this boy without mentioning names. She also tells Molly that she saw him in an arm lock with another beautiful girl. Molly tells her not to give up so quickly, that she should be there for him when the "other girl" drops him.

Denise tells Ben that she loves him, and that she is just protecting Hope from being hurt like she has been all her life. Ben wonders if Denise really needs him anymore now that she has Hope back. Denise tells him that she doesn't want to have to rely on him anymore. Ben says that the only way their relationship is going to work is that Denise learns to trust him, and quit planning "escape routes." Denise tells him that she hates feeling dependent and vulnerable, and that she needs to "find herself" before she can marry Ben. Ben leaves mad and extremely disappointed. He says they both have a lot to think about.

Lucinda tells Julia that she gave Jake "what he needed to get through the day." She tells Julia to respect Jake's wishes, and to let him deal with his grief his own way. Julia tells Lucinda that she is going to save Jake whether he likes it or not.

Abby talks to Holden, and asks him if she can come to Oakdale for the weekend to go riding with him. Holden readily agrees, and then later apologizes to Lily for not clearing it with her first. Lily tells him that she understands why he needs Abigail in his life right now. Holden admits that he doesn't know why he can't get over losing Hope, and wonders if he is going to use Abigail as a substitute for her. Meanwhile, Chris congratulates Molly on her news show, as Katie looks on waiting for the reactions. Henry comes over and gloats to Katie that her "biggest supporter-Kim" has handed over the reigns of the stations duties to Holden. Abby and her mother discuss the weekend plans. Abby is upset when Mrs. Williams tells her that she can't take her to Oakdale until Saturday. Abigail tells her mom that she is a big girl, and that she can take the bus, and have a cab pick her up at the bus station.

Julia finds Jake at Alec Wallace's grave. She asks him what he is doing there. Jake says that he came to spit on the grave, but noticed the flowers that someone (Margo) had destroyed over the area. He says that he is not the only one who despised the man. He says that Alec may be dead, but he is still working everyone. Jake tells Julia that he got no information at the police station, because everyone is clamming up on Margo's involvement. He says that he is going to have to uncover who killed Alec on his own, and that will be the revenge he needs to send Alec to hell. Julia offers to help. Jake says that they work for rival newspapers, but Julia reminds him that this is still THEIR story. Jake agrees to be partners with her. Before he leaves, he goes back and spits on Alec's grave.

In the closing moments of the show, Katie gives Holden the copies he requested, and "falsely" sucks up to both Holden and Molly. Denise holds Hope close, and tells her that she will not lose Ben. Andy returns to town, worried about Margo. He talks to Chris, and says that he hopes they both will have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Abby calls the Oakdale Cab Station to arrange for Chris Hughes to pick up "Daisy Buchanan" at the bus terminal on Friday.

Friday, November 19, 1999

Chris is determined to spend time with Andy and Casey, insisting he'll take the night off. When Andy hands him a message he took from his dispatcher Chris rips it up sight unseen. Abigail despairs when another cabbie arrives to pick her up.

Lisa and Emily argue over the paper's coverage of the murder, with Emily refusing to "villify" Alec. Emily is excited when Tom says she's ready to take on more responsibility until he says he's going to devote all his time to defending his wife.

Jake visits Margo at home and volunteers to take the rap for killing Alec, but Margo is having none of it, pointing out that Alec was dead before Jake even found out about his wife's plane crash. When Jake offers to write special editorials on her behalf or anything else necessary to allow Margo to stay with her family, Margo is surprised and touched by his loyalty.

Emily promises Tom if she gets any leads on Margo's case she'll send them his way, but Lisa isn't buying it. Molly returns Chris's boxers to him and is surprised to see that Andy has returned to the apartment. She quickly scolds Chris for leaving his clothes in the apartment complex dryer. Molly then tells Andy she'd like to thaw the coldness between them, explaining about her daughter. Andy is cool, telling her he doesn't want to be her friend.

Molly counsels Abigail when she informs her mother she got the brush off. Glancing at a departing Andy, Molly tells Abigail that sometimes breakups are for the best. Andy picks up Casey to bring him back to his apartment and hang out with him and Chris. Andy gifts Casey with his first camera and advises him to carry it everywhere.

Dr. Stevens the hypnotherapist arrives and though Margo again flashes back to kissing Alec, she tells the doctor she wants Tom to stay for the session. Andy is upset when he sees Molly doing the TV news, believing Molly wanted to reconcile with him in order to get in good with Kim, who happens to be her boss.

Jake tells Julia they will have to find the murderer themselves, as Margo can remember nothing. Under hypnosis, Margo is frightened by remembering Alec trying to make love to her and refuses to go further, insisting the treatment is not going to help.

Lisa catches Emily trying to eavesdrop on Jake and Julia. Molly is hurt when Andy accuses her of using him but tells him she's not going to fight with him now that her life is on track.

Chris and Abgail are surprised to see each other. Jake is determined to find out every detail of Alec's life. Margo goes to bed and has a vision of a bloody Alec standing in her bedroom, prompting her to cry out.

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