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Monday, November 8, 1999

Chris is at the diner thinking about the mystery girl. Abigail walks in and Chris turns and sees that it is her. He looks up and whispers, "Thank you." He goes over to her table and says that she turned him down for dinner once, but now they are in the same restaurant. Abigail remembers him and she agrees to have dinner with him. He sits down and asks her about the YWCA and she tells him that there is no room for her and she has to wait for couple of days for there to be some room. Abigail asks Chris if he knows of any place that she can stay. He starts to tell her about the Yardley and then remembers that it has been torn down. She says that is just her luck. Chris tells her that he will give her a tour of the town and stay with her until tomorrow. She tells him that he can't do that, he doesn't even know her. Chris says that he is the finest cab driver in town and he will show her how fun Oakdale can be. She agrees. Chris takes her around Oakdale and shows her the highlights of the town. They end up at the park with a pizza and a blanket. Chris finally gets around to asking Abigail what her name is. She says that it is Daisy...Buchanan. Chris gets a funny look on his face and asks her if her parents are Gatsby fanatics? She asks if he is in to F. Scott Fitzgerald? He says that he loves him. They discuss The Great Gatsby and Abigail starts to quote from the story. She realizes what she is doing and snaps out of it. Chris is impressed. They start to eat the pizza and someone starts to play a guitar from an apartment nearby. Abigail and Chris enjoy being serenaded. When to guitarist stops, Abigail begins to yawn. Chris suggests that she come back to his place. She says her mother would have a fit and she doesn't know him that well. Chris gives her a piggy back ride to his cab. He tells her that she can crash in the back seat and he will stand guard and make sure she is safe. She decides to go with that suggestion. The both of them get into the back seat and she puts her head on his shoulder. She looks up at him and says, "Thanks, for everything."

Tom is coming out of his coma. Bob and Lisa are by his bed. Bob asks if Tom knows where he is? Tom shakes his head "yes." Bob asks him if he knows who he is? Tom smiles a little and shakes his head "yes." Bob checks his vital signs and Tom is trying to talk. Bob tells him not to talk just yet, but Tom is persistent. Finally, he whispers, "Margo." Lisa and Bob go off to the corner of the room and Lisa tells Bob that she doesn't want to call Margo because she will show up with that Alec Wallace and it will upset Tom. Bob says that if that is what Tom wants they should do it. Lisa goes to call Margo.

Margo is just coming to after being drugged by Alec. At first, she doesn't know where she is. She starts to look around and realizes that she is in bed with Alec. She says to herself, "Oh, please tell me that I didn't sleep with him." She tries to sneak out of bed and feels something wet on her hand. She lifts her hand and sees blood on it. She jumps out of bed and backs away. She sees the gun laying on the bed. She has a flashback of getting it out of Alec's briefcase. She says to herself, "Oh my God." She goes over and checks Alec's pulse and he is dead. She is trying to decide what to do. She hears the phone ring and hears Lisa leaving a message that they are trying to find her and it is about Tom. Margo gets hysterical. She finds her cell phone and tries to call Hal. He is not in so she leaves him a message. She is still drugged a little, but decides that she can't wait for Hal. She leaves the room and puts the "do not disturb" sign on the door. After she walks away, it falls on the floor. The maid comes walking up and picks up the sign and knocks on Alec's door. She asks if anyone is there a couple of times and then goes in. She is looking about the room and starting to straighten up. She gets to the bedroom and sees Alec laying in bed with blood all over him. She screams and runs out.

Margo gets to the hospital and runs into Tom's room. She sees that the ventilator has been taken off and she is confused. She starts to asks Bob questions and she goes over to Tom's bedside. When she gets there, Tom opens his eyes and she is so happy that he is out of his coma. Bob and Lisa leave them alone. Tom tries to warn Margo to stay away from Alec. Tom tells her that Alec tried to kill him. Margo says that she knows. Margo asks Tom to forgive her and Tom asks her for what? Margo says that she had been so stupid. Tom says that he had been stupid himself. Margo tells him not to worry, Alec Wallace was never going to bother them again, she can promise that.

Jake is wreaking havoc on the attendants at Lucinda's airline. He demands for them to find out what happened to Vicky's plane. Lucinda comes in and tries to settle him down. She tells the attendant to make some calls and find out what happened, his wife is pregnant with twins. The attendant gets on the phone and soon he has some information to give to Jake. He tells them that the plane went off the radar and they aren't sure what happened to it. Jake grabs the guy and tells him find out something. Then, Jake backs off. He thinks that this is a joke that Vicky is playing on him and he starts to yell for her to come out, he is on to her. Lucinda makes him stop yelling and she tells him that it is not a joke. The attendant comes back with more information. After the plane left the radar, there were unconfirmed reports of an explosion in the area the plane was flying over. Jake loses it and he says that Alec Wallace is to blame and he takes off. Lucinda follows him. Jake goes over to Alec's hotel. As he gets to Alec's room, there is crime tape blocking the door and Jake tries to go right through it. A policeman stops him and Jake starts to yell. He busts past the police and runs into the room and sees a body bag. He can't believe that someone beat him to it. Jake is distraught and a policeman comes over and tells Hal that they found some messages on the answering machine. The first message is Lisa. The second message is a man telling Alec that the nasty deed is done. Things have been taken care of. Jake turns to Hal and says that he recognizes the voice. He can't put it together. Hal leaves to go check on something and while he is gone, it comes to Jake. The voice is the same voice as the body guard that they hired to protect his wife.

Out in the hall, the maid is telling Hal that the last person she saw go into Mr. Wallaces' suite was the redhead, his girlfriend.

Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Molly barges into Chris' apartment looking for him, but he is not there. Her cell phone rings and she thinks it is Chris. It is Abigail's mother and she asks Molly if she has had contact with Abigail in the last 24 hours? Molly says that she hasn't and she asks Mrs. Williams if everything is OK? Mrs. Williams says that everything is OK, Abigail has been really curious and asking a lot of questions about her birth parents and she thought that she might have contacted her. Molly says that if she does call she will let Mrs. Williams know. They hang up.

Chris and Abigail are sleeping in the back seat of the taxi. Chris wakes up and sees that it is morning. He wakes Abigail up. She asks if it is morning and he says yes. She looks at him and tells him thanks for everything. He asks her if she would like to get some breakfast? She says that she must get to the "Y" to get that bed for tonight. He says that he will drive her and she says that he has done so much already. He says that he would be happy to drive her. She accepts. They decide to meet later for breakfast at Al's Diner.

Jake is sitting on the park bench and he is off in another world. Someone comes up and puts their hand on his shoulder and startles him. He looks up and it is Julia. He tells her that he isn't good company right now and she says that she realizes that, but she thought that he might need someone to talk to right now. Jake starts to talk about Vicky. He tells Julia how she made him want to be a better man and give her the kind of life that she deserved. He talks about the twins that would have been. He talks about Vicky's children and how he needs to go to London and tell them about their mother. Julia says that they got a call from London and they need him over there. He asks her to make the airline arrangements and call Vicky's mother in New York and her sister in Bay City. She says that she will take care of it and does he need anything else. He says that he needs to get to the airport and she says that she will take him. She asks if he is coming and he says that he will be right behind her. He is crying and he tries to get his composure.

Chris comes bopping into his apartment and he is happy. Molly comes walking out of his bedroom and he asks, "Why are you here?" Molly says that he never asked that question before. Molly jumps on him for standing her up for dinner. He says that his mother came by and he had to go to the hospital and then she remembers about Tom. She asks how he is doing. Chris says that he was in a coma the last time he heard. Molly asks where he was later, he could have called. Chris lies and says the he worked a graveyard shift last night. She apologizes and says that she knows that they are not a couple but he could have called her. She wants to kiss and make up but Chris pushes her away and says that he thinks that they should not see each other anymore. Molly says that this a switch, she is usually the one trying to use common sense and he is the one attacking her. She gets upset and says that he used her and now he is dropping her. She leaves the apartment in a huff.

Abigail is waiting for Chris at Al's. She starts thinking about their evening in the park and the guitarist serenading them. She snaps out of her daydream and realizes that Chris maybe meeting her out front. She gathers her things together and as she is putting on her coat, her mother walks through the door. Mrs. Williams goes over to Abigail and asks if she is all right. Her mother says that she called her friend and her friend caved in and told her that Abigail was not spending the night at her house. So, she put two and two together and realized that she was in Oakdale. Mrs. Williams tells Abigail that she will set up a meeting with her birth parents if she will come back home. Abigail agrees to this, but before she goes she needs to leave a note for someone. Mrs. Williams wants to know who, she doesn't know anyone in Oakdale, does she? Abigail explains that it is someone that helped her and she needs to say thanks.

Chris comes running into the diner and he asks the waitress if a girl with dark hair and pretty was asking about him. She says that he must be Christopher Hughes and she gives him the note that "Daisy" had left for him. He reads the note and she tells him that she was not meant to be a runaway. Her mother had found her and she was going back home. She thanks him for all that he had done for her and she will never forget him. Chris is sad and he goes home to his apartment. There is a knock at the door and Molly is standing there. She tells him that she would not blame him if he slammed the door in her face. She apologizes for jumping on his case before. She says that she realizes that they aren't going to be picking out the china pattern any time soon, she just thought that they could have some fun together. She starts to kiss Chris and this time he lets her.

Tom wakes up and sees Margo beside his bed, asleep. He smiles and starts calling her name. She snaps out of her sleep and asks him if something is wrong. Tom says that he is OK and he is thankful for her spending the night by his bed. She tells him that she needs to leave him for a little while, there is something that she needs to take care of. There is a knock at the door and Hal sticks his head in. After he and Tom exchange pleasantries, Hal asks Margo if he could see her out in the hall. She tells Tom that she will be back. When they get outside of Tom's room, Hal tells Margo that he felt that he should tell her personally that Alec....Margo finishes the sentence, "has been murdered." Hal gets a funny expression on his face and says, "You knew?" She tells Hal that she knows more than she wants to know. Hal asks her if they should be talking down at the station? She says that before he talks to her officially, she would like to talk to him, unofficially. She tells him about trying to trap Alec and planting the bug in his hotel suite. Hal reminds her that anything that she would have found out would have not been submitted in court. She tells him how Alec found the bug and then drugged her. She goes on by saying that she passed out on the bed and then when she woke up she was in bed with Alec, but he was dead. Hal asks her if she has any idea how long that was and she says that it could have been a couple of hours. Hal asks her if she did it and she says that she does not know. Hal suggests that she take a blood test to see if there are any drugs left in her system. She asks him about "if", does this mean that she is under suspicion? Hal says that she knows the drill.

Margo goes back into Tom's room. Tom tells her about Adam coming to visit him and telling him that Alec Wallace was murdered. Margo tells Tom about being with Alec and that he drugged her and then when she came to, Alec was dead. Tom asks if she did it and she says that honestly, she does not know. He says to leave it that way and the prosecution will have to prove it. She lays on the bed beside him and they talk about their marriage. They decide that it can be salvaged and Tom tells Margo that he will be beside her all the way. Hal comes in and tells Margo that the blood test came back negative for any drugs. Tom says that that doesn't prove anything. Hal tells them that they have collected hair samples from the pillow case of Alec's bed. Tom says that that doesn't prove anything, either. Hal says that he is waiting on forensics to come back with some information. Hal tells Margo that she has to go with him. As they are leaving the room, Tom yells out that he will not let Margo take the fall for Alec, he will not let it happen.

Wednesday, November 10, 1999

At WOAK, Kim coldly lectures Henry when he wants to run old footage of Eddie and Margo (a.k.a "Detective Love). Later, she reassures Katie of her sister's innocence. Lily confides in her mother about Holden's grief. When Holden spots Hope in the park, he doesn't hesitate to pick her up.

After re-reading Abigail's note to him, Chris voices regrets to Molly that they slept together again, allowing her to believe it's because he doesn't want her to lose her chance to meet her daughter. Unable to get any information from the YWCA about "Daisy Buchanan," Chris determines to find her on his own. Back home, Abigail cherishes the car freshener Chris gave her.

Lucinda concludes to Lily that Holden needs to spend less time with his horses and more time around people. After assuring Holden he's free to see Hope anytime he wants, Denise reveals she's dropped out of school. Holden supports her decision, saying that children come first.

As he's preparing to be discharged by John, Eddie confesses to the doctor that he's giving Alec a second chance. Georgia has to come in and tell Eddie that his father is dead. Lily is skeptical when Lucinda suggests Holden work alongside his wife at WOAK since he is a co-owner, but a fortune cookie urges her to listen to her mother.

Eddie is in denial when he learns Margo is being questioned because she find out Alec had lied to her. At the station Lily gets into a disagreement with henry when she tells him not to run the story on Margo. Henry terms her a "dilettante absentee owner" and advises her to get out of his way. Holden collars Henry and tells him not to speak to his wife like that. When Henry mockingly congratulates Holden for saving his little "princess," Holden tells him he wouldn't be missed if he quit. When Henry walks off, the whole crew applauds Holden.

Eddie trashes his hospital room when Georgia insists that Alec tried to kill Tom, but she is there to hold him when his anger gives way to tears. Bob rescues an old grey blazer from Nancy's clothing donations--Tom gave it to him 18 years ago, he remembers. Mother and son reminisce about how Tom saved up to give it to his father, and Nancy comforts Bob when he contemplates what he would've done if Tom hadn't survived.

When Kim informs him that Alec is dead and Margo is a suspect, John recalls his daughter asking him to take care of the boys and wonders if she planned things. Kim firmly disabuses him of such a notion, even if she wanted revenge for Tom's attempted murder. The two then set off to look for Casey and Adam.

Nancy visits Chris and he agrees to spend time with Casey and Adam, then she counsels her grandson that he shouldn't worry, he will find his niche in life. Molly and Lucinda clash when Molly refuses to write any more of the "heavy breathing" columns, even if it costs her her job.

Holden explains to Lily about Denise's bad fortune and wishes they could help her. Molly explains she has to tone down her columns because of her teenage daughter and finds Lucinda is in agreement.

Chris tells his "gram" all about his meeting with his dream girl and despairs of ever seeing her again, though Nancy is convinced he'll see her again soon. Mrs. Williams accedes to Abigail's wishes and promises to arrange a meeting in Oakdale for her with Holden and Molly.

Thursday, November 11, 1999
by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by James Hammond

Carly and Emma bonded uncomfortably at the Snyder farm. Jack stopped by and spent some time with Carly.

Lisa argued with John and Tom over Margo's culpability in Alec's death. She tried to stop Tom from supporting Margo. Lisa later stopped by The Argus and informed Emily that Tom is out of his coma. Emily got peeved that no one bothered to tell her. She planned to publicize Margo's legal troubles, then changed her mind. She then visited Tom in the hospital, pretending to support Margo. Tom asked her to stay on top of things at the Argus.

Hal and Jessica prepared to interrogate Margo. Eddie showed up at the police station seeking answers and hurling accusations. He begged Margo to tell him that she didn't kill Alec, then ripped into her, thanking her for taking three parents from him (Dina, Alec and herself). Eddie snidely thanked Margo for leaving him with nothing to lose. Cass Winthrop showed up to represent Margo, also informing her that Alec is suspected of killing Vicky McKinnon. Georgia found Eddie in the park just as he finished reading about Alec's crimes. She consoled him after he admitted that he felt like a fool for believing Alec's lies. Eddie wondered if he could end up like his father. He told Georgia that his entire life has been bad, except for her, and forgave her for keeping his father's identity from him.

Lisa confronted Margo at the police station, telling her that she doesn't trust her and doesn't believe she loves Tom. She insisted that it would be best for Tom if Margo divorced him and told Margo she believed she was guilty of Alec's murder.

Margo gave her testimony to Jessica and Hal, including the fact that she handled Alec's gun and wiped her prints off of it before he returned to his hotel room and drugged her. Just then, the lab reports came in -- Margo's prints are all over the gun, including the trigger. Hal approached Margo and read her her rights.

Friday, November 12, 1999

Chris's dream of "Daisy" showing up on his doorstep is replaced by the reality of Molly. Bob informs Tom that Margo has been arrested. Margo worries about possible "surprises" and suggests to Cass they should plea bargain. Molly is pleased when Chris terms her article "tame" and "PTA worthy." Abigail, anxious to meet her biological parents, tells her mother she was distracted at dressage for thinking about them. Bob refuses to let Tom leave the hospital to help Margo.

Margo warns Cass about the minefields of her past: her confession to killing Diego Santana, her helping her stepfather Casey Peretti end his life and her PTS episodes. Furthermore, she helped Eddie evade arrest. Margo believes Jessica will use her past to portray her as a "rogue cop."

Over Bob's protests Tom gets dressed and staggers out of his room. Margo insists the most important thing to her is to have time to be with her sons and repair her marriage, despite Cass's reminder that if convicted it'll be the end of her career as a cop. After hearing about Holden's heroics at the studio, Lucinda advises a stressed Lily that Holden is the answer to her WOAK problems.

Molly is ecstatic when Diana Williams calls and agrees to meet her and Abigail at Holden's house that night. Lily is convinced Holden will never agree to work at the TV station, remembering his stints at both Montgomery & Associates and Worldwide and how he quit both of them. But before Lily has a chance to prove her point by asking him himself, he gets a call from Abigail.

Jessica and Cass meet to discuss a plea bargain but are unable to agree on terms, with Jess insisting she can't give her friend any favors with so high profile a case. With Bob on his heels, Tom enters the police station and urges Margo not to take any plea. Margo plays devil's advocate and orates a damning argument against herself. What jury wouldn't convict her with that? Margo asks.

Abigail worries about Molly getting along with her mother and Holden agrees to take care of Molly in order to ensure there'll be more meetings. Bob wants to haul Tom back to the hospital for tests but his son has eyes only for Margo. Don't give up, Tom begs. Margo agrees to trust her husband and he escorts her home.

Holden and Lily try to calm a nervous Molly when she arrives extra early. Chris agrees to help out his mother by delivering some WOAK files to Lily's house. Abigail and Diane arrive and Holden and Lily greet them at the door. Molly then walks up and introduces herself to Abigail as her mother.

At home Adam and Casey prepare dinner while Tom rests on the couch. Tom tells Margo that if they find the vial Alec used to drug her, they'll find the killer. An unknown person wearing gloves and a jean jacket wraps a bloody towel in a Lakeview bag and buries it in the bottom of a potted plant.

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