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With Eddie watching, Alec 'rescued' Tom from the water and performed CPR on him, then later tried to pull the plug on Tom's ventilator. With Tom in a coma, fighting hypothermia, his family rallied around him, including Margo. Alec realized Margo was onto him and drugged her. Carly was forced to accept Emma's offer to live at the farmhouse after her hotel room was condemned. Lucinda arranged for Vicky to fly into Oakdale on her private jet, but Jake panicked when he arrived at the airport and found out the flight was late.
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Monday, November 1, 1999

Molly is at her apartment and she is practicing how she is going to address her daughter when she calls. There is a knock on the door and she thinks that Abigail is there. She answers the door and Chris is standing there with two cups in his hands. He says that he has brought her some cappuccino and some conversation. Molly says, "Yeah, right." She knows that he is there for one thing and her daughter may call and she doesn't want him there. He says that he will behave and he puts his hands behind his back and says, "Look, no hands." They sit on the couch and start to make small talk. Molly can't get into the conversation. She asks Chris to leave before Abigail calls because she can't talk to her with him in the room. He takes offense and heads for the door, but before he can get to the door, there is another knock. Molly starts to freak out, she thinks it is Abigail. She makes Chris go hide in the bathroom. She opens the door and it is Carly. She needs a place to stay because her building has been condemned and is being torn down in the morning. Molly says that she can't stay there and Carly can't believe that she isn't going to help out her cousin. Carly finally agrees to leave but she needs to use the facilities first. Molly won't let her go in there either. Carly can't figure her cousin out. Chris comes walking out with a towel around his neck. He explains that he was taking a shower because he has no hot water. Carly looks at him still wondering. Chris explains further that he lives downstairs in Andy's apartment and Molly was kind enough to let him use her shower. Carly asks him why his hair is not wet? He says that he didn't wash it, wet hair and cold weather just don't mix. Chris makes his way to the door and leaves. Carly turns to Molly and says, "You are sleeping with him." Molly doesn't deny it. Carly gathers her things up and says that when this blows up in her face that she won't need to say that she told her so. Carly leaves in a huff. Molly goes to the phone and dials Abigail's number. Abigail's mother answers and Molly hangs up. She dials the phone again and asks Chris if he is ready for gab session #2? Chris comes back up to her apartment and when she opens the door, he asks if Carly is gone and she says, "Yes, nobody's here except us rejects." Chris comes in and asks if Abigail called and Molly shakes her head no. He asks if she wants to talk about it and he hugs her and she lets him.

Alec has hit Tom over the head with a pipe and he is unconscious, laying on the pier. Alec shoves Tom into the lake. Eddie comes running from out of no where yelling for Alec. Alec looks at him and then at the water. He tells Eddie that something awful has just happened, Tom has fallen into the water. Eddie can't believe it and he wants to know what happened. Alec tells him that they were struggling and Tom fell and hit his head as he was falling into the water. Eddie asks if he was conscious? Alec lies and says that he doesn't know. Alec jumps into the water and starts to try to find Tom. Eddie wants to come in and help. Alec tells him that he shouldn't get into the water, he has only one good arm and he can't help Eddie and Tom, too. Eddie waits but can't take it, he takes off his shoes and jumps into the water. Alec is protesting. Eddie dives down a few times and finally comes up with Tom. He has Alec hold on to him so he can get up on the pier. Alec lifts Tom onto the pier and Eddie gets his cell phone and tries to call but the phone is not working. Eddie tells Alec to go to the cabin and call 911 and he will perform CPR on Tom. Alec tells Eddie that he is not strong enough yet to perform CPR and he should go make the call and Alec will stay there and do the CPR procedure. Eddie takes off and at first Alec acts like he is starting CPR. After Eddie is out of site, Alec lays down beside Tom and tells him that this is what is gets for trying to come between him and his son. Shortly, Eddie is coming back and he has paramedics with him. The paramedics start to work on Tom. Alec is making comments about Tom being dead. Eddie is freaking out, asking the paramedics if they can revive Tom? Finally, the paramedics get a heartbeat from Tom. Eddie is so relieved. Alec is not happy. The paramedics load Tom up and Alec and Eddie ride with him to the hospital.

At the police station, Margo is inside her jail cell and she is writing a note to Alec telling him how everyone has misjudged him. She writes that when she gets out, she is going to do everything in her power to prove that he is an innocent man. She goes on about how much she loves him. A policeman comes in and says that she has a visitor. Margo is happy, at first, until she sees that it is Emily. Emily questions her about Alec kidnapping Casey. Margo informs her that Alec is Casey's friend and he had taken Casey for an afternoon of fishing and he has already returned him. Margo says to Emily that she came to see the animal in the zoo and now she can leave. Emily persist, asking Margo questions about Alec. Margo is acting hostile to Emily and Emily asks her what she is so mad about, she didn't do anything to Margo? Margo informs her that she has done plenty to her and tells her to leave again. Emily goes on and then Margo says that she knows what Emily is up to, she is there to see if she is still in love with Tom or has she moved on to Alec. Margo tells Emily that she can have Tom, she doesn't care anymore. Emily gets a big smile on her face. Hal comes busting in and tells Margo that she is coming with him. Emily starts asking the questions, where is he taking her? Are they going to be questioning her? She is following them out and then remembers the letter that she saw Margo writing. She goes back to the jail cell and starts to read Margo's letter to Alec. As she reads it, she gets a big smile on her face and says that Tom needs to see this. The policeman comes back in and asks Emily why is she still there? She says that she was just leaving. As she starts to leave, she acts like she is getting a page and says that she has to call her office. As she is dialing, she asks the policeman to give her some privacy. He leaves and after he is out of site, she picks up Margo's letter and stuffs it in her purse. The policeman comes back and assumes that she knows about Tom being rushed to the hospital. She acts like she knows all about it and she leaves.

They rush Tom into an examining room in the ER. Eddie and Alec come in behind him and they take off to get some dry clothes and have a doctor look at Eddie. Margo comes running in and Bob meets her. She asks him about Tom and Bob says that he just found out that he was there. He tells her to wait and he will go see what he can find out. Margo is standing outside the room and she can hear them trying to revive Tom. She is crying and saying please, please. Finally, they get a heartbeat back and she is thankful. Hal comes up to her and she asks him if he knows what happened. He makes a comment about Alec. Margo asks him if he really thinks that Alec did something to Tom? Hal asks her what's it going to take for her to see the light about Alec. He leaves to go find Alec.

Alec is with Eddie and he is being checked out by a doctor. The doctor suggest that Eddie stay in the hospital for observation and Eddie starts to throw a fit. Alec tells him that he will do what the doctor says. The doctor leaves and Alec asks Eddie what was he doing up at the cabin. He says that he came up there to talk to Alec about all this father-son stuff. Alec gets a smile on his face. Hal comes into the room and wants them to tell him what happened up at the cabin. Alec tells him about Tom getting irate with him and they were struggling together and Tom slipped and fell and hit his head and went into the water. He says that Eddie saw it. Eddie picks up and says that he and Alec jumped into the water and was looking for Tom. Hal is suspicious of Alec's motives. Eddie says to Hal that it isn't fair to accuse Alec, he was helping Tom, he even performed CPR on Tom. Hal starts to leave and tells Alec that he will talk more with him later.

Ben comes out to talk to Margo. He tells her that they won't know the severity of Tom's condition until he wakes up. He adds that he could be brain damaged. Margo says that he wouldn't want to live that way. Ben tells her not to jump to conclusions just yet. She asks if she can see him and he tells her to go ahead. She walks into the room and she leans over him and starts to touch Tom's face. Bob walks in and tells her no, she can't touch him. They have to be careful of any stimulation. She asks if Lisa knows yet and he says no. Margo says that she will go and call her. Bob tells her to stay with Tom, he will go and call Lisa. Bob looks at Margo and then apologizes. He says that he knows they have been having some difficulty and he didn't mean to assume. She tells him that is OK, she wants to stay with Tom. Bob leaves and Margo sits down beside Tom's bed and she is crying and saying, "Please don't leave me."

Alec comes out of Eddie's room and Hal is waiting on him. Hal tells Alec that he has just heard something very interesting that he heard a doctor say. Alec plays along and asks what is it. Hal says that a person with hypothermia is not dead and they can hear everything going on around them. Alec says, "Oh yeah?" Hal informs him that when Tom wakes up, he can tell them exactly what happened.

Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Al is closing up the diner and while he is in the back, Carly sneaks in the front door. She hides under a table and as she is climbing under it, she knocks the table and tips over the sugar container and makes a noise. Al comes out from the back and asks who is in the diner. Nobody answers so he thinks that he was just hearing things. He goes out the door and locks it and leaves. Carly climbs out from under the table and she goes over to one of the booths and settles in for the night. She gets a picture of Parker out and looks at it. Al has forgotten his coat and comes back. As he walks up to the diner window, he sees someone inside and he takes out his cell phone and calls the cops. Jack takes the call.

When Jack gets to the diner, he opens the door and walks in. He yells that if anyone is in the diner they had better come out. Carly wakes up from sleeping when she hears Jack yelling. She makes a face and knows that Jack is going to catch her down on her luck again. She holds up a napkin and waves it in the air. Jack says, "What the...." Then he sees that it is Carly and he asks her what she is doing there. She lies and says that she is there sleeping so she will be at work bright and early tomorrow. Jack, of course, doesn't believe her. She finally gives in and tells him about her apartment building being torn down. Carly makes some coffee for them and they sit and talk. She reminds him that she has not told a lie yet. He reminds her about sleeping at work to be the first one there. She says that it doesn't count because she told him the truth after that. He kisses her and they start kissing more passionately. Finally, Jack pulls away and says that he has to check in at the station. He gets his phone out and calls the police station. He finds out that nothing new has come in on the Wallace case and Tom Hughes is in no better condition. Jack tells the person on the other end that he is just full of good news. Jack hangs up and starts to say something to Carly, but she is fast asleep. Jack leans over her and kisses her and he leaves the diner.

Margo walks into Tom's room and she stands there looking at him. Ben comes over and tells her that she should not be scared. All the machines that Tom is hooked up to is keeping him alive. She asks him not to tell her to stay out of the room or go home. Ben says that she needs to be there with Tom. He tells her that comatose patients seem to do better when their family is around. Ben leaves and Margo goes to Tom's bedside. She tells him that she had to leave him while they were moving him into a room but she is back at his side now. She starts to wonder exactly what happened between him and Alec. She asks Tom if Alec tried to kill him. Alec is standing at the door and he asks Margo if she wants to ask him that question? She gets up and leads him to the hall and she says that she doesn't want to talk in front of Tom. Margo looks Alec in the eyes and asks him to tell her what happened between him and Tom at the cabin. Alec has flashback of hitting Tom over the head with the iron bar and pushing his body into the lake. He snaps out of it and lies to Margo. He tells her that Tom came after him because of Casey. He explains that when he tried to stop Tom, he slipped on the pier and hit his head and fell into the water. He says that Tom tried to kill him. Alec puts his arms around Margo and says that she wanted him to tell her the truth and he has. He asks her if he can take her home and she says that she wants to stay with Tom. He says that he will be around the hospital. Before he leaves he tells her that her trust means everything to him. Margo goes back into Tom's room. She tells him that the more that she talks the more confused she gets, but there is someone that can help her clear her thoughts. Margo goes to see Eddie.

Emily is all in a huff because no one will let her see Tom. She is complaining to Ben and Ben says that he agrees, there are other people who should see Tom instead of just Margo. Ben walks over to Bob and Lisa who have just walked in and tells them that they can go right in and see Tom. Emily walks off in a huff.

Margo walks into Eddie's room. She sits down by his bed and he asks her how Tom is doing? Margo tells him about Tom's condition. Margo starts to question Eddie about what was going on between Tom and Alec when he got to the cabin. Alec is standing outside the door listening. Eddie tells Margo that he couldn't see anything until he got down to the lake. He could hear Alec and Tom yelling at each other when he got out of his car. He says that the yelling stop like all of a sudden and it startled him and that is when he started to run to the lake. Margo asks him what he saw when he got to the lake? He says that Alec was standing there looking down at the water. Margo asks if Alec saw him and Eddie says that he is sure he did because he was charging right at him. Margo asks Eddie if Alec got into the water after he saw Eddie? Eddie says that he did. Eddie wonders what Margo is thinking? Margo says that there is only one person that can corroborate Alec's story and that is Tom. Alec walks away from the door.

Emily finally gets her chance to see Tom. She starts telling him how she and Daniel need him and they need him to get better. She tells him how devoted she is to him and Margo is not. She starts to read the letter that Margo had written to Alec to Tom. She reads the part that says that she loves Alec. Emily is crying and saying that Margo doesn't deserve him. She says that she is the one who loves him and she cries harder and puts her head down on the side of the bed.

Later, Ben and a nurse are checking on Tom. They get everything set and then they leave. After they are gone, Alec walks in and stands over Tom. He looks around at all the machines that Tom is hooked up to. He sees a label that says, "for ventilator use only." Alec puts his hand on the ventilator plug.

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

When Holden reaches into his coat pocket, he finds an old toy bear with Hope's name on it. Lily arrives and is frustrated when she can't get him to admit that something's wrong. Adam lashes out at Hal when he assumes Adam's going to the hospital to visit Tom.

Margo walks into Tom's room just as Alec is preparing to pull the plug on Tom's ventilator. Alec looks to Margo for support when Bob and Kim chastise him for being in their son's room. Adam breaks down when Barbara insists he needs to see Tom--he doesn't know how to feel anymore, he laments. Lily senses Holden's restlessness and accuses him of shutting her out. Lisa escorts Adam into Tom's room while Bob promises to call security to ensure Alec is not allowed inside it again.

Holden insists to a doubting Lily he still loves her and kisses her desperately in an attempt to show her. Upset by Tom's lack of response, Adam runs out. Hal tells Margo he doesn't trust her anymore. Adam visits Eddie's room, where Eddie is quick to assure him that Tom heard him. When Eddie expresses ambivalence about how he feels about his own father, Adam insists that Eddie shouldn't trust Alec.

Hal tells Margo he believes Alec hired the hitman to target himself as a means of avoiding more suspicion. Angered when Lily pulls away, Holden storms off. Lily belatedly finds the toy bear and realizes it's not about her at all.

A tearful Margo confesses to Tom that she never loved Alec, that she knows he tried to kill Tom twice. Adam worries that Tom could die believing that his son hates him. Alec asks Eddie what he needs to do to fix their relationship. Adam is heartened when he sees his mother is at Tom's bedside. Margo bemoans the fact that she let her hurt towards Tom block out her instincts that warned her about Alec.

Emily hovers in the doorway as Margo avers to Tom that she loves him "more than life itself." Alec vows to Eddie that he'll never desert him again, that all he wants is for Eddie to remain open to the possibility of an "us." A flustered Emily tells herself she can't lost tom and runs out after encountering Alec.

Margo pulls away when Alec suggests they leave town. Holden returns and apologizes to Lily for walking out. He shies away, however, when Lily wants to talk about Hope, insisting she's gone and talking about her only makes it worse.

When pressed by Alec, Margo hastens to assure him they're still together--I'd follow you anywhere, she claims.

Thursday, November4th"
by Soap Central

John lays into Margo when he overhears her agreeing to go anywhere with Alec. Margo asks John privately to promise that he will take care of Casey and Adam should she never come back and hints that she can't tell him the truth for fear of putting him in danger. Emily lays into Alec for ruining her plans for Tom. When Alec claims that he's won Margo, she laughs at the idea that Margo will leave town with him tonight and convinces him that Margo's lying. Susan confirms that Tom's condition is improving so Alec pushes Eddie to leave town with him. Meanwhile, Margo says a tearful goodbye to Tom and pleads with him to wake up so she won't have to leave with Alec. She's unaware that he has started to move his fingers for the first time. Abigail calls her mother from the bus station and lies spending the night at a girl friend's house. Chris convinces Molly that they should spend more time together in public and agree to meet at Al's Diner for coffee. When Chris is delayed at the hospital by Kim, Molly waits for her "date," unaware that Abigail has been watching her. Jack presses Carly to find a place to sleep tonight. Alec returns home and catches Margo planting a bug.

Friday, November 5, 1999

Carly delights when Jack informs her he has the perfect lace in mind for her. Lucinda determines that Jake misses his wife. Margo is relieved when Alec isn't angry about her bribing the maid to let herself in.

Jack tells Carly what he has in mind is a house with one other person. Carly lifts Chris's spirits when she insists Molly wouldn't wait around for an hour for "just a friend"--Chris has been bumped up to boyfriend status. Carly then advises him to find someone his own age, because he and Molly have too much baggage between them.

Carly is less than thrilled when Emma walks into Al's diner. Lucinda takes charge and calls Vicky herself. When Margo presses him for specifics of their trip, Alec finally tells her they're staying at the Castle Quintilla on a remote island off the coast of Spain.

Alec vents his frustration when Margo pulls back from his embrace and tells him the timing's off. He later finds the bug in the potted plant and destroys it. Carly accepts Emma's apology but says that for as much as she insisted otherwise to Jack, she's not over what Emma and Lily did. Carly then turns down Molly's offer to share her apartment--Molly is merely afraid of being too weak being around Chris so much. Besides, Carly shares, she believes Jack is about to invite her to move into his house in Milltown.

Emma pooh-poohs Jack's idea of asking Carly to move in with him. Frustrated over not being able to find Molly, Chris hops into his cab and sees his fantasy girl again. He's stunned when this time she actually turns around and he can see her face. Abigail then gets into his cab and asks him to take her to the YWCA.

Carly is elated when Jack confirms the housing offer is still open, but is nonplussed when he says the offer is to stay at the farmhouse with Emma. Lucinda informs Jake she's having Vicky flown in on her private jet and calms his fears by insisting she'll be safe from Alec because only a handful of people will know.

When Vicky's bodyguard calls Alec to apprise him of the flight, Alec commands him to "finish the project." When Margo's back is turned, Alec takes a vial from his pocket and pours its contents into Margo's champagne glass. Abigail is noncommittal when Chris asks her to dinner.

Carly is speechless when Jack informs her that Emma will approve because she was the one who suggested the farmhouse in the first place. Under prodding from Lucinda, Jake agrees to make a special effort for the reunion with his wife.

After making a toast and draining the contents of her glass, Margo is stunned when Alec lashes out at her for letting him down--did she think he wouldn't realize all her questions were so he could be found and arrested? He then shows her the smashed bug.

Carly tells Jack that Emma's offer isn't necessary--Molly will let her stay. However, Molly quickly negates the offer--it's better for Parker to have more space, she reasons. Carly tells Jack she'll accept and thanks Emma.

Margo tries to deny planting the bug, then sways and asks Alec what he did to her. Molly explains to Carly that she realized her cousin was right--she needs to deal with Chris on her own. Molly believes Carly doesn't have a chance of enduring life on the farm, but Carly is determined to make things work--and she'll make Jack see it too, she proclaims. Abigail reads Chris' name off his taxi driver's license but leaves the cab without telling Chris her own name.

Jake arrives a half hour late at the airport, laden with flowers and balloons. When he learns the flight took off on time from New York but hasn't arrived, Jake demands to know what happened.

Alec shows Margo the empty vial but refuses to tell her if the drug he gave her was poison or merely to make her sleep--she'll have to wait and find out for herself. Murderer, Margo gasps before collapsing on the bed.

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