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Monday, August 30, 1999

Hal and Barbara are celebrating their marriage. The kids come in with a cake and as Hal and Barbara are feeding each other cake, the kids take pictures of them. The phone rings and Hal answers it. Jake is calling to tell Hal that Gary Raidy is dead. Jake tells him that he came to the docks to meet him and found him dead. Hal hangs up the phone and says, "What a wedding present." Barbara asks him if he is going to have to go to work on his wedding night. He says yes, but he won't be gone long. After he is gone, Jennifer goes over to the phone and picks up a piece of paper that she had written a note from Margo to Hal. Adam asks her what she is looking at and she says that it is nothing.

Julia and Jake are arguing down at the docks. Jake is blaming Julia for Gary getting murdered. She tells him that she probably saved his (Jake) life because he may have been there talking with Raidy when he got shot. Jake starts to check out the body and Julia tells him that he shouldn't disturb the crime scene. He starts to dictate into his recorder and she can't understand how he can do this when somebody is dead. He informs her that it is how you report a story. She says that it is morbid and then she has a flashback of she and Holden burying David's body. She walks away and Jake follows her and tells her that she doesn't look good. He says that this usually happens the first time you see a corpse. She says that this is not the first corpse that she has seen. The police show up and want to know where the stiff is and Jake starts to point at Julia and then says, "Oh, you mean the dead body? Over there." The cops go to check out the body and Jake tells Julia that she should go home and fix herself a cup of tea. She can answer the cops questions tomorrow. She refuses to leave and says that this is her story too. Hal shows up and wants to know how Jake happened to be there before his people. Jake tells him that he heard Margo leaving a message. Hal goes to check the body over.

At Mona Lisa, Tom has gotten the message about the murder and he tells Lisa that he has to go check out the story. Margo and Alec are there having dinner, also. Margo calls Lisa over to the table and asks her if she had heard right, was there really a murder? Lisa says that Tom was going to check it out, but it looked that way. Alec interrupts the women to ask Lisa about the special. Margo looks at him like she can't believe that he has no interest in Gary's murder. After Lisa walks away, Margo questions Alec about the fact that Gary worked for him and didn't seem to care that he now dead. Alec says that he was scum and wanted to hang around with scum and he was surprised that he had lived this long. Margo's phone rings and she answers it and Hal is calling her. He tells her that this is for her ears only, Gary Raidy has been murdered. She says that is too bad and she will be right there. She looks at Alec and Hal tells her to stay there. She hangs up the phone and tells Alec that it was Casey and he is not feeling well and she needs to go see about him. Alec says that he will go with her. Margo says that won't be necessary and Casey has been upset that she went to work for Alec. Alec says that Adam felt that way, but he and Casey always got along. She tells him to stay and have dinner and she will try to be back before he is finished. After she leaves, Alec tells the waiter to cancel their order and bring him a big bottle of cognac. He says that Margo is going to have a surprise later.

Tom shows up at the docks. He asks Julia about why she is there. She says that maybe she got in over her head, but she thought that she could handle the story. Jake makes some comment that she should go report on church socials and leave the big news to the reporters. Jake walks away and Tom says to Julia that rule number one is don't listen to the competition, they are usually lying. Hal comes over to Tom and tells him that Margo is on her way. He says that he told her to stay put, but that he knows Margo. When Margo shows up, Hal starts to yell at her for not sending up flares that Alec was setting up Raidy. She tells him that she could not get hold of him and she left a message with Jennifer and she was supposed to have him call her as soon as he came back. Hal covers his mouth and realizes that Jennifer did not want to interrupt the wedding plans. Hal warns her that if Alec finds out that she is undercover, he will probably shoot her. Margo tells him to stop worrying, she has everything under control and for him to go home and have a glass of champagne and a honeymoon. They leave together.

When Hal gets home, he tells Barbara that he needs to talk with Jennifer. Jennifer already knows what he is going to say. He tells her that when a phone call comes in, he needs the messages and she is not to withhold any calls from him. She goes out of the room crying. Adam says, "Come on, Dad." He goes out of the room after Jennifer. Barbara says that he had to talk with her and she will know now what she is supposed to do. Barbara can read Hal's face and she asks him if he is going back to the station. He apologizes for missing his wedding night and Barbara says that he has missed his wedding night and she is not going to let him. Hal leaves to go back to the station.

Denise comes over to Lily's house to tell her that she made a mistake when she signed over her parental rights to Lily and Holden. She wants Hope back. Lily tells her that they can work something out. She begs Denise to not take Hope away from her. Denise tells her why she wants her baby back and Lily says that she should have thought of that before and taken it through the court system. Holden comes in and wants to know what is going on. Lily tells him that she invited Denise over so they could resolve this issue. Holden tells Denise that he and Lily and Luc and his mother are all that Hope has ever known and she gets plenty of love. He adds that now that Lucinda is back, she will love Hope too. Denise tells Holden that she is back and her spirit is back where it should be. She says that her blood is running through Hope's veins. Holden is yelling at Denise that Hope has been with them from the start and she should stay with them. Ben comes in and yells at Holden to stop and he is not going to get away with this ambush again. Ben says that he and Denise were having dinner at the Mona Lisa and Denise gets a mysterious phone call and has to rush out to clear her head. Then Holden shows up at the Mona Lisa and starts to work on him. Lily tells everyone to calm down, this can be worked out. Maybe they can arrange a joint custody. Denise tells Lily that she knows that wouldn't work, that wouldn't be good for Hope. She would never know where her home was or who is her mother. Lily starts to yell, "Please, please don't try to take Hope away from me." Hope starts to cry, the adults yelling have woke her up. Lily goes upstairs to get her and comes downstairs to get her toy for her. She says that she is on overload. Denise wants to hold Hope and Lily won't let her, she goes out of the room. Denise says that she knows how to make her stop crying. When Lily comes back downstairs, Denise asks her why she wouldn't let her hold Hope. Lily says that she just needed some quiet and she will be OK. Denise tells Lily that she should know how it feels since she lost her baby and she would not rest until she found her. Lily says that it is different, she had her baby taken from her arms and Denise had sold Hope. Denise says that she is a different person now and David Stenbeck had used her. Denise gets upset and starts to leave. Ben tries to stop her. She yells as she is going out the door that she is going to put an end to this tonight.

Alec shows up at Margo's house. Katie answers the door and Alec asks if Margo is there and she says that she isn't and she thought that she was having dinner with Alec.

Tuesday,August 31, 1999

Margo is getting ready for work and she is talking on the phone with Hal. Katie comes down to have breakfast. When Margo gets off the phone she see the bottle cognac sitting on the counter. She asks Katie if it isn't too early to be having a nip. Katie chuckles and says that Alec brought it by for Margo last night. She adds that Alec was surprised that Margo wasn't at home. Margo asks her what time he was there and Katie says that it was about 11:30 PM. Margo heads over to the office and she walks into Alec's office and says that she is there and ready to go. She thanks Alec for the bottle of booze and tells him that she had a flat tire last night. Alec asks her why she didn't call him. She says that she didn't want to trouble him. He asks her how long it took the tow truck to get there and she says that she change the tire herself. Alec says that she can do anything and she says not anything, you know that cooking thing? Alec says that he thinks that she can work her way through anything, as fast as she can dance, she was made for PR work. To take the heat off of herself she picks up the paper and is talking about the murder. She asks Alec, "Who would want Gary dead?" Jake McKinnon walks in the door and says that he got there in time for the $64,000 question. Jake asks who would want a little worm like Gary Raidy dead? Alec says the list is a long one. Jake says that only one person went to all the trouble. Then he asks Alec when was the last time that he saw Raidy and Alec says at his trial. Jake says that is funny because Alec had paid his bail and what does he have to say to that? Alec says that he will turn that question over to his PR person. Margo looks like a deer caught in headlights. Margo quickly comes up with some story about an associate of Alec that had paid the bail and there is an investigation into finding who had done this. Jake looks at Margo and says that she is good. Margo says that she will show Jake to the door. Jake looks at Alec and says that he has one more question for him, was he involved with Raidy's baby selling business? Alec says that he is fishing and the interview is over. Jake says that he will take that as a "no comment" and he leaves. Margo slams the door on his way out and she turns to Alec and says for him to never do that again. Alec says that he hikes the ball and she runs with it and she ran very well. She says that she lied for him and she is never doing that again. She demands Alec to tell her why he posted bail for Raidy. He says that everyone has things in there past that they would rather keep a secret. He only posted Raidy's bail to do him a favor. He says that it wasn't such a good favor or he might still be alive had he left him in jail. Margo says that McKinnon is asking questions and the police are going to be asking questions and he needs to confide in her. He says that he has to be able to trust her one thousand percent. He adds that he will tell her something that he has never told anyone before. As he is about to tell her, Eddie and Georgia come barging in. Eddie has some news to tell Margo. He tells her that he is going to let the PI go and stop looking for his father. He says that it was important after Dina died to find his dad, but now it is not bothering him anymore. He also says that while he was looking for his dad, he found something so much more important and he hugs Georgia. They say that they know they interrupted something so they will leave and the do. Margo turns to Alec and asks him what he was going to tell her. He says that he is afraid for his life, he is the only one in the picture who is still alive. Margo says that is not true, someone had to take the picture. She says that if Alec gives her the name she can run a make on him. Alec says no, the police cannot touch him and he tells her for her own safety that she is to stay out of it.

Lucinda is looking at Reid's picture on the TV and she has a flashback of Reid by her bedside saying that she is really out of it and then he adds that David Stenbeck says "Hi." She snaps out of her flashback and looks at Reid's eyes and start yelling for Rolf. When Rolf comes in, she tells him to get the car, they have someplace to go.

Carly is working at a diner or Java, hard to tell. She is scrubbing the shelves and Jack walks in. He tells her to put down the scrub brush, she doesn't belong in a place like this. He goes over and picks her up and says that he wants to marry her and what is her answer. She doesn't believe him at first and then she says yes. The place erupts into applause. She and Jack are kissing and then she pops out of her daydream and starts to scrub the shelves again. Jack comes walking in and comes up to the counter and tells her that he is proud of her for making a new start. He goes over to a table and sits down with some people. Molly comes waltzing in and she says that she can't believe that Carly is working there. She tells Carly all about Lucinda making her do the broadcast and she needs a place to hide out from Lucinda and can she stay with Carly. Carly is hesitant because she has to stay out of trouble or she is going to lose everything, including Parker. Molly promises to be good and she will help out with Parker. At that moment, they hear the door open and turn around and Lucinda and Rolf have come in. Lucinda motions for Molly to come to her. Molly walks over and they leave together. Camille comes in and goes over to Jack. They are making small talk and Camille is asking about Brad. While Jack is talking, she sees Carly over his shoulder. She asks him what she is doing there and Jack says that she is working and trying to get her life back in order. Camille asks Jack, "Wanna beat?" Camille walks over to the counter and tells Carly that she would like a glass of ice water. Carly says that is a good choice. She gets the water and brings it to Camille. Camille inspects the glass and says that there is a chip in the glass and she needs a new glass of water. She tells Carly that she wouldn't want to cut her lip and have to sue the place. Carly takes the glass and gets her another glass. Camille keeps harassing Carly and Carly tries to ignore her but she can't. Carly ends up dropping some plates and says that she doesn't have to take this and she walks out. Camille goes over to Jack and says, "I rest my case." Camille and Jack watch Carly outside the window. She stops and has second thoughts. She turns around and comes back in and says that she can handle this. She goes over and starts to pick up the dishes that she dropped. Camille tells Jack that she is all his and she leaves. Jack comes over and tells her that she did a good job. He touches her arm and leaves. She has a satisfied smile on her face.

Lucinda and Rolf and Molly go down to the docks. Lucinda is telling Molly that she better not try to run off with Reid. Lucinda tells Molly that she knows Reid's secret, she knows the connection between him and David Stenbeck. Molly says, "You know?" Lucinda asks if she thought that she would not be able to connect the dots between Reid and David? Molly says that David arranged for Reid's wife to have Holden and Lily's baby, that was on TV. Lucinda says that there is more. She tells Molly that both men succumb to her and the second part she has hidden away in her safe at home. Molly says that she doesn't have anything in her safe. Lucinda says that when Dr. Hamilton comes back to Oakdale, she has enough to put him away for a very long time. Lucinda tells Rolf that she has had enough of this and to get her out of there. They leave Molly standing by herself. When they are out of earshot, Rolf asks Lucinda what is Dr. Hamilton's secret. Lucinda says, "Who knows but did you see her face?" She tells him that when Reid comes back to town, Molly will tell him about the safe and he will go for it.

Molly is standing by the water with a penny in her hand. She tosses it into the water. She says that she has such a dilemma because if Reid/David comes back, it could be trouble for him, but she would give anything to look at his face again. She hears someone from behind and it is Reid/David and he asks how much would she give?

Wednesday, September 1, 1999

Chris stuns Katie when he says he doesn't plan on registering for classes. Lily worries when she can't reach Denise, though Holden urges her to leave Denise alone. Ben notices the suitcase and Denise confirms she's leaving town. When Jake threatens to do an expose, Lucinda finally confirms she's "running on all eight cylinders" but orders him to keep quiet about it. Reid kisses Molly to prove to her she's not dreaming.

Reid can't understand Molly's urgency to leave town, and quizzes her about who she's afraid of. Molly realizes Reid came back not because of her, but because of Melinda. Holden declares to Lily that he's tired of being fair and reasonable where Denise is concerned. Lily insists love will get them through it and dashes off to find Denise. Meanwhile, Denise reasons with Ben that her love for her child will always put Hope in the middle. When Ben determines to move with her, she refuses to let him come along.

Lily arrives as Ben is struggling to stop Denise from leaving. Chris insists he merely wants to postpone college, but Katie believes something happened to him at Columbia. Jake intercepts the files meant for Lucinda and demands to know what's going on.

Reid states that he knows Melinda is better of, that the real problem is that he needs to trust Molly. He picks up on her visible agitation and reminds her she's betrayed him twice--three strikes and you're out, he warns.

Chris spins a story about grabbing unsuspecting students and using them as cadavers for an anatomy project before admitting it's a joke--he merely hated his fellow pre-med students. Chris decides to go swimming in the Walsh pool--he's thisclose with Lucinda, he brags to Katie.

When Lucinda won't answer Jake's question about why she's doing her "best impersonation of Stephen Hawkings," Jake looks at the two files on David Stenbeck and Reid Hamilton. Reid grills Molly about who asked her to do the show and Molly reiterates it was all her idea, though she admits Lucinda did try to contact her.

Ben and Holden are silent observers as Lily grabs Denise's suitcase and apprises her she's not going anywhere. When Lucinda slams her wheelchair into Jake's desk, he jumps to safety. He intuits that she believes David Stenbeck has somehow come back. Molly informs Reid that Lucinda may be on to his true identity. Reid relates to Molly that she is going to grab whatever proof Lucinda has about him.

Lucinda tells Jake he can keep his job at the City Times if he never uses her as fodder for a story again. Lily realizes Denise's love for her daughter is making her sacrifice her own happiness--that's what a mother does. Holden begs Lily not to say anything more. Chris throws out his course catalog.

Lily insists to Holden that she's right--Hope belongs with Denise. Jake refuses to give up on the story. Reid explains to Molly that the only way they can be together is if she breaks into the Walsh estate for the evidence and she agrees to meet him back on the docks at midnight. Alone, Reid declares he's going to get back the only thing he cares about--his daughter.

Thursday, September 2, 1999

Lily decides that Hope should be with Denise. Holden, on the other hand, thinks that Lily isn't thinking rationally about it. Denise is leaving town because she doesn't want to confuse Hope when she gets older. Denise figures it would be easier for the child to only know one mother...Lily. But Lily sympathizes with Denise and wants to give in. Holden doesn't believe that Lily is thinking straight and he and Ben argue about it.
Back at home, Ben tries to comfort Denise with his bedside manners. Denise fears that Holden will change Lily's mind about giving Hope to her. She knows that Holden and Lily love Hope but isn't sure that Holden will see that Denise loves her child as well.
Holden tries to convince Lily that Hope belongs at "home"-the home that the Snyders have made for their children-and not with Denise. Will they ever agree on what is best for Hope...Denise or the Snyders? Holden plays the sympathy card once again in hopes of convincing Lily that Denise is so unsure of herself and changes her mind all the time. What will happen when Denise says that she doesn't want Hope anymore? Will the Snyders have any rights? Lily tells Holden that she cannot live with herself knowing that she has something that she has no rights to. Holden agrees with her and decides that the best thing to do would be to give Hope to Denise. Holden offers to call Denise.

While Hal and Margo plan their next move with regard to Alec, their man is asking Eddie to be his business partner. Alec wants to teach his "son" the tricks of the hopes of him carrying on his legacy. He claims he wants to give Eddie a chance in life...a chance that Alec never had in his early days. Is it all about risks? Alec seems to think so and is trying to convince Eddie of that as well. Georgia is a little more suspicious of Alec's motives of such an offer. Will Georgia be able to convince Alec that he needs to tell Eddie the truth of his parentage? Alec sees that he needs Georgia on his side and will do whatever it takes to convince her that what he is doing is in the best interest of his son.
Meanwhile, Barbara confronts Hal with regard to Margo and her "not" being off the force. She tries to pressure Hal into telling her what is going on. But Hal is handles it well and reassures Babs that everything is ok. She relentlessly drops the subject and they begin discussing wedding plans.
Margo sneaks into Alec's office in hopes of finding something she can "get" on him. Files containing her name along with Eddies cause her to ask some questions. What will she find out??

Molly and David make plans together but Molly is blind to David's real needs and his real reason behind his misery-Melinda/Faith. Molly promises to be there for David. She knows she has made mistakes in the past but promises that things will be different this long as they can be together, it will be great!!! David isn't concerned about his relationship with Molly...all he wants is his "daughter."

Friday, September 3, 1999

After seeing the extensive file Alec has compiled on Eddie, Margo worries that Eddie may be next on his hit list. Alec finds Margo in his office. Holden advises Ben and Denise that if it were up to him, he wouldn't be giving up Hope. Reid scales the side of Holden and Lily's house.

When Alec accuses Margo of breaking and entering, Margo turns the tables and demands to know why he has a file on her. I want to trust you, he tells her. Margo panics when Eddie arrives and informs Alec he's accepting the job offer. Privately, she insists to Eddie that he mustn't take the job.

Reid watches through the nursery window as Lily share a long goodbye with Hope. Lucinda is livid when the intruder that she's been expecting turns out to be Jake, not Reid. You're going to be a handful, Jake smiles. Lucinda destroys Jake's miniature camera, discerning that he intended to take pictures of her walking and talking.

Margo warns Eddie he'll be making a big mistake if he follows in her footsteps at Wallace Industries. Eddie then turns on Alec and demands to know what he did to Margo, since she won't trust him. Denise suggests Lily keep Hope's baby book. Holden has to leave when Lily hands over Hope's things. Reid finds the crib in the nursery empty and vows to stay there.

When Eddie lectures him about asking questions if he wants to know something, Alec agrees to give up doing background checks on his employees. Margo advises Alec there's one more condition to her remaining his employee--he must rescind Eddie's job offer.

After Lily finally hands Hope over to a tearful Denise, she escapes to the nursery on the pretext of retrieving one of Hope's toys. Margo reminds Alec of what has happened to his former associates and Alec assures her that Eddie won't become a target. He wants to help Eddie because he reminds him of himself when he was younger.

Lucinda refuses to elaborate when Jake discerns she's setting a trap. Rolf muscles Jake out of the library. Denise confides her guilt to Ben about feeling so excited when there's so much heartache. Reid grabs Lily from behind and tells her she has something of his and he's there to retrieve it.

Lucinda learns of another intruder and hops into her wheelchair, but is again disappointed when it's Molly. Denise is on her way upstairs to find Lily when Faith starts fussing. Reid renders Lily unconscious.

Eddie returns when Alec is called away on business and asks Margo what she was holding back. Lucinda intuits that Molly is there to do Reid's dirty work and she starts calling the police. Jake walks back into the library and stops Molly when she tries to escape. Ben hesitates and then goes after Holden when he walks away from the house. Reid watches Denise comforting Faith.

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