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Monday, June 7, 1999

Georgia has just told Eddie about going to London for the summer to study theater. Eddie tells her she should go, he starts to say that he wishes he had more time, but stops and his cell phone rings. It is Alec and he wants to see Eddie ASAP. Eddie tells him that he is busy and Alec tells him to get to his office now and hangs up. Eddie tells Georgia that he just doesn't get this guy. Every time that he tries something new at the club, Alec tells him to get rid of it. Georgia tells him that he should go and not keep Alec waiting. Before Eddie leaves, he turns and asks Georgia if she remembers how he always says that the club is the best thing that ever happened to him? She says that she does. He says that it is in second place, you are in first place. He leaves and she says "Well, first place, this calls for a celebration."

Eddie arrives at Alec's office and Alec is looking at a poster board. Alec explains to Eddie that it is a mock up of the magazine ad that he is running on the club. Eddie looks at it and comments on how great Georgia looks in the picture. Alec tells him that she is a keeper and he better not let her get away. Eddie reminds him that she has a boyfriend already. Alec tries to lecture Eddie about Georgia but Eddie changes the subject and says that if Alec doesn't have anything for him, he has a club to run. Alec shows him the TV ad that he is going to run on the club and Eddie can't believe that he is spending so much on advertising for the club. Alec tells him that that is not all. He shows Eddie some plans that he has to expand the club. Eddie looks at the plans and tells Alec that the expansion goes into the back room where he has his apartment. He asks Alec if he is evicting him. Alec throws Eddie some keys and tells him that the keys are to his new digs. Eddie wants to know exactly what Alec wants. Eddie explains that Margo had done this, taken him all around town and bought him things, but it was only out of guilt. Eddie demands to know who Alec is.

Georgia is decorating for Eddie's birthday party. She stops and has a daydream. Eddie walks in and tells her that he can't believe that she remembered his birthday. She tells him that if he has to go with Katie to some party, she will understand. He shushes her and says that he did have some plans, they were a one on one kind, though. He tells her that this London thing is a great opportunity but he really doesn't want her to go. She asks him, "why should she stay?" He says that he wants her. She says that she will never let him go and she comes out of her daydream and says, "Perfect!" She goes to the Oasis and asks if Eddie has been back. Al, the bartender, says that he hasn't seen him. Georgia asks him if he will give Eddie a message from her and he says that he will. She says to tell Eddie that she will be waiting for him at her place. As she is leaving, she almost runs into Katie. Katie tells Georgia that she is giving a party tonight and she is invited. Georgia says that is great and what is she celebrating. Katie looks at her and says, "Eddie birthday, did you forget?" Katie goes on by and Georgia says, "You go girl, party on" and she has a look that says her plans are off.

Denise is trying to tell Lily how she feels about selling Hope. All Lily can do is repeat, "you sold Hope?" Denise tells Lily all the details of how Gary treated her and she hid in the back room for most of her nine months. She tells Lily about Gary hitting her one night and she went into labor. Lily is crying and she asks if he called an ambulance for her and Denise says that he couldn't afford for anyone to find about the baby. She tells Lily how Gary found someone to deliver her baby in that back room and she could hear the baby crying. She goes on to tell Lily how she still hears her baby crying. She says that Gary took her baby and shoved some bills in her hand and left. She tells Lily that she didn't know that David Stenbeck was involved. Lily starts to hear Hope crying and a man's voice. Denise asks her if she is OK and Lily runs out. Denise tries to stop her, but Lily is gone.

Jack is at the mental institution with Rita and Emily. Rita has said something and Jack didn't quite get it. He is trying to make Rita repeat it. She looks up at Jack and says that he is not her friend. Jack goes over to Emily and says that Rita is out of it. He asks Emily about how many drugs that they are pumping in her everyday. Emily tells him that she has been totally sedated from the moment that she got there. She tells him about Reid coming that first night and giving orders to keep her sedated. Jack asks Emily that when Hamilton and Rita were there together did they talk about Julia? She says that he told Rita that he was going to take Julia out of town and try to get her to not press charges. Jack asks if it was something that Reid did and Emily says that she thinks it was something that Rita did. Jack goes back over to Rita and tells her that maybe they can work together and he could get her released. She looks up and sees Jack and hears Reid's voice saying to keep that baby away from Snyder, he is a cop. Rita starts to freak out and saying to keep away from the baby. Emily and Jack try to convince Rita that Reid is not her friend and he is keeping her in the hospital. She jumps out of her bed and starts to beat on the door. Jack and Emily back up from her and Jack says that she is totally gone.

At Lily and Holden's, Holden is talking to the P.I. that he has hired. The P.I. is telling Holden that he went to the cabin where David held Lily and the baby and searched it from top to bottom and could not find any clues. He tells Holden that he should prepare his wife for what may be in the future. Holden tells the P.I. that he better go over everything again and come up with something or he is fired. The phone rings and it is Jack. He tells Holden that he came up empty with Emily Stuart. Holden shows some frustration. Jack tells him that they will keep trying until they find the answers. They hang up and Holden throws everything off the desk.

Lily comes home and tells Holden about her visit with Denise. She tells him that she sold Hope to David Stenbeck. Holden says that they have the ammunition that they need to win in court. Lily tells him that she will not use that against Denise. Holden questions why she would use this and Lily tells him about how she felt when Denise was telling her about Gary and having the baby in the back room. She tells Holden that she was in that back room. The new lawyer comes in and has a document printed up for Denise to relinquish her parental rights. Lily asks if she can take the document to Denise, herself, she thinks that is might be less tense that way. The lawyer says, "Absolutely not!" He says that they have hired him to take care of this and they won't have to worry about it. Lily asks him what happens if she won't sign it and the lawyer says that they will go to court. He adds that he wishes that their case was stronger. Holden looks at Lily and asks her if she has anything to say and she says that she doesn't. The lawyer leaves and Lily thanks Holden for not telling him about Denise selling Hope. Holden gives her a hug and says that if she doesn't sign, they have want they need to win.

Denise meets with Jessica and tells Jessica about talking to Lily. Jessica asks her what they talked about and Denise says that she told Lily everything about having the baby and how Gary treated her and that Gary sold her baby and gave her some of the money. Jessica tells Denise that she may have just given Lily and Holden what they need to win this case. She tells her that she may never see Hope again.

Jack is working behind Hal's back investigating Reid. He asks Margo to keep a watch out for Hal while he makes some phone calls. Margo says that she will and she leaves the room. Jack is working away making phone calls and asking about Reid Hamilton. Hal walks in and catches him on the phone. He tells Jack to hang up the phone. Jack tells him that he will in a minute. Hal goes over and cuts Jack off. He give Jack a lecture about how Reid could bring a law suit against them for harassment. He orders Jack to stop the investigation. Hal leaves and Margo comes in, she is apologizing to Jack about Hal slipping by her. Jack tells her that he just has a gut feeling and she knows what the feeling feels like. He says that he has lost David, James, Julia and Margo adds, "Your touch?" Margo offers to help and he reminds her that Hal has given orders and she says that she didn't get any orders. He tells her to try to find out anything that she can about Rita Renfield. She takes the folder and says that she thinks this will be fun. Jack stops her as she is going out the door and thanks her. Later, she comes back and says that Rita was hired at the hospital through an agency. Jack sees that it was about the time that Hamilton showed up. They question why Reid would want to keep her drugged. Maybe to keep her from telling something? Margo asks Jack if he thinks that Reid killed somebody. Jack tells her to look into his eyes the next time she sees him. Margo says that she will.

Tuesday, June 8, 1999

Katie is decorating for Eddie's party and Georgia comes in and asks if she can help. Katie says that she can use all the help that she can get. Georgia asks her if Eddie knows that she is throwing this party, because he doesn't really like to be the center of attention. She just doesn't want Katie to over do it. Katie says that he will love it. Katie leaves and Georgia writes Eddie a note telling him that she regrets that she can't be at his party tonight and she is off to find fame and fortune. She gives the note to Al, the bartender and asks him to give it to Eddie after his party tonight.

Eddie is at Alec's office and he is asking Alec to tell him just who he is. Alec tells him that he is his boss and that is all he needs to know. Eddie says that he can't believe that a big time business man from Chicago came to Oakdale to play penny ante. Eddie asks him to be straight with him. Alec shares with Eddie that he was not always wealthy. He was born very poor. He tells him that he hated his father because he felt like he just gave up. Alec tells Eddie that he vowed never to be like his father and then he took off. Eddie says that they must be proud of him now, since he has done well. Alec tells him that unfortunately they never got to see his success. They are both dead and he regrets it until this day. Alec tells Eddie that he also left behind someone and caused that person some major grief. He let them down. Alec has a flashback of the time that he was saying goodbye to Dina. He snaps out of his thoughts and Eddie says that he gets it now. He reminds Alec of the person that he down. Alec tells him to never do that, never let a person that means a lot to him walk out of his life. Eddie heads back to the club to find Georgia. He asks Al how long Georgia has been gone? Al says for awhile now. Eddie asks him why the place is all decorated and what is going on. Al tells him that he should leave and come back in about 20 minutes and act very surprised. Eddie picks up a note addressed to him and Al takes it away from him. Al says that Georgia didn't want him to have it until after the party. Eddie grabs it back and opens it and reads it. He reads the part about leaving to find fame and fortune. He leaves the club.

Georgia is sitting on her patio among the decorations for Eddie's party that isn't going to happen. She says to herself that it is better that she is leaving. She starts to clean up the decorations and putting things away. She starts to think about Eddie telling her to go to London. She turns around and he is standing there. Eddie tells Georgia about his visit with Alec. He tries to give her a few analogies about how he feels, but she is not getting it. Finally, she understands and says that he is right, they are friends and they are always going to be friends. He tells her that he doesn't want to be friends anymore. She gets sad and he says that he wants more than that. She looks at him like she can't believe what he is saying. He walks over to her and looks into her eyes and kisses her.

Jessica stops Denise outside of Ben's apartment. She hands her a big envelope and says that this was sent to her from Lily and Holden's lawyer. Denise opens it and she sees that it is a document to sign to give up her parental rights. Denise tells Ben that she can't believe that Lily is doing this to her. Ben suggest to her that maybe she has brought this on herself. He reminds her that she talked to Jessica first. He asks her if she was talking with Jessica because she wanted to arrange another visit or was she planning on taking Hope back for good? Denise tells Ben that she will admit that the other day when she was dancing around with Hope and they were talking about her becoming a ballerina, that she was having some feelings come over her. She tells him that when she dreams of watching Hope's first recital that at the end of the recital, Hope runs to Lily and not to her. She says that Lily is the real mother here. Ben says that they should go talk with the Snyders. Denise tells Ben that Jessica said that she should not talk with them unless Jessica was present. Ben takes her hand and says that he will be responsible for this one.

Lily is tidying up her living room and Holden walks in and says that Luc is fussing over having to wear the bow tie that Lily put on him. Lily tells Holden that Andy is coming over to take a family portrait of them. Holden wants to know why she is rushing this, he thought that they had decided to wait until Hope was better. The door bell rings and Holden lets Andy in. Andy comes in to the living room and Lily is holding Hope. He smiles real big and asks if he can hold her and Lily says that he sure can. Luc comes in and Andy starts to set up his equipment. Andy is posing Holden, Lily and Luc. Lily tells Andy to let her know when he is ready for Hope and she will get her. Andy says that he will get her. He goes over to the crib and picks Hope up. He looks at her and gets a funny look on his face. Lily asks him if something is wrong? He says that she was looking right at him. Holden says to him that babies do that. Lily says to Andy that she thinks it is because he is such a good looking guy. Andy starts taking pictures and everything is going great until Lily starts to think about their real daughter and she gets sad. Andy says that he will give her a break and reload his camera. He asks Luc if he wants to help him. After he leaves the room, Holden asks her what is wrong and she said that she started to think about how she would feel if they were asked to give up their parental rights.

Margo and Camille are at the Lakeview looking over the Ball Room. Margo is making comments about how lame big, fancy balls are. Camille makes her close her eyes and image being in a room decorated with fragrant flowers. Margo is dressed in a silver ball dress and she is looking beautiful. Her best beau comes up and dances with her. Margo tells Camille that all she can see is those spot when you close your eyes too long. Camille tells her that she is hopeless. She leaves Margo alone and Margo starts to daydream. She is standing in the middle of a Ball Room and she is wearing a slinky silver dress. She looks around and says, "Oh great, alone again." Alec walks up to her and they begin to dance. He dips her and she closes her eyes. Someone starts to sing and when she opens her eyes, Tom is dancing with her and singing to her. She closes her eyes as they start to kiss and Camille comes in and interrupts her fantasy. She tells Camille that she can keep her fantasy and she walks out.

Wednesday, June 9, 1999

After kissing Georgia, Eddie proclaims it's is best birthday ever. Carly reveals to Brad that Jack was the other drive. Reid nixes Julia's plans for the three of them to go to France, explaining that Melinda doesn't have a passport. Denise freezes when she sees Andy holding Hope. A derisive Carly chides herself for being "obsessed" with Jack and warns Brad to steer clear of her. Emma clucks over Jack's wounds and learns that Julia has been having Jack's calls blocked. Denise and Ben are determined to keep lawyers out--they can work it out amongst themselves, she tells Holden and Lily.

A jubilant Eddie picks up Georgia and jumps in the pool with her in his arms. Brad refuses to heed Carly's warning and kisses her. Denise refuses to sign away her parental rights. Carly accuses Brad of being on the rebound from Camille and of only wanting her money. Lily lashes out at Denise's desire to stay close, recalling how her biological mother Iva pretended to be her best friend. Julia maneuvers to get a passport for Melinda so they can travel overseas.

Emma is incensed to learn that Carly was the other driver and wonders if Jack isn't helping matters. Carly is elated when Jack calls to make sure she's okay and is bereft when he ends their conversation.

Ben reminds Lily that Hope is bi-racial and that somebody she'll ask questions that Lily can't answer. Georgia 's present to Eddie is a song that they dance to. She exults when Eddie says "I love you." Brad finds Carly still waiting by the phone. When Julia calls Toronto, she discovers they have no birth certificate for a Melinda Hamilton. When Holden and Lily ask for guarantees, a reckless Denise promises to sign the parental relinquishment papers if they'll let her see Hope.

Thursday, June 10, 1999

At the Walsh Estate:
     Georgia and Eddie continue basking in their new found romance. Georgia tells Eddie that she isn't going to London after all. They kiss some more. Katie and Chris come and see the two kissing by the pool and the two leave. Eddie hears a car speed off and the two lovebirds note that it was Chris' car. Georgia tells Eddie about the surprise party and then they discuss Katie and Chris. Georgia mentions that she knows Eddie slept with Katie. Eddie corrects her and after a short discussion they both figure out that Katie had set the whole thing up to make it look like she and Eddie were intimate as well as her telling Eddie that she saw Chris and Georgia sleeping together. So after they got that all figured out and smooched some more, Eddie told Georgia that he had to leave before he isn't able to leave. They kiss some more and Eddie leaves.
     The next morning, Katie comes in mad as ever and confronts Georgia. She say's something like, "I thought you were my friend, Georgia", and Georgia says something like, "You one to talk about being friends." Then Katie says "You stole Eddie from me" and I believe that was it on that part. At the Holden and Lily's:
  Denise signs her parental rights away with the understanding that she could be a part of Hope's life. Ben tried to get her not to but she wouldn't listen. After she left she and Ben went shopping for all kinds of things for Hope to use while at her new apartment. Meanwhile, Lily tells Holden that she feels terrible having forced Denise into signing those papers. Holden doesn't seem to care about Denise's feelings at all and is just glad the papers are signed. The next morning, Lily goes to Denise's apartment and rips up the papers. In San Francisco:
  Liam advises Julia to ask Reid about Melinda's birth so they can get her passport for the trip to France. She opts not to in order to keep the trip a secret. When she asks about Melinda's birth, Reid comes up with a story about being out town when she was born in Toronto but Julia realizes that he is lying.

Friday, June 11, 1999

Emily lures Molly to the psychiatric hospital with the promise of information on David's whereabouts. Emma sympathizes with Denise's plight. Lily apologizes to Denise and rips up the papers, to Denise's astonishment. Emily insists to Rita that Reid was the one who ordered the heavy medication. When Rita threatens to reveal all, Reid reluctantly agrees to come get her. Julia's "gentleman visitor" from Oakdale turns out to be a private investigator that Holden hired to retrace David's steps.

Emma recalls the trauma when Iva's birth parents tried to get her back and counsels her son not to keep her parentage secret from Hope. Eddie walks in as Katie is assuring Georgia that Eddie will dump her, too, and asks to talk to Katie alone.

Lily notices that Denise has childproofed her apartment and offers to bring Hope over for a visit. Julia calls Holden to verify the private investigator's claims and he fills her in on the baby switch, making her promise not to tell Reid. Julia decides to return to Oakdale and bring Melinda with her.

When Eddie asks Katie for the truth, she turns the tables on him, reading him the riot act for changing his mind about her. Emily asks Molly to team up with her to track down David. After reuniting with Rita, Reid tells the staff psychologist that she's made threats against the doctors. He's hiring a private nurse for her own protection, Reid says.

Holden is furious at being left out when Lily confesses that she's torn up the papers. Katie accuses Eddie of deserting her, while at Java Georgia meets with Chris to officially break it off. He lets Georgia off the hook, though not without first referring to Eddie as "Fred Flintstone."

Emily fills in Molly on how Reid's had Rita committed. Jessica voices her disapproval of the informal agreement that Denise and Lily have come to, but Denise insists she doesn't need the attorney's services anymore. Holden has no choice but to trust Lily's judgment.

Eddie tells Georgia that he fell in love with his best friend. Katie meets up with Chris and tells him that she's going to move on like he said. Emily recognizes Nurse Fletcher, who takes Rita away for her private care. Lily is momentarily disconcerted when she finds Jessica at Denise's, but then insists to Ms. Griffin that it doesn't matter what the two lawyers think about the plan.

Reid observes as Julia tells Holden she wants to join in the search for his child.

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