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Monday,March 31, 1999

Denise has come to Holden and Lily's house for a visit with Hope. Lily is reluctant to give Hope to Denise. Ben says that if they all would be more open about their feelings, things would go smoother. Lily says that she feels like a hit and run victim. Holden tells her it is time to get on with it. Lily gives the baby to Denise. Denise asks Lily if this is the way that she likes to be held. Lily and Holden watch Denise as she hugs her daughter close to her. Lily and Holden go outside to get some air and to give Denise some time alone with Hope. Lily starts to cry when she thinks about her real daughter and where she might be. Inside Denise is telling Hope how lucky she is to live a great big house and have all the things that she will ever want. She says that when she gets older, Holden and Lily will probably get her a dog. She looks at Ben and says that she could never give Hope the things that Holden and Lily can. She counts Hope's fingers and toes and checks her over. She tells Ben that mothers usually do that right after the baby is born, but she didn't have the chance to do that. She asks Ben if he thinks that Lily and Holden will favor Hope's big brother now that they know that she is not their child? Or when they find their real daughter, will they make her second? Hope starts to cry and Denise tells her that will never happen, because she is the star of the show. Hope continues to cry and Denise can't make her stop. She yells for Lily and Lily and Holden come running. Lily takes her and explains to Denise that if you just bounce her a little she will stop. Holden says that it is the time of day that she gets a little cranky. Denise says that she has a lot to learn about babies. Ben tells Lily that Denise has about twenty minutes more and could she give Hope back to Denise. Lily says that she will and she will stay close in case they need her again. Lily and Holden go to the foyer. Denise is telling Hope that she is going to be a ballerina and her mama is going to sit in the audience and watch her and be so proud. Lily and Holden are listening. Holden whispers in Lily's ear that Denise's hour is up. Lily rushes into the living room and tells Denise that her time is up and to give Hope back to her. Denise looks at them and hugs Hope closer.

There is a knock at Molly's hotel room door. She is expecting Reid, but when she opens the door, Andy is standing there. She is in shock and can't speak for a minute. Andy questions her and she tries to explain why she is acting so strange. She tells him that she has not been feeling good about their relationship. He asks her if she couldn't have talked to him about it. She says that she has done something totally off the wall.

Downstairs Carly has run into Reid who is on his way up to Molly's room. She tells him that she is on to him. She knows that he is messing with Molly. She tells him that Molly told her about them almost going past the point of no return. Reid says that they are alike, she has messed with a few people in her life. Carly tells him that she has changed. Reid laughs. She tells him that she knows that Jack loves Julia and she can't do anything about that, so she is just going to be his friend. Reid informs her that he and Julia are together now and Jack is no more. Carly tells him that Jack is like a drug, once a girl gets him in her system, she has a hard time getting him out. Carly says that if he thought getting Julia off the pills was hard, just wait until he tries to get her to forget about the love of her life. Carly walks off and leaves Reid standing there.

Molly tells Andy that she went to have her cards read. Andy laughs. She says that she knows that he doesn't believe in it, but the lady, named Venus, told her that Andy was coming. So she came back to the hotel and got dressed in her negligee. Andy is laughing at her and they start to kiss. Molly lays back on the bed and Andy on top of her. There is a knock at the door. Molly sit up in bed and says, "Oh God, not now!" Andy thinks that it is the maid and he will get rid of her. When he opens the door, Carly is standing there. Andy says, "Oh look, it is my evil stepmother." Carly tells Andy that she needs to talk to Molly. Andy says that he will go take a shower. Carly tells Molly that she leads a charmed life. Molly asks if she saw Reid downstairs and Carly tells her about their talk. She tells Molly that Reid said that he and Julia are together. She tells Molly about her and Jack flying out together and she has become a friend and will not chase him anymore. Now, Carly doesn't know how to go back. Molly tells her that she thinks that Reid is lying. Carly is trying to figure out how to find out. She has a great idea, she will go and find out from Julia. If she and Jack are back together, Julia will rub her nose in it. As Carly is leaving, Molly asks her to put out the "do not disturb" card. Carly looks at her in disgust and says that she isn't going to.....oh well, Andy is better than Reid any day. Andy comes out of the bathroom. He says, "Oh darn, I missed seeing her."

Jack and Julia are out in her stables talking. Jack is telling her that he now realizes what a controlling jerk he has been and he is going to stop. He intends to make things between them better and he would like another chance to prove it to her. Jack tells her that he met her mother up at the house and he can understand why Julia is the way she is. He is glad that she warned him about her mother before. Julia says that she is surprised that she didn't try to run Jack off. Jack tells her that she did try. Jack tells her that he is not there to talk about Reid, he is there to talk about Carly. He does not want Carly to come between them anymore. Julia is hesitant. Jack tells her that he has missed her and he just wants a second chance. Reid comes in and asks what Jack is doing there. Jack tells him to stay out of it, this is between him and Julia. Reid asks about Carly. Julia says that Jack said that Carly will not come between them anymore. Reid asks Jack if he has told Julia how he got out to California? Jack looks at him hesitating. He tells Julia that Carly flew him out here. Julia gets upset and says that Reid is right, Jack is a fraud. Reid is standing behind Julia, feeling very pleased with himself. Reid tells Julia that he can give her everything that Jack can't, compassion, stability, love. Jack looks at Julia and asks her if this is a sick joke? Reid tells him that he is going to have to accept it. Jack tells Julia to tell Reid that he is off base. Julia looks past Jack and there stands Carly.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Lily tells Denise that her time is up with Hope and Denise is reluctant to give her back to Lily. Lily says that it is time for Hope's dinner. Denise asks if she can stay and watch her eat. Lily has just about had it with Denise, but she lets her stay anyway. After Hope is finished Lily puts her down to go to sleep and Denise questions Lily that maybe one bottle of milk is not enough for her, she is growing. Lily tells Denise that she had cereal before Denise and Ben got there and a bottle is all she needs to calm her down and go to sleep. Denise tells them that she has got a lot to learn. Denise continues to talk about Hope and she lets it slip that she was alone with her at the hospital. Lily and Holden go ballistic. Ben confesses that it was his fault for letting Denise take Hope at the hospital. Lily and Holden get even more upset when they find out that Ben knew where their daughter was when they were looking for her. Ben and Denise leave. Lily tells Holden that she doesn't know what to do about Denise. She knows that the more that Denise sees Hope the more she will want her. Holden asks if they should contact their lawyer and Lily says that she doesn't want the lawyers involved. She thinks that they may loose Hope if that happens.

Margo comes into Java. She looks like something the cat drug in. Brad tells her so. She thanks Brad for his sentiments and asks him to get her a coffee. She tells him that she has been on a stakeout all night. She happens to look across the shop and sees Alec talking with Camille. She does not want Alec to see her like this, but too late, he spots her and asks her to come over. Camille leaves. Alec asks Margo if she would like to have dinner with him tonight and she makes up an excuse not to. He asks for a rain check, how about tomorrow? She says fine and makes a hasty getaway. Alec goes over to Brad and asks if he could talk to him. Alec explains to Brad that his is having some construction work done and he is not happy with the work that they are doing. He tells Brad that he found out that Brad is a contractor and was wondering if he would like to put in a bid. Brad asks him who told him that he was a contractor. Alec just looks at him. Brad says that Camille did and Alec says that she was the one. Brad informs him that since he got married, he has hung up his carpenter's apron. He excuses himself, telling Alec that he has to make a change on a poor investment that his wife has made. He walks away from the table and calls the pilot of Carly's jet.

Julia tells Jack that she wants him to go away. He tells her that she doesn't have to do everything that Reid tells her to do. She says that she isn't, she is making this decision on her own. She tells Jack that Carly will always be between them, like gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe that you can't scrape off. She tells him that Carly is everywhere that Jack goes and then she yells out, "Right Carly?" Carly walks around the corner, she had been standing there listening to everything. Jack, once again, tries to plead his case to her, but Julia doesn't want to hear it, she just wants him to go. Carly chimes in and tells Julia that she is giving up the best thing that ever happened to her. She says that Julia should not blame Jack for everything that she had done. Julia tells them that she has had it and wants both of them to leave. Jack walks out and punches a post on his way out. Carly tells Julia that she just made a very stupid mistake and she leaves. Reid tries to comfort her, but she just wants to be alone. Reid says that he understands and leaves.

Margo is shopping and Katie is with her. Katie is wondering if she is buying something new for Alec. Margo tries to cover by saying that she hasn't had anything new in awhile and she is tired of all her frumpy clothes. Katie pick out a pretty royal blue evening dress with sequins on it and Margo holds it up in front of her. Camille walks by with the same dress on and Margo makes a comment that she looks better in it. Margo finds a different dress and goes to try it on. Katie is trying to convince her that she looks great in it. Camille comes through, once again with the same dress and tells Margo that she looks better in it that she did. Margo says that she is just saying that. Camille tells her that she thinks that Alec will really like it. Margo asks her if that would upset her. Camille says that she is not turning this back on her. She tries to tell Margo just how Alec is. Alec walks in and sees Margo in the dress and says that he really likes it and thinks that she should get it.

Carly finds Jack at the airport. She is trying to cheer him up by suggesting they fly some where so he could get away for awhile. Jack tells her that he is not going to fly anywhere with her. She wanted to break him and Julia up and she has succeeded. He tells her to just get away from him. He turns his back on her and she leaves. She stops an airport personnel and says that she needs to connect with her private jet and could she tell her where her pilot and jet are. The airport person tells her that her plane has just taken off, her husband has ordered the plane back. She says to herself, "He is not going to get away with this."

Jack hears the song, "I'm so lonesome I could cry" playing on the radio. He gets more sad and clutches his chest. Back at Julia's stable, she hears the same song and starts to cry. She also clutches her chest.

Ben and Denise are at Java discussing the visit with Hope. Denise apologizes to Ben for getting him in trouble with Lily and Holden. Ben says that he made his own decision and she is not to blame. He gets a page and tells her that he has to back to the hospital. She hugs him and thanks him for being her friend and helping her. As he is leaving, Jessica comes in. Denise listens to her conversation that she is having on her cell phone. When she hangs up she asks Jessica if she is a lawyer and Jessica tells her that she is. Denise tells her that she is having a problem and might need her help.

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

When Margo arrives to take Alec to lunch, she discovers he's set up an intimate lunch in his office instead. Tom is told to write a front page story praising Wallace Industries' downtown project. Holden makes an appointment with Jessica, unaware Denise is also meeting with Ms. Griffin. Jessica is shocked to hear that Holden and Lily are the adoptive parents in question. At Lisa's urging, Tom agrees to do the story--but not on Alec's terms. Lily is struck when Georgia comments how hard it is when you don't know who your mother is.

Jessica agrees to take Denise's case, though Denise remains undecided about whether to seek custody. Tom barges into Alec's office as he and Margo are dancing cheek-to-cheek. Andy is puzzled when Denise quizzes him about his thoughts regarding fatherhood. Jessica arrives during Luke's 4th birthday party and has to tell the Snyders that she's taking up Denise's case.

Alec doesn't refute Tom's allegations that he's been secretly buying up plots of land downtown for future development. Tom promises to fight his plans, which he thinks will ruin the community. Margo insists to Alec that there are more important things than money and storms out of his office when he refuses to consider the people of Oakdale. Holden informs Lily he's already called another lawyer.

Thursday, June 3, 1999

At the Oasis:
Alec comes in directing PR shots for the club. Eddie tells Jack that they are closed but Jack insists that he let him stay and drink. He tells Eddie that he has had an awful week and that he needs it. , Eddie orders a photo booth for the Oasis and convinces Georgia to join him for the first strip of photos. When the male model fails to show for today's session at the club, Camille tries to take Jack's mind off his romance woes with a spin in front of the camera. Jack can't take it and drives off recklessly into the night.

At Margo's:
Tom comes by and urges Margo to get away from Alec. Before Margo could tell him that she and Alec had a spat over his business dealings, Lisa called with news about Emily and Toms baby. That kind of killed the confessing mood for her and then Alec called to apologize for the spat. She was touched by Tom's concern until she learned that Tom had agreed to work with Alec.

At Julia's Mother's San Francisco home:
Reid tells Julia that he will take her anywhere she wants to go, Charlotte walks in and tells him that Julia is not going anywhere. She then privately tells Reid that she is not going to buy into his act as concerned shrink. She takes some medication. Reid questions the medication and Charlotte says that it is for headaches. Reid talks to Charlotte about Julia's addiction to pills. Charlotte is so stunned and upset by this revelation that she throws away her own pills and panics that her daughter has become like her. After Charlotte claims that her father cheated on her, Reid manages to get the two women to stop arguing enough to listen to each other, the two came close to reconciling.

On the plane:
Brad has the plane go to San Fran to pick up Carly. He talks to her about Jack and tells her that the reason she is so hung up on Jack is because she never slept with him. He tells her that if she would let him, she would never think about Jack again. The two get close to making love. Once the plane lands, Carly, upset, speeds off and runs into Jack's car.

Friday, June 4, 1999

Holden and Lily's attorney breaks the bad news--Denise has a good chance of winning custody if she wishes to do so. Eddie finds the baby clothes that Denise bought. Lily balks at the idea of proving Denise an unfit mother and determines to talk to her, mother to mother. Emily admits to Susan she cares what happens to Rita because she knows Rita has a child, too. Reid gets a call from the Spring Lake facility. Carly tends to the cut on Jack's forehead, and Jack promptly leaves when he sees that Brad is coming. She's in good hands, Jack tells Carly.

Reid dismisses the doctor's concerns about the high dosage of drugs he's prescribing for Rita. Georgia tells Alec she's been accepted to a summer drama program in London, but admits to having qualms about going.

Jack decides to question Emily about David's activities before the kidnapping. Emily pockets Rita's pills and feigns that Rita has already taken them, hoping to bring her back to consciousness. Alec counsels Georgia to tell Eddie that she loves him before she goes away.

Carly protects Jack when Brad quizzes her about the identity of the other driver. Georgia tells Eddie she's leaving tomorrow. When Lily asks Denise to be honest with her, Denise admits that she wants to be part of Hope's life.

Rita wakes up as Jack is questioning Emily about David's tending a baby. Denise shares with Lily the horrible circumstances under which she gave birth. Eddie advises Georgia to go, because it's what she's always wanted to do. Brad is tender with Carly and carries her when she gets dizzy.

Jack is startled when he realizes that Emily's roommate is none other than Reid's nanny--what's she doing here? He demands. Lily is stunned when Denise admits she sold her baby.

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