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Monday,March 24, 1999

Eddie is giving orders to the doorman about making sure everyone has a stamp on their hand. Alec is listening to him and he says, "Dina, that's some kid that you and I have." Margo comes up and starts to talk to Alec about what a good job Eddie is doing. Eddie gets up on stage and explains that the D.J. that was supposed to be there couldn't make it. There is disappointment from the audience. He tells them that instead they have 98 Degrees. There are cheers from the audience. Eddie gives all the credit to Georgia and has her come up on stage. Katie is seething. Georgia introduces 98 Degrees. After she tells the audience each of the boys names individually, she explains that she lied to their limo driver to get them to the Oasis. The guys tell her that she can drive their car any day. Then the group sings and everyone is loving it. Towards the end of the song, Georgia looks over her shoulder and sees Eddie looking at her. After the group is done performing, Eddie and Georgia are talking and Katie is watching them from across the room. Chris comes up to Katie and tells her to unglue her eyes from the monster. She says that Georgia has been all over Eddie all day and he doesn't even know that she exists. He tells her that she has to remind him. She doesn't know what to do and she says that he had said that he would help her. He says that he has an idea. Georgia hears Chris's voice over the PA saying that this next song is dedicated to his girl Georgia. She leaves Eddie reluctantly and goes and dances with Chris.

Margo is out in the hall and Alec brings her a glass of wine. She shows him that she got the group to sign a CD and she is going to give it to Casey. She starts to talk about Eddie and what a good job he did in getting the group to come and perform. She tries to convince him that he needs Eddie. Alec says that he doesn't have any respect for authority and he made a big mistake. Margo reminds him that he never made a mistake, of course. He says that he made a mistake-once! Margo says only once? She tells him that if he doesn't hire Eddie back then he is stupid. He tells her that most people call him Mr., not stupid. She says that if she would have thought that would have impressed him, she would have called him stupid a long time ago. He excuses himself and goes back into the club. He walks over to Eddie and asks if he could have a word with him. Alec asks him if he has found a job yet and Eddie asks, "Do you want me to?" Alec tells him that there are new ground rules, he has to respect Alec's privacy and Eddie says likewise. Eddie tells him that he needs the number of the P.I. that found those pictures of his mother and that guy. Alec tells him that he is stubborn as a mule and Eddie says that he has been told that. They shake hands and from across the room Margo, Georgia and Katie are watching. Margo says, "yes!"

Carly is taking a shower and she hears Brad come in and asks him what does he think that he is doing. He tells her that they are married and they will be sharing a bathroom. She tells him that there are a half a dozen bathrooms in the place and he can go use one of them. He tells her that this is his favorite one. He wants to make small talk with her and tells her that he went shopping at a very exclusive store and bought some suits. Versace. She wants to know how much he spent and he says that he put in on their account. She informs him that they don't have an account there and he tells her that he opened one today. She is fed up with him and tells him to hand her a towel. He hands her a wash cloth. She asks him to hand her a towel, please. He says that she said the magic word so he will. He hands he a hand towel. She asks him to hand her a towel for an adult and he says that he will hand her his towel. She says, "no, that's OK." He laughs and hands her a towel finally. She gets out of the shower and asks him where he is going. He tells her that it is his mother last night in town and he and Jack and Emma are taking her out for dinner. After he walks away, she says to herself, "hmm, a Snyder dinner."

Jack is filling Emma in on the events surrounding Hope. Emma just can't believe what Holden and Lily have had to go through. She tells him that she is glad that Holden has him to lean on. Dolores comes walking in and they tell her how beautiful she looks. Dolores is talking about Carly and Brad walks up and kisses her on the cheek. Dolores tells him that he shouldn't sneak up on his mother like that. She asks about where his wife is and he tells them that Carly wasn't feeling well and stayed home. They are not disappointed. Right then, Carly comes walking up and announces that she is feeling better and decided to join the family. At dinner, they all trade barbs. Jack gets a call and leaves the table. Carly excuses herself to go powder her nose. Brad gets up and chases her and tells her that he knows that she is leaving the table to go talk to Jack. He tells her that she will go back and sit down and leave Jack alone, she will tell his mother how lovely she looks and choke down some creme' brulee. She is arguing with him that she will not do that and Jack comes by and ask if something is wrong. Brad tells him that Carly is not feeling well after all. Jack suggest that she go home and lie down and she agrees and leaves.

Denise is telling Lily that she is Hope's mother. Lily calls her a liar. Lily wants to know why Denise is doing this. She tells Denise to leave or she will call the security and put the restraining order to work. Denise tries to make her listen to what she has to say. She tells her that David Stenbeck pulled a fast one on her and Holden. Lily says that that is impossible, she was with her baby the whole time. Denise asks her if she was with her the whole time? Lily starts to think, then she tells Denise that she knows what she is going through. Lily tells her about losing a baby and how desperately she wants to hold her baby. Denise tells Lily that she doesn't want to take Hope away from her and Holden, she just wants to make sure that she is OK. Denise tells Lily that Ben told her that she should tell Lily and Holden about her being Hope's mother so they could try to find their real baby. Lily has had it and she calls for security. Bob and a security guy comes in and Bob tells Denise that she leaves him with no choice, he has to fire her. Denise leaves, in tears. Lily tells Bob that she wants to take Hope home.

Ben tells Holden that he knows who Hope's parents are. He tells Holden that he thinks that David Stenbeck still has their baby. Holden wants to know who the real parents are and Ben tells him that he can't tell him that. Denise walks up and says that he doesn't have to protect her any longer, the truth has come out. Holden looks at her with a big surprise on his face. He stands up and says, "you are Hope's mother?" Denise tells Holden that she told Lily. Holden is upset that she told Lily before he could talk to her. She tries to explain to him that she didn't mean any harm, she just wanted to say goodbye to Hope. Holden starts to leave to go home and see Lily. Ben stops him and tells him that he has the DNA results and they better make sure. They look at the results and Ben tells him that it is true, Denise is the mother. Holden leaves to go home.

Lily is talking to Hope and telling her that no one is going to take her away from them. She has a flashback of when they first got Hope back and Lily was telling Holden that she wasn't her baby and she thought that David had switched the baby. She is looking down at Hope and Holden walks in. Lily starts to tell him about Denise, that she is claiming to be Hope's mother and she thinks that Denise is crazy. Holden looks at Lily and says, "Denise is not crazy."

Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Lily tells Holden about Denise claiming to be Hope's mother. She says that she thinks that Denise is sick. Holden says that he has to tell her the truth. Lily says that she already knows the truth. This is their happy ending. They have their home, they have Hope and she is getting better. Holden says that in one sense, Hope is truly theirs. Lily can't understand what he is saying. She tells him that she carried Hope in her body and she feels pain when Hope feels pain. Holden says to her that she did not give birth to Hope, Denise did. Lily tries to explain to Holden the connection that she feels with Hope. Holden tells her that he understands how she feels, but she did not give birth to Hope and he has the DNA test to prove it. Lily says that the test are wrong. Holden reminds her of the time when they first got Hope back from David and she was saying that she wasn't her baby and she thought David switched the baby. He tells her that he convinced her that Hope was their baby. Lily asks Holden what they are going to do, David is dead, how will they ever find their baby? She gets upset as she realizes that their baby could be dead. Holden tries to calm her down by telling her that Jack is looking into some leads. She realizes that Holden has known for some time and she asks him how long he knew and how long he was going to keep it from her? Holden tries to comfort her but she tells him that she wants to be alone with Hope. After he is gone, she goes to Hope's crib and looks down on the baby. The next morning Holden comes into the nursery and Lily is rocking Hope. He bends down in front of her and tells her that he is sorry, so sorry.

Denise is telling Ben that she thinks that she really made a mess of the whole Hope situation. Ben tells her that she had to tell Lily that Hope was not her baby. Denise says that she wishes that she would have never found out about her daughter. Ben tells her that it is just human nature to want to know about your children. Bob Hughes comes through and tells Ben that a crash victim is coming in and he needs his help. Ben asks Denise if she will be OK and she says that she will. Ben goes to help Bob and the crash victim is Susan Stewart. Susan is asking about Alison. Alison shouts out, "mommy!" Ben asks Denise to take Alison to Pediatrics. Denise looks at him and he asks her if she can do that and she says that she can. She and Alison leave. Bob and Ben take Susan off to have some test and x-rays done. In the pediatrics ward, Alison is asking Denise all kinds of questions and Denise doesn't know the answer to any of them. Denise tells her that her mommy is in good hands with Dr. Ben. Alison asks Denise for some water and Denise goes to get it for her. Denise looks around and Alison has ran off. Denise starts looking all over the hospital for her and she stops and say to herself, "thanks Ben!" She finally finds Alison trying to hide under some cushions on a couch in the lounge. Denise tells her that when she was little, her mama would give her a pillow to punch when she was upset. Alison doesn't quite understand this concept and she questions Denise about her childhood. Denise tells her a few stories and she tells her how Ben saved her and made her well. She tells Alison that Ben is a great man and she is blessed to know him. Denise looks at Alison and asks her if she wants that pillow to punch and Alison says that she just wants to sit there. The next morning Ben comes in where Alison and Denise have been waiting and tells Alison that her mommy is going to be OK. He tells her that her mommy has a hard head and she can tell her that he said that when she sees her. Denise takes Alison to get a soda before she see Susan.

Reid and Julia arrive at her family's estate in San Francisco. They go into the mansion and Julia turns on the lights. She tells Reid how happy it makes her to be there. She tells him that this place doesn't remind her of her mother because she never liked it there. Reid tells her that maybe they should stay in the guest house with the nanny and Melinda. She says that she wants to stay here, it makes her forget all about Oakdale and Jack and Carly. A guy comes running in with a shovel held over his head and tells them that this private property and they have to get out. Julia walks over to him to explain that this is her family's property. The two stop and look at each other. "Julia?", "Liam?" They hug each other and Julia tells Reid that Liam is a childhood friend. Liam tells him that his dad was that grounds keeper. He tells Julia that his father has retired and has left him in charge. They talk about some of the pranks that they pulled when they were little. Reid comes over to Julia and tells her that he was wrong, this place is good for her, she is glowing. Molly is watching from the window. Julia and Liam continue reminiscing and Reid is acting very board with it all. Julia says that she wants to go up and look at her old room. Reid tells them that he will wait for them. After they are gone, Reid is talking to himself, saying that Julia held out on him and he walks around the room talking about the art, the aged liquor and this huge estate. He sit down on the couch and he hears a noise. He goes over to the French doors and sees Molly standing there. He says to her that whatever reason that she has to be there, it is not a good idea. She reminds him that he invited her. She picks up a picture and acts like she is writing a story. She says that she was a wealthy heiress who fell in love with a cop. The cop scorned her and then she was chased mercilessly by her therapist. She takes out her memo mate and says, "note to self, ask Jack how he feels about Dr. Hamilton's in house therapy." He grabs the recorder and tells her that nobody knows that he is there and nobody is going to find out. She tells him that he will tell her why he is following Julia. She tells him to meet her at her hotel and he says that he can't get away. She says that he better find a way and she leaves. Reid hits the door as she goes out. Julia comes down and asks if somebody was there? Reid explains to her that he has to leave, one of his patients is not doing well. She tells him that he wasn't supposed to call and check on his patients and he apologizes and says that he wanted to find out about this one particular one. He says that he is going to go see Melinda and then he will be off. Later, Reid arrives at Molly's hotel room. He walks in and wants to know why she is there. She says for a story. He says that he thought it was for the heat. She says that it is hotter in Oakdale. He says that she must be talking about the kiss. She starts to turn away from him and he turns her back. She says that she wants to know what he is up to with Julia. He grabs her and starts kissing her.

Tom comes to see Emily in the loony bin. He tells her that what she has done is going to make it harder to get her out of. She says that she will only spend 4 years in the mental institution and not 35 years in prison. She tells him that she was talking to this woman (she is talking about Rita) and she used to be Dr. Hamilton's nurse. She is trying to get some information out of her about Dr. Hamilton. A nurse comes up and tells Tom that visiting hours are over and he has to leave. He tells the nurse that he is Emily's lawyer and they have to go over her case. She says that she doesn't care, he has to leave. Tom tells her that he will be back first thing in the morning. The next morning Tom comes in and they are making small talk about the baby. Rita comes walking over to Emily and she is talking but Emily can't understand her. Emily looks her in the face and Rita says, "Dr. Hamilton is not what he seems."

Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Gire.

Molly and Reid get passionate at her motel. Reid forces her to admit that the reason she followed him was for the opportunity to make love with him. As they begin to make love, Molly flashes back to similar scenes with David.

At the Lindsay's summer home, Julia and Liam are heading out when Julia's mother arrives unexpectedly. She is demanding and sarcastic, and berates Julia for getting engaged to "that cop." She insists on meeting Jack. She tells Julia that in their family, most of the women have flings with the "hired help," but they don't take them seriously. "We don't marry our itch, we merely scratch it," she says. Julia tells her that the engagement is off.

Jack and Emma meet for breakfast. Jack is depressed because he cannot find Julia and there are no new leads on the Snyder baby. At home, Lily is devastated still by the news that Hope is really Denise's baby, and even more by the fact that Holden knew this and did not tell her sooner.

Ben and Denise show up at the restaurant and Ben gives Denise a catalog for dance classes. Denise gets excited about the possibility of resuming serious dancing, but she is still down on herself for not being able to forget Hope.

Emma leaves to visit Lily and Holden. Barbara and Hal find Jack still in the restaurant and he tells them he still has no clue where to look for Julia. Barbara is feeling guilty for keeping her promise to Julia about not telling Jack that she saw Julia holding a baby in the airport heading to California. Hal decides that Jack should know, and he calls Jack over and suggests he start looking in California. Jack is off like a shot!

At the summer home, a nurse appears with a feeding question about "little Melinda," stirring up Julia's mother's curiosity. Julia asks her mother to leave but her mother has no such intention.

Molly and Reid get carried away with their lovemaking, but suddenly Molly stops. She continues to flash back to David and it bothers her. Reid tries to dismiss it and they begin again, this time to be interrupted by the phone. It is Andy, and Molly has a difficult time sounding normal. While she is listening to Andy declare his love for her, Molly watches Reid dress and leave. She tries to cover by telling Andy that the story on which she is working is getting very complex.

Reid goes back to the Lindsay home and walks in on Julia and her mother.

Thursday, May 27, 1999

Molly listens when Venus the hotel room maid reads her cards and announces that her future lies with a dead man. Alec shows Georgia the numerous newspaper reviews of the success of the appearance of 98 Degrees at the Oasis. Eddie somberly stops by and reveals that Alec's P.I. told him that the man in the photo with Deena has been dead for years. He's unaware that Alec paid the man off to keep his secret. Camille convinces Sara Ruth to apologize to Alec by revealing that he owns a number of nightclubs around the country. She assures Alec that her group will stop picketing the Oasis and mentions that she's a singer looking for a job. Alex offers Camille the chance to appear on the cover of his magazine. Bumping into Jack as he's about to fly to the West Coast to find Julia, Carly offers him a ride on her jet as she flies to San Francisco to retrieve Molly. During the flight, Carly confesses that she again schemed to keep him from Julia and tells him where she is. Charlotte takes an instant dislike when Julia introduces her to "Reid." When she privately orders the shrink to go home, he refuses and conspires with her to keep Jack away from Julia. Later, he kisses Julia passionately

Friday, May 28, 1999

At the coffee house, Denise calls Oakdale University about signing up for several dance classes, but she is discouraged to find out she must contact each individual teacher to get registered. Ben arrives and tries to talk her into giving herself some more free time, but Denise says she has to keep busy to keep from missing Hope.

Andy finds John with baby Parker at the coffee house, and he asks John to stand in for him as the responsible adult at Adam and Casey's garage sale the next day. Andy wants to fly to the west coast to surprise Molly. John voices obvious displeasure about Andy's involvement with Molly, but agrees to help him out.

Carly and Molly, in California, discuss Reid Hamilton. Molly keeps flashing back to her bedroom scenes with him. Molly hints that Reid is now interested in her. Carly warns her to be careful. Molly discusses her feelings for Reid and how they remind her of how she felt about David. Carly asks her how Andy features into all this and warns her that she is setting herself up to sleep with Reid.

Jack arrives in Marin County and confronts Julia's mother. Mrs. Lindsay is cruel and sarcastic to him and tells him he may not see Julia and should just leave. Jack is subdued, and does indeed leave.

In the stables, Reid kisses Julia and confesses his love for her. Julia tells him that she thinks of them as close friends, as Reid continues to manipulate her feelings.

Back at the coffee shop, Ben gets an idea and tells Denise to stay put. He leaves on a mission. Andy startles Denise who is caressing Baby Hope's little hospital wrist band, which she drops on the floor. Andy talks to Denise about her dancing and then notices the tiny bracelet. He hands it back her and she makes up a story about why she has it. Andy reconsiders his trip to California to follow Molly, heeding John's advice to give her some space.

Holden talks to his private investigators but there are no new leads on their missing daughter. Lily is still upset about Denise's involvement in their lives when Ben arrives with a request. Could Denise spend some time with Hope so that she can say good-bye? Lily agrees that Denise can spend one hour with Hope.

Molly and Carly discuss Molly's tarot reading which referred to Molly's romantic interest as a "dead man walking." They puzzle over this and wonder if this could mean David. Carly again warns Molly to stay away from Reid and gives her some time to gather her things and meet her in the lobby for the plane ride home. If Molly does not show up, says Carly, she is going home without her.

At the barn, Julia tells Reid that she does not want him to leave. Reid gets a cell phone call from Molly issuing him at ultimatum: either Reid shows up NOW at Molly's hotel or she is coming to find him. Reid agrees to come to her, and he lies to Julia about having to confer about a patient.

Ben returns to the coffee shop and fetches Denise. They go to Holden and Lily's for Denise's time with Hope.

Reid stops at the main house briefly and questions Mrs. Lindsay about Jack. He approves of how she has effectively dismissed him.

Molly, dressed seductively, waits in her hotel room for Reid. Someone knocks and she tells him to enter. In walks....Andy! In the lobby, Reid bypasses the desk clerk and goes right on up to Molly's room.

Julia, waiting at the barn, is startled to look up and find Jack watching her.

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