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Monday,March 26, 1999

Holden comes over to Jack's house and tells him that he needs his help. Jack asks if there is something wrong with Hope. Holden starts to try to explain but he is rambling and Jack isn't following. Holden slows down and tells Jack that Hope is not Hope, David switched babies on them. Jack wants to know how Lily is taking the news and Holden tells him that he has not told her yet. Jack wonders if that is such a good idea. Holden says that he won't tell her until they find her baby. Jack makes a call to find out about the search for David Stenbeck and his father. The trail has gone cold. He hangs up and he keeps talking to Holden about where they can look for David. Holden blows up at him and says that David Stenbeck is gone. Jack has a stunned look on his face. Jack tells Holden to tell him what he is holding back. He says that it won't leave the room. Holden tells him that David is dead. Jack wants to know how Holden knows that David is dead and Holden says, "Because I shot him and he died."

Andy walks into the hospital and sees Denise sitting there. At the same time she looks up and realizes that she knows him. Denise tells Andy why she is there at the hospital and how she knows Lily and she wants to help Hope. Andy can't believe that she is involved with people that he has known for a long time. Andy asks her about New York and she lies and says that she went there, but it didn't work out. She tells him about dancing and coming down on her foot wrong and hurting her ankle. Denise changes the subject and asks him about being back in Oakdale. He tells her about his mother having a medical emergency, but she is OK now. Andy has a flashback about the night that he first met Denise. He walks into a bar and orders a whiskey, straight up and leave the bottle. Denise starts to talk to him and they end up spending the night together. Andy tells her that he is thankful for her helping him that night. A nurse comes out and tells Denise that the doctor is ready for her testing. When she returns, Andy is still there and she tells him that he is next. He asks her if she will be around when he comes out and she says that she has to be somewhere, but she will see him around.

Molly and Reid are kissing and he takes her into his apartment. They are going at it and he lays her down on the couch and gets on top of her, they are still kissing. Reid whispers in her ear, "Say that you still love me." Molly pushes him away and wants to know what he just said. He tries to deny that he said anything, but she won't let him get away with it. She knows exactly what he said and they were never in love. Even if they were, she would have remembered. She grabs his face and demands that he tell her what is going on. Reid says that he owes her an apology. He starts to tell her about being involved with someone that reminds him of her. She doesn't buy this explanation and she wants to know why he is so fixated on her. Reid has a flashback of them making love when he was David. Molly breaks him out of his daydream and wants him to answer her. He goes into this long psycho-analytical explanation of her wanting to be the seductress and the thrill of the hunt. She gets mad at this and leaves his apartment. When she is outside the door, she is talking to herself saying that she has a good man, why can't she leave this guy alone? Inside, Reid is saying to himself that he better forget about her, she is messing up his plans.

At Emily's trial, Tom has just put Margo through hell on the stand and has turned around and has seen Adam. The judge is asking him if he is finished and Margo says, "Yes, we are definitely finished." Tom turns to look at her and tells the judge that the witness may be excused. Margo gets off the stand and runs to Adam and hugs him. They go out into the hall. Tom asks the judge for a recess and the judge denies him his request and tells him to proceed. Out in the hall, Margo is asking Adam why he came to court, but before he can answer her, she breaks down and starts to cry. Adam tells her that his father has sunk lower than he thought he ever would. Margo tells Adam that his father was just doing his job. She tries to explain that he was trying to discredit her to the jury. Adam can't believe that Margo is defending Tom. He tells her that they will go home and he will make her some of that herbal tea that she likes. Now, Alec has followed Margo out of the courtroom and is watching and listening to them. Margo tells Adam that she needs some time alone, she needs to take a walk and she wants him to go home and wait for her there. He says to her that he is proud of her and for her not to be too long. When he is gone, Alec comes up to Margo and says that he thinks that she needs some company about now. Margo takes Alec to the rooftop that she and Tom had come to many times before. She tells him about the last time that they were there. Tom had a romantic dinner ready for them, but she had already found out about him and Emily. She felt like she had to come to this place to say good-bye. She starts to ramble that she doesn't know how she is going to do everything herself. She tells him that she and Tom were a team. Alec tells her that he will be there for her, all she has to do is ask, he will do anything for her. She asks him if he has a time machine and he said that he forgot to bring it. She asks him if he can erase today and he says, "And miss this skyline?" She turns to him and ask him if he would marry her? He has a stunned look on his face. She starts to laugh and says that she got him. He tells her that it takes more than that to get him. He asks her if she would like to go for some coffee. She says, "No, do you know where I would like to go? Back to your place."

Back in the courtroom, Tom calls Emily to the stand. He has her tell the jury about when she first met David and how their relationship turned out. She tells them that he was great at first and then had turned obsessive. She had thought that when he nabbed her at Fairwinds that he was going to kill her. She denies ever hiring an actor to kidnap her and she did not kill the man intentionally, she just wanted to get away from him. The other lawyer starts her questioning of Emily. She starts out talking about all the lies that Emily had told, only to snare Tom Hughes. The lawyer goes on to say that now Emily wants everyone to believe that all this happened to her. She tells Emily to save everyone a lot of time and trouble, just admit that she lied. Emily loses it. She jumps to her feet and says that she would use her own grandmother and she would sell her sole to the devil to get what she wants. The courtroom erupts, Emily realizes that she just made a big mistake and the judge tries to get the courtroom to come to order. Tom objects and asks for some time so Emily can compose herself. Emily tells him no, she has to get through this. She tells the court that she had done a lot of awful things. When she accused Eddie of the mugging, that had brought she and Tom closer together. She says that Margo didn't appreciate Tom the way that she did. Then they started working together and everything clicked. She says that Tom was everything that she wanted in a man. The lawyer asks if she knew that he was married and she says that she did know that. Emily goes on to tell the jury that she is having this baby and she can be a good mother. She realizes now that she was just a one-night stand for Tom. She says that she is sorry for everything that she has done and all she wanted was for Tom to love her. Now, all she wants is a chance to raise her baby.

Tom gives his closing argument. He tells the jury that David should be on trial, not Emily Stewart. The judge tells the court that they will take a recess. Emily tells Tom thank you for all he has done for her. Tom says that there is something that he has to do and Emily wants to know where he is going. He says that he will be right back. He runs out into the hall and asks the guard if he has seen Detective Hughes and the guard says that she left. He calls home and Adam answers the phone. Tom says, "Hi, buddy." Adam says to him, "You are not my father!" and hangs up on him.

Back in court, the judge give instructions to the jury. She excuses them to the jury room for deliberations. Tom asks Susan to stay with Emily and Emily asks him what he is going to do. He tells her not to worry, he will be back. He tells her that Adam was very upset and he is going to check on him. As he is leaving the courtroom, Emily starts to have pains.

Tuesday, April 27, 1999

Jack wants to know how Holden killed David. He tells Jack the whole story. How David had told him that Lily and the baby were dead and in the bottom of the river. Jack asks him what he did with the body. Holden tells him that he buried him in the woods. Jack gets upset with Holden for withholding this information from him. Holden tries to explain that he couldn't tell him because if James found out, he would kill his family. Jack remembers that Julia was with Holden and Holden tells him that she helped him bury the body and the money. Jack gets even more upset with this information. Holden tells him that they told her that she could not tell him. He tells Jack that she wanted to, but they would not let her. Holden looks at Jack and says that they could not tell him about David because he would have to turn them in, but he could still do that, couldn't he? Holden tells him that he will have to go to Hal and tell him the whole story. Jack says that he needs to regroup because his whole world is falling apart. Holden says that they have a baby that they love, but their real baby is somewhere that David only knows and David is dead. Jack says that their baby comes first and this issue will be put on the back burner for now. Jack leaves to go see Julia at the hospital.

Reid comes up to the desk where Julia is working to get some files. They exchange glances but don't speak a word. Carly comes walking in and sees the two together. As Reid is leaving, Carly comes up to the desk and says to Julia that it must be strange that she has to work with her therapist. Julia says that they don't work together and they don't see each other that often. Carly asks if Jack got her note that she left the other night. She says to Julia that she wants to make sure that Julia didn't do anything to it before he saw the note. Julia says that she is not Carly and she doesn't have to play games with Jack for him to love her. Carly just can't understand why he hasn't called her, he has always called her in the past. Julia says that maybe he is just too busy for her. Carly says that she should try to get along with her, seeing how they were going to be relatives. Carly holds up her hand and shows Julia her diamond on her finger and says that she and Brad are engaged. Julia tells Carly that she is getting desperate flaunting her engagement to Brad in front of Jack. She says that Jack loves her and she should stop playing games with him. Carly walks away from the desk and Reid walks up again. They still are not saying anything to each other. Just as Julia is about to speak, Rita get off the elevator, demanding that Reid come home and take her and the baby for a picnic. He grabs her and takes her away from the desk. He asks her where the baby is and she tells him that she left her in the car in the parking garage. He yells at her and asks her if she is crazy and pushes her into the elevator. Julia is watching the whole scene. Carly comes back to aggravate Julia and her phone rings, it is Holden and he tells her that Jack is on his way to see her. He tells her about telling him about David. She gets all upset. She hangs up the phone and goes to see Reid.

In the parking garage, Reid opens the car door and grabs the baby out of her seat. The baby starts to cry. He is yelling at Rita for being so stupid. She says that it wasn't like leaving her in a mall parking lot, the garage is safer. Reid yells that people steal children every day. He tells her that she should have stayed home. She says that is what they were doing, but he had promised to take them on a picnic. She accuses him of being obsessed with Julia. She saw how they were looking at each other when she came in. She looks at him and says that they should just go home. He says that she should go home and leave the baby with him. She asks him if he is mad at her and he says that she should just go home and he will deal with her later. He hugs the baby close to his body and apologizes for yelling. He tells her that he wants her to be everything that he wants her to be and her birth mother just didn't understand. Reid puts the baby back into the car seat. He is talking to her and calming her down. Julia walks in behind him and around the car. She sees the baby in the back seat and she is surprised. She gets in the front seat of the car and so does Reid. Julia looks back at the baby and then at Reid.

BTW, Emily has the baby. Tom is there coaching and then they ooh and ahh over the baby, yadda, yadda, yadda!!

Eddie tells Denise that Alec has hired a photographer to take pictures of all the dancers. When Denise goes out front, the photographer is Andy. Andy looks up and says that this if funny, seeing her so soon. Andy takes the pictures and tells Eddie that he will have them ready in a couple of days. Andy says good-bye to Denise. Eddie looks at Denise and says that Andy is a real decent guy and she says, "Yeah, real decent."

Margo is in Alec's hotel room and he is pouring champagne for them. He gives Margo her glass and she tries to make a toast but everything is going back to Tom. Alec says that he will make the toast and he says, "To Margo, a very beautiful detective." They sip the champagne and then Alec leans in for a kiss. Just before their lips touch, Margo says that she can't do this. She suggests that maybe Alec is used to having a women every night, but she isn't that way. He tells her that he doesn't expect women to have a couple glasses of champagne and then put out. She tries to explain to him that there is nothing to the Detective Love stuff. She tells him the whole story about how she and Eddie met. She had taken Eddie under her wing to help him out when his mother died. She tells him how Emily got in the middle of it and blew everything out of proportion. She even tells him about the night that she went to Eddie to cheat on Tom because she wanted to her Tom like he had hurt her. She tells him about Eddie being more mature than her and setting her back on the straight and narrow. Margo says that the bottom line is she loves Eddie Silva. Alec says that she is just what Eddie needed. Without her Eddie would not be running his club and he would not have been there. Alec comes up behind Margo and takes the glass out of her hand. He says that he hopes that she won't feel regretful in the morning. He tells her that she brings out the gentleman in him and she asks, "You are not a gentleman, at times?" They start to kiss and Margo's phone rings. She answers it and finds out that Emily's verdict is in.

Wednesday, April 28, 1999

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The bailiff informs Margo that Emily went into labor and Tom went with her to the hospital. Carly admits to Jack that she doesn't love Brad. When Julia sees baby Melinda, Reid explains that she's his daughter. Julia is desperate to talk to Dr. Hamilton--Holden has told Jack about killing David.

Camille sees an article in the paper about Peter Wentworth divorcing his wife and refuses when Brad begs her to forget all about Peter. Julia worries to Reid about how Jack will act, now that he knows she hid the truth about David. Reid then takes Julia along for a ridge.

Margo watches as Tom and Emily revel in their son, then steps in to tell Emily that the verdict has come in. When Brad refuses to elaborate about his connection to Peter, Camille determines to start searching on her own. Brad tries to get Peter to back off by informing him he'll have his money in May, after his marriage.

Jack admits to Carly that he and Julia are having problems. Julia swears herself to secrecy about Reid having a daughter. Tom apologizes to Margo for ripping her apart on the stand. A bitter Margo congratulates him on a job well done and advises him to stay away from Adam when his instinct is to go talk to him.

Jack and Rita realize their respective mates are probably with each other. Reid takes Julia on a moonlight picnic by a lake and feeds her anger with Holden. Carly worries that a "damaged" Julia will break Jack's heart.

Reid badmouths Jack and warns Julia that if she's going to marry her policeman, she's going to have to accept the fact that he's uncompromising and rigid. Emily is convinced she'll be found innocent when she goes to court the next morning. Margo has to comfort an angry Adam after she tells him he has a new brother.

An angry Brad turns Camille away when he finds her doing research on the Internet. Carly exults in telling Camille about her engagement to Brad.

Rita relays to a worried Jack that Reid didn't come home last night, either. Reid tells a torn Julia that she's become more than a patient to him.

Thursday, April 29, 1999

At the Hugheses':
Adam summons Hal over before he and Margo left for the trial and professed that he was no longer associated with Tom and would like to legally change his name to Munson. Hal suggests that Adam needed to give the situation time and not to do things out of anger. Adam insists that Tom means absolutely nothing to him.

At the Courthouse:
Tom and Emily are thinking over names for their baby. Emily wants to name him Thomas Hughes Jr. but that doesn't go over well with Tom, who suggests that she think of another name that would be less hurtful to his other two sons. Court is called to order and Tom and Emily are shocked when the jury convicts her on the charge of first degree murder. She gives the baby to her mother and Tom and is taken off to jail. Tom turns around to see Margo, but she has left.

At the Oasis:
Eddie tells Georgia that he is going to quit school. After Georgia tries to persuade him to change his mind, he finally reveals that he can't afford to go anymore. Georgia leaks the news to Alec who makes a call about a scholarship fund. Eddie comes in and talks to Alec about the trial and Margo. Eddie tells him that he realizes that Margo and he had been spending a lot of time together but he doesn't want Alec complicating her life right now.

At Jack and Julia's:
Julia and Reid finally show up and Reid asks if she wants him to stay. She tells him she will be okay and he leaves. Jack gets home and he and Julia fight. Julia insists that nothing has happened with her and Reid and although he will not be her therapist anymore he will remain in her life as a friend. A knock on the door--- it's Reid.

At the Hospital:
Susan and Chris have an altercation concerning his work at the hospital. He tries to explain that he has personal problems. Susan told him that he has to keep his private life out of the hospital and he just slyly reminds her that she should also. Kim walks in and he quickly covers that Susan is having a difficult time because of Emily. Kim is there to get typed and see if she could donate bone marrow for Hope. Chris is concerned and she says not to worry. Katie seeing how well Chris covered his butt, comes over and congratulates him on his technique, of lying that is. They talk a bit and find that they both have a lot of deceptive ways in common.

Friday, April 30, 1999

With visions of Reid still dancing in her head, Molly goes to the station and surprises Andy by pulling him into an embrace. Emma is not amused when Carly arrives at the farm with fabric swatches in hand. Jack and Reid square off at Jack's house, with Reid refusing to leave. Emma rejects Carly's so-called peace offering--she knows Carly is just using Brad.

Jack punches Reid when the doctor suggests that Julia came to him only because she found Jack lacking. Emma gives Carly a dressing-down when she insinuates that Julia is involved with Reid. Carly retaliates by revoking Emma's invitation to the wedding. Ben surprises Denise with a romantic lunch on a roof in Milltown.

A furious Julia orders Jack to leave. Jack apologizes to the doctor, but not for what he said--he still believes he's manipulating Julia. Reid pushes Julia away. Molly tells Andy she doesn't want to be left alone with Reid, but refuses to say anything more.

Emma goes to WOAK and gives Holden the package Jack sent him--it's David's things that were left at the cabin. Together they rifle through it, and Emma finds a scrap of paper with a phone number on it. Reid is unable to catch his breath but fearing his plastic surgery scars will be discovered, he runs off. Julia tries to track down Jack, but he's at the farm surveying Emma's wedding decorations. Carly is there to comfort him and clean up his bloody knuckles.

Holden asks Molly about David's desire to have kids and learns David wanted to adopt, because he feared any biological children he had would inherit not only the Stenbeck genes but his severe asthma. Julia finds a collapsed Reid on her porch, searching for his inhaler.

Julia is horrified when she discovers blood on Reid's shirt. Jack stops Carly when she goes to leave. Julia uncovers Reid's old bullet wound. Andy and Denise share an awkward conversation. Holden calls the phone number he found and Denise answers at the Oasis.

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