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Monday,March 5, 1999

Tom and Emily are escorted into the police station. Emily is shrieking about being pregnant and it is no way to treat her. Hal tells Guzman to book her for murder. Guzman wants to know about Tom, he saw him helping Emily pack and trying to help her get away. Tom says that they were packing to come back to Oakdale and Emily was going to turn herself in. Hal has a hard time believing this. Margo rushes over and says that Hal can't book Tom, that was the deal, he promised. Tom can't believe that Margo was the one to turn him in. He tells her that he betrayed her, but that gives her no right to persecute Emily for a murder that she didn't commit. Margo says that she didn't do it because of Emily, she is a cop and she was doing her job. Tom says a lot of hurtful things to Margo about Emily carrying his baby and he is going to stand beside her. Emily puts her hands on Tom's shoulders and says that she is so sorry that this is happening. Tom tells her that she doesn't have to say that. Molly comes in with a cameraman and Hal says something about the zoo beginning. He, Margo and Tom go into the interrogation room. Molly comes over to Emily and wants to interview her and Emily tells her to get lost. Molly tells her to use the media to paint a picture of being the victim. Molly reminds her that she can rerun the footage whenever she wants, like maybe during her trial. Emily finally consents to an interview. After Emily bleeds her heart to everyone, Molly asks her about Reid Hamilton. (Reid is at the police station to sign the document that says that Emily is sane and he feels murdered the man that was found in the warehouse.) Emily tells Molly to stay away from Reid, he is lying about her and she doesn't know why.

Lily and Holden are at home and in their bedroom. Lily is telling Holden that she keeps reliving the nightmare with David. Holden tells her that she needs to concentrate on raising their beautiful daughter and try to forget David. Lily tells him that she thinks that she will be able to forget about everything if she can see for herself that David is dead. Holden tells her that she can believe him, David is dead. Lily says that she wants to see for herself, she wants to go dig up David's grave. Holden tells her that he can't relive that nightmare. The TV is on and a news break comes on and Emily is telling all of Oakdale about her trouble with David. Holden can't believe that Emily is still singing this song. Lily is getting more upset and Holden tries to convince her that Emily is lying. Holden tells her that the baby has a doctor's appointment and they should get on with life. He asks her if she wants to go to the appointment with them. She says that she has some errands to run. Holden leaves the room and Lily picks up the baby and says that she has a stubborn daddy, but her mommy is more stubborn.

Lily comes running into the police station and wants to talk to Emily. They take her to Emily's cell. Lily asks Emily about what she said on TV earlier and Emily tells her that it is true, absolutely true. Emily says that she knows what it is like being kidnapped by David. Emily begs Lily to help her. She asks Lily to convince them that she is not lying. Lily leaves and goes back home. She finds Holden and Hope in the bedroom. She tells Holden that Emily is scared. Holden says that she is telling a lie, that is why she is scared. Lily tells him that she saw the look in Emily eyes and she had that same look once. Holden asks Lily what he can do to convince her that David is dead. Lily tells him that she wants to dig up his grave.

Margo goes to Tom's jail cell. He has been arrested for aiding and abetting. She tries to apologize for the way things turned out. He tells her that he does not regret anything that he said. Emily is pregnant with a child that should not have been conceived, but it is coming and he is proud that he went to New York to find her. Margo asks him what he wants her to do and he says to back off. She is hurt and she leaves.

Denise tells Ben about her baby. She tells him that she got pregnant and she tried to dance as long as she could, then she holed up in the back room of the club until she was ready to deliver. Gary hired some guy to deliver the baby. She has a lot of flashbacks about being in pain and Gary taking the baby right after it was born. Denise takes Ben to the back room of the club to show him where she had the baby. She tells him that she could have saved her baby if she had just opened her eyes, but she didn't want to look at it. She tells him that she got $5,000 for the baby. She asks Ben if he thinks that she is dirt, now that he knows she sold her baby. He tells her that he is not thinking bad of her. He asks her if she signed anything and she said that she didn't. He tells her that the people that have her baby got her illegally and she says that they paid money. He says that doesn't matter and there are laws that defend the birth mother. He tells her that they will start a search for her baby.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

Lily tells Holden that she wants to go dig up David's Grave to prove to herself that he is dead. Holden tells her not to listen to Emily, she is a liar. Lily says that she believes her. She says that she looked into Emily's eyes and she could see how scared she is. Lily says that she needs to do it for herself. Holden tells her that he killed David and buried him and he does not want to relive it. Holden reminds her that the baby has a doctors appointment and does she want to go with them? She says that she has some errands to do. Holden leaves the room and lily tells hope that her daddy is stubborn, but so is her mommy. After Holden leaves, Lily asks Julia to come over. Lily tells Julia how scared Emily is about David. Julia also can't believe that she is still singing this song, because she knows that David is dead. Lily asks Julia to do something for her. Julia says that she will do anything as long as they get off this subject. Lily asks her to tell her where David is buried. Julia can't understand why lily can't just take her word for it. Lily tells Julia how Holden wakes up in the middle of the night drench in sweat, reliving killing David in his dreams. Lily says that all she wants is for Julia to tell her where he is buried. Julia tells Lily about Reid making her go back to David's gravesite. She says that she won't tell Lily where his grave is, she will show her. If she is going to dig up David, she will go with her and help. Julia tells Lily that she has a lot of fear and helping her will help her to confront her fear. She tells Lily that she will go home and change her clothes and Lily should put on boots. Holden comes in and Julia says that she needs to go. Holden asks if he interrupted something and Lily says no, she just came over to talk. Holden can tell that something is not right with Lily, he wants to know what is going on. Lily says that she was not going to tell him, but she is going ahead and digging up David's grave. Holden tells her that he does understand and she tells him that she is grateful. Holden says that if she insist on doing this, he is going to go help her. He does not want she and Julia doing this by themselves. He wants to put this thing to rest.

Ben and Denise are talking about finding the baby and Denise says that she doesn't want her back. Ben says that he doesn't know what Gary had told her, but there are laws to protect the birth mother. Denise says that she doesn't want her back, she just wants to see if she is healthy and happy and living a good life. Ben asks her if she regrets giving up the baby and she says that she only regrets the way that she gave her up. She asks Ben if he thinks that she is dirt and Ben says that he doesn't think that she is dirt, Gary pushed her into this. Denise says that Gary didn't have total control of her, she knew what she was doing and she took the money for her baby. Ben says that he can see how it is eating her up inside. She has had it, she doesn't want to talk about it anymore and she runs out.

Later, Ben calls his apartment trying to find Denise. She isn't there and he leaves a message for her to call him as soon as she gets in. Ben calls Jack and asks if he would do a favor for him. He tells Jack that he needs a meeting with Gary Raidey. As he is talking to Jack, Denise walks in. He hangs up the phone and she goes ballistic on him. She can't believe that he is going behind her back when she told him not to talk to Gary. Ben calms her down and explains that they have to start with Gary to search for her baby. Ben tells her how they are going to go about searching for her baby and when they find her, they are just going to make sure that she is healthy and happy and walk away. Denise asks "what if I can't walk away?"

Molly has gone to Dr. Hamilton's office to interview him about Emily. He tells her to stop lying. She says that she did want to come in and talk to him about David. She saw that he helped Julia get unhooked from her drug and she wants him to that for her. Reid says that Julia gave herself completely to him and can she do that? Molly asks him to define that for her. Do you mean that you get to boss me around? She tells him that she took that from David and she isn't going to do that again. As they are talking the phone rings and he has to go take care of something. When he leaves, Molly starts looking around his desk and the phone rings. She thinks someone will come in and get it so she goes back and sits in her chair. The phone keeps ringing and she picks it up. It is the nanny, Rita. The baby is crying and Molly can't hear what she is saying. Molly thinks that she is a patient of Reid's and tells her that she will have to call back. As she is hanging up, Reid comes back in and asks who was on the phone. Molly says that it was Rita and who is she? Reid stiffens, but he covers and says that she is a patient. Molly tells him that there was a baby crying in the background. Reid asks her about the baby crying and Molly tells him that she was blaming it on her husband not being around or something like that. Reid says that he will call her back later. Right now, he wants Molly to do some roll playing with him. Molly is suppose to act like Reid is David and what would she say to him. She says to "David" that she said good-bye to him and now she is with someone else. Reid says, "Andy Dixon?" He says that Andy bores her, that is why she sees him (David) where ever she goes. They get into a heated argument over Andy and Reid forgets who he is and where he is at and says, "I loved you and you betrayed me!" Molly is shocked and she wants to know what Reid is talking about. He comes back to his senses and makes up an excuse about having to many patients right now. Molly gets scared and runs out. Reid starts to follow her, but Julia pops in and says that she hopes that he is available. She looks at him and says, "oh, is this a bad time?" He tells her to have a seat and they will begin. Julia says that she can't stay for the session today. She makes up an excuse that she has to do some things for the wedding and Reid says to her that she is lying. She gives in and tells him that she is going to David's grave to say goodbye one more time to that bastard.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

Jack and Carly bump into each other at the airport. When Jack's flight to Toronto is canceled, Carly offers him the use of her jet. Reid, agitated when Julia tells him of their plan to exhume David, mutters Holden's final words over the grave. Molly, haunted by her role-playing session with Reid, skips out on her meeting with Andy.

Reid covers and tells a skeptical Julia that she told him what Holden said during her detox session, but he fails to convince her not to go though with her plan. Reid then calls Jack and urges him to track down Julia, implying that she's on the edge.

Brad shows up at the airport and asks Carly to give the ring back--it was his grandmother's. Molly wants to talk to Reid, but he's in no mood for conversation--come back tomorrow, he tells her. Holden gets pulled over by the police as he, Julia, and Lily are on their way to the gravesite. The policeman turns out to be Jack, who claims he spotted a broken taillight. When Holden fibs that he was taking the two women to Yo's, Jack asks Julia to let him take her himself.

Brad gives a reluctant Carly an ultimatum--if she doesn't want to wear the ring, he'll give it to someone who does. Please don't marry that Claire, Carly begs. An upset Molly tells Andy about her session with Reid, inadvertently revealing the fact that's she's in love with Andy.

Jack quizzes his cousin about Julia, clueing in Holden to Julia's addiction to pills. When Brad doesn't deny Carly's insinuation, Carly hands over the ring. You're fired, she huffs. Molly tries to take back her words when she sees Andy's reaction. Julia confronts Jack--you're checking up on me, she realizes.

Andy admits to being surprised by Molly's proclamation--he's still dealing with his breakup with Nikki. But don't take it back, he tells Molly. Jack 'fesses up to the broken taillight being a scam--he's overprotective. But Reid told him to go find her, he asserts. Holden and Lily go to the gravesite alone, with Lily determined to help do the digging.

Claire arrives at the airport and Brad clues her in to his scheme to make Carly jealous. She plays along when (within earshot of Carly) he turns down her offer to go around the world. He's still waiting for Ms. Right, he tells Carly as a man watches from the sidelines.

It's too soon for him to declare his love, Andy says. Molly agrees with his plan to "go along for the ride" and they embrace. Jack wants Julia to stop seeing Dr. Hamilton, who's busy watching as Lily and Holden find something in the grave.

Thursday, April 8, 1999

At David's Gravesite:
Lily and Holden dig until they see a hand in the grave. The stench is really bothersome to Lily who tells Holden she has seen enough. Reid, hiding in the bushes, breathes a sigh of relief that they stop digging and began covering up the decomposing corpse again. After the Snyder's leave, Reid goes over and pats his grave and says goodbye to his friend within the earth.
Julia showed up and asked Reid what he was doing there. He covered by telling her that he came there for her. He told her that someone had been digging there and Julia suggested that it was Holden and Lily. She then wondered if the body was there. Just then she received a phone call from Holden and Lily who said all was okay, that they had indeed seen David's corpse. Julia was relieved to hear their but was still upset that Reid told Jack what he did and she argued with him. Reid talked her into keeping him as her therapist. Julia decided not to tell Jack.

At Yo's:
Julia took up for Reid once again when Jack told her that he called him and told him that she may be taking drugs again. Jack commented that the good doctor had strange ways about him. Julia left for the gravesite to meet Holden and Lily.

At Reid's house:
Rita called to complain that Reid had not been home in a while and that Baby Melinda was missing him. He said he would be home soon. She dropped a picture off the mantel and found the real Dr. Hamilton's passport. She realized that Reid was not who he said he was. Just then Reid walks in to find Rita standing over the passport/picture. She looked at him and said, "Who are you?" He reacted by saying he was going to tell her the whole truth then he went up to her and kissed her.

At another bar:
Molly runs into Russ a man whom she paid a few hundred dollars to assure the paternity of Carly's baby. He demanded $10,000 ASAP.

At the Jail:

Denise and Ben talk to Gary about the whereabouts of Denise's baby. He refused to tell them anything unless they helped him get out of jail.

Friday, April 9, 1999

Eddie gets the runaround from Mr. Wallace's secretary on the phone after he received the cash "bonus" from his benefactor. When Susan warns him not to expect any special treatment, Chris makes snide remarks about her and Bob. Russ confronts Molly and threatens to spill all if she doesn't pay him.

Believing that Brad's proposing to Camille, Carly steps in when she sees him with the ring. Chris is chastened when he discovers that Susan is going to be his advisor. Georgia presents Eddie with a floral arrangement for Deena's grave--she remembered the anniversary. Eddie relays his suspicions about his boss--Deena used to get such "bonuses" as an incentive to deal drugs. He's just doing exactly what she did, Brad asserts to Carly, and refuses to play her "test."

Georgia lends Eddie the use of Lucinda's jet to go confront his boss, and offers to go with him. Russ demands $10,000 to keep quiet about falsifying Carly's paternity results. Molly promises to get it to him and promptly runs into Andy.

Camille agrees to keep quiet about Brad's supposed "proposal." Brad reveals that Camille turned his cavalier philosophy about love upside down. Katie is upset when she brings Eddie lunch, only to learn he's forgotten about their date and is actually leaving with Georgia. Andy realizes that Russ is the supposed autograph-seeker he saw at Yo's the night before. Camille is nonplussed when Brad tells her that he's getting over her.

John is suspicious when Carly wants him to sign a divorce agreement. He presents her with papers of his own that include extra visitation rights, and they swap. John divines that Carly is hot on the heels of another man.

Chris backpedals with Susan and gets her to sign his coursework. Katie walks in and wonders why he can't be so smooth with Georgia. Eddie's boss observes as his secretary keeps Eddie at bay. Chris scoffs at Katie's notion that they team up to keep Eddie and Georgia split up, advising Ms. Peretti to get her ego massaged.

While Georgia distracts the secretary, Eddie barges into Wallace's office. Camille tells a sniping Carly that Brad didn't do anything awful enough to deserve to be with Carly. Molly fibs to Andy that Russ helped her do a story, and when he found out Carly was rich, he demanded payment, or else he'd implicate her in test results about a politician. She stops Andy when he tries to call the police.

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