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Monday, February 15, 1999

Georgia is in Lucinda's hospital room. She is talking to her about Eddie. Georgia tells her that she doesn't know why she is telling her about Eddie, maybe because she wants her to wake up and yell at her. She tells Lucinda that if she will do that she will listen to her, but she won't stop seen Eddie. Eddie walks up and knocks on the door. Georgia is happy to see him. Eddie is whispering and Georgia tells him that he doesn't need to whisper. She tells him that the doctors have told them that it is good for Lucinda to hear them talking. Eddie says that if she hears him she will sit right up in bed and order him out of the room. Georgia says that she would love to hear her do that. As they are talking, Eddie sees Lucinda's hand move. He and Georgia get all excited and Georgia runs out into the hall where John and Tom are talking. Georgia is yelling that Lucinda moved her hand and John runs into her room to check on her. John tells Georgia that the movement was involuntary. John leaves and Georgia is talking to Eddie like she is getting up hope for Lucinda and Eddie tells her to hang in there for Lucinda. Georgia tells him that he is always there for her. She asks him if he would like to do something with her tomorrow night. He tells her that he would like that. He knows that she hadn't eaten, so he has brought her a salad for lunch. Eddie leaves and Georgia is so happy they are going on a date tomorrow night.

Katie is sitting by herself at Yo's. Lisa comes over to her table to sit with her. Lisa can see that something is bothering Katie. Katie tells Lisa about Eddie and how she is feeling about him. She tells Lisa about Eddie leaving her and going with Georgia when she needed someone to talk to about her fathers death. Lisa tells Katie about a man that she was dating and she wasn't sure that this man was right for her. When she realized that this man was the right one, he was gone. Lisa tells Katie that if she thinks Eddie is the one for her, she should go after him. At that moment Eddie walks in the door. Lisa looks over her shoulder and sees Eddie and says to Katie that her chance just walked in the door. Eddie walks over to the table and Lisa gets up and says that the can have her seat. Eddie sits down and starts to make small talk, but Katie cuts to the chase and asks Eddie if he would like to go on a date with her. Eddie says "You mean like a date, date?" Katie reminds him that tomorrow is Valentine's Day and she would like to spend some time with him. He tells her that he had plans with Georgia, but she probably didn't realize that it is Valentine's Day. He tells Katie that they will go out, Georgia probably won't want to go out with him on this day.

Julia is sleeping on the couch and Jack is trying to measure her finger. She wakes up and sees and an gives him a is smile. Jack tells her that he loves her smile and gives her a kiss. They start talking about their plans for Valentine's Day. Jack tells her that he has a big surprise for her. She tries to get him to tell her what the surprise is going to be, but he won't tell her. Jack apologizes to her about New York and Julia says that it would have been good if the blond shadow hadn't shown up. Jack tells her that he doesn't want to talk about Carly and after he delivers his surprise tomorrow everything will be different. He tells her that now he has to leave to go and get ready for his surprise. Jack goes out to the farm to see Emma. He tells her about New York and that Carly had shown up there and ruined their trip. He tells Emma that Julia came to Oakdale to find something permanent and he is going to do something to ensure that. Emma wants to know what he is going to do, but he won't tell her. He tells her if everything goes as planned, she can get ready to have a family celebration. Emma gets exciting and wants him to tell her, so Jack finally says to her that he is going to ask Julia to marry him.

Carly is crying on Brad's shoulder about John threatening to take her to court to get the baby away from her. As they are standing close and Brad has his arms around her, she starts to feel something between her and Brad. They are looking at each other and Molly walks in and sees them standing close and she asks them if she should turn down the thermostat because it is getting hot in here. Carly tells Molly that she should knock before she enters a room. Carly leaves to go check on the baby. Molly warns Brad not to fall for Carly because she will hurt him. She tells him that no matter how many sparks there are between him and Carly, she is always going to go after Jack. Molly says that Carly probably didn't even tell him what happens in New York. Carly comes and hears her and tells her to keep her mouth shut. She tells Molly to mined her own business. Molly goes upstairs to take pictures of Parker. Brad has to leave and go fix something for Emma at the farm. Molly comes back downstairs and Carly tears into her about trying to tell Brad about Julia and the pills. Carly tells Molly that she is going to go tell Jack what Julia is doing. Molly warns her that Jack will just defend Julia and once again become Julia's protector. Carly doesn't think that will happen and she leaves to go find Jack.

Jack walks in at Yo's and Julia comes to meet him there. Carly walks in and sees the two of them and walks over to them. She asks Julia if she has told Jack about what happened in New York. Jack wants to know what is going on and Carly says that Julia was going through something in New York and they talked it out and she thinks that it helped Julia. Carly can see that she is getting nowhere with Jack, so she excuses herself and goes to the ladies room. Julia excuses herself and follows Carly into the ladies room. She asks Carly what she thinks that she is up to. Carly wants to know if she has told Jack about the pills. Julia tells her that it is no big deal, they were just vitamins. Carly says to her that she should tell Jack and see if he thinks that it is no big deal. Carly tells her that when Jack finds out what she is doing, it will be no laughing matter. Carly leaves the restroom and sees Jack waiting for Julia.

Brad gets to the farm to fix something for Emma. Emma tells Brad about the good news about Jack and Julia, that Jack is going to ask Julia to marry him.

Carly gets back home and Molly is still there. Molly asks her how it went and Carly tells her that Jack went into protector mode, so she backed off and didn't tell him about the pills that Julia is taking. She says that she has a better idea. Jack can't stand a liar and when he finds out that Julia has been lying to him, she will be there to pick up the pieces.

Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Georgia is getting ready for her evening with Eddie. She is at their old house. There is a knock at the door and it is Eddie. When he walks into the house, he sees that Georgia has it all fixed up with their old furniture. Eddie asks her what is going on and she says "Happy Valentine's Day." Eddie tells her that he didn't realize it was Valentine's Day and he didn't bring her anything. She tells him that is OK. Eddie says that they had better leave before the landlord catches them there and Georgia tells him that she has spoken to the landlord and explained everything about Lucinda and he is letting them stay there. She hands the keys to Eddie and tells him that they can go back to the way the were and live together again. He hands the keys back to Georgia and tells her that he can't do this. She doesn't understand what Eddie means, she talked to the landlord and everything is OK. He tells her that they should be living in their own place. She tells him that she wants him to see what they have together. Eddie tries to tell her how he feels about her, but she keeps interrupting him. She keeps talking about what they have together and how they are going to be the way they were before and she says that she has something else for him and she grabs him and kisses him. Eddie finally gets Georgia's attention and tells her that he is more interested in Katie. Georgia is crushed. She tells him that she is embarrassed and she is an idiot for thinking that there was something more than just friends. He tells her that she is not an idiot, it is his fault for not making things clear. Eddie tells her that they have been through a lot together. Georgia acts like she has been playing a big joke on Eddie and she blows out the candles and starts putting things away and Eddie is feeling like a big jerk because he knows that she wasn't playing a joke. Georgia asks him if he wasn't supposed to be somewhere and he tells her that he has a little time. She says that she has to go by and see her aunt Lu, she promised Lily that she would. Eddie tries to explain to Georgia that they are just friends and it isn't the same for them. Georgia says that Katie is lucky, she barely knows him. As she is leaving, Eddie tells her how great she was to do all that she did. She walks out the door and Eddie calls himself a big jerk.

Ben and Nancy are talking about the Outreach Program and how they have to have some pamphlets ready to go out in the mail. Someone else was supposed to do it, but it turned out that they couldn't do it, so Ben has volunteered to put the pamphlets together. He takes the supplies and goes into one of the examining rooms. Nancy gets on the phone and calls Camille. She acts like Camille was supposed to be there to work and tells her to hurry, they need help with the Outreach Program and she hangs up before Camille has a chance to answer her. Sara Ruth comes in and asks Nancy how the plan is going. Nancy gives her the update and then Sara Ruth asks her if she has a plan to get rid of the lap dancer in Ben's apartment. Nancy says that she hasn't got that quite figured out yet, but she is working on it. Sara Ruth says that she thought Brad was going to be the problem, but when Camille told him to go away and leave her alone, he did.

Camille is getting ready to leave and there is a knock at the door. It is Brad and he has brought her some flowers for Valentine's Day. She invites him in and he tells her that the way they had left things the last time they spoke at the hospital....she interrupts him and tells him that that wasn't really any of her business and she shouldn't have said anything about Carly. He tells her that it is OK, she just wants him to be a better man. Brad tells Camille about Jack and Julia getting engaged and she says that they were meant to be together. He says just like you and Ben before I came along. She starts to talk again about Carly and Brad interrupts her and says that he and Carly are not sleeping together, he is only doing some work for her. He tells her that Carly is not over Jack, yet and Camille says that she better be, because Jack is going to marry Julia.

Sara Ruth is pacing the floor at the hospital. She is wondering what is keeping her daughter. She picks up the phone to call her and Camille comes walking in. Sara Ruth acts like she is there to ask her daughter to go to dinner with her. Camille says that she can't, she has to help with the Outreach Program. Nancy tells Camille that everything is set up in the examining room and Camille goes there, not knowing that Ben is in there. Sara Ruth, all happy with herself, goes for the door to leave and meets Denise coming in. Sara Ruth asks her what she wants and Denise walks past her to Nancy and says that she needs to see Ben in the worst way.

When Camille walks into the examining room and sees Ben, she says that there must have been a mix up. Ben tells her that he is filling in for one of the other doctors. Camille says that she should just leave and Ben asks her to stay. While Denise is demanding to see Ben, she hears Ben on the intercom and barges into the examining room where he and Camille are. She tells Ben that she is having another headache and he has the magic touch to make it go away. He has her sit on the examining table and starts to massage her head. Camille is trying to keep busy and out of the way. She goes to the trash to put something in it and sees that Ben has thrown away the pin of the Eiffel Tower that he had given to her when they were going to go Paris. Between seeing the memory in the trash and listening to Denise coo over Ben's massaging techniques, Camille can take no more and she runs out of the room. Her mother is still there and she asks Camille if she is going to let Hoochie steal Ben right out from under her. Camille tells her mother to stay out of it. Sara Ruth says that if she lets that happen, she is giving up. Camille says, "Good."

Ben gives Denise a prescription for her pain. Denise starts to question Ben about the woman that was in the room when she first came in. She asks Ben if that is the woman that hurt him. Ben tells her that he doesn't want to talk about it. Denise walks out of the room and sees Camille standing there and she tells her that they need to talk. Camille tells Denise that she is busy and doesn't have time to talk. Denise says that she is busy too, but she has something to say about Ben. She tells Camille that Ben is a nice guy and he works all the time to cover up the pain he is in. Denise tells Camille that Camille is the one that can help Ben and she is the one that he needs and she walks out of the hospital. Camille walks back into the examining room.

Emma has made some goodies for Jack and Julia including some hot buttered rum. They are at the pond setting everything up for Julia's surprise. Jack shows Emma the ring that he has bought for Julia and she approves. She leaves and Jack waits for Julia. After a while, Julia has not shown up and he is getting cold. He goes to get his cell phone and he hears a motor running. He looks around and Julia is riding a garden tractor through the woods. He laughs with delight and asks her how did she know that is what he wanted. She says that she remembered from last summer. She asks him if he can top that for a surprise and he says, "Let me see what I can do." Jack gives Julia ice skates for her present. She loves them and says that he remembered when they were in New York that she wanted to go ice skating. He tells her to put them on. When she starts to put them on, she sees a ring hanging from the laces. Jack says, "Will you marry me?" She just looks at him smiling and he says, "Say yes!"

Carly has found the box with the candy heart that says, "be mine", that Jack had given her last year right after they had been held captive. She vows that by next Valentine's Day she and Jack will be together and she will make him forget that he ever met Julia Lindsay. Later, Carly is coddling Parker and telling him that he will never have to go through the things that she had to go through because he has money. She tells him that he has to be careful, there are people in the world that will want to use him for his money. Brad is standing in the door, listening to her. He says, "Yeah, Parker, you have to look out for the users." Carly turns and glares at him. She takes Parker upstairs. When she returns, Brad starts to talk about Jack and Julia. Carly tells Brad that Julia is doing something to Jack that he won't like. Brad warns her not to do anything before the wedding and she says, "What wedding?" Brad tells her that Jack and Julia are engaged. Carly doesn't believe what Brad is saying and she calls him a liar. She says that Jack and Julia haven't known each other long enough. Brad reminds her how fast she and Hal were married and then John. She wants to know if Jack told him that and he tells her that Emma told him. Carly gets mad at Brad, she thinks that he is not telling her the truth and she tries to get past him to leave. He grabs her and asks her where she thinks that she is going? He tells her that the only reason that she wants Jack so bad is because Julia has him. She starts to yell at Brad that Jack wants her and only her. Brad starts to laugh and that makes her more mad and she starts to throw things at him. He finally goes over to her and grabs her and makes her drop whatever she is holding. As he is restraining her, they look at each other and start to kiss, passionately.

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

Armed with a hot fudge sundae, Molly proclaims Andy the best Valentine's Day date. Margo confronts Katie, who demands to hear the tape Casey made for her. Camille volunteers to help Ben at the clinic. John is impatient about getting custody of Parker. Brad calms down a wild Carly and the duo kiss with increasing passion.

When Eddie arrives for their date, he senses Katie's distress, she informs him that Margo killed Katie's father. An ebullient Jack and Julia share the news with all of Yo's that they're getting married. Molly frets about what her cousin will think. Brad pulls back from Carly, accusing her of being motivated by Jack's proposing to Julila. Carly retaliates by invoking Camille's name.

An understanding Eddie defends Margo's decision, saying she probably did it to protect Katie from further hurt. With Eddie by her side, Katie begins to listen to the tape Casey made for her. Gary catches Margo talking to Denise, who's returned to the club to try to collect her paycheck. Margo quickly throws Denise out as Gary looks on. Molly cuts her date short to find Carly. Carly taunts Brad about Camille, and he's in the process of storming out, when Carly receives a summons about John moving up the custody hearing.

A shaken Katie realizes her sister did the right thing. Ben and Camille's rapprochement is interrupted by one of Ben's patients, who mistakenly refers to them as a couple. Brad ignores Molly's criticisms--his only concern is to prevent Carly from losing her son. Margo breaks up a date between Lindsay, one of Gary's employees, and a client desiring a prostitute. A suspicious Gary rifles through Margo's wallet and finds her driver's license with her real name on it.

Eddie and Katie make a deal to celebrate Valentine's Day in March. Molly can't hide her surprise at Carly's maternal concern, but urges her to use her $50 million to get the best attorney. Andy brushes off John's concerns about his relationship with Molly. Brad goes to the hospital and confronts John in front of several onlookers.

Julia recalls how all their plans go awry and Jack proposes that they elope. Molly assures Parker she's "fixed" things so that Carly will never have to worry about losing him. Ben looks on as Camille separates Brad from the war of words he's having with John. Margo asks Denise to help her bust Gary's prostitution ring by talking to Lindsay and getting her to cooperate with the police. Gary spies on Margo's house and observes Eddie and Katie kissing.

Thursday, February 18, 1999

At Yo's
Jack tries to talk Julia into eloping, they both want to but decide against it when they think of how upset Emma would be. Brad shows up and declares a party in their honor, buying everyone drinks and burgers. The memorial crew, John, Bob, Ben and Reid all show up and join the party. Bob goes off to call and invite Emma. Finally the last of the party crashers invade Yo's, Carly and Molly. Molly keeps wanting to leave but Carly refuses, instead she gets up to propose a toast and makes a fool out of herself when John comes up and starts a fight about her leaving Parker with a Nanny. Julia finally breaks up the fight as Emma arrives and John goes to dance with Emma. Reed sees Molly but does not approach her. Ben plays a game of pool with Denise completely ignoring Camille who is staring right through the two. Camille goes to Ben and tries to explain why he saw her and Brad together, she explained and he went back to playing pool.

At Fairwinds
Molly tells Parker that she knows information that will guarantee that no one takes her away from his mommy. Apparently she has proof that John is not Parker's daddy. But will only use it if absolutely necessary. Carly tells Molly she is concerned about the custody case, all Molly says is that the truth is on her side. Carly talks Molly into going to dinner at Yo's, Molly tells Carly that Jack and Julia are there and are celebrating their engagement. Carly insists on going anyway.

At the hospital:
Brad argued with John about his trying to take Carly's baby. Camille interrupts the fight and then notices Ben standing off side. She tries to explain to him, but he doesn't seem interested. Bob comes in an introduces Reid Hamilton, Molly's NY Stranger, as the new psychologist. Ben, John, Bob and Reid decided to go to Yo's to get acquainted.

At Margo's
Gary shows up outside Margo's house and peeks in the window. He sees Eddie and Katie kissing and waits for Eddie to leave. After he did, Gary knocks on the door and asks Katie to find a package that Margo left for him. Katie lets him in why she looks for it. She doesn't find it, while she is out of the room, Gary finds a letter in Margo's mail from the Oakdale PD. He begins to talk to Katie about working for him and she plays along. She apparently is nervous but knows enough to go and record their conversation. Unfortunately, she taped over part of her fathers tape to her. But fortunately, she got the goods on Gary. Gary, heard the tape cut off and then tried to attack Katie when Eddie and Margo came in. They got him, called the police to pick him up and Margo and Katie made up.

At the Strip Club
Denise tried to convince Lacey to testify against Gary. She says no, because she is too scared. Eddie comes in and calls Katie who doesn't answer, he and Margo get worried and leave to check on her.

Friday, February 19, 1999

Holden and Lily discover that James has lavishly decorated Lucinda's hospital room so that it looks like home. Ben persuades Denise to incriminate Gary to the police in his prostitution ring. Georgia is brought to the police station for using a "phony" credit card. On the phone, James expresses a hope for a quick end to Lucinda's "suffering," so that they can go about their business. The detective doesn't buy Georgia's claim that it's her aunt's credit card.

Margo helps Georgia escape being seen at the station by Eddie and Katie. Jack and Julia stop by the hospital room to share their good news. James needles Julia that he's not going to lose anyone he loves again. Under Katie's urging, Eddie accepts Kim's invitation to be interviewed about his heroics with Gary.

Margo counsels Georgia to get a job instead of spending money buying clothes to try to impress Eddie. Georgia goes to the TV station to follow up on a lead for a job and finds Kim getting ready to interview Katie and Eddie. Ben sits in as Lacey and Denise give their statements to Hal and Margo. A handcuffed Gary still manages to taunt Denise about what she "sold." Denise refuses to admit that Gary has something on her.

A busy Kim asks Georgia to come back tomorrow to talk about the job. A fretful Julia is kept awake by images of burying David. Determined to quit cold turkey, she washes her pills down the drain.

Denise accuses Ben of thinking she's a whore but not having the courage to say it out loud. Lily hears James updating Lucinda about Worldwide, including the disclosure that he's sold off some of her assets. In the studio, Georgia sees Kim's interview playing on the monitors and launches into a sarcasm-filled rant about Katie into the camera, which is applauded offstage by a guy.

Denise refutes Ben's unspoken assumption--all she did was dance--and storms off. In the morning, a shaky Julia searches in vain for spare pills, clinging to Jack when he walks in.

Lily yells at James, who claims he has the right to do what he wants with Lucinda's money. They pull up short when they realize Lucinda has knocked over a vase of flowers from her bedside.

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