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Monday, January 25, 1999

Camille and Sara Ruth have a consultation with a new doctor. Before they come into the office, the doctor gets a call from Ben. He tells the doctor to go easy on Camille, she has had a rough time. The doctor calls Camille and Sara Ruth into her office. Camille tells her that she has had lost a breast to cancer and was interested in reconstructive surgery. Camille goes on to tell the doctor that she has heard all the arguments about breast reconstruction, but she is healthy and is ready to have it done. She also says that she is not just doing it for her self esteem. The doctor says that she has looked at Camille's medical file and she needs to examine her first, but she doesn't see a problem with her having the surgery. The doctor tells Camille that she had lost a breast to cancer and she had the same surgery. After the doctor examines Camille, she tells her that she has healed nicely and she sees no reason why she shouldn't have the surgery. They discuss the different options and the doctor gives Camille some literature to read and tells her to call her when she is ready for the surgery. Camille and Sara Ruth head back to the hospital. As they round the corner, Ben is sitting at a table doing paper work. He asks them why they are so happy and Camille tells him about the visit to the doctor and that it was very promising. Camille says that the good Lord is looking out for her and Sara Ruth says somebody is, that's for sure, as she is looking at Ben.

Brad and Carly are at the hospital and they are talking and laughing. Molly comes around the corner and sees that they are enjoying being together. This does not make her happy. She approaches them and says "Hi", then she tells them that they give a whole new meaning to "In your face." Brad says that he needs to make a phone call. After he is gone, Molly accuses Carly of going after Brad. Carly tells her that if she wants him, tell him. Molly tells her that she always has to play games. Carly says that she just likes to have fun, and she likes to flirt, what is the harm? Brad walks back up to them and asked them if they are still squabbling and what are they squabbling about. Carly says that they are arguing over him. Molly throws her a look. Molly asks Brad to give her a lift back to her apartment. Brad says that he will and then he has to go to Jack's house, they are having a going-away party for their mother tonight. Molly says that maybe they can hook up later and Carly interrupts and tells Molly that she should come over tonight and pick out her room at Fairwinds and get away from that rotten stepson of hers. Molly remembers that she was supposed to be at Andy's apartment for the intervention and she tells Brad that they have to go. Brad tells Carly to stay out of trouble. She says, "Moi? If I do find trouble, I'll just pick up the phone and dial 1-800-good-man. Brad says that it is time to leave.

At Andy's apartment, he walks in to see Kim, Bob, John, and Margo standing in his living room. They have gathered to confront him about his drinking. He realizes what everyone is there for and makes a comment about them all ganging up on him. John says they are not there to gang up on him, but to try to talk some sense into him. They ask him if he is drinking again and he admits to having some drinks. Kim wants to know why. Andy says that he is not perfect and he tries to leave. John stops him and says that they can't stop him from taking a drink but they can keep him there to listen to what they have to say. Kim tells Andy a story about one time they were on vacation and he was fidgeting in the car and as soon as they got to where they were going he jumped out of the car and started running toward a cliff. Kim yelled at him and he stopped. She tells him that if he didn't stop he could have killed himself falling over the cliff. Andy says that if he had fallen over the cliff, then they could all be at the movie instead of holding this intervention. Kim get mad and swats at him and tells him not to do that. Margo admits to Andy that she has to apologize about yelling at him when he withheld the truth about Emily, because he heard the story in an AA meeting. Andy tells them that he has had some disappointments lately and he had taken a few drinks just like anyone else in the room would have. Molly has come in and she says that he is wrong. Everyone else is not an alcoholic like he is and they can handle a few drinks, but he can't. Andy walks up to her and he tells her that he can't believe that she would join in with them. He reminds her that he found her eating out of a trash can. He tells her that they don't like her and they are just using her. Kim says to Andy that he has it wrong, Molly had called them and told them that he was drinking again. Andy turns to Molly, he can't believe that she had done that to him. She tries to explain to him that she didn't know what else to do. She saw him destroying himself and so she called Kim. Andy gives her a very mean look and walks out the door. Kim, Bob, John and Margo leave and tell Molly to get some rest. After they are gone, she can't rest, she is worried about Andy and starts to call some of the local bars to see if he is there. Then she realizes that he left in his car. She starts to dial the phone again and Andy walks in. She tells him that he shouldn't drink and drive. He tells her that he has heard that somewhere before. She tells him not to be a smart ass. She tells him that she is going to move out because she can't stand to watch him destroy himself. He tells her that he went to a meeting today and got back on the program. Molly is crying and she hugs him and tells him that she is happy.

At Fairwinds, Carly is looking at some new clothes that she has bought. She holds up a negligee and says that it is perfect, if it was July. Then she gets an idea. She goes over to the heat control and jams something down into it. She says that while her Parker Joe is nice and cool upstairs, mommy will be hotter than hell downstairs. She says that her Jack of all trades is going to be making a house call.

Back at Jack's house, they are celebrating Dolores' last night in Oakdale. She gives the boys gifts. The boys tell her that she is the one to be getting a gift not them. She tells them that she got these gifts over 30 years ago. Jack opens his gift and finds his junior deputy badge and Brad got his dump truck. They can't believe that she still had these toys. Brad tells her that her present is outside and he goes to get it. Dolores tells Jack and Julia that if Brad gets involved with Carly that they are to call her collect right away. Jack tells her not to worry, he doesn't think that anything will happen between Brad and Carly and she says, "Don't be so sure." Brad comes in with a puppy, just like the one that they had when they were younger. They are all making over the puppy and the phone rings. Jack tells them to let the machine get it. It is Carly on the phone and she is telling Jack that there is something wrong with the heating and she needs him to come over. Then she adds, "Please, for Parker."

Carly is in her negligee and waiting for Jack. The door bell rings and she tells Kevin to get the door. She has her back to the door and Brad walks in. She says, "it is so nice of you to come over, Ja---", she turns around and sees Brad standing there and she says, "Oh, its you." Brad says that the hotline must have been busy. She tells him to just fix the heat. He goes to the control and says that some idiot jammed something down in it. He gets it out and tells her that he knows what she is up to. He tells her that Jack is with Julia and she better forget about him. She tells him that if she wants to take Jack away from Julia, it is not any of his business.