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Monday, December 22, 1997

Today's recap was written by Patty Bighi

Jack tries to talk Carly into going away with him. They kiss, but Carly pulls away saying that she wants to be with Hal.

Molly believes Holden when he says that he's going to marry her. He leaves to see Lily to explain the plan to her, but she doesn't want to hear it because she believes that marrying Molly is for the best. That was Holden won't have to go to jail. Holden returns to the farm just as Molly was getting ready to go look for him at Lily's. Holden tells Emma that he couldn't tell Lily everything and that he will plan the wedding without her and spring it on her at the last minute.

Carly goes to see Molly and asks her what she's doing with Holden. Molly tells her that he has asked her to marry him. Carly can't believe it.

David stumbles upon Carly's agreement with Rosanna. As he grabs a copy of the agreement, Tom walks in. He tells Tom that he is there to apologize, but Tom tells him to leave and not to apply for a job anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Oakdale.

Emily is served a summons because Lucinda is taking her to court over The City Times and Lucinda has also frozen the assets of the paper. Emily is going crazy because she had invested all of her personal money in the paper. She throws Lucinda out and David tells her not to worry about and that he will make everything better. After, he calls Carly and leaves a message that they need to talk.

Sam accidentally throws away Kirk's Christmas present to her. She is searching through all the garbage bags. Later, Lucinda tells her to look under the tree and she sees the box. Kirk walks in and figures that's his present to her and tells her to open it. It turns out to be a different bracelet with a note attached that only Samantha sees. It is from James. When Kirk tells her that the jeweler made a mistake, she says not to worry about it and that she will keep it. Kirk places the bracelet on her.

Jack comforts Lily and tells her not to worry that he is on the case.

Tuesday, December 23, 1997

BEN is talking to BOB about Lew's potassium drip. He remembers timing it to run out over four hours. CAMILLE wants to help with the hospital inquiry but Ben tells her to stay out of it. It is a hospital matter. Bob tells Ben that the surgery was a high-risk procedure and they didn't get the results they had hoped for so people are questioning it because of the Ben/Camille/Lew triangle.

JOHN tells BARBARA she can go home to the kids and to him today. She turns away from him when he starts to kiss her.

JACK asks CARLY to go away someplace with him. MARGO brings ADAM to the station to see HAL and give him an early Christmas present--a swiss army knife. As Hal is showing it to Carly, Margo talks to Jack about the bet they made. He wants 24 more hours to make Carly want him instead of Hal. Carly overhears them talking about the bet. Jack tells Margo that he will take a few hours off this afternoon for a "doctor's appointment." He heard Teague and his buddies talking about meeting at Mulligan's at 2 o'clock and then head off for a hunting cabin. He hopes to get himself invited. Margo wants to follow him but he says he will try to call her from a pay phone and tell her their location.

John tells Lisa that Barbara can go home today. Barbara tells Lisa that any little thing sets her off (crying). She says that Dr. Samuels wanted to give her a drug to stop her from producing milk but she wouldn't take it. She wants to feel the baby with her. Lisa tells her that she and John will have to grieve together. "Take it one day at a time." Later Lisa tells John to dismantle the nursery. He says he got rid of everything. She tries to tell him that he doesn't know what Barbara is going through but he reminded her that he held the baby till its heart stopped.

Hal wants to take Adam to Al's Diner with him and Carly but Margo says no and tells him that they can get something out of the vending machine because Adam has to go to hockey practice. Then Margo talks to Carly about her relationship with Hal and tells her to stay away from Adam. Jack leaves to "go to the doctor." Carly tells Hal she has a few last-minute Christmas thing to do and that she will meet at Al's in an hour, then leaves.

LEW discovers he has some feeling in his leg but doesn't tell anyone. Ben tells Bob that he will have his resignation ready in the morning. Camille and Lew talk about Ben and what happened to Lew. She wants him to talk to Bob and the board and set the situation straight; he agrees to do so. Lew tells Bob that he might have agreed too quickly to have the surgery. He says that Ben seemed confident--almost cocky about it. He says Ben convinced him that he could pull it off.

Carly follows Jake to Mulligan's He tells her to leave so she won't blow his cover. Carly says she wants to be with him, and then kisses him. He sees Teague and his buddies leave, tries to follow them but Carly holds him back and tells him she knows about the bet and he loses. Jack goes back to the station and tells Margo what happened--"Carly screwed up the whole operation." Carly meets Hal at Al's. They talk about how life can be scary. Hal says that being with her makes him happy. "I think I'm falling in love with you."

Hal brings flowers to Barbara in memory of happy times gone by and happy times to come. She tells him she is not doing so well but there is nothing he can do. He tells her she and John will get through this together. She tells him that if something good is happening in his life, he should seize it.

At home John prepares a candlelight meal, courtesy of the Mona Lisa. She realizes that he is trying to be sweet to her and she is being horrible.

Wednesday, December 24, 1997

LUCINDA finds out that Lily is pregnant. Lily says that Holden and Molly should be married right after the first of the year. She tells Lucinda that Molly is staying at the Snyder farm. Lucinda promises that she will not say anything to Molly. Later Lily sees Molly trying on a wedding dress. Molly asks for her opinion--silk or satin? Lily tells her whatever she chooses will be perfect. She rushes off to the restroom with morning sickness. When she returns Molly goads her until she slaps Molly and leaves.

JACK tells MOLLY that if Holden marries her, it will be the worst mistake he has ever made and she says that if Holden doesn't marry her, it will be the worst mistake he has ever made. He tells her there will be no wedding because he will find the guy who beat her up. She says she is just trying to make a life for herself--trying to build a good marriage. HOLDEN comes in and pretends to defend her. When Molly leaves to go shopping, Holden tells Jack that he is not going to go through with the wedding.

LEW is wiggling his toes as CAMILLE comes in and brings Ronnie (dressed in a Santa suit) into Lew's room. He tells her he is still unable to move. She says she did the shopping for Ronnie's gifts. Lew asks her what her Christmas wish is. She wishes that the investigation were over. Lew asks for the phone and calls the head of the hospital board. Ronnie finds a package meant for Ben but Camille gives it to Lew. It is a winter scarf and Ben sees the whole thing.

JACK and HOLDEN are talking about the marriage plans. Jack says if Molly finds out that he isn't marrying her she will go straight to the police and if Lily finds out, she will go nuts worrying about it. He tells Holden to try to get Molly to open up about the beating. Holden asks Jack to be his best man. Lucinda comes in and says there will not be a wedding. He tells her that he is not marrying Molly; it's Lily he's marrying.

HAL tells CARLY that he thinks he is falling in love with her, then tells her to forget he said that. He wants to leave her alone and give her some time to think. Carly asks if she can say one thing--she kisses him as DAVID enters and sees this. Hal goes to pick up Nikki. David lets Carly know that he knows all about the trust fund. He offers her his help and she says if anyone needs help, it's him. He says that as her attorney he can draw up papers that will protect her in case of any complications. He tells her that he remembers when she came on to him at Fairwinds. He hits her with the idea that she has to pay to get him to leave her alone. She tells him that she cares about Hal but he says she needs his services. He will go talk to Hal and see if he already knows about the trust fund. If he does, then he will leave her alone. She begs him not to tell Hal. He says he won't if she hires him as her attorney and pay his fees. He wants $5,000 now and 10% of the trust fund when she gets it. She calls his bluff and tells him to go ahead and tell Hal because he won't believe David, but he shows her the copy of the contract.

BEN hands BOB his letter of resignation. Bob says no one is questioning his integrity and that Ben's reaction is not like him at all. He says that if Ben resigns it will look like he is guilty. He is called to the phone to talk to the head of the hospital board. When Bob returns he tells Ben the investigation has been called off. Lew had called the board and told them he didn't want the investigation to continue.

JOHN brings BARBARA home and she sees the Christmas tree John got. When she sits down on the couch, she finds a little stuffed animal that reminds her of the baby. John brings the kids downstairs and they show her ornaments they have made.

Thursday, December 25, 1997
by Tammy Freeman

Due to the Christmas holiday, As The World Turns did not air today.

Friday, December 26, 1997
by Tammy Freeman

CARLY and DAVID are sitting at a table at the diner. DAVID is reading from his stolen copy of the trust agreement, going over all of the details point by point. CARLY is uncomfortable and tells him that she knows what it says. DAVID goes on about "the unsuspecting lucky sucker" and says "you really think Hal is gonna want to see this? After all that time he thought that you really cared about him..." CARLY tells him that she does care, that HAL isn't a creep like DAVID. DAVID says, "Ole Hal Munson is going to be shocked when he sees this, of course he might by shocked to know that he could be tied to all of this." DAVID holds the agreement up for CARLY's review and says, "Last chance..." CARLY tells him no and DAVID moves to leave but CARLY stops him by asking what it is that he wants. DAVID says that he wants to be her attorney. CARLY tells him that she doesn't need one but DAVID protests saying that anyone with $50 Million should have an attorney. CARLY asks him how much it will cost her. DAVID answers calmly that he'll need a retainer of $5,000 and then they'll talk about the big money. He says that for his services he wants 10% of the $50 Million. CARLY is flabbergasted - "10% of the WHOLE 50 Million?!", she asks. DAVID smiles, "That's $5 Million." CARLY sarcastically replies, "Yeah, thanks. It's blackmail!" DAVID responds, "Is that a no? If I remember correctly, you're dating the chief of detectives. So why don't you give him a call and have him haul me in? No? Why don't I give old Hal a call for you?" and reaches for his cell phone. CARLY stops him and says that she doesn't have $5,000. DAVID tells her that she's a resourceful woman so she should be able to find it with 50 Million on the line. "Coming!", she reminds him, "I don't have it yet!" DAVID says it's just a matter of time, though. CARLY bites back, "Right. All I have to do is get married and have a baby..." DAVID brushes her off, "Right, right, right. How's that going, by the way? Pregnant yet?" CARLY looks at him, disgusted, and tells him that she's not. DAVID responds that she knows how to fix that. CARLY says, "Look, okay, say I do it and get the money, then you have a deal." DAVID tells her that that's not good enough, that he wants her to sign a contract with him NOW or he'll show the trust agreement to HAL. CARLY grudgingly tells him that they have a deal and they shake on it. CARLY takes her hand a way and says, "Look, David, I don't know when I can get you your blood money..." DAVID interrupts her, "Carly, please, this doesn't have to be so unpleasant." CARLY responds sarcastically, "Right, it's just blackmail!" DAVID tells her that she doesn't seem to understand that they could be good for each other. With 50 Million coming, she'll need to think about investing, taxes...he'll help her with all of that. CARLY is skeptical but DAVID says that he's going to draw up the contract for her signature and expects the $5,000 the next time he sees her. CARLY asks why he's in such a hurry for the cash. DAVID stops her saying, "Merry Christmas, my dear." and shakes her hand again then leaves the diner.

In the Snyder kitchen, EMMA is on the phone with IVA, talking about MJ and AARON as JACK tries to steal some cookies which are on a plate on the counter. EMMA swats his hand playfully. HOLDEN comes downstairs and EMMA tells him that IVA said AARON loved his bike. HOLDEN tells her that he sounded pretty excited on the phone. EMMA swats after JACK again for the cookies, telling him that those are for the neighbors. JACK says, "Oh, let me have one, the Cobbs aren't going to miss ONE!" EMMA sighs and says that she supposes it's better that everyone isn't coming home, ELLIE would probably just get into it with MOLLY. JACK say, "Yeah, where IS the life of the party, anyway?" EMMA tells him that she went to do some last minute shopping at the drug store. HOLDEN says that he's got some presents in his truck for LILY and LUC that he wants to take over to LUCINDA's. JACK asks what he should tell MOLLY but HOLDEN says he'll be back before she will. At that moment, MOLLY walks in with packages in hand. She gives HOLDEN his present and then a big smooch. EMMA and JACK look away disgustedly. HOLDEN jerks away from the kiss and MOLLY exclaims, "Hey! You were under the mistletoe!" JACK rolls his eyes, "Yeah, I wonder who put THAT up?!" HOLDEN tries to walk away but MOLLY follows, telling him to open his present. HOLDEN protests that she didn't have to get him anything. She says that she found it while she was shopping for her wedding dress. She starts to go on about her GORGEOUS dress but stops when she notices the less than enthused looks she's getting from JACK and EMMA. She says it's bad luck to talk about it anyway as EMMA and JACK exchange glances. MOLLY tells HOLDEN to open his gift but he tells her that he'll wait. MOLLY asks him where he's going and HOLDEN tells her that he was just going to get some firewood. MOLLY tells him to open his present first. HOLDEN finally gives in and goes to it. JACK and EMMA look on disgustedly. MOLLY tries to be perky and says she could use a little Christmas spirit. "I seem to remember the Snyders having the most wonderful Christmases," she gushes. JACK turns away, saying, "We DID." HOLDEN opens his gift - a sweater - which MOLLY gushes over saying she LOVES that color on him. HOLDEN thanks her and MOLLY pulls out gifts for EMMA and JACK. EMMA thanks her and JACK says, "I hope you weren't expecting anything from ME." MOLLY tells him that it's okay, that she wasn't expecting anything from anyone. HOLDEN says there's a few things he needs to do, he'll be right back. MOLLY wants to know where he's going and HOLDEN tells her he wants to get her a gift and leaves. MOLLY is wandering around the kitchen as EMMA cooks. MOLLY grabs JACK's gift and tells him to open it. JACK just looks at her. MOLLY whines, "Oh, fine, why don't you just TRY and ruin Christmas, Jack!" JACK smirks saying, "Maybe somebody already took care of that." MOLLY gives up and turns on some Christmas music. EMMA says that she's going to go set the table. JACK asks if she needs help but EMMA says she's find. There's a knock at the door and EMMA asks him to get that for her. It's CARLY who's come to see her cousin. JACK excuses himself to get some firewood as the cousins greet one another. MOLLY exclaims, "Hey you two -- look up!!" CARLY sneers, "Mistletoe." They both turn away and Jack says "Don't worry. I'm going to leave you two to share the joys of the season," and leaves. MOLLY says that she figured CARLY would be with HAL. CARLY says that she'll see him later. MOLLY says that she's glad to see her because there's a lot of tension around there. CARLY interrupts MOLLY, telling her that she's in big trouble and needs $5,000 in cash. MOLLY asks what for but CARLY says she can't explain. MOLLY tells her that she doesn't have that kind of money. CARLY asks if there's anyone that could lend it. MOLLY asks CARLY if she's in trouble. CARLY tells her that she's thinking. She grabs the plate of cookies, "I'm gonna borrow these." MOLLY tells her she can't take them -- EMMA made them. CARLY leaves and JACK comes back in with firewood. MOLLY wonders where HOLDEN went and JACK reminds her that he went to get her a present. MOLLY says she doesn't care about presents, she just wants him to get back. JACK says he'll be back, just sit tight. He goes inside, asking EMMA if she wants him to get the fire started. MOLLY gets a bright idea and grabs JACK's keys then bolts out of the door.

In LUCINDA's study, CAL, LUC and KIRK are playing by the tree. SAM says to LILY, "Looks like the boys are having a good time, especially the big ones." LILY remarks, "Cal's great with Luc...and Kirk too. Kirk's..." SAM finishes for her, "Yeah, the kid in him IS adorable." LILY's eyes widen, "We're talking about Kirk? Kirk is adorable?" LUCINDA walks up, saying, "Oh God, I wouldn't go THAT far." LILY laughs and LUCINDA says that it looks like the boys are having a good Christmas, she wishes she could say the same for LILY. LILY says she's having a great Christmas, she's enjoying the punch! SAM leaves them to go play with the boys. LUCINDA puts her arms around her daughter. LILY says that she thought she and HOLDEN were going to be spending Christmas together. LUCINDA tells her that they will be -- soon. LILY tells her that she saw MOLLY at Fashions yesterday trying on wedding dresses. LUCINDA is taken aback, "White, of course! She's quite a dreamer!" LILY tells her no, she's not. LUCINDA tells her that HOLDEN won't marry MOLLY because he loves LILY. "Now, 'tis the season for miracles, so have faith!" LUCINDA tells her with hope in her voice. LILY is grim as she says, "Yes, it would take a miracle to get Molly out of our lives." Later, SAM scolds KIRK for peeking beneath the tree. KIRK says that he wasn't peeking but SAM knows better. KIRK guesses that he was a bad boy this year and SAM agrees but, she says, there's something hidden under the tree away from his prying eyes. KIRK says that she's probably the only one who bought him anything. LUCINDA overhears and says, "Oh, poor child -- who's the kid around here? Have I got a gift for YOU, Kirk!!" KIRK perks up, "Oh really? Is it poisoned eggnog or an exploding wallet?" LUCINDA replies, "No actually it's something you're gonna like. I'm giving you a new office. Or, rather, it's your old office at Worldwide." KIRK is thrilled to find that he's getting his old job as CEO back. LUCINDA explains that it's tit for tat for him finding so much dirt on DAVID. KIRK is ecstatic and hugs LUCINDA saying Merry Christmas! LUCINDA shoos him away saying that if she wanted a Great Dane, she would have bought herself one. They laugh as she tells KIRK that she's keeping an eye on him. The phone rings, it's for LUCINDA who goes to answer her call. KIRK tells SAM that he's going to tow the line like she wouldn't believe. LUCY gets off the phone and tells SAM that it was something about DAVID. She says she has to go but she'll be back soon. She leaves. (She goes to the Hughes house where she talks to TOM about DAVID's fate. This is described in the HUGHES section.) LILY is walking with LUC in the foyer, telling him that HOLDEN isn't with them because he had to help Gramma Emma who had a lot to do. She says that she's sure that he's thinking of them as much as they're thinking of him. Just then, HOLDEN walks in with gifts. He picks up LUC and LILY hugs them both. In the study, HOLDEN is showing LUC a flashlight that they can use to go camping with the tent he got. CAL comes up and says that there's a place downstairs where they can set that tent up. After SAM smacks a dense KIRK on the head, he gets the point and they all go out to give LILY and HOLDEN some privacy. LILY says that she's glad he came over, they missed him. HOLDEN says he can't stay but he couldn't let Christmas go by without seeing them. LILY asks if she can open his present and HOLDEN says yes. It's a silver cup which, HOLDEN tells her, is for the baby but he wanted her to have it now to remind her that next Christmas they'll be together - him, her, LUC and his baby brother or sister. LILY sadly says that she hopes so. HOLDEN assures her that they will. LILY tells him that she's wearing his ring, like she told him. She moves to hug him, but HOLDEN looks up to see MOLLY standing in the doorway, really TICKED OFF! MOLLY walks into the room and says, "I was driving by and I saw HOLDEN's truck in the driveway and the butler said that everyone was in here." LILY angrily asks what she wants to which MOLLY replies to HOLDEN, "Dinner will be ready soon and I didn't want you driving all over town trying to find me a gift." HOLDEN stammers, "Molly, I came by to say Hi to LUC. I told him I'd stop by." MOLLY asks where he is. LILY responds, "He's in his room, playing with the presents that HOLDEN brought." MOLLY says that she thought HOLDEN went looking for a gift for her. HOLDEN tells her that he didn't tell her the truth because he didn't want to upset her, he was just on his way out. He goes for his coat and LILY thanks him for coming by to see her. When she tries to go to him, MOLLY blocks her. LILY send her best to EMMA and JACK and HOLDEN and MOLLY leave. On the way out, they pass LUCINDA who wants to know why HOLDEN's brought that "nutcase trash" into her house. LILY says that he didn't bring her and runs out of the room. SAM follows LUCY into the room and asks if she went to see DAVID. LUCY says no, she went to see her attorney. She says that DAVID is going to pay for his crimes - poetic justice! When SAM points out that LUCY doesn't seem very happy about it, LUCY says that she is happy but there's a tiny bit of regret because she did believe that he was her son. Back on the porch at the Snyder farm, MOLLY says to HOLDEN, "I don't think you should keep seeing LUC." HOLDEN holds his temper saying, "I just went over to give him his present - that's it." MOLLY goes on, "Well, he's gonna have to get used to getting along without you and the more you keep doing this, the more you're going to keep getting his hopes up. And LILY's too." HOLDEN turns to go inside. JACK is at the table. "Hey, you're back!" EMMA wants to know where her cookies went. JACK says that he doesn't know but EMMA exclaims, "Jack!! Did you eat them?!" JACK protests saying he can account for his whereabouts from the moment they came out of the oven to now. EMMA asks MOLLY about them. MOLLY stalls, then says she ate them. "ALL of them?!" EMMA asks. MOLLY apologizes, saying they were good and she was hungry. JACK rides her about it but EMMA breaks it up saying it's time to have some Snyder cider celebration. She tells HOLDEN to get the cider and brings out a musical snowglobe that she tells MOLLY her great grandmother brought over from Holland.

Christmas at the Hughes' house is well under way. NANCY spoons up some eggnog and takes a glass over to BOB who is standing with TOM. BOB thanks her for the drink and says, "It's good to have Kim home, isn't it?" KIM calls to BOB from the sofa to ask if he's seen the photos that ANDY took in Greece. TOM and BOB go over to stand behind KIM. TOM says he hasn't seen the photos yet but MARGO told him that they're beautiful. KIM turns to TOM and says, "I think it's time." TOM is confused, "Time for...?" KIM responds, "Time for you to go upstairs and get in the Santa suit!" TOM tells her that he thinks the boys are a little old for a visit from St. Nick. KIM tells BOB that since TOM bailed on them, it's up to him this year. BOB says he'd love to put on that suit, but he thinks he hurt his back putting the lights on the tree. TOM looks at him, "You too?!" BOB responds, "Yeah, besides, I promised the boys I'd play a game with them." KIM looks at the two of them incredulously, "Scrooge and Scrooge Junior!" BOB and TOM head over to the boys as KIM says, "HoHoHo..." She sits for a moment, then seems to have a thought, "On the other hand..." she laughs mischeviously and get up. CHRIS takes a photo of ANDY and NANCY as BOB greets JESSICA and BONNIE who have just arrived. They head over to the boys as the doorbell rings - it's JOHN, BARBARA and the kids. LISA comes over to hug BARBARA. JOHN hands LISA a present and says, "Merry Christmas." LISA says, "Not fruitcake again!!" JOHN tells her it's the same one she gave him last year. ANDY comes over to greet JOHN and the kids and gives BARBARA a big hug. LISA, NANCY and BOB are at the punch bowl. LISA asks where KIM has gone. BOB says that she's in the kitchen but LISA says that she was just there and there was no KIM. NANCY hopes she's okay. BOB insists that she's fine. LISA says that she doesn't want KIM to overdo it. BOB looks worried. Just then, "Santa" comes in Ho-Ho-Ho-ing. It's KIM in full Santa garb. Santa goes to the couch where all the kids flock to "him." Santa asks if everyone got what they wanted and they all giggle. CHRIS says that it sounds like Santa has a bad case of laryngitis. Santa tells him, "That happens from time to time, young man! Alright!! I have to get back to my little sleigh and my little reindeer..." Santa rolls himself out of the couch (big belly makes it hard to maneuver) and tells everyone to be good this year. CHRIS asks if Santa is going to leave through the chimney. Santa tells him, "Forget it, Kid!" and runs out of the room. BOB chases Santa and gives her a big kiss. KIM asks how she did and BOB tells her she was great then says, "That's not bad, kissing a bearded lady." KIM laughs, "Oh what do you know?! I've gotta get back to my sleigh!" They kiss again and she runs off. TOM's been watching and whistles, saying, "I just saw Poppa kissing Santa Claus -- what does that mean?" BOB tells him he doesn't want to know and they both laugh. BEN walks up to them and tells BOB that it's a great party. BOB gives all of the credit to KIM. BEN and TOM greet one another and BOB says that he invited CAMILLE but she said she wanted to spend the day with her mother. BOB asks if there's any chance that the two of them will work things out. BEN says he doesn't think so then says that he has to go, he wants to go see REV and MRS DANSBY to try to cheer them up. After BEN leaves, BOB tells TOM that he wishes that he could cheer BEN up. Later, ANDY walks by as TOM and MARGO are kissing. ANDY says, "Hmmm, where's the mistletoe?" TOM jokes back, "We don't need no stinkin' mistletoe!" The doorbell rings and MARGO opens the door. It's CARLY who gives MARGO the plate of cookies she took from EMMA's house saying that she made them for the Hugheses. She finagles an invite in and cozies up to LISA. She tells her that she could do more for Christmas but she's "all tapped out." NANCY takes the cookies from MARGO and remarks that they look EXACTLY like the cookies that EMMA makes. MARGO says sarcastically, "Well, how strange!!" The doorbell rings again. It's LUCINDA, who enters hugging TOM and MARGO and wishing them both a Merry Christmas. She tells TOM that she just got a call from the DA's office about DAVID. TOM tells her that they got some proof that DAVID fixed the grades on his Bar exam. LUCINDA asks why TOM didn't call her about this yesterday. He tells her that he wanted to wait until after Christmas. LUCINDA says that she wants some time to figure out how to handle this whole thing. TOM says that it's out of his hands, that the DA's office found the proof and the call is theirs. TOM comments that DAVID made his bed and now it's time for him to lie in it. LUCINDA looks worried. CARLY is still with LISA, saying that this is the time of the year to think about the things that are really important -- the people you love. She tells LISA that she thinks of her as the mother she never had. LISA says that it's sweet of CARLY to say. CARLY tells LISA that she's done so much for her already, but she hopes that LISA didn't buy her a Christmas gift because she couldn't afford one for LISA. LISA says of course she got CARLY a gift!! CARLY tells her that she won't accept it and when LISA insists, CARLY says that the only gift she'll accept is a loan. LISA is surprised and asks CARLY why she needs a loan -- she's got a job, she's living at LISA's penthouse rent-free... CARLY tells her that she just needs it. LISA is angry, "So that's why you came by with the cookies and all those good things you said. How much do you need? No, don't answer that. Don't you understand what Christmas is about? It's not about Gimme, Gimme, Gimme! Don't you understand that?! I resent the fact that you're trying to use Christmas to get something out of me!!" With that, LISA storms away. CARLY leaves quietly, dejectedly. TOM tells LUCINDA again that there's nothing he can do. LUCINDA laughs and says that she guesses DAVID will have a Christmas he won't soon forget...and a happy new year!!!" She kisses TOM and says goodbye. KIM rushes back in wishing LUCINDA a Merry Christmas as they pass. She asks TOM and MARGO how the party is going and MARGO tells her that she missed Santa Claus. "Oh, Phooey! How do you like that?!", KIM asks and walks over to TOM asking him about BEN. BOB tells her that he went to see the DANSBYs. KIM says that it must be an awful time for them without their church. BOB says that all of the other churches have opened their doors to the congregation. KIM tells him that it's not the same. She gets an idea and calls out, "Listen everybody, I just had an idea of the perfect way to celebrate Christmas night!" Later, the living room is empty except for BARBARA, who is sitting alone in a chair. JOHN comes in saying, "Come on!! We're gonna go sing!" BARBARA tells him to go caroling without her. When JOHN says he doesn't want to leave her alone, BARBARA tells him to go on, she'll be fine. JOHN says he know it must be difficult for her, being around so many little ones. BARBARA tells him that she's glad they came, she's just tired and would like to be alone for a while. JOHN kisses her cheek and tells her that he loves her. BARBARA wishes him a Merry Christmas. JOHN turns to leave but pauses, saying, "We won't be long. And I'll watch the kids." He leave and BARBARA closes her eyes, close to tears.

At the Stewart house, EMILY is curling ribbons and smiling as ALISON and SUSAN play with a small harp that EMILY gave her. SUSAN asks EMILY if it was a good idea to spend so much money with DAVID out of work and LUCINDA trying to take the paper. EMILY says that DAVID is a brilliant lawyer and he won't have any trouble finding a job. Plus, she says, LUCINDA won't be able to take the paper. EMILY reminds SUSAN that she promised nothing negative and SUSAN agrees. EMILY thanks her for inviting DAVID - it means a lot to her. "Just get to know him and you'll see why I love him so much," EMILY tells her. SUSAN remarks that he's late and EMILY responds, "So, he's a little late, but he promised he'd be here. I bet he's at home wrapping my present right now." SUSAN pats her hand and smirks, "I betchya," and walks away. EMILY looks after her, uncertain. Later, DAVID walks in with EMILY and SUSAN behind him. He tells them how beautiful everything is. He says that his parents never did any of this. SUSAN says she's happy he could join them. DAVID thanks her for inviting him. He pauses a beat then says, "Let's open presents!" EMILY opens a box to find a key. She asks if there's a convertible outside. DAVID says she'll have to wait until next year. EMILY is stumped. DAVID asks if she remembers the slide show of the house with the cathedral ceilings -- it's theirs. He tells her that he put a binder on it. EMILY is thrilled and asks, "You brought the house?!" DAVID smiles and says that he signed all the papers and put a binder on it. EMILY asks where he got the money. DAVID says that he worked for a while at Worldwide and put some money away. SUSAN is less that thrilled but DAVID and EMILY are on Cloud 9. EMILY tells SUSAN how great the house is. SUSAN asks if they're overextending themselves. DAVID says that they're fine and EMILY asks SUSAN to be happy for them. SUSAN says that she is and excuses herself to check on dinner. She takes ALISON with her. DAVID tells EMILY that he told her this would be the best Christmas ever. EMILY says that she doesn't need a house to make this the best Christmas of her life - just him! Later, ALISON is on EMILY's lap and DAVID is playing a toy xylophone -- a made up song about Christmas and being hungry. SUSAN comes in and says the turkey is almost done. ALISON breaks into an "I Love Turkey" song and all get a good laugh. EMILY says this is officially the best Christmas of her life. The doorbell rings and SUSAN says they weren't expecting anyone. Thinking it's carolers, DAVID, ALISON and EMILY start giggling and saying "Give them the fruitcake!" When they open the door, it's a police officer looking for DAVID. SUSAN tells ALISON to go up to her room and the cop says that he has a warrant for DAVID's arrest for fraud. DAVID is cocky, saying that he'll go down to the police station and straighten it all out. The cop tells him that the warrant is legit and cuffs DAVID. SAM holds EMILY back, who tries to stop the cop.

At the site of the Milltown Baptist Church, BEN is walking amid the rubble from the church and remembers hearing CAMILLE singing "God Will Take Care of You" in the church. He picks up a charred hymnal and flashes briefly to that day. Back in the present, CAMILLE walks up. They gaze at each other. BEN says he didn't expect to see her there. CAMILLE tells him Merry Christmas and BEN says that he was on his way to see the Reverend and stopped there first, how about her? CAMILLE tells him that she was supposed to meet her mother at St. Pete's for service but she was driving by and had to stop. She remembers praying there. BEN says that he remembers one Christmas being mad because Santa didn't bring him the bike he wanted. They came to church and the reverend preached about Christ and the true meaning of Christmas and suddenly the anger was gone and he started feeling grateful about a lot of stuff. CAMILLE says that she knows what he means - this church was like a second home for her and now it's gone. BEN is walking away and CAMILLE tells him to have a nice Christmas. We hear carolers singing "Joy To The World" and BEN asks CAMILLE if she hears it. She says yes, she does. REV and MRS DANSBY come out to hugh and wish a Merry Christmas. The HUGHES gang comes up, singing. MRS DANSBY thanks them for coming. KIM says that they wanted to come out for a service and wanted REV DANSBY to lead them. REV DANSBY agrees and preaches about the birth of Jesus. He says that he would like to start his service with music. "Camille?" he asks. She begins Silent Night and all the others join her. The scene fades to BARBARA alone holding a teddy bear then to CARLY alone at the diner drinking coffee. A Santa sets down a kettle of money and she's tempted but leaves. The scene then fades to DAVID being led away in cuffs. EMILY puts a coat around him and hugs him, crying. Fade to the Snyders, EMMA, JACK, HOLDEN, and MOLLY are looking up at the stars. The camera zooms in on HOLDEN then fades to LILY, who's looking sadly out the window at LUCINDA's house. LUCINDA comes to her and hugs her. Fade back to the singers on the church grounds who finish their song.

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