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Monday, December 15, 1997

BEN finds CAMILLE studying for finals at the hospital. He gives her a stuffed cow (because of something he said to her in French once) and says he still wants to go to Paris with her. He thinks everything is out in the open between them--no more secrets. He gets beeped and Sara Ruth sits down by Camille who says she has to tell Ben about her affair with Lew. Sara Ruth argues with her about this. Later Sara Ruth goes in to see Lew and tells him that Camille plans to tell Ben everything and says that Ben and Camille are going to Paris after Lew's condition improves. Ben hears the end of their conversation.

KIM and ANDY are walking in the hallway of the hospital. He tells her how upset he was that he didn't come back to see her when she had her heart surgery. Kim wants to talk about him--she worries about him because that's what mothers do. She doesn't want them to let this much time pass without seeing each other ever again. He tells her he doesn't have time for a social life. She wants him to have a life filled with love and happiness. Later Bob finds Kim in the hall looking out the window at the snow. She talks him into going outside and building a snowman. "Time is so precious--You have to live every moment as if it were your last."

LISA asks CARLY what she is up to with HAL. She thinks it is a shame that he can't see through her like Lisa can. Carly says that Hal has everything she needs in order for her to get what she wants. Lisa says she hears Carly pacing the floor at night. "You are after the big prize--the brass ring--and you always will be--not poor Hal." She compares Carly to Molly--let the good guys alone.

At Lily's house HOLDEN is talking to TOM who says he will try to find the production house where they might find the outtakes of the tape Molly made.

MOLLY tells LILY that HOLDEN has to marry her because wives can't testify against husbands. Lily says it's a good idea. "When you set the wedding date, make sure it's the day after hell freezes over." Molly says Holden will marry her to keep from going to prison. Lily says she will give Holden the message. As she leaves the room, Steve (the tape editor) comes to see Molly. He says they have a deal on the table--the one he is about to make with her or with Lily Grimaldi. Lily goes home and tells Holden about Molly's plan. He says it is blackmail and the tape is the only thing that can clear him. Back at the hospital Steve tells Molly that Lily might be prepared to pay him for the tape. Molly says that is blackmail! He says he wants $12,000. Molly says she will come up with the money. He is coming back in the morning with the tape (to get the money). After Steve leaves, Molly tells the nurse she is going to take a nap but when the nurse turns out the lights and leaves, Molly jumps out of bed (fully clothed), gets her coat on and rushes out of the room. At Lily's house, Lily realizes that the person who delivered the tape to her is the same one she saw going into Molly's room today and that he is the one she talked to on the phone (because he called her "ma'am" each time.

MARGO finds out in the tavern that Jake is really JACK. He says that no one at the station knows what he is doing. She fusses about his not having any backup (of course she doesn't either). They decide to back each other up. He tells her to hit him hard for Teague's benefit, then leave. When Jake goes to the bar to get a drink, Teague says it is on him. They talk about what happened when he arrested Ben. He shows him a newspaper article--HERO DOC DOES SURGERY. As Teague prepares to leave he says, "I've got an appointment with a doctor I can't afford to miss." Jake is sitting in a booth talking on his phone to Margo. Carly comes in and Jake thinks maybe he can get some info out of her. She pulls out Roseanne's contract and thinks about it and her conversation with Lisa. Jake approaches her and introduces himself (Jake Logan). She thinks he is hitting on her but he says no--he has everything he needs. He tells her of his travels but he has not yet found the pot of gold--the big break. As he starts to leave, Carly asks him where he is going and he says no place special and they leave together.

Teague listens in on a conversation between Ben and Lew about hooking him up to potassium. Ben set it on a slow drip over the next four hours. He and the nurse talk about how important it is that it is done right. Ben tells Lew he needs to start thinking positively. He says that he and Camille are back on track--no more secrets and that he has a big surprise for her. He has booked a flight for them on the Concorde to Paris. Lew starts in on a story about how Camille really loved Paris. Ben stops him questioningly and Lew says that was when they were together in Philadelphia--"but you knew about that."

Tuesday, December 16, 1997

JAKE (Jack) and CARLY enter a coffee shop and challenge each other to a game of foosball. She wins and they order cappuccinos. He tells her a big story about his cousin Molly, then asks her what her cousin Molly is like. The next scene shows them dancing very closely and he asks her more about Molly. They kiss, then she pulls back with a startled look and says, "Damn you, Jack" as she slaps him. She says he was trying to pump her about Molly, hoping she would say something that he could use against her. She says she knew all along that he was Jack. He says she didn't know until they kissed. She leaves and Jack realizes that she lifted his keys and took his car. Now he is stranded.

MOLLY breaks into the production studio and finds the tape she made in the hotel room. She hides when she hears Steve coming in. LILY and HOLDEN arrive; she tells Steve she will pay him for the tape. Steve says he has another interested party. He asks Lily to make him an offer he can't refuse. Lily says she will double whatever Molly has offered him. He says Molly offered him $12,000. He goes to get the tape and when he finds it is missing, he realizes Molly must have broken in and gone out the back door with it. Lily goes to Molly's room but the nurse makes her leave while Molly is pretending to be asleep.

CAMILLE finds a tearful BEN and intends to tell him about her past with Lew but Ben beats her to the punch by telling her he knows all about her affair with him in Philadelphia. She says she hadn't had the courage to tell him about it. She says she was ashamed of what she had done and she didn't know how he would react. He says her biggest mistake was not telling him about it in the beginning. Ben tells her that Lew told him. A nurse comes and tells him she rechecked Lew's labs. (She was upset because he started the potassium flow without checking the lab report).

Teague goes into Lew's room and increases the flow of potassium. He watches Lew begin to get restless with an increased heart beat until he sees Camille headed for the room. She walks in and asks how he could do this to her. Lew says Ben told him that she had told him everything and that there were no more secrets. As she is fussing at him, he appears to be in distress and tells her that something is wrong with his heart. She goes for help. As a team works on him, someone sees that the potassium I.V. is running wide open. Outside the room, Camille tells Sara Ruth that something went wrong and Ben comes out and tells them about the IV. He sees a certain look on Camille's face and thinks that she blames him.

SAM tells KIRK that he is having too much fun about causing David's scam to be found out. He goes off to get some dirt on David to give Lucinda while she is still irate. Meanwhile DAVID and EMILY are visiting JAMES because David blames James for telling Lucinda that he knew all along he was not her son. James denies telling Lucinda to put the bug in David's room. Lucinda comes in and is surprised that David is out of the hospital. James tells her he wanted her to be mother to David forever. She tells David that he is a source of embarrassment to her. Emily stands up for him. The three of them argue as James looks on and says, "There's nothing like a family reunion." Lucinda says she is going to bury David and then turn her attention to James. She is going to make sure David gets everything he deserves; then she leaves. James tells David that she will come around. David tells James that he has deceived and manipulated him and he and James will never talk again.

Samantha gets a big bouquet of flowers with a note saying, "Forever yours" and, of course, she assumes they are from Kirk. When he comes in, she kisses him and thanks him but he says he didn't send the flowers. She says they are her favorites and they speculate about who might have sent them. Later Kirk tells Lucinda he has started doing some research on David's past.

James is working on some papers for his trial when a guard comes in and tells him he can't work there any more today. James thanks him for doing him favors in exchange for remuneration.

Sam gets a hand-delivered note from James saying he hopes she liked the flowers and hopes to see her soon.

Wednesday, December 17, 1997

TOM comes to see LILY and HOLDEN. They tell him what happened to the outtakes and what Molly's plan is. Tom says that Molly will have to testify--married or not. The laws have changed over the past several decades--especially concerning abuse. Holden says that Molly couldn't have had more than 10 or 15 minutes to get ahead of them at the film production office. He doesn't think that she would have had time to destroy the tape because Lily saw her in her bed at the hospital.

DAVID and EMILY are having coffee and talking about their battles with James and Lucinda. He says the one thing that James said that he does believe is that he will survive. Lucinda bursts in and says she wants them off the premises in one hour. Emily reminds her that he was in the hospital because of her and was just released the day before. As they are packing, he starts to cough but assures Emily that it was only a little dust. He tells her that what is ironic is that he and Lucinda are a lot alike. He says that he and Emily make a good team and should stick together. Emily throws the Walsh coat-of-arms in the trash.

CARLY tells JACK that playing dress-up to get information about Molly is going a little far. He tells her not to say anything about his disguise to anyone--especially Hal. He says he is doing some undercover work that Hal doesn't know about. HAL asks Carly what happened to her last night. He tried to call her and there was no answer. She tells him she unplugged the phone because she was sick. He recommends chicken soup at a certain diner. MARGO comes in and Jack tells her that Teague went for his disguise. She senses that something is going on between him and Carly. He has to tell her that Carly knows about his cover. She doesn't like it but agrees to continue to back him up.

MOLLY is in her hospital bed, gets out the tape and puts it in the VCR and sees where she scratched Holden. She says, "What the jury doesn't know won't hurt them." LISA comes in with her cart and says she must treat Molly like any other patient. Molly told her that she had been watching a movie so Lisa grabs it from her hand planning to return it for her. Molly tells her that she was not finished with the movie and Lisa hands it back to her. Molly puts it in the drawer of her bedside table. In walks Lily who tells her that she knows Molly stole the outtakes from Steve. She also tells her what Tom said about testifying. Molly says they can force her to take the stand but they can't tell her what to say. Lily asks her if she is going to lie on the stand. Molly says she is willing to do anything to help Holden. She says everything she did was for love. "You have had many loves. You can move on but I can't. I will never give him up." Lily goes back and tells Holden that Molly will lie. She says Molly gave her a choice. Either she gives him up or he ends up in prison. Molly calls on the phone and wants to talk to Holden. Her doctor came by and told her she is going to be released. She has made an appointment to talk to the police and she will tell them that her memory has returned and that he is the one who beat her up.

SAM visits JAMES and tells him to stop sending her things and threatens to go to the U.S. attorney prosecuting his case and see if she can get a few more years tacked on his sentence. He says he will not get convicted. She says she and Kirk are back together happily married. He says he lives for two things--to get out of jail and to get to her. Sam goes to meet Kirk at a diner and kisses him because "I don't want anything to go wrong in our lives." Kirk's phone rings and after talking on it tells Sam that David is going to wish he had never been born.

Lucinda visits Lily and Holden and tells them about her eviction notice to David. She hugs Lily and asks if she is putting on weight. She suggests that Lily see her doctor.

After David and Emily are gone, Lucinda finds the coat-of-arms in the wastebasket. Kirk and Sam come in and he tells her he has "stuff" on David. He reminds her that he wants to be back in the big chair at WorldWide. She says she will consider it if he gives her something interesting. Kirk says David is not even a lawyer--he never passed the bar exam!!

Carly is eating lunch in a diner and Jake comes in and joins her. He says they both have their secrets to keep and since neither one is a tattle-tale, "we can do whatever we want and nobody will tell. As they are getting ready to kiss, Hal appears and says, "What the hell is this?"

Lisa is clearing out her cart and finds a tape with no label. She says to herself that she will take it home and watch it so she can put a label on it.

Thursday, December 18, 1997
by Tammy Freeman

MOLLY is on the phone with HOLDEN, telling him that she is being released today and that she is going to the police station and telling them that he beat her up. Holden tells her to go ahead, and do what she needs to do. She's confused by this, and he tells her that she's not going to marry her, and that he quits, and then hangs up.

LILY gets upset with him for not trying to work something out with Molly, but he says that they can't stop her. She says that he could have told her he would marry her, and then they could have had time to something else, but he says that he's not going to marry her. Lily gets upset, saying that he could go to jail, and she collapses. Holden wants to call an ambulance, but she says that she's OK, and won't even let him call a doctor. He's worried, but she says it's nothing. When he presses her to tell him what's wrong, she says that she's not sick, and then asks him to sit down. She tells him that she is pregnant. She knows the timing is bad, but he's happy. She says that it's the miracle they've been waiting for. Holden tells Lily and the baby that he loves them, but Lily worries about the timing. He responds that the timing is never perfect, but they'll get married right away, have the baby, and everything will be great. She reminds him about Molly. He assures her that having the baby matters more than anything, and that Molly can't hurt them now. But she says that if he goes to jail, they're not having the baby - she can't do it by herself, and if Molly finds out that she's pregnant, she'll lie and send him to jail out of spite. He promises her that he's not leaving her, and that he's going to make things right.

BEN is examining LEW, and everything is OK. BOB comes in and asks to talk to Ben outside. He tells Ben that he's not to treat Lew anymore, or even go into his room. There's going to be an investigation behind the situation with Lew's potassium drip. Ben gets upset at being implicated, but Bob assures him that nobody is accusing him, the situation just needs to be looked into. Ben gets angry, and insists that he saved Lew's life, it doesn't make any sense that he'd try to hurt him now. Bob tells him that his relationship with Lew is strained, that it needs to be looked out, and for now, to just stay away from him.

CAMILLE comes up after Bob leaves and tells him that she knows he will be cleared, but Ben just seethes "Do you?" and walks off.

Camille goes back into Lew's room, and asks him to help Ben, that he knows he wouldn't hurt anybody. Lew says that somebody did, and who knows - maybe hearing about the two of them pushed Ben too far. She defends Ben, but Lew says that Ben is taking it out on her, and that maybe she's better off without him. She gets upset and leaves.

She finds Ben again, who tells her that it's best if she stays out of it, and they not even talk again until after the investigation, because they'll be questioning her. She says that she knows that he's caring and ethical, but he says that he knows it's not what she thought at first. She tells him that she never thought otherwise, and if that's what he thinks, then he doesn't know her very well. He says that she's right, he doesn't know her at all because of her lies. She argues, but he says that he can't think about this right now, he needs to think about the investigation, because that's the only thing he can do anything about. He doesn't think that it will ever be the same between them again.

CARLY and JACK, in disguise as "Jake" are talking in the diner. He says they should play a game - he tries hard not to repeat what happened the other night, and she tries hard to make him believe she doesn't want to. She asks if he's talking about the kiss, and he asks if they really need to talk about it at all. They are about to kiss, when HAL walks in, asking what's going on. Carly tells Hal that she was just explaining to "Jake" that she already has a friend, the chief of detectives, but he still came on to her. Hal grabs "Jake" and throws him outside, telling him that if he ever sees him around there again hassling people, he would really have a problem. Carly thanks Hal, noting that he's always saving her. Hal tells her not to worry, he's gone now, and then gets beeped.

He leaves the room to make the call, and she goes outside to check on Jack. He says that he's OK, but Hal threw him pretty hard. She says that he's very protective, and Jack adds that so is she. She tells him that Hal didn't recognize him, and that she's not going to say anything - it's as much for her as it is for him. He asks what she has to feel guilty about, and then walks off.

JESSICA walks by Carly on her way to the diner, and when Carly tries to talk to her, she says that she's on her lunch break and doesn't want to talk about business. Carly says that she's just jealous that her sister is going to make her rich, but Jessica says not to count on it. She thinks it's childish and that Rosanna will come to her senses, but the deal's still on for now. She knows that Carly's fast, but she doesn't think she'll be fast enough this time.

"JAKE" gets to the bar where TEAGUE hangs out, and meets MARGO outside. She tells him that Teague is inside, that they'll be outside monitoring them, and if anything goes wrong, to just signal her. He goes in, and finds Teague, who buys him a beer. He tells Teague that he's looking for a job, and asks him if he's found one yet. Teague says that nobody will hire him now, and then gripes about affirmative action.

A black man comes in and sits down at a table, and Teague gets upset, saying "there goes the neighborhood - if they let it." They get up and go over to the man, and Teague asks him to leave, telling him that he's not among friends. The guy says no, tells him if he doesn't like it, he can leave, and then calls Teague "boy." Teague almost tries to hit him, and Jack stops him, saying "Allow me." Jack sits down with the man and tells him that there's no need to get his friend all riled up. He could get into a lot of trouble if anybody gets hurt, but on the other hand, he's a stranger to the town, so he's not worried - if anybody gets hurt, he can just disappear, so the man better just find somewhere else to eat. The man leaves, and Teague is thrilled with "Jake." He starts to buy him a drink, but Jack leaves, saying he had to see about a job.

Outside, the man, who knows Jack, is upset with what happened. Jack apologizes and says that he didn't know Teague was going to go off like that. The man says that they could have got him on arson for trying to beat up a Chicago police officer, but Jack says that they need to get him for arson. Margo comes up, saying it went well and thanks the man for helping out.

CARLY goes back inside the diner with HAL, and thanks him for being so good to her. He says that he always takes care of the people who are special to him. He gives her a present, which he says isn't for Christmas. It's an expensive pen. He knows it's not much, but he figured if she had a nice pen, she might actually hold onto it for more than 5 minutes. She thanks him, but says she can't accept it. Hal asks her what the problem is, and she says that she doesn't have time to waste. She's not in this for what gifts she can get out of him. He says that it's just a pen, and she bursts out that it's not. He asks her what's wrong, and she says that she's just thinking. That for the first time in her life, she's thinking about what she wants for Christmas next year, and the year after that, etc. He asks her what, and she says that she just wants the basics - a husband, a house, and a family. She says she's serious, so if he's just in this for a few laughs, he can take his pen and they can just be friends. She wants a serious relationship, but it's up to him. Hal tells her that he's serious about every relationship that he gets into, that he wants seriousness too, he wants somebody waiting for him when he gets home, and that he needs more in his life than just his job. He wants to give it a shot, and tells her that if she feels that way to keep the pen and stop stealing his. They kiss, and MARGO and JACK (who is out of his disguise) walk in. Margo rolls her eyes at seeing the kiss, and Jack looks hurt.

Margo remarks enthusiastically about how well it's going, that Teague is ready to follow "Jake" off a cliff, and that he really must be desperate to take a swing at the guy like that. Jack says that he wasn't thinking - he's got nowhere else to go, and he sees the last place he's got being invaded. Margo asks Jack whose side he's on, and he says he's agreeing, that Teague's getting sloppy, he just hopes it's over soon. She asks him what's wrong and he explains that when you go deep undercover, the lines have to start to disappear, and that it doesn't just come off with the disguise at the end of the day. Margo asks that that's why he left the the Feds, and he says yes, then she asks that that's why he joined in the first place, but he doesn't answer. Hal laughs loudly, and Margo notices Jack looking over at the two of them. She warns him to be careful, that in a different way, Carly can be just as dangerous as Teague. Carly meets Jack's gaze.

HOLDEN catches up with MOLLY as she's about to go into the police department. She says that she didn't think he wanted her to go through with this, and he agrees with her - he wants her to tell the truth. She asks why she would do that, and he answers because it's the right thing to do. She says she knows what's right with her, and so does he. She asks if he's going to marry her, and he doesn't reply, so she walks off, and he goes after her.

MOLLY is packing up, and BOB comes in with her discharge papers. He asks who is picking her up, and worries when she says that nobody is, because the hospital doesn't have an address for her. She says that she's fine and that she knows where she's going.

Friday, December 19, 1997

Another gift arrives for Sam. It has to be from James, she thinks, so she throws it into the trash.

Lucinda and Tom are meeting at her home. She lets him know that Kirk found out that David never passed the bar. Both Tom and Kirk are talking about what could happen to David; they are both taking great pleasure in this. However, Lucinda wants them to hold off taking any action against David. She wants more proof. How do they know that the information that Kirk has dug up is correct? Tom agrees, but tells her that if it is true, he must report it---it is his duty.

While Lucinda and Tom are talking privately, Kirk is trying to track down the gift he bought for Sam. Sam, coming down the stairs, overhears. She hides behind a column to eavesdrop and realizes that the gift she threw out was really a gift from her husband.

Lucinda tells Tom that she is ready to go ahead with getting her newspaper back.

Holden arrives at the police station just in time to catch Molly. She tells him that unless he agrees to marry him, she will tell the police that he is the one who beat her up and set the fire. Holden tries to persuade her to wait. Does she want the real person to get away with what he did? She can always change her story later, she says, but for right now, he is the one she will report to the police.

Margo is trying to talk to Jack, but his attention is on Carly and Hal. Margo tells him that he has it bad for Carly and he denies it strongly. He doesn't care for her at all, but if he wished it, he could get her to fall for him. He and Margo make a bet on that.

In the booth, Carly is telling Hal that she wants something permanent: a home, a back yard and kids to fill it up. If he isn't interested, he should say so right now. But Hal isn't being scared off. Just after they order a double chocolate sundae with two spoons, he gets word that Molly and Holden are at the police station making a scene. He and Margo take off, because, as Margo reminds him, Jack has unfinished business here.

Holden gives in and agrees to marry Molly. She is overjoyed at the news. She wants to elope and be married tonight. Holden isn't ready to marry so quickly; he suggests February. Molly is going to talk to the police, but Holden tells her that they can get married after the holidays. After all, she needs time to plan a real wedding. In the meantime, she can stay at the farm with him and Emma.

Hal and Margo arrive just as Molly and Holden are leaving the station hand in hand. She tells him that she still doesn't remember what happened when she was attacked.

Lily arrives at the farm and tells Emma that she is going to be a grandmother again. Emma is delighted. Just after the announcement, Holden arrives with Molly. Molly wears a self-satisfied smile as Holden announces that they will be getting married.

In tears, Lily hands her engagement ring back to Holden and leaves. Emma can't believe that Holden is doing this. She attacks Molly, but Holden steps in and separates them. He takes Molly up to her room.

When he returns, Holden explains to Emma that he is going to marry Lily. He is just pretending that he is marrying Molly so that she won't accuse him of trying to kill her.

Just as Jessica is leaving her office, David stops by. She has to leave so he says he will wait for Tom. After Jessica has left, David begins to go through all the things on her desk. He finds the papers on Carly's trust fund and reads through it. Well, well, well! he says.

Jack joins Carly and begins to sweet talk her. She begins to fall for his tender words and his offer for them to go away somewhere where they will be all alone. They are both surprised when they kiss across the table. Carly breaks away and tells him no.

." . . .we are going to be married and that is all there is to it," Holden is telling Emma while Molly eavesdrops.

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