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Monday, November 3, 1997

VIC is presenting CARLY with his late wife's diamond necklace after dancing. It will be hers if she gets rid of Jack and leaves there with Vic. He asks her what she wants more--the necklace or Jack. But Jack breaks up the dance; he doesn't like the way Vic is acting toward Carly. Vic tells him they will not do business and removes the necklace as he leaves the club. HAL comes in and wants to know what happened. Both Jack and Carly say the other one blew it. Jack tells Hal that Vic's hands were all over her and he had to stop it. He angrily says he is going back to the station to file his report. Carly tells Hal that if it was Hal and her working on that sting, they would have been dynamite. As she is flashing her bosom, she flatters him, talking about what a good team they would make undercover(s?). She suggests that they have a drink and he agrees (while she is thinking about her "baby problem").

BEN and the skinhead are fighting in an alley. The skinhead pulls a knife but Ben knocks it away from him, grabs it and, while holding one of the skinhead's arms behind him, holds the knife to his throat and takes him to the station. Jack puts him under arrest. Ben says that he thinks Teague is behind it but the skinhead says he doesn't know anything about any Teague. Jack says they will see if his fingerprints match the ones from the previous attack, they will put him away for a nice long time. Ben calls Camille's room but hangs up after one ring. Jack comes back and tells Ben the fingerprints match. He doesn't know if Teague is behind it.

LEW is telling CAMILLE how much he loves her and they kiss. She pulls away and he apologizes. He admiringly tells her how much she has grown in independence. He says that when they were together, he wasn't good for her. He was self-centered and didn't think about what she needed. She tells him she wants to be doctor, and she wants a man who is all hers and a family. He fixes her some chamomile tea and lights a jasmine candle (for old times sake) as he again tells her he loves her. They kiss some more.

KIRK arrives late at the club and SAM wants to know what has been going on. She presents him with the bill from the decorator and he says he will take care of it. She wonders how he has managed to pay for the club and why he hasn't told her how he has done it. Kirk wants to send Jack's table a round of drinks but Sam tells him that he is working undercover. The phone rings and as Kirk reaches for it, Sam grabs it and there is a hang-up on the other end. She says that has been happening a lot lately. Later Kirk takes a call and tells Sam it is their liquor supplier. He goes to take it in the office.

EMILY, LILY and DAVID are watching MOLLY out on the ledge with HOLDEN trying to get her back in. Just then her foot slips but as she falls, she grabs the edge of the building and asks Holden for help. She is holding on by the fingers of one hand (???) as she reaches with her free hand for Holden. Holden tells her he is slipping and doesn't know how much longer he can hold her. Down on the ground, LUCINDA arrives and follows Lily into the building. The whole incident reminds David of Annie jumping from the bridge and he runs into the building telling Emily he has to do something to help. After Holden is able to pull Molly back in through the window, she tells him that she thought she was going to die out there and he says he thought that was what she wanted. He confronts her about the phone call and the note and figures out that it was a scam. As everyone comes running into the room, he tells them that Molly faked the whole thing. Of course, Molly tells him he's got it all wrong. "I didn't mean to put anybody's life in danger, but I slipped and..." Lily picks up on this and lets her know that she just admitted that it wasn't a real suicide attempt. Outside David and Emily talk about Annie; he blames himself for not saving her life. Emily remembers that she and Molly talked about a woman's threatened suicide to keep a man from leaving her (supposedly a letter written to the paper). Emily realizes that there was a time in her life that she was desperate enough to do something just like that to keep a man in her life. Meanwhile Lily tells Molly that everything she has done was part of a sick plan to get Holden. The police arrive and tell Molly they are taking her in and on go the handcuffs. When she asks why, they say it is for endangering the public and herself. Holden says maybe that's what she needs--some time in jail. They tell him she will not be going to jail. Suicides go to the PSYCH WARD!!! As they lead her away, she is screaming--"Hoooldennnn..."

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

BEN is talking to JACK and signing the complaint against the skinhead (for assault with a deadly weapon). He heads for Camille's apartment where she and Lew are making love. Reporters stop Ben with questions. He calls Camille's hotel room and is told she does not answer. He tries her office--no answer. Ben tells Jack that he broke it off with Camille a week ago because of the stalker, but she had to think it was real. He calls her apartment and gets a busy signal. Jack encourages him to go over there as we see Lew and Camille in bed (with the phone off the hook). Lew draws a bath for them as Camille carries a tray into the kitchen. Ben knocks on her door and calls out to her about the arrest of the stalker. She leans on the door but does not answer. Lew's cell phone rings and it is Pamela saying her flight to Oakdale leaves in 15 minutes. He tells Camille that it is his son. She leaves the room. Lew tells Pamela that he will catch the next flight out to Philadelphia and meet her at the house. He hangs up and tells Camille that Ronnie is in trouble at school because of the divorce and he needs to go straighten it out. He will be back tomorrow night.

MOLLY arrives at the psych ward. HOLDEN comes in and she begs him to get her out of there. The doctor tells him to leave because they need to do some tests; Molly asks him to tell the doctor that she was just faking the attempted suicide. The aides pull her back to the bed and strap her in. Afterwards Holden tells Dr. M. that Molly is pregnant. He wants to talk to her to get her to cooperate. Molly tells Holden to leave because he doesn't care about her; the nurse comes in to take some blood (with Molly protesting loudly). Later Dr. M. releases her arms and Molly tells her why she did it. She had to show Holden that he still loved her. In the hall Holden tells the ob-gyn what happened and wondered if it had something to do with her hormone levels. The doctor tells him that she didn't draw any blood the day Molly came in for the pregnancy test. At the same time, Molly is telling Dr. M. that everything Holden feels for her is passionate--love and anger. The doctor suggests that it might just be anger. Molly tries to tell the doctor that she couldn't possibly understand about their passion. In the hall Holden asks the doc if she ran a test for pregnancy with the blood sample that was taken. The doctor says she can't discuss it with him because of patient confidentiality.

CARLY is telling HAL about the necklace that Vic put on her. Hal tells her that Vic's wife did not die of natural causes. She was found in the river with severe blows to the head so he is glad Jack interrupted her and Vic. He is ready to leave the club but she talks him into staying and dancing with her. They do a fast dance (sounded like slow music to me) and she complimented him on his dancing. Jack comes in and tells Hal about the arrest of the skinhead. Hal needs to go to the station. Carly offers to go with him but he declines the offer. She smacks Jack because he interrupted their evening. She blasts him verbally when he stops her by grabbing her and kissing her (hard). Hal "dances" into the station and sees the skinhead being moved whereupon Ben comes in and grabs him asking what he has done with Camille. They take the skinhead away as Ben is telling Hal that Camille has disappeared. Just then Camille comes in and tells him she is OK.

At TOM and MARGO's house, Kim, Bob, Lisa, Barbara and John are discussing their wedding tomorrow. John says it is an elopement and a family get- together in Barbara's living room. Reverend Malone (who baptized Jennifer and Will) will perform the ceremony. Barbara asks Kim and Lisa to be her matrons of honor. John asks Margo to be his "best woman." She agrees--only if she can wear a tux!

LUCINDA and LILY arrive at the Falcon Club and sit down at a table while Lucinda is complaining about Holden being at the hospital with Molly. Lily gets up and says she is going to Memorial. John comes in and tells Lucinda he is getting married tomorrow. He invites her--if she can behave herself. But when she tries to discourage him from marrying Barbara, he rescinds the invitation.

Wednesday, November 5, 1997

LILY and HOLDEN are in Dr. Samuels' office at the hospital. He suspects that Molly is not really pregnant and they must prove it. Lily looks at the doctor's appointment book and sees that Molly was pencilled in right after Barbara Ryan. She starts to tell Holden how Molly might have faked her test when Dr. Samuels comes in and asks them what they are doing in her office. They tell her they were worried about the possibility of Molly being given drugs that might harm the baby. Dr. S. reassures them that that will not happen. While the doctor is on the phone, Lily tells Holden how Molly could have used the urine sample from someone else. She tells Dr. S. they have a problem of their own. She thinks she might be pregnant. Could they do a test tonight? She wants a blood test instead of a urine test. Later Dr. S. hands Lily the lab report which says she is not pregnant. As they leave with it, Holden and Lily say that this paper may be just what they need to get the truth out of Molly.

BEN and CAMILLE are at the station. She tells him she was home when he came by and by the time she decided to open the door, he was gone. Ben tells her she is safe now and he would like them to pick up where they left off. Camille doesn't understand. He says he didn't mean any of what he said to her when they broke up--it was only to keep her safe. She keeps thinking about her love-making with Lew. She accepts his apology and says she knows why he did what he did but time didn't stand still while they were apart. He wants a chance to make it all up to her and she says, "Yes," but thinks about Lew saying, "Just the two of us--forever."

After CARLY and JACK kiss, she bawls him out but he tells her Vic just came back and they have to put on an act for him. Vic says he has decided to talk business with them. While Carly goes to the powder room, Vic says he is willing to make a deal--a million bucks and a night with Carly. He thinks he can let go of his wife that way. Jack strongly objects. When Carly comes back, Vic leaves and Carly thinks Jack has blown the deal. She tells Jack that she will make this deal work for Hal. Jack asks her just how far she is willing to go.

LUCINDA is telling DAVID that she will plan a cocktail party for next week so members of the board can get acquainted with him. She says Horace (on the board) has a great-looking niece named Catherine... But David says he is not interested. After he leaves, Lucinda calls someone and asks if she can see James Stenbeck tonight. Later she is talking to James at the prison. He tells her he has kept up with what has been happening with David. But she tells him that he is involved with Emily. James says Emily has to go--one way or another.

LEW brings Pamela a huge bouquet of flowers. She snubs him. She talks about their living arrangement and that he was supposed to call home frequently but hasn't. That is not the kind of marriage she wants. He says he has had to put his life on hold because of the hospital. His contract calls for a minimum one-year commitment. He needs time to get established in Oakdale. They need to give each other time and space to grow. She asks if he is suggesting a separation. He didn't mean that. He just thought they shouldn't have too many expectations for each other. She tells him she bought his education and medical practice. "You are who you are because of me. You'll never turn your back on me or this marriage." She mentions his indiscretions. Lew tells her he loves her but that maybe she can use a little more freedom. They end up kissing and ...

EMILY visits MOLLY at the psych ward. Emily tells her to do exactly as the doctors tell her. She tells her that faking the attempt was very irrational. Molly asks her what she would do in Molly's situation if it were Emily and David. As she leaves, Emily says, "When someone really loves you, nothing can turn him against you." Later Emily tells David that Molly has a point about someone coming between two people in love--she doesn't know what she would do if it were her. David gets a call from James who warns him not to tell anyone about the call. He wants David to drive down there tomorrow to see him. "Your future depends on it."

A man named Mikey tells Kirk that he came by to check out the place before they start building the stage. Sam asks him why he made this decision without talking to her.

Thursday, November 6, 1997

Today's recap was written by Katya

TOM shows up at the police office, telling Margo that the Commissioner had suddenly called him over. She tells him HAL is coming too - this must be about BEN'S lawsuit. TEAGUE shows up and exchanges angry looks with Ben.

Teague taunts Ben, and TOM quickly separates them. When Ben accuses Teague of sending the bald goon after him, Teague quickly denies any knowledge of his existence. Margo interjects that they found his prints on the knife from the first attack, and that they'll be putting him away for quite a while. At the mention of his former partner, Teague angrily asks "Who got to Errol?" but Margo lets him know that he gave a full statement of Teague's racist behavior. The police Commissioner enters and announces that he wants to settle now.

CAMILLE is at her apartment talking with a remarkably calm SARAH RUTH, who is giving her "I don't like Ben Harris" talk. Camille explains she wanted to be with Ben through this, but her mother doesn't seem to buy that Ben didn't mean what he said. Camille sticks up for Ben, saying that he just wanted her to be safe and that they are going to work things out. But... something happened last night. She tells her mother that Lew had been there for her during the breakup, when she was scared, and that last night, they made love.

Camille tells Sarah Ruth that she would do anything to take back what she did with Lew, but he mother tells her she wasn't doing anything wrong and that she needs to tell Ben what happened. Camille says that she can't do that because then Ben will know that she was lying all along and won't forgive her. Sarah Ruth asks "But I thought he loves you?" Camille decides that she's going to tell Lew it's over, even though, as Sarah Ruth reminds her, he left his wife and family for her.

JACK is in HAL'S office, explaining that Vic came back last night and that he wants to sell Jack the diamonds after all. Hal says great, but what's he asking. Jack tells him a million dollars - and a night with Carly.

Hal reacts incredulously to Vic's price and asks what Carly said. Jack tells him that Carly doesn't know yet, and Hal says, "NO WAY!" Jack whines that it's the "deal breaker" and Hal says OK, the deal's on, we'll give him the money right away and tell him the night comes after, but we'll bust him before that. Jack says that it won't work, Vic only wants Carly. Hal firmly says "No deal." Margo pops in to tell Hal that the Commissioner is here.

CARLY has finally come to MOLLY in the hospital. Molly is begging Carly to get her out, she's not crazy. Carly says she's starting to wonder. She came back from dinner last night only to find her dear cousin on the evening news. Molly insists that she wasn't going to do it, but Carly warns her to watch out, or they will throw her in the psych ward and lock away the key. She starts to leave, but Molly shouts "NO - You said we were gonna stick together." Carly says "yes, but that was before I knew you were such a flake. I have to work on getting Hal to marry me and get me pregnant in a few months, or I'm not gonna get that 50 mil." Molly asks her to just talk to the doctors and tell them that she's all right. Dr. Michaels enters and tells Molly that she did pass all her tests, and that they can release her today, but only if she starts to see a therapist on a regular basis. She then announces that "Someone's here to take you home" and in pops Holden, finally freshly-shaven and with a suspiciously cheerful "Hi Molly!" Molly gasps "You're taking me?" but worries where she will live - after all, she can't keep staying at the City Times any more. Holden tells her she can stay at the barn and Molly looks like she died and went to heaven as she agrees, 'yes, I could do that...' Exit Holden and Dr. Michaels and Molly starts jumping on the bed shouting to Carly "Yes!!! Who's a flake! I got him!!!"

Carly tells Molly to "Wake up, you don't have him!" Molly insists that he's taking her home with him. Carly reminds her that he still loves Lily, he's not going to leave her. But Molly insists that at least he's not going to kick her out, because she's carrying his baby. "What baby!?" Carly cries, "And he's not gonna marry you." Dr. Michaels comes back in with Molly's schedule with the therapist, prescriptions, and she's set. Holden, with a big goofy grin on his face calls "Ready?" and "Bye!" to Carly.

At the meeting, The COMMISSIONER says that he's reviewed the matter and he wants to settle. TOM tells him that if it's a non-disclosure settlement to forget it, but the Commissioner assures him that they are going to have a public apology and implement programs to improve relations between the OPD and the African-American community. Plus, he has statements about Teague's patterns of racism and that Teague is fired. Teague shouts "You can't do this to me! I'll go to the union!" but HAL says that he talked to the union already and that they have signed off on him. Teague spits "You think you've won?" as he's leaving, but Ben says, "It's not about winning." The Commissioner tells Tom and Ben that they will acknowledge the incident, publicly apologize, and come up with some monetary settlement, but Ben says that he doesn't care about the money and he will give it all to the Free Clinic.

HAL thanks the Commissioner and goes over to JACK, who gets right back to the subject of Vic. Hal says firmly, "The sting is off." CARLY enters, with, "You're just gonna let him get away?" Hal says yes, he wanted a lot of money - and a night with you. She wonders, did he really think she'd go for that. Jack says No - but it doesn't now, it's over and we'll never get another chance, "Thanks" Carly can't believe Jack is blaming her - he's the one who screwed it up. She tells Hal that she could have handled Vic, and Hal says "Yeah, you're gutsy. In fact, you're the gutsiest secretary I've ever had." Carly asks for one more meeting, but Hal says no - if he caught on to them, he would kill them both. End of subject. Carly apologizes, she knows how important it was to Hal, but Hal brushes it off, and leaves for another meeting. Carly catches Jack giving her a look, and snaps, "What??" Jack wants to know why she is sucking up to Hal. He tells her that she really blew it - they'd been trailing this guy for years, and that even though he's acting like it's no big deal, Hal's really upset.

MOLLY and HOLDEN get to the farm, Molly whining about how horrible it was at the hospital. Holden, still acting cheerful, volunteers to get Molly's stuff from the City Times for her. She apologizes for what she did - she was stupid, wrong, desperate, and promises never to do it again. Holden suddenly snaps out of his nice act and tells her she can just stop it. He loves Lily, and to get over it. Molly acts wounded - 'how can you treat me like this when I'm carrying your baby?" Holden announces that she can just stop that - "I know you're lying! I have proof!"

"How could you," weeps Molly. Holden knows she's not pregnant. Molly says he wishes she wasn't. He didn't believe her at first, and he forced her to get the test, but it was positive. Holden tells her that they did a blood test for drugs last night, and it showed that she wasn't pregnant. He doesn't know how she faked it, but he knows she did. She insists that she didn't, and Holden shows her the lab results. She looks and starts to cry - "I don't get it" She finally admits she lied and Holden explodes, shouting, "I knew it!!" Molly puzzles, what do you mean you knew it? then understands, "This lab is fake! You tricked me!"

"Where did you get this?" Molly insists? "It's a fake" Holden says. He yells at her that she put Lily through hell, they both wanted to help her, but she used them. "I want you gone" he says. He's going to tell Lily the good news, when he comes back she better be gone. He leaves, and Molly falls to the floor, trying to grab his feet, and crying.

LEW is on the phone, ordering a dozen white roses for Camille with a note telling her that he's coming back tonight. PAMELA enters, all dressed up, telling Lew that he was wonderful last night - and this morning. Lew lies that he was on the phone with the airport - he has to leave tonight because he has a surgery in the morning. Pamela tells him that she's coming with him. Lew sputters 'uh... no! I can't let you do that, I'm going to be too busy to spend time with you' She says that's fine, she'll go house-hunting. She doesn't want to keep living this way, separated from Lew. He tells her that he just wants her to be happy, and that she doesn't want to be away from her friends and family in such a small town. Pamela wises up, as she accuses him of not wanting her to be there. He assures her that he wants them to be together, but also wants her to be happy. So he'll give up his job in Oakdale and come back home. But first he has to go back to Oakdale and let them know.

CAMILLE is still telling SARAH RUTH that she didn't ask him to leave his family for her and that she left him. Sarah Ruth starts to give her another guilt trip about Lew, when the white roses arrive. Camille reads the card, and tells her mother that he's coming back tonight. Sarah Ruth leaves, telling Camille she needs to talk to Ben, and the phone rings. It's LEW, sounding slimy as ever, saying that he's coming back and he misses her so much. He lies about being in Philly to talk to his son's teacher, and Camille tells him they need to talk. But them Pamela comes back into the room, and Lew quickly hangs up, just in time for Camille to answer the door. It's BEN, happily bouncing around. He fills her in about the settlement. "It's over! We can be together!" As they hug, Camille eyes the card from the flowers she left on the table. Ben wants to go back - she said she always wanted them to be straight with each other and he hated having to lie to her. He notices the flowers - "white roses, I know you like those" and asks who they were from. She lies and says there were no card, so Ben assumes they were from one of the patients that love her so much. Camille says they have to talk about what happened when they were broken up.

Camille tells Ben after he broke up with her, she was so hurt, she didn't know what to think. Ben says you forgave me, let's just move on, this was a terrible time, but it's over. They discuss Camille's coming back to the clinic, and then turn on the TV to watch the Commissioner's taped apology press conference. We pull back from the TV to see that TEAGUE is also watching the conference from his apartment, while really scary music plays. "That's right," he mutters, "It's not over, Boy!" and points a gun at Ben's image on the TV set.

Random little scene with TOM and MARGO where she tells him "Ben's such a lucky guy to have you on his side." Tom says Margo did a great job too, and she quips back yeah, she did a great job sitting there, sharpening pencils. Tom says you stood by Ben, did a great job with Errol, and did a great job. He leaves, and she says she'll see him at home.

CARLY is walking by a doorway, and we see her watching some random cop putting a gun a cabinet. The phone rings and she answers it. It's VIC and he wants to know why she's answering Jack's phone. She's at his place, she bluffs, but he's not there. Vic tells her that she's a wonderful lady, and he hasn't been able to get her out of his mind. "I was wondering if you'd like to get together?"

Jack's a jealous guy, Carly tells him. But he's also a business guy, Vic notes. He asks her if Jack told her about their deal? Carly flashes back to Hal's warnings and Jack's accusations. "Yeah, he told me." Vic assures her that he has the greatest respect for her and asks her what her feelings are about it. She says not to tell Jack, but she thinks it's a great idea. He tells her he's at the penthouse at the Lakeview Hotel and asks how soon she can make it. She says she'll leave now and will be there in a few minutes. They hang up and Carly leaves a note for Jack and Hal: "Gone to meet Vic" Before she leaves, she goes back to the cabinet, gets the gun the cop left there, and tucks it into her purse.

Friday, November 7, 1997

Today's recap was written by Tammy Freeman

MOLLY goes to the Falcon Club but SAM stops her and suggests that for MOLLY's comfort, she should go to another state, or perhaps another galaxy. MOLLY tells SAM that she has no intention of eating there, that she is only there to see someone. She spies DR MICHAELS and goes to her, apologizing for interrupting her evening. DR MICHAELS asks MOLLY what's wrong, that she seemed perfectly happy this afternoon when she left the hospital with HOLDEN. MOLLY tells her that HOLDEN tricked her and that she just knows that LILY put him up to it. When DR MICHAELS asks MOLLY to sit down, she does but insists that she's not crazy. DR MICHAELS assures her that she knows that and asks MOLLY about "the trick." MOLLY vaguely states that "Princess Lily did it again." DR MICHAELS asks MOLLY if she wants revenge and MOLLY replies that she doesn't know what she wants exactly. She says that she wants things to be the way they were when she and HOLDEN found ABIGAIL. DR MICHAELS asks MOLLY if she might have misread HOLDEN's feelings but MOLLY refuses to believe that and says that she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. DR MICHAELS tells her that they can talk about it at their next therapy session. She asks MOLLY if she's started taking her medication. MOLLY tells her that she's gotten the prescription filled but that she's seen smaller horse pills. DR MICHAELS tells MOLLY that she needs to take them to take the edge off. She suggests that MOLLY dissolve them in water just as long as she doesn't take more than the prescribed dosage. MOLLY asks what would happen if she did. DR MICHAELS responds that too much could make her disoriented and that MOLLY should read the literature that the pharmacy included. She tells MOLLY that she will see her at their next session and leaves. As KIRK enters the club, SAM asks him why he's late. He tells her that he's been meeting with the liquor distributor. SAM asks how "Old MOE" is doing and that it seemed like KIRK has been spending an awful lot of time with him. KIRK explains that they've run into some snags. SAM asks KIRK when MOE started wearing Chanel No. 5 because she can smell it all over KIRK. KIRK feigns ignorance and says that it must be from MOE's new secretary, that she must bathe in it. SAM isn't fooled and quickly brings up all that KIRK has done recently to make it hard to believe him and walks back to the bar. MOLLY walks up to the bar and asks SAM for a glass of water. Just then, JACK rushes in asking MOLLY if she's seen CARLY. MOLLY is less than cooperative and tells JACK that she has no idea where CARLY is, that she has more to do than keep up with her. JACK leaves and SAM slams MOLLY's water on the bar and tells her to drink it fast. MOLLY answers that she'd hate to be there any longer than she had to be. SAM tells MOLLY that she thought she'd be drinking something stronger the way things are going lately. When MOLLY asks SAM what she's talking about, SAM answers that they just sent a romantic dinner for two over to LILY's house and that she and HOLDEN are probably enjoying it as they speak. Sam tells her, "I've never seen them so happy. It's so nice to see two people like LILY and HOLDEN really make it especially when they had to overcome so many dreary little obstacles along the way. I'm so happy for them." MOLLY smirks and says, "Oh good. At least something makes you happy. After overhearing your conversation, obviously your marriage doesn't." SAM spits back, "Well, MOLLY, if you had a life you wouldn't have to eavesdrop on anyone else's. Drink up!" and saunters off. MOLLY tells herself that she's not going to let SAM get to her and then realizes that she's talking to herself. She takes a pill out of the medication bottle and breaks it in half, dumping the powder in her water. She stirs it and decides to add another. She starts to take a drink but stops herself saying, "No. I don't need to take the edge off. I can do this myself." She slides the glass down the bar. KIRK asks a waiter for a glass of water as SAM tries to get him to tell her the truth. When he gives her more double talk, SAM walks away. KIRK turns to the bar and mistakes MOLLY's water for his own. He reaches for the glass and takes a huge gulp before MOLLY has time to stop him. Moments later, KIRK is saying to MOLLY, "Anyone can do one, but who can do this many?!." He throws a handful of peanuts into the air with his head tilted back and his mouth wide open. The nuts go everywhere, many landing on MOLLY's head (why couldn't it have been something harder?!) KIRK is obviously medicated and apologizes to MOLLY telling her that she is "the nicest person." When he realizes that SAM is behind him, he turns and says, "Not as nice as this person, though. Sammy, I love you so much!" SAM asks KIRK what he's doing to which he replies, "I shouldn't have made you worry. I don't wanna fight! I wanna be a lover, not a fighter. I wanna make love, not war!" He tries to kiss her, but SAM stops him asking what's gotten into him. KIRK rambles on about loving her then grabs SAM and begins dancing with her. He tangos a bit, complete with silly sounds and moves, then he spins her like a ballerina and makes a general goof of himself. MOLLY says to herself, "This is some powerful stuff. What are the side effects anyway? Caution: High doses can cause: loss of inhibition, impulsiveness, serious impairment of judgment and loss of memory." SAM tells KIRK that she doesn't want to dance and he tells her that what he really wants is to get a room at the Lakeview for a few hours. SAM says that she refuses to rent a room for a couple of hours. KIRK reminds her that she thought it was romantic when LILY and HOLDEN did it, of course that was their wedding night. MOLLY overhears this (of course!) and gets an idea. She goes to the pay phone and calls the Lakeview. She makes a reservation for the bridal suite and tells the clerk that her name is LILY GRIMALDI.

CARLY arrives at the door to VIC's hotel room and hides the gun in her waistband. She turns on a tape recorder and puts it in her purse. When he opens the door, VIC is happy to see CARLY and invites her in. He offers her a glass of wine and proposes a toast to CARLY and her beauty. CARLY wants to bring it back to business but VIC asks her why should wants to break the mood with something as crass as business. CARLY holds off his advances by saying that a gentleman like himself wouldn't rush a girl, but would give her time so that she's ready. VIC asks how much time she'll need. CARLY says that maybe once they've conducted their business, that she'll be able to relax. VIC offers to relax her but CARLY says she needs to be "inspired" and that nothing does that like diamonds. She says that her being "inspired" is one of the conditions of the deal. VIC tells CARLY that he's surprised that she's there because JACK didn't seem to be very happy with that condition of the deal. CARLY tells him that she's there behind JACK's back. She asks again to see the diamonds, explaining that they make her hot, that they're her aphrodisiac. VIC grabs her to kiss her but CARLY struggles and pulls away. VIC throws her onto the couch as he stands above her with her gun. When VIC demands to know why she's got a gun, CARLY tells him that she never leaves home without it. When VIC is not amused, CARLY explains that she carries it for protection and that he should understand that in their line of business. VIC acknowledges this but says that this gun is "police issue." CARLY laughs and asks if she looks like she's on that side of the law - "I'm no cop!" VIC asks, "then why do you have a cop gun?" CARLY tells him that an ex-boyfriend gave it to her but she didn't ask where he got it. She says that either they do business or she's out of there. She gets her purse and turns to go but VIC stops her and grabs the purse away. CARLY protests and acts offended until he finds her tape recorder. VIC tells her that she may be able to explain the piece, but not this. CARLY explains that she always records her business transactions. VIC yells that she's lying and CARLY says that she's insulted. VIC tells her that he hates when women lie. CARLY says that she is ready to go but VIC tells her that she's not going anywhere. He holds the gun on her and tells her that not only does she look like BILLIE, but she lies like her too. He asks her, "Did I ever tell you how my late wife became my late wife?" A few moments later, VIC leads CARLY out of the bedroom, carrying a briefcase and saying, "One thing I can't stand - lying women!!." He throws CARLY back on the couch and she asks about BILLIE. VIC tells her to forget it and points the gun at her saying he's not going to give anymore confessions. CARLY says that she's sure that they can work this out. CARLY can see JACK hiding in the doorway, out of VIC's view. JACK lunges at VIC and wrestles the gun away from him, telling CARLY to grab the gun. She does and holds it on VIC telling him to freeze. He grabs JACK and puts him between VIC and the gun. JACK twists them around and tells CARLY, "NOW!" CARLY swings, but hits JACK by mistake, knocking him unconscious. CARLY aims the gun at VIC and tells him to hold his hands up and directs him to the couch, saying that the gun is loaded and she knows how to use it. CARLY moves to call the police but VIC makes a proposition. He tells her to reach under the table. She does and finds a velvet pouch with diamonds in it. VIC asks her why she would want to turn those over to the police. CARLY says that she has to but VIC asks her why. He points to JACK and says, "Sleeping Beauty here doesn't know anything. It's just you and me. Let me outta here and I'll split those with ya. Five rocks for turning your back for 20 seconds - they're worth millions!" CARLY's eyes light up, "Millions?!", she asks. VIC replies, "Yeah. So, whaddya say? Deal?" CARLY thinks on it for a few seconds and agrees, "It's a deal." VIC counts out five stones for CARLY and keeps the rest for himself. He thanks CARLY and says that seeing her with the gun is just like having BILLIE back. CARLY stops his reminiscing and he turns to go. He turns to kiss her again and tells her that she won't regret this. When he turns, she hits him on the head, knocking him out cold. She reaches over him and takes his diamonds saying, "You're right, Vicky, I won't regret a thing!" She walks over to JACK, who's still unconscious and says, "Sorry, G-Man, it's been fun but I don't need a baby or a daddy now that I have these." She touches his face gently and turns to leave. She turns back and reaches into her jacket then leaves.

HOLDEN arrives at LILY's house and tells her that MOLLY admitted that she was never pregnant. HOLDEN says that he wants to get on with their lives and celebrate and her turns to the door but LILY stops him. She tells him that she's been thinking and asks him if he knows where they were six years ago today. When HOLDEN says that he doesn't know, LILY laughs and tells him that he knows, that they were getting married. LILY says that she doesn't want to go out because she wants to take time to focus on them because now is their time. She asks him to marry her. LILY says that she wants to rebuild their trust, wear his ring, walk down the aisle. When HOLDEN smiles, she says that they don't have to go overboard, that they can elope if he'd like. HOLDEN laughs again saying that he never thought he'd have to answer her proposal but "Yes - anytime, anywhere, anyhow you want, I'll marry you." LILY says that she only wants HOLDEN and they kiss. HOLDEN pulls away and says, "Uh oh, I have a confession to make. Oh boy, I went a bit overboard. I have a few surprises for you but maybe I should get rid of them." LILY says no, that she loves surprises, she just hates waiting for them. When LILY asks what the surprise is, HOLDEN tells her that they're right outside - that's why it took so long for him to get there. He opens the front door and in walk three waiters with champagne, dinner for two and desert for two. A violinist follows them, much to LILY's delight. HOLDEN puts his hand over LILY's eyes and leads her out the door where a white pony draped with flowers is waiting. A sash across the flowers reads "Marry Me Lily." LILY shrieks is surprise and delight and kisses HOLDEN. Back inside, LILY asks HOLDEN how he did all of this. HOLDEN says that he had help from the Falcon Club, SAM, and CAL. LILY remembers that this is the same dinner that they had at their wedding. HOLDEN laughs and says, "That's right, all five courses." LILY remarks that the horse looks just like Max. HOLDEN says that he's sort of a mini-Max. LILY laughs and says, "When you said that you went overboard, you weren't kidding. But overboard is perfect for our engagement." HOLDEN shakes his head and says that he still can't believe that LILY beat him to the punch. LILY asks if he had a proposal planned and HOLDEN says that he did. HOLDEN asks the waiters and violinist to wait outside and goes to LILY, taking her ring out of his pocket. He holds it up to her and says, "When I thought that you weren't going to wear this, that you were never going to be my wife, I was lost. I didn't know how I was going to make it. You were always my dream. Ever since we were teenagers. Now you're my heart and my love. Will you marry me and make that dream come true?" LILY, with tears in her eyes whispers, "Yes." HOLDEN slips the ring on LILY's finger and kisses her hand. They share a tender kiss and embrace. At the table, HOLDEN and LILY are finishing dinner and LILY asks HOLDEN if he thinks that the pony is okay outside. HOLDEN says that he's sure he is. LILY remarks, "LUC is at CAL's - I wonder if the violinist would want to..." HOLDEN finishes her thought, "go check on mini-Max? Good idea." He kisses her and thanks the violinist, who leaves. LILY asks HOLDEN what he wants to do. He kisses her and tells her, "This. Oh, I love you." LILY says that she loves him, too.

LEW delivers a huge flower arrangement to CAMILLE's apartment. SARAH RUTH tells LEW that CAMILLE is not there. When LEW says happily that he'll wait for CAMILLE, SARAH RUTH asks if LEW has talked to her daughter today. LEW answers that he spoke to her briefly from Philadelphia and asks why SARAH RUTH wants to know. SARAH RUTH is hesitant, but tells LEW that CAMILLE has gone back to "Benjamin Harris." LEW asks her why CAMILLE took BEN back. SARAH RUTH tells him that the lawsuit was settled and that BEN told CAMILLE that the breakup was an act. SARAH RUTH tells LEW that she doesn't understand the hold that "Benjamin" has on CAMILLE. (Hello?! What about Lewd?!) LEW says that he's surprised that BEN wanted CAMILLE back after he heard about her and LEW. He looks at SARAH RUTH and says, "Wait. He doesn't know, does he?!" SARAH RUTH says that she shouldn't have gotten involved and LEW can't let CAMILLE know that he knows or CAMILLE will have SARAH RUTH's head. LEW wants to know where they are. SARAH RUTH tells him that they're at the church for a special service for BEN. She says that she was supposed to have gone, but she hadn't had the heart. LEW leaves "to tell Dr. Harris the facts of life!"

BOB, KIM, TOM, MARGO and REV. DANSBY are gathered at the church for a special service for BEN. BEN and CAMILLE walk in together and announce that they are back together. EMILY walks in and asks BEN and TOM for a quick interview. As the guys walk away, MARGO asks CAMILLE what's bothering her. CAMILLE tells MARGO that she thinks she's made the biggest mistake of her life. When MARGO asks her what she's done, CAMILLE answers that last night she slept with LEW. CAMILLE tries to explain but MARGO stops her saying that she understands and that BEN seems to be taking it well. CAMILLE says that she hasn't told him yet. MARGO says that she should tell him but CAMILLE says that she can't because then she would have to tell him the whole truth about LEW. MARGO asks CAMILLE how LEW is taking it and CAMILLE answers that she hasn't had time to tell him yet. MARGO asks what's going to happen if LEW gets to BEN first and spills the beans. CAMILLE says that she hopes that doesn't happen. BEN walks up and interrupts the girl talk. MARGO leaves to rescue TOM from the reporters. BEN tells CAMILLE that he can't wait to spoil her rotten and make things up to her. CAMILLE protests but BEN says that he'll find a way everyday to remind her how special she is. Back inside the church, BEN tells BOB that he'd like to take some time off and BOB says that he's got him covered. BOB tells CAMILLE that BEN was miserable without her. CAMILLE says that she was too. BEN is happy that it's all over now. They all take their seats and LEW walks in and sits a few pews back. REV DANSBY concludes his service by thinking BEN for perseverance and reminding them all that one man can make a difference. The Hughes family congratulate BEN and excuse themselves to go to JOHN and BARBARA's wedding. BEN sends his regards and asks CAMILLE if she would like to sneak out the back door. They turn to leave and BEN spies LEW. CAMILLE is visibly confused and upset.

DAVID goes to visit JAMES in prison. When JAMES tries to be friendly, DAVID stops him, saying that he wants to get right down to business. When DAVID asks what JAMES meant when he called him, JAMES tells his son that LUCINDA had been there to see JAMES. "Seems that she's taken the role of motherhood seriously.", JAMES tells him. DAVID snaps back "You know damned well that she's not my mother!!" JAMES acts surprised that DAVID knows the truth and tells DAVID that he's proud that DAVID inherited some of his intelligence. DAVID says that he has inherited nothing from JAMES, that he's nothing like JAMES. JAMES tells DAVID that he's handling LUCINDA the same way JAMES would have at DAVID's age. JAMES tells DAVID that the situation must be handled gently. When DAVID is unimpressed, JAMES reminds DAVID of all that he has given his son. DAVID responds that he gave up his career because he thought he was JAMES' heir and now he's left with nothing. JAMES says that DAVID's mistrust and suspicion will serve him well but that he should never question his legacy which DAVID can never escape. DAVID gets angry and says that he is not there for JAMES' entertainment. JAMES tells him not to underestimate him but DAVID says that he's willing to risk that JAMES is as washed up as he looks and turns to leave. JAMES stops him by saying, "Your real mother - aren't you curious?!" DAVID smirks and tells JAMES, "I'm a little old to need a mommy. Besides, you'd probably tell me it's someone like Eleanor Roosevelt." JAMES laughs and says, "Aw, way before my time!" When DAVID tells JAMES that the point is that JAMES will just lie, JAMES tells his son that he's only interested in DAVID's best interest. DAVID brings up the bogus case against LUCINDA and JAMES tells him that DAVID blew the chance to take over Walsh Enterprises without having LUCINDA on his back. DAVID says that he's doing that his own way and that he's ready to leave. JAMES stops him again by saying, "Emily Stewart. Let's talk about her!" DAVID tells JAMES that they won't discuss her but JAMES responds that EMILY is "nothing but a lying, greedy, scum-sucking sycophant!" DAVID tells JAMES that he knows nothing about her, but JAMES responds that he's slept with her. DAVID says that he knows that, that he and EMILY have a very honest relationship. JAMES asks if she knows where DAVID is right now. DAVID answers that he didn't want to upset her. JAMES says that the only thing that will upset EMILY is if she can't get her hands on DAVID's money. DAVID again turns to go but JAMES pulls out one more stop, "I built a future for you. EMILY won't take that from you! You dump that piece of trash or I go to LUCINDA and tell her that her new son, her new heir isn't really her son!!"

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