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Monday, November 3, 1997

VIC is presenting CARLY with his late wife's diamond necklace after dancing. It will be hers if she gets rid of Jack and leaves there with Vic. He asks her what she wants more--the necklace or Jack. But Jack breaks up the dance; he doesn't like the way Vic is acting toward Carly. Vic tells him they will not do business and removes the necklace as he leaves the club. HAL comes in and wants to know what happened. Both Jack and Carly say the other one blew it. Jack tells Hal that Vic's hands were all over her and he had to stop it. He angrily says he is going back to the station to file his report. Carly tells Hal that if it was Hal and her working on that sting, they would have been dynamite. As she is flashing her bosom, she flatters him, talking about what a good team they would make undercover(s?). She suggests that they have a drink and he agrees (while she is thinking about her "baby problem").

BEN and the skinhead are fighting in an alley. The skinhead pulls a knife but Ben knocks it away from him, grabs it and, while holding one of the skinhead's arms behind him, holds the knife to his throat and takes him to the station. Jack puts him under arrest. Ben says that he thinks Teague is behind it but the skinhead says he doesn't know anything about any Teague. Jack says they will see if his fingerprints match the ones from the previous attack, they will put him away for a nice long time. Ben calls Camille's room but hangs up after one ring. Jack comes back and tells Ben the fingerprints match. He doesn't know if Teague is behind it.

LEW is telling CAMILLE how much he loves her and they kiss. She pulls away and he apologizes. He admiringly tells her how much she has grown in independence. He says that when they were together, he wasn't good for her. He was self-centered and didn't think about what she needed. She tells him she wants to be doctor, and she wants a man who is all hers and a family. He fixes her some chamomile tea and lights a jasmine candle (for old times sake) as he again tells her he loves her. They kiss some more.

KIRK arrives late at the club and SAM wants to know what has been going on. She presents him with the bill from the decorator and he says he will take care of it. She wonders how he has managed to pay for the club and why he hasn't told her how he has done it. Kirk wants to send Jack's table a round of drinks but Sam tells him that he is working undercover. The phone rings and as Kirk reaches for it, Sam grabs it and there is a hang-up on the other end. She says that has been happening a lot lately. Later Kirk takes a call and tells Sam it is their liquor supplier. He goes to take it in the office.

EMILY, LILY and DAVID are watching MOLLY out on the ledge with HOLDEN trying to get her back in. Just then her foot slips but as she falls, she grabs the edge of the building and asks Holden for help. She is holding on by the fingers of one hand (???) as she reaches with her free hand for Holden. Holden tells her he is slipping and doesn't know how much longer he can hold her. Down on the ground, LUCINDA arrives and follows Lily into the building. The whole incident reminds David of Annie jumping from the bridge and he runs into the building telling Emily he has to do something to help. After Holden is able to pull Molly back in through the window, she tells him that she thought she was going to die out there and he says he thought that was what she wanted. He confronts her about the phone call and the note and figures out that it was a scam. As everyone comes running into the room, he tells them that Molly faked the whole thing. Of course, Molly tells him he's got it all wrong. "I didn't mean to put anybody's life in danger, but I slipped and..." Lily picks up on this and lets her know that she just admitted that it wasn't a real suicide attempt. Outside David and Emily talk about Annie; he blames himself for not saving her life. Emily remembers that she and Molly talked about a woman's threatened suicide to keep a man from leaving her (supposedly a letter written to the paper). Emily realizes that there was a time in her life that she was desperate enough to do something just like that to keep a man in her life. Meanwhile Lily tells Molly that everything she has done was part of a sick plan to get Holden. The police arrive and tell Molly they are taking her in and on go the handcuffs. When she asks why, they say it is for endangering the public and herself. Holden says maybe that's what she needs--some time in jail. They tell him she will not be going to jail. Suicides go to the PSYCH WARD!!! As they lead her away, she is screaming--"Hoooldennnn..."