ATWT Recaps: The week of October 20, 1997 on As The World Turns
Lily and Holden stood united against Molly. Carly convinced Hal to give her another chance. Jack threw a monkey wrench in Carly's plan. Lew steered the stalker away from Camille and onto Ben. Reverend Dansby rallied the community behind Ben, but he received an unwelcome visitor at the hospital. David and Emily got intimate, but a disgusted Lucinda interrupted them. Lucinda asked David to work with her at WorldWide.
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Monday, October 20, 1997

Carly obviously knew nothing about secretarial or computer skills, and Margo and Jack knew it. However, she apparently had poor Hal fooled. Jack helped her pull up the DUIs and print them out. Then, Hal gave her another computer assignment.

Ben arrived at the station, looking for Teague. He said the police weren't doing anything and that he would go after Teague himself. Hal said Teague and his family were out of town until the trial. Tom took Ben aside and said that he needed to cool down and leave it alone. He said that Ben should take Kim's advice to go on Patterns with Teague -- and keep his cool.

Lew caught the skinhead, threw him around, and told him that the lady he was stalking was no longer Ben Harris' girl. He threatened him then let him go, but Lew told Camille that he had gotten away. She wanted to call the police, but Lew told her not to. He pretended that he had been hurt in the scuffle, and Camille administered first aid. He told her he would lay down his life for her. He offered to sleep on the couch, but she told him she would be all right.

The skinhead called Teague and told him about Lew and Camille and that Lew had told him to go after Harris instead of the girl.

Emily and David were kissing and professing their love for each other. She pulled away from him and told him she got scared -- it was not his fault. She said she wanted to stop being afraid. She asked him to make love to her and help her get over it. He took her into the bedroom. Later, she said she felt like she had been let out of her cage. While they were in bed, Lucinda knocked on the door and walked right in on them. She told him she wanted Emily out of her house in five minutes.

David threatened to move out. Lucinda said that they would talk about it later when she was not upset. Emily expected that he would move out, but he told her that he needed time to get to know the family and get involved in the business. After Emily left, Lucinda returned. She told him she wanted David to go to WorldWide and work with her. She wanted him to be ready to take over should she decide to retire.

Dr. Samuels told Holden that Molly was definitely pregnant. She told Molly to make an appointment for a blood test and gave her further instructions. Holden asked Molly how she'd pulled it off. He told her he knew she was not pregnant. However, if she was pregnant, he would not make her deal with it alone, but he would never leave Lily.

Molly went to the police station and told Carly what had just happened at the doctor's office. She said she just had to figure out how to get pregnant for real. Carly told Molly that she was after Hal to father her child. Later when Margo advised Hal to get rid of Carly, he said he knew what had been going on at Carly's desk. He took Carly aside and told her that he really needed somebody who could use computers. She said she'd thought she could learn on the job. She started to cry when she realized that he was firing her. She talked him into giving her a few more days' trial.

Holden went to Lily and told her the test had been positive. She said they would figure out what to do about Molly, and they kissed. They went outside and wished on a star and kissed as Molly was standing close by with a devious look on her face.

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

On the set of Patterns, Kim, Tom, Ben, Rev. Dansby, Bob, and Margo were all standing around, chatting about the show and Ben's case. Kim thought it was great that Ben had decided to go on the show to discuss it. Teague was supposed to be there shortly, along with his lawyer. Kim was going over the format of the show with them, Tom and Ben stepped aside, and Tom coached Ben about staying calm. Ben stated to Tom that he was anxious to have a real life again. Tom asked about Camille, and Ben told him he and Camille were history.

Lew showed up at Camille's suite to take her to work. Camille stated that she felt much safer being there than in her apartment. She told Lew that she felt like they should file a report with the Oakdale Police Department about Lew's confrontation with the stalker. Lew disagreed with her, stating, "We can't do that. The guy is long gone." He doubled over with a pain in his side. Camille rushed over to him and said she wanted him to stay right where he was; they were not going anywhere.

Lily and Holden were at the farm, in the kitchen. Holden said that he had a strong feeling that Molly was not pregnant at all. He said he was going to work it out. She said they were in it together and would work it out. They kissed. In walked Molly, and she said to Holden, "We need to talk about what we're going to do." She spat at Lily, "I should have known you'd be here."

Molly told Holden and Lily they weren't going to like what she had to say. She disapproved of the way Holden had treated her at the hospital. She said Holden was treating her like a whore, making her deliver his child and not taking responsibility for it -- just like Abigail. She said there was only one thing Holden could do -- marry her and give their child a name. Lily, standing in the background, shook her head in disgust.

Back at Patterns, Tom and Margo were chatting. Margo had a bad feeling about the show: it was very public, and Ben was exposing himself to new harassment. Tom said yes, but so was Teague. Ben was ready to fight.

Kim walked over and introduced Errol Morgan, Teague's partner, and a lady from the police commissioner's office who were appearing on Patterns in place of Teague. Ben was angry, stating that Morgan hadn't even been there when the arrest had taken place. Tom pulled Ben aside, said Teague was afraid to speak publicly, and instructed Ben to stay calm. He said they were going to try to make Ben mad, and Ben just needed to stay calm.

Margo and the police commissioner lady talked. "The commissioner wanted me to give you his regards, Margo," the woman said She said he was looking forward to Margo's reinstatement as a full-time officer on the force. Margo asked suspiciously if there might be any last-minute hitches to her being reinstated, and the lady said no, there shouldn't be. Margo was suspicious.

Camille wanted Lew to go to the hospital to get an x-ray of his rib. He thought he'd cracked it. No, he insisted. He could use a day off to rest, though. He told Camille that if he was staying, she had to take the day off and stay, too. She couldn't go to work alone. Camille agreed, saying she could use the time to study. Lew called to check his messages when Camille left the room. Pamela had left a message for Lew, asking if he had found them a house in Oakdale yet.

Carly sat in the diner. In walked Hal, who sat down with Carly. Carly said it had to be fate. She was grateful for another chance at the job. She was just nervous and wanted to do a good job. Hal just told her to do what she was told. She said she made mistakes when she got nervous. Hal said not to get so worked up about it. Carly gushed all over Hal, "You've been so good to me." John and Barbara walked in. "As if I didn't have enough problems," Carly said with a sigh.

Holden was surprised at Molly's suggestion of marriage. She told him he was not going to abandon her like trash. He claimed he hadn't done that with Abigail. "Would you have married me back then, Holden?" she asked. He said he didn't know, maybe he would have. But things were very different. She said history had a way of repeating itself, and he should do what he would have done then. He told her that things weren't the same as they had been before.

Molly yelled, "Why, because you're with her?" Lily and Holden put up a united front, saying that it was all of their problem. Molly said that it was only Lily's problem whenever it was easy. Molly yelled that Lily and Holden were so selfish that they only thought about themselves and their perfect relationship. "You claim to have such a pure and perfect love. Will it be so pure and perfect if my child grows up without a father?" Molly asked.

Barbara and John were in the diner. Barbara was shooting daggers at Carly. She said she couldn't believe that Hal was sitting with Carly. "What could he have in common with her?" Barbara asked, complaining, "I want him to be happy, to be in a relationship, but not with her!"

Carly told Hal, "If looks could kill..." Hal said not to worry. Barbara was just protective of Lisa. "Yeah, nobody in this town will let me forget what I did to Lisa," Carly said.

Barbara couldn't stand it any longer and said, "That's it." She stormed off to Carly and Hal's table. Barbara wanted to talk to Hal alone. Carly said it was to talk about her. Carly was full of compliments for Barbara, saying she looked beautiful, congratulating her, and asking when the baby was due. Barbara would have no part of it. "You betrayed Lisa, Carly," Barbara said. "Yes," Carly admitted, "I made a mistake." "And Lisa paid for your mistakes," Barbara spat.

Holden told Molly that if she was pregnant, she would not be alone with the child -- Lily and Holden would be there for her. Molly was livid that Holden would doubt her being pregnant still. Molly said that if there was no marriage involved, then they had nothing more to say to each other. Holden said that he didn't love her, he loved Lily, and she'd just have to accept that. Once again, Holden and Lily told Molly they'd help her through the pregnancy.

Molly said she was not about to be a single parent. She talked about how hard it would be, and Lily said she knew how hard it was. Molly stated she had no family there and lived paycheck to paycheck. She said, "I'm not going to be a single parent." She then threatened Holden, saying that he had better do the right thing and marry her -- or else.

Camille and Lew were having a very informative discussion on oatmeal vs. grits for breakfast. He said she would make a great doctor. "Why did you discourage me before, Lew?" she asked. He told her he had been so selfish, he hadn't wanted to compete with school and wind up losing her. He said he had been so afraid of hurting Pamela that he couldn't end it with her "until now," and he'd hurt Camille instead.

Lew said it wasn't possible to go backward, but they could remember the joy and bliss they'd shared at one time. He said that was what he'd been doing recently. Camille left the room for a second and told Lew to turn the TV on. He saw Ben on Patterns and turned the TV off. There was nothing on, he told her when she returned.

Ben discussed racism on Patterns. He didn't believe the whole Oakdale Police Department was racist. There were discussions with Morgan about the racism issue. Morgan said that Ben should put himself in the officer's shoes. They had to make life-and-death decisions on a whim. Morgan said respect was a two-way street. They went to the caller portion of Patterns, and a man was on the line. He said he didn't agree with Ben and that Ben should watch his back, "boy," or he'd live to regret it.

"What are you saying Molly?" Lily asked. "Nothing to you, Lily," Molly said. She said, "I'm warning you, I'm not gonna wait around forever, Holden." She stomped out. Holden wondered why she was being that way, since he was offering her emotional and financial support. Lily said she'd never thought Molly would be pregnant and was taking Molly's feelings into consideration. Lily told Holden it was hard being a single parent. She felt bad for Molly because Molly had no money and no family around except Carly. Holden told Lily that they could not let her get between them again.

Kim apologized to Ben, saying, "We screen all of our callers, but sometimes they lie to us." They traced the call; it was from Ben's loft.

Barbara couldn't believe that Hal had given Carly a job. Hal said it was only a secretarial position. Barbara said she didn't know what Hal was thinking. She said, "At least when you catch Carly stealing from her employer again, she'll be right there in the police office already. Watch her like a hawk, Hal. I don't want you to get hurt." Barbara walked away. Carly told Hal he had rescued her once again. She was sorry. She said, "The divorce was amicable, wasn't it?" She didn't want to make waves with Barbara.

Hal assured Carly it was all right. It was only business. Carly asked if it bothered him that she was pregnant with John's baby. "Unfortunately, it bothers me a little," he said. It didn't bother him that she was pregnant, but John bothered him because John was not a very consistent person, and what kids needed was consistency. Carly asked if a younger woman and older man having a family together bothered him. Hal said no, as long as they loved each other. Carly agreed.

Lew was having Camille examine him. "Can you tell? Look at the third and fourth rib. I need a second opinion," he said. Camille felt his ribs and said they felt fine. Lew told her that when he felt his ribs, they hurt, but when she touched them, the pain just went away. He told her that that morning reminded him of the morning in Aspen. She had sprained her ankle, they had sat in the hot tub together, and he had served her hot chocolate in bed, put ice on her ankle, and given her lots of massages. "All I ever wanted to do was to take care of you, Camille. That's all I ever want to do," he said. They leaned in for a kiss.

Margo and Hal arrived at Ben's loft, looking for the stalker. Ben's apartment was completely trashed, complete with graffiti on the walls. Ben was upset and walked around holding his smashed diploma from Johns Hopkins University. Bob apologized, and Margo and Hal vowed to get the stalker and make him pay. Ben said under his breath, "At least they're going after me now and not Camille."

Lew pulled away from their near-kiss. "You don't want this, Camille," he said. She begged him to please stay. She told him he'd been very good to her, and he wouldn't even be in that situation if it weren't for her. Lew relented and told her that he'd stay, after all, if she was sure.

Lily and Holden were discussing Molly's threat. Lily was upset, thinking of what Molly had said before she left. She'd give the baby up for adoption. Holden asked Lily, "Did you see how she reacted when I told her 'if' she was pregnant then we'd help her out? She's hiding something. She's lying. Maybe I can trip her up."

Molly arrived at the diner to speak with Carly. "I need your advice. I laid a guilt trip on them," she said. She explained the conversation she'd had with Lily and Holden and said she'd threatened him. Carly asked what she had threatened him with. Molly said nothing; she didn't have anything to hold over his head. Carly said she needed to find something fast. She suggested that maybe the guy wasn't worth it and maybe Molly should set her sights on someone else. Molly smirked, saying, "Yes, you're right. I'm gonna give it up."

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

In the Oakdale Police Station, Margo and Nikki were talking. Jack walked in, "Who's my favorite helper?" he asked. He asked Nikki why she hadn't taken care of his parking tickets like he'd asked her to. His car had been impounded, and he'd had to walk to work, missing a meeting with Hal at the police commissioner's office. She claimed she had, that she'd talked to the necessary people at the DMV, filled out all the forms, and left them for Carly to process. The forms were still sitting there. Carly hadn't taken care of them like she was supposed to.

Molly and Carly sat in the diner, talking. Molly was going to make Holden feel guilty because she was not having his baby. Discussion turned to Carly. Molly asked how Carly could choose someone like Hal to father her baby. He'd ask lots of questions; he was a smart guy. Carly said that his kids were all gorgeous, and at least she knew he was not shooting blanks. She needed to get him on his own, so they were by themselves, confined somewhere. Carly realized she was very late for work and left for the police station.

Lily and Holden were discussing Molly in Emma's kitchen. She was just so devious. Holden believed that Molly was faking the pregnancy. Lily was trying to reason with Holden about Molly, saying that Molly was pregnant and that she would be a part of their lives for a very long time. Holden still professed his disbelief in Molly. Lily told him that it was going to be hard and it wouldn't be fun, but they were going to have to start being nice to Molly.

Margo was complaining about Carly's work. She said Hal should know about it because Carly was messing up the department. Hal entered and told Jack he'd missed him at the meeting at the police commissioner's office. Margo told Hal about Carly, how she wasn't doing her job, and how Jack's car had gotten impounded because of it. Hal defended Carly, telling them to cut her some slack and give her a break. Carly ran in, disheveled, and apologized for being so late. She asked, "How do you put out an APB?"

Holden questioned Lily's reasoning about being nice to Molly. "Just because she's pregnant doesn't mean we have to treat her with kid gloves," he said. Lily pleaded with Holden to try to find her. Holden told Lily that Molly would not get between them, that nothing would ever get between them again. Lily told Holden to be very careful with Molly and to make sure she was taking care of herself. "We have to think about the baby. Try to talk to her again, maybe she'll hear you," Lily said.

Molly was still in the diner, composing a letter to Holden. Emily walked in and told her that they needed to talk. Molly feared that Emily was firing her, but Emily said that was not the case. Emily said Molly's column was a big hit but that her ideas were reckless, and her advice was a little extreme. Molly told Emily that when a person loved someone, "you go to extremes." Emily quoted a response that Cherish Forever had written saying that the writer of the letter should break into someone's apartment to get what they wanted. Emily was afraid that if people took her advice literally and broke the law, the City Times would be held liable.

Carly made up a story about how some motorist almost plowed into the side of her car and almost made her hit a pedestrian. Carly said she'd chased the guy, but he'd gotten away. She didn't get the license number, but she knew it was a blue car. Jack and Margo didn't believe her story. Hal asked if Carly was okay, and she said yes; the only casualty was the doughnuts that she'd bought for everyone. Carly pleaded and apologized to Hal, telling him to dock her pay. He said no and told her to just not do it again.

Nikki offered her help to Carly to figure out the filing system. Carly pulled her away and said no; she needed Nikki's help for something else. They left. Margo told Hal that it was obvious what was going on, and it was embarrassing. She couldn't believe that Hal was letting Carly get away with so much.

Nikki and Carly headed down to the basement. There was an old abandoned jail cell down there, very isolated from everyone. Nikki explained that it was the drunk tank, and no one used it anymore. Carly was amazed that she couldn't even hear a sound down there. Nikki told her that it was soundproof also. "You sure wouldn't want to get locked in here," she told Carly.

Lucinda and David were both on the phone in the offices of WorldWide, securing a big Italian deal. Lucinda told David that he could take care of the signing and press conference of the big deal. She told him that they'd work side by side until he learned the ropes. Lucinda gave him a gift, a brass nameplate with the name "David Walsh" inscribed. David gushed to Lucinda that she had given him so much, including a home and a family.

Kirk walked into the office. He told Lucinda that the staff was thrilled to have her back in command. She told Kirk she had something for him and tossed him a garbage bag full of all his belongings. Kirk asked where his new office was going to be, and Lucinda fired him.

Carly asked Nikki, "So, you're totally cut off from the world down here?" Nikki told her that they really needed to get back to work. Jack was angry because of his car being impounded. Carly told Nikki that her outfit was beautiful and that they should go shopping together sometime. Nikki suggested that afternoon, but Carly said she couldn't that day. Nikki pleaded and told Carly that she'd do all of Carly's paperwork for her, "and we can be out of here by lunch." Carly agreed.

Jack didn't want to be involved with the dispute Margo and Hal had going on about Carly. Margo told Hal that Carly wasn't cut out for any kind of work, much less secretarial. "Petty larceny, maybe," she told Hal. Hal admitted that he knew Carly's story was false, but he knew why she'd been late. He let it go because she'd gotten his favorite jelly doughnuts.

Hal told Margo that Carly had had a rough morning at the diner. She'd had a run-in with Barbara, and Barbara had been in rare form. Hal told Margo that he could cut slack for any employee if he wanted to. He told her that he remembered cutting Margo some slack when she'd played hooky for an afternoon at the Lakeview Towers with Mr. Gibson.

Carly was back in the basement with a screwdriver. She was manipulating the jail cell door.

Kirk was upset and argued with Lucinda about being fired. Lucinda told him that if he wanted to grovel, David was in charge. Kirk fell to his knees and begged Lucinda not to fire him; he was too valuable. Lucinda told David to enjoy it but not to relent. David told Kirk he just didn't fit the WorldWide image. David refused to help Kirk out. Kirk mentioned various deals that David had made in the past, especially the murder charge against Kirk. David reminded him that if that deal were revealed, Kirk would go to jail, and David would just get a slap on the wrist. David told Kirk he was "outta here."

Holden was on the phone, looking for Molly. Molly walked into the kitchen. She was surprised that Holden was looking for her. Molly was very calm and apologized to Holden for blowing up at him. She asked where Lily was. Holden explained that Lily had a doctor's appointment. Molly said she was glad that Lily wasn't there because what she had to say was "between the two of us" and didn't concern Lily. She told him that she had reached a decision about the baby, and she hoped it was the right one.

Margo was yelling for Carly in the police station, and the intercom on Carly's desk was beeping. Margo answered; it was Carly, and she was looking for Hal. She needed to talk to him, and it was important. Margo put her on hold and told Jack that she was up to something. Margo told Jack to get on the phone and pretend he was Hal. There was so much static on the line, she'd never know the difference. Jack resisted, but Margo pushed, and he agreed. Carly told Jack, who she thought was Hal, to go downstairs right away. Margo sent Jack down to the basement to retrieve Carly.

Lily and Kim walked into the diner together, discussing WOAK. Kim expressed her concern about the disturbing occurrence that happened on Patterns. She told Lily about the caller and of Ben's apartment being vandalized. Kim asked about Lily and how she was doing. Lily said that she'd just returned from Dr. Bob, and he had given her the all clear; she was fine. Lily talked about Holden and how they were back together, but there were many complications to deal with. She told Kim that they loved each other, but it was tough.

Kim talked to Lily about how she'd felt after her surgery and how she'd felt so much more connected with life. Her family and friends meant much more to her, and it was like a wake-up call from the heart. "The feelings we have deep in our hearts are infinite, there are no limitations," she said. Lily said that things had been put into perspective when she'd been in the hospital. She told Kim that it felt like everything was against Lily and Holden being together. Kim disagreed.

Holden asked Molly what the decision was, and Molly asked for some water. Holden told her the situation was one big mess, and he didn't want to fight with her. It was not good for the baby. He asked her again what the decision was. Molly told him she was afraid to say it, and it was hard to put into words. It hurt her to say it because it was one of the hardest decisions she'd ever had to make. She told Holden that he wouldn't have to worry about the baby anymore.

Sam was at the Falcon Club. Kirk walked in. He said he should have known. He said he had known something was up when Lucinda had been so nice to them at breakfast that morning. He told Sam about Lucinda firing him. Sam was supportive and said that she'd assumed that, since Lucinda had asked them to move back into the guest house, his job was safe. Sam told him that they still had the Falcon Club. Kirk said no, he was a businessman, and he needed more. Sam offered to talk to Lucinda about it, but Kirk told her that David was in charge, and he needed to figure out how to deal with David Walsh.

Lucinda entered the diner and sat down with Emily. Lucinda said she was prepared to offer Emily a little something. Emily told her that she was not giving up David. Lucinda asked how she really felt about him. Emily told her that she had strong feelings for David. Lucinda wanted her to prove it and do what was best for David. Emily asked, "Let him go?" She told Lucinda no way. Lucinda said that things had changed, David Walsh had certain responsibilities, and Lucinda wanted to know if Emily would like to be perceived as someone who was dragging him down.

Lucinda asked if Emily was going to back off. Emily said yes, "when hell freezes over." Lucinda asked if Emily was prepared to have her sexual history drag David down. Emily explained to Lucinda that she'd told David everything; she was powerless because David loved Emily. Lucinda couldn't believe it, but Emily told her to go ask him herself. Lucinda said that she'd given Emily a chance to back off, and the velvet gloves were off.

Carly was in the old jail cell, checking her lipstick in her compact mirror. She climbed up on some boxes and pretended to be looking for something when she heard someone. She asked Hal for help. Jack appeared and told Carly his grandfather had always told him not to help someone unless he was going to get it back. Carly looked disgusted.

Lucinda entered WorldWide and told David they had to talk about Emily. David told her that he hoped that they would get along. David told Lucinda that he loved Emily very much and didn't care about her past. Lucinda told him that in that case, she needed to change her will.

Hal walked into the police station office, looking for Carly. Margo told him that she'd been gone all day long, but she was cutting her some slack. Carly asked Jack what he was doing there. Carly told him there was something she really needed to tell Hal. Jack asked, "What's with this door?" and slammed it shut. They were locked in.

Holden wanted to be involved with the pregnancy and baby, but Molly told him if he was involved with Lily, then he could forget about it. Molly told him that she knew they would never be together. She knew how hard it would be to be a single parent, and she was not about to make the same mistakes twice. Molly said she was in no condition to have a child or to give another child up for adoption. She'd decided to have an abortion. Lily walked in at that time and overheard Molly with a surprised look on her face.

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Carly called Jack an idiot for shutting the door. She rambled on that no one would look for them and that it was soundproof, so no one could hear them. Jack told her to confess; he knew she was setting Hal up for something. She made a lame excuse that she thought the old area would make good office space, since they were so crowded upstairs. He laughed in her face and told her he was wise to her ways and to try again. He asked why she was trying to set up Hal.

Jack told Carly that it was obvious that she was trying to hit on Hal. Carly told him that Hal was a very attractive man. Jack added that he was too nice a guy to be messed around by her. "Worried about Hal?" she cried. She told him that she'd found out, by looking at his police record, that he was no angel, either. He had a record.

"You busted me. I've been waiting for you to see through this 'Boy Scout' act," Jack said seductively, while moving in close, gently pinning her against some boxes. "You have?" she said, pleasantly surprised. "Sure, now you know the truth, Carly," he said, looking deep into her eyes, finishing with, "I'm as bad as you are." Carly quickly ducked out of his arms. "What's the matter, Carly?" he asked with a grin, "Can't figure out what my game is?"

Jack made up a story about working both sides of the street -- a bad guy that infiltrated the police station. Carly laughed and told him that she'd almost bought it. She asked where his charges were from, and he told her it was something the government had dummied up to make him look legitimate while he had been undercover. It was her turn; he asked her what she was up to.

Carly tried to change the subject. Jack warned her that any game she was trying to pull had better not interfere with the department. Carly got mad at him and started clawing at the bars, wanting to get out of their little prison. She saw the intercom phone on the wall and threw her shoes at it, missing. Jack was quite amused. She told him that when Hal realized she was gone, he'd go looking for her. He told her that Hal would break out the champagne, right along with the rest of the department.

"Why don't we just get out of here then?" Jack said. Carly shot him a glare. He told her that he'd get them out if she told him what she was really up to. She told him to get lost. He went and sat on some boxes. After a couple of minutes, Jack's cell phone rang in his pocket. Carly turned around, blazing mad, and freaked out on him for failing to mention that he was packing a cell phone.

Emily told Susan, her mother, about Lucinda trying to push David away from her. Susan wasn't very supportive. Emily wanted to know why. "Secrets," she said, "he has too many secrets. I had to find out that he was Lucinda's son by reading the paper." Emily told her mother that she'd wanted to tell her, but she'd known how Susan would react.

Susan said that Emily didn't need to be involved with Lucinda's son. "I'm in love with him!" Emily stressed. "How many times have I heard that before?" Susan quipped. Emily told her to just leave and picked up a copy of the paper. "I've got it!" she shouted. "Got what?" Susan asked. Emily said that she'd figured out a way to handle Lucinda. Susan said that she had to be getting to the hospital and left.

Lucinda told David that if he didn't give up Emily, he was out of the will. David defended Emily to Lucinda. "Don't make me choose between you and Emily, because I'll pick Emily," he said. Lucinda told David that she didn't want to cut him out, but she would to protect him from that "witch," Emily. Lucinda told him that she wouldn't really cut him out, but she didn't want Emily to hurt him. If Emily thought he was penniless, then she'd show her true colors and dump him. David told her that Emily wasn't that way.

David and Lucinda finally agreed to disagree on the topic of Emily. Lucinda told him that she had a function to attend and asked if David would hold down the fort. He happily agreed to do so. Lucinda told him that it was very nice to leave the business in the hands of family, and she left. The phone rang. It was Emily. She happily asked David if he could go to her office right away. David entered and asked what was going on. "A slideshow?" he said as he laughed. Emily said "Yes, but wait."

Emily started the slides. It was pictures of front porches, back porches, cathedral ceilings, kitchen windows, rose gardens, and lawns. He asked what all of that just was. "It's our new house," she said, totally pleased with herself. David, clearly shocked, said, "You want us to put in a bid on this house?" She told him, "Yes," and that they had to hurry. She just wanted him out of Lucinda's house. "Will you move in with me?" she said as she smiled.

David smiled sweetly back at Emily and softly told her, "I'm sorry, the answer is no." He told her that he needed more time with Lucinda. Emily told him that Lucinda had declared war on her and would not rest until she'd turned him against her. David told her that Lucinda just needed to get to know her like he did. He smiled as he got an idea. "You move in with me," he said.

Molly told Holden and Lily that she'd just have to get an abortion if Holden wouldn't marry her. She wouldn't give another child up for adoption and worry that the child might have gotten bad parents. She also refused to raise a child on her salary alone without a father. She'd just get an abortion. Lily told Molly that that sounded like blackmail to her. Either she got Holden to marry her, or she'd abort.

Molly got angry and started to leave. Holden hollered after her and asked her to stay and talk some more; they would discuss the situation rationally. Molly asked Holden to have Lily leave so she could talk to him alone. Holden turned to Lily with a sympathetic look, and Lily told him that she would wait outside. Holden asked Molly if she really wanted to get the abortion. She told him that no, she didn't want to have to do that.

Holden told Molly that he'd be around to help, give money, and be a father figure. "Father figure? That won't work," she ranted, "I don't want a part-time daddy. What if you and Lily move, or what if I move? Then my child will be fatherless, and I won't have it!" Holden asked her if there was anything he could say to change her mind. She told him, that there was one thing, but he was not willing to say it. Molly turned around and ran out of the house.

Lily walked back in and asked how it had gone. He told her that Molly was probably on her way to the clinic as they spoke. Holden told her that he'd thought that Molly was lying until she'd talked about the abortion. The abortion talk had just made the baby finally seem real. He didn't want Molly to get an abortion, and Lily didn't want her to either. Lily told Holden that Molly just needed to find an alternative that she could live with.

Holden told Lily that Molly wouldn't give the baby up for adoption, and she refused to raise it alone. Lily told him that Molly had said she wouldn't consider adoption because she wouldn't know if the baby had gotten good parents. Lily suggested to Holden that they adopt Molly's baby and raise it themselves. Molly went over to the clinic to talk to someone about getting an abortion She looked over her shoulder to see if she was being followed. She was not, so she lingered a bit longer at the doors, searching for a certain person who might want to stop her from doing such a thing.

Finally Molly went in. While waiting for a counselor, she worried that she could slip up then Lily and Holden would find out that she'd never been pregnant. Dr. Susan walked up to talk to Molly. She told Molly that they provided counseling, but the actual abortions were done at another clinic. Susan told Molly, who kept looking toward the door, that she could set the appointment for the abortion up for Molly. "It's too soon," Molly said hastily. "Are you waiting for somebody?" Susan asked. "No," Molly said nervously.

At Rev. Dansby's church, Ben, Margo, Tom, and Hal were talking about the extra precautions the police department was taking to ensure Ben's safety, since his apartment had been vandalized. Ben wasn't comforted by the idea that the people he was suing and the people that were probably terrorizing him were out in greater numbers to protect him. Hal told Ben that he needn't be worried; Hal had hand-selected them all, and they were all over in plain clothes. Margo asked Ben if Camille was going to be there. Ben told her that he didn't know, since they'd broken up. Margo was hoping that things had changed.

Camille and Lew strolled in. Lew told Camille that it might not be a good idea. Camille told him that even though they'd broken up, she still supported Ben's cause. Lew took off for a bit when Camille wanted to talk to Margo. Margo questioned Camille about her choice of escorts. Camille said that Lew had been really supportive and helpful since the whole situation had happened. He had even gotten injured protecting her. Margo said that Ben would do the same. Camille told her that they'd called it off for real and that Ben had been "a cold, mean man."

In another area of the church, Lew and Ben were talking. Lew told Ben that he didn't think it was good for Camille to be there. The idiots terrorizing him might not have realized he'd broken up with her yet. Ben asked if she was doing okay. Lew said there had been more incidents, and Ben wanted to rush off to Camille and ask her about them. Lew stopped him and said not to because that would just put her in jeopardy again. He advised Ben to give it a bit longer, and the terrorists would realize that he'd called it off with Camille and she'd be safe. Ben finally agreed. Lew smiled to himself.

Rev. Dansby walked up to Camille and told her that he knew about her and Ben's plan to pretend to be broken up. Camille told him that was how it had started out, but it had become a for-real breakup. He said he was sorry to hear that. He changed the subject and told her that he was looking forward to the solo that day. She told him she'd been having a bit of a sore throat and couldn't do it. He was disappointed but understood.

Kim was talking to Jessica and told her that it was a shame that Ben and Camille had broken up because he could really use the support. Jessica agreed and went over to comfort Ben herself. Jessica told Ben that she was really proud of him doing all that he was doing and being so brave. He hugged her. Camille watched uneasily from a distance.

The meeting started, and Rev. Dansby told everyone that they should use it as the "opportunity that the Lord has sent" them. Ben, sitting next to Jessica, listened intently. Dr. Bob Hughes got up and spoke. He told of a special rally that he, Rev. Dansby, and some other community leaders had decided to hold promoting "Racial Unity." He told them that it would be called "Hands Across Oakdale."

Rev. Dansby told the crowd that they had volunteers for things, and the church youth group had volunteered time to run the phones, but the rally would need many more volunteers. A lady in the audience said that she'd volunteer her time as a secretary. Dr. Bob said the hospital would volunteer other office help. Kim said that WOAK would donate free airtime. Lisa said she would make sure it was covered in her paper, and she'd post ads, free of charge. Another fellow said his company would cover other advertising expenses. Lucinda told them that WorldWide would underwrite any other expenses incurred.

The crowd was overjoyed by all the donations of time and money. Ben was called up to speak. He got a standing ovation from everyone in the crowd -- except Lew. Ben thanked everyone for supporting him. Camille, sitting next to Lew, looked over at Ben and Jessica. She changed her mind and told Rev. Dansby that she'd sing her solo. "God Will Take Care of You" was the song. She did a beautiful job, and Ben was touched by the song.

Friday, October 24, 1997

Jack's cell phone went off then so did Carly's. They argued about him having a phone the whole time.Hal found them. Margo had noticed Jack go downstairs, and that was how Hal had found them. Carly thanked Hal for finding and saving them. "How does Jack work into this?" Hal asked. Carly made up a story about Jack going down to help her with a jammed file drawer, and Jack backed her story up and took the blame for it even happening. Hal unlocked the door, and Carly jumped out and hugged him. Jack got a nauseous look.

Later, upstairs, Hal ribbed Nikki about a clothing bill of hers he had seen. Jack backed Nikki up jokingly on his way by them. Carly walked up when Nikki went off to finish what she had been doing. Hal told Carly that she still looked shaken and to knock off early. Jack watched from a distance. His phone rang. It was Lily; she wanted Jack to head out to the farm to talk. Jack said he'd be right there. He walked by Carly talking to Hal, just in time to hear her say, "I'd do anything for you. I owe you, Hal." Disgusted by that remark, Jack headed out a little faster.

Hal started helping Carly with logging things into the computer. Carly was happy with herself for learning how to load computer files. Hal reminded her that she needed to save the files. Hal went over some odd case files with her. She said she'd heard from some of the other officers that when he went into a dangerous bust, Hal was the first in the door. Hal told her that he wouldn't ask his people to do anything he wouldn't do. "How gallant," she oozed.

Nikki entered and needed her dad's help with some homework. Carly was disappointed with the interruption. They decided to have dinner first and asked if Carly would like to join them. She declined. They left. "I've got to get rid of that kid," Carly whined to herself. "All right, Nikki, where's the book?" Carly said while digging through Nikki's satchel, looking for the book that she wanted her dad's help with. Carly found it and pitched it in the trash.

Hal and Nikki walked in. Hal had sweetly picked up some dinner for Carly. He asked how she was progressing with her filing. "Not bad," she said. He told her that he could help her some more if she needed him to. Carly reminded him that he'd promised to help Nikki with her French homework. Nikki couldn't find the book, and Hal sent her home to look for it.

Carly was impressed with Hal's French. He told her that he'd had to take a foreign language in college, and French was natural for him. He told her that he was from Kentucky, so it wasn't really as natural as he'd hoped. Carly told Hal that she'd spent time in Kentucky as a kid, for some horse show, and it was beautiful there. "We weren't from the beautiful part," he said, "My people worked the mines. People stay there forever. No one got out." "You did," Carly reminded him. Claire, his sister, had made sure Hal got out. "She's a pistol. You remind me of her," he said.

"What was it like growing up in Muscle shell?" Hal asked. Carly told him that her mother had left then the wicked stepmother from hell had moved in. She said that her dad had cared in his own way, but he'd died the previous year. She got misty. She did kind of miss him, even though she hadn't liked him much, she admitted.

Lily and Holden decided together that they wanted to raise Molly's baby. The baby deserved a good life, they decided. Lily told Holden that they could take care of all Molly's medical bills and lodging. Then she could give them the baby, move on, and have a fresh start. "What if she gives us the baby and stays in Oakdale?" Holden asked, trying to play devil's advocate. Lily told him that she loved him and could handle it. She told Holden to hurry and find Molly.

Lily called Jack. Later he arrived. Jack walked in, and Lily told him that Molly was pregnant. "Whoa..." Jack said. Lily continued to tell him that Molly was going to get an abortion, and Holden had gone to stop her. "That doesn't sound like Molly," Jack said. Lily asked Jack about Molly's past. "Could you be the father of this child?" she asked. "Me, the father? What kind of question is that?" he exclaimed. Lily told him that maybe Molly had slept with somebody else.

Jack said that he only knew of one guy that Molly had been with, and they knew who that was. "One time -- one time!" Lily burst. Jack reminded her that it only took one time. "Holden is probably the father," he said. "Probably, that's just it, probably," Lily stated, not giving up the hope that it was false. She decided out loud that Jack just might not be the best one to be the judge of Molly.

Lily apologized for wasting Jack's time and interrupting him at work. Jack said it was okay. He was glad to get away from Carly. Lily was surprised to learn that Carly worked at the police station. He asked Lily if she knew anything about Carly's past. "She had the hots for Mike Kasnoff," she said. Lily filled him in on the Carly/Mike/Rosanna scandal. She said Molly was probably taking tips from her cousin Carly. Jack said Molly wouldn't succeed with breaking up her and Holden.

"Molly, are you waiting for somebody?" Dr. Susan asked. Susan asked if Molly was being pressured into it. Molly said that she didn't want it at all. Susan said that she could put her in touch with other counselors that could help her decide on ways to raise the baby if she'd like. Susan asked about the father. "He knows and doesn't care," she said. Susan told Molly that she wouldn't be the first woman who got an abortion because her boyfriend wanted it. "So don't do it, unless you want to," Susan finished. Molly said that she didn't have a choice.

Holden interrupted them and told Molly that she did have a choice. "You came. You changed your mind," Molly said, grabbing him excitedly around the neck. Holden told her that he cared about the baby. "About me, too?" she eagerly wanted to know. He told her that he wanted to figure out what was best for all of them. Holden didn't want her to get the abortion. Molly really liked the sound of that. "So there is room for me in your future?" she asked. "Of course," he said. Then he went on to tell her that he'd raise the child with Lily if Molly couldn't handle it alone.

The wind was knocked out of Molly's sails. "You'd take my baby and give it to Lily?" Molly shouted. "Lily put you up to this, didn't she?" Molly wanted to know. He told her that it was just an idea they'd tossed around. "Never forget it -- I am not letting Lily win!" she screamed. They continued to argue until Dr. Susan and Dr. Bob broke it up. Bob told Holden to calm down.

Ben walked by and told Bob that he was going upstairs to try to find Camille to talk to her. Some shadowy figure followed Ben down the corridor. Susan said to Molly, "I take it Holden is the father." Bob, across the room, speaking to Holden, said, "You are the father, and you don't want her to get the abortion. Well , you are going about it the wrong way." Bob advised Holden to calm down. Holden went to Molly and asked her to think about his suggestion. Molly angrily turned from him and told Susan to make the appointment for her abortion -- "tomorrow."

Ben talked to Bob about Camille. Bob told him that he could tell Ben was crazy about her; it was just not right. Ben got an attitude about all the work he'd put in, just to have his life turned around. His face shoved in the dirt. Bob said that he understood and that he'd be upset too. "They stalked a defenseless girl because she was my girlfriend," Ben said, growing more and more upset. Bob said, "So that is why you broke it off."

Bob said he wouldn't tell. "It has to be this way. We tried to fake a breakup, but it didn't work," Ben said, "so it just has to be this way." Bob told him that Camille probably felt worse about the breakup than she had with the harassment. Bob talked Ben into leaving the choice up to Camille. Ben went to call her but couldn't reach her.

Lew and Camille talked at his office. He told her that she'd really sounded good at church. Lew told her that he wanted to make up for the past. He wanted to see her smile again. He told her that they'd go out and have a good time that night, whatever she wanted -- dinner, dancing, anything. She declined the invitation, saying that she needed to study. Camille asked Lew if she could borrow some of his medical books, and he said yes. He left but told her that he'd stay watch outside the door.

Camille opened her anatomy book and started to daydream about the time when Ben had been helping her with her anatomy, and it had started to get steamy between them. In her memory, they kissed. Camille emerged from her daydream. Lew reentered the office, looking for Camille, and the phone rang. Pamela called and wanted to know when he'd be home. Lew, knowing Camille could return at any time, told her that he missed her, but he had an office full of people and had to go, but he'd call her back. Pamela lovingly said that she understood and hung up.

Camille returned to the office. Lew asked where she had been, and she said that she had just gone to grab some coffee. Lew said he had been paged and left. Camille thought back to when Ben had dumped her. He'd told her that he doubted that he ever could make a commitment to her. She returned to reality. The lights went out in her office. On the same floor, Ben got out of the elevator and was walking down the corridor, and the lights there went off too. Ben was fumbling for the door in the dark.

Camille was lost in the dark office, and realized that she was locked in. She was starting to panic then someone grabbed her, and she screamed. Lew told Camille to calm down; it was just him. He said he was the one who'd locked the door, and he had done it for her protection. She held onto him and thanked him for finding her. While stumbling through the dark corridor, Ben got a flashlight shined in his eyes. "What's going on?" Ben said in a raised voice. "A lesson. This is what happens when you get uppity, boy," the shadowy figure taunted.

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