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Monday, September 22, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

DAVID is telling EMILY that James set something in motion before he was sent away. He found a subsidiary company in the Midwest in a medical lab that does DNA testing. It's the lab that Lucinda used. James falsified the test results. David is not Lucinda's son. He has known about it for several weeks. James wanted him to have the backing of a respectable family. David did the testing again at a lab he could monitor for verification. He doesn't plan to tell Lucinda about this. Emily insists that it's all about the money since the government will be taking away all of James' assets. David says nobody will get hurt. He is trying to distract Lily from her troubles and from her suspicions about him by hiring Peter to take her out. He then tells her that the Allen's are dead. He didn't tell anyone about their death because he was relieved and that made him feel rotten. He didn't know how to act. For the first time he was in a position to make something out of his life and he wants her to be part of it. She tell him she understands what he is doing. But it is a huge lie for her to go along with. She wants a normal honest life for herself. She leaves.

CARLY is talking to JACK. "You wouldn't know what to do with a woman." He kisses her and tells her that it was supposed to make her see that she was wrong about Molly. Holden and Molly come in the house and Holden asks to use the phone. He takes it outside but gets no answer when he tries to call Lily. Carly suggests that the four of them play Charades--girls against boys. As Carly and Molly are babbling, they say that it is because Mrs. Lydia taught them. Jack immediately picks up on this. Carly tells him that Mrs. Lydia taught half the country on TV. Holden goes to bed followed by Molly. Jack asks Carly about Mrs. Lydia's Playhouse, then goes to bed. Carly looks at some papers and her datebook and says, "Girl, you don't have time to waste." Later Jack comes down to get something to eat and rifles through some mail and papers of Carly's. He looks in Molly's purse and finds a postcard signed by Carly Tenny--YOUR COUSIN.

LILY is out in the rain looking at the place where she and Holden made love and she collapses and lies unconscious in the rain until EMMA finds her and takes her in the house. Lily is really out of it and falls to the floor again. Later Emma is telling Lily that she needs to go to a doctor and Lily collapses on the floor.

CAMILLE comes back to the restaurant saying her mother left her scarf there earlier. She overhears LEW talking to his son on the phone. He says his son hates him. He says that Pamela is not even trying to make it better for their son. She is using him against Lew. He is the only reason Lew has stayed married all these years. He tells Camille he is going back to Philadelphia for a few days to straighten things out with Pamela and his son. After Camille leaves, Lew is talking on the phone again. "Hey baby, this is your husband. I'm coming home tomorrow. I didn't think it would take this much time. I did promise you."

Tuesday, September 23, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

HOLDEN says that the horses are ready. He and CARLY go out to see them. JACK tells MOLLY that he knows she and Carly are cousins because of the postcard he found in her purse. Molly insists that this job has been good for Holden. She says that she might be the best thing that ever happened to Holden. She tells Jack that he is jealous because Holden is the man she wants, not Jack. He says he thinks she is terrific and she can do better than going after a guy on the rebound. She says Holden could fall in love with her again if she is there for him. He tells her to stop trying to manipulate Holden and tell him the truth or he will. Carly tells Holden that he will get over Lily. She encourages him to let Lily go. She says he is happy when he is around Molly. She says that the love of his life makes him miserable and the one he calls friend makes him happy. Holden tells Carly that when he goes back to Oakdale he will do everything he can to work things out with Lily. He suggests that Molly might stay there with Carly when he and Jack leave. She says she is not going to stay there. He says there is something weird going on and he wants to know what it is. She tells him the ranch isn't doing so well and she is about to go bankrupt. She needs to sell the horses to make some money. He says he is leaving tomorrow.

LILY is in the hospital. The doctors have said she has an infection of some sort. LUCINDA says that Lily is burning up with fever. She goes to demand some answers from the doctors. BOB tells her they are doing everything they can for Lily. He doesn't want to even guess until he gets the results of the tests. DAVID comes in and says he just heard about Lily who doesn't want to see him. Lucinda tells Lily that if she is so unhappy about Holden that it makes her physically ill, maybe she should rethink her situation and forget her pride. Bob says that based on the xrays and EKG, the area around her heart is inflamed. Lily is very feverish and calling for Holden. Emma calls Holden and tells him about Lily and asks him to come right away.

CAMILLE goes to see BEN who answers the door in a towel. She says she needs help with an assignment. She then admits that that is not the real reason she came to see him. He says, "The problem has left town, right?" He means her mom but she has not left town. He says he thinks it is great that she (Camille) is honest with him--no secrets, no lies. He gets a call from Tom. He has to be in court this afternoon.

Wednesday, September 24, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

BARBARA is looking at the TV schedule and doesn't see anything she wants to watch. She decides to read but isn't satisfied with that either. Just as she starts to get out of bed, JOHN comes in. As they are arguing, Barbara feels the baby's first kick. John is amazed as he puts his hands on her belly. Now she is not so desperate to get out of bed.

LILY dreams about HOLDEN coming in. He tells her he is with MOLLY now. She continues to hallucinate that Molly is there. Later Lily asks Lucinda why she doesn't like Holden. She is living in the past and thinks he is a stable hand. When she goes to sleep, Lucinda and Emma talk in the hall. Samantha comes in, then Bob. He still says that he is waiting for the test results. Lucinda says that with the combination of symptoms, what could it be. He says it could be pericarditis which might lead to cardiomyopathy. The worst scenario could be the possibility of an immediate heart transplant.

DAVID is at the hospital and EMILY comes in. He talks to her about his big white lie. He says no one is getting hurt by it. She says she has strong feelings for him but that the two of them living with that lie together makes their relationship a lie.

KIM gets back from a shoot and asks Bob about Lily. He is waiting for one last blood test. He says the technicians are working as fast as they can. Lucinda tells Emily to leave--this is a private matter. David tells Lucinda that Emily is in his life now and Lucinda must accept that fact and respect her. Later David tells Emily that the one thing he won't do for Lucinda is turn his back on Emily. She says his secret is safe with her.

In Muscle Shell Holden tells Jack that he has to get back to Oakdale right away. Jack will drive Holden to Billings (the nearest airport). Molly tells Jack to make the plane reservation for two. He says no. He lets Carly know that he knows they are cousins. As he is on hold on the phone, he tells Molly to tell Holden the truth. As she is babbling on (to Holden) about needing him to understand why she did what she did, Jack says that the next flight leaves in an hour. Holden says that whatever she is trying to tell him will have to wait (which suits her just fine). Jack suggests that Carly drive Holden to the airport and he and Molly can start packing the truck. Carly tells Molly that the long truck ride will give her a chance to try and convince Jack to accept what she has done without telling Holden. After Holden and Carly leave, Molly tells Jack that she is ashamed of what she has done. Jack tells her that what she did is not love but desperation. She begs him not to tell Holden because what good would it do? He has gone back to Lily. Jack says that he thinks when they get back to Holden she will find another way to try to get him. He asks her where the $1000 is and guesses that she paid it to Carly. She admits it. She says she is sorry (how many times has she used that word?) and will pay him back. When Carly returns, she gives Molly advice about how to handle Holden when she gets to Oakdale. After Jack and Molly leave, Carly makes a call and asks someone how soon he/she can get there. She will make an offer that the person can't refuse. Later, it is Judd (who owns the horses) who responds to the phone call. She has a new proposition for him. She asks him if he would like to buy her ranch.

At Big Top Roadhouse, Jack and Molly are eating. She says he doesn't know what it is like to love someone his whole life. He says true love is based on honesty.

Holden arrives at the hospital. Bob tells him not to say or do anything that will upset Lily. When she sees him, she reaches out her hand to take his.

Thursday, September 25, 1997
by Sage Scrogham

Reporters are waiting outside the court room to talk to BEN and TOM. They start firing questions at them. In walks TEAGUE and his lawyer. Teague's lawyer tells the reporters that after the judge reads her preliminary, he'll decide that there isn't even cause for a trial. They walk into the court room. Teague whispers over to Ben, "You're gonna lose, bud." CAMILLE grabs Ben. Ben shakes it off the urge to punch Teague. MARGO shows up and another cop, RUSS, sitting on Teague's side of the court room asks her which side she's going to sit on. Margo teases and says "The Grooms." Russ is serious and informs her that when all of this is over, she'll still have to work with them. SARAH RUTH is there with Camille. She tells Camille that Ben is only making problems for himself. JUDGE, Arlen Jessup, enters the court room. Teagues lawyer insists that this was nothing more than an "Unfortunate mistake....and it's being over reacted to." That it wouldn't have happened if Ben had had proper identification on himself. After hearing the defenses side, the Judge admits that he is "inclined to dismiss this case", unless Tom can sway him the other way. Tom presents his side and tells the Judge that he's going to prove that this is just one of many instances of this sort of "pattern which will lend site into proving his case in the trial." The Judge tells Tom that he was very persuasive and this case will, indeed, go to trial. The Judge dismisses the court room and the press rushes in. Margo tells one of the cops that sat with her, that she hope this case doesn't split the ranks. He agrees, that the Oakdale P.D. doesn't need anymore trouble. There is some chaos, but then everyone files out of the courtroom. Sarah Ruth says she'll wait outside for Camille. Camille stays behind to gather up her things. Camille finds a note hanging out of her purse. The note reads: "Tell your boyfriend to drop the case or you'll both regret it." Camille is shaken.

DAVID and EMILY go to a little restaurant. They discuss sticking by each other. Emily reminds David that they aren't the only ones who know that Lucinda isn't his mother, James does too. Emily warns David to safeguard himself from that "lying James." He tells her that he's taking precautions. Emily asks him if he's hungry. David says, "yes", but he'll have to hurry back to his family. Emily is surprised that he can use that term so easily. David tells her that they are the family he's going to have. "It's funny, here I am praying for Lily to be O.K. and she can destroy me." David says. Just then, NIKKI and TERRI walk in the restaurant. "There's another couple who could be trouble.." David says glancing over his shoulder. Emily tells him that after that FBI scare, that they'll probably drop it. "That's the trouble with kids, sometimes they don't know when to stop." He finishes. Nikki and Terri are surprised to see David and Emily there. They watch David and Emily as they share a pastry and drink coffee. "I wonder what they are saying." Nikki wonders out loud to Terri. David and Emily get up and leave. Nikki and Terri notice that David's left something behind, his "Date Book." Nikki goes and gets it. They leaf through it, can't find anything interesting. Then they come across an address to David's Aunt Kathleen. Just then Emily comes back into the restaurant and asks the waitress if anyone's turned in a "Date Book." Nikki flings the "Date Book" across the floor and it comes to a rest under the table where David and Emily were seated. Nikki yells out to Emily, "Is that what you are looking for?" Motioning towards the floor under the table. "Yes." Emily says suspiciously, takes the "Date Book" and leaves. "She suspects something." Terri comments. "Who cares." Nikki says. "We've to got a lead, Aunt Kathleen." She says as she jots the address down in her note book.

LILY sees HOLDEN at her bed side. She tells him that her mother is ready to accept him and quit giving him such a hard time. (She's still delirious.) Holden tells her that he is so sorry about everything. That he was wrong thinking they needed time apart to gain perspective on the situation. He tells her that he should have never went to "Montana." Montana rings a puts Lily back into the distant past, then present. She remembers Molly answering the phone in Montana, and she remembers the sleazy motel scene. "She was with you." Lily says. Holden doesn't understand what she's talking about. "You took her with you to Montana." Holden tries to explain that Molly stowed away. Lily starts breathing hard and grabbing at her chest, screaming for him to "Just go!" DR. BOB rushes in and tells Holden he'll have to leave. Out in the waiting area, JOHN is trying to comfort LUCINDA. Lucinda is jumping the gun, telling him, "What if we can't find a donor in time." John lets her know that they aren't even sure it's that serious, yet. They'll have to wait on the test. John tells her that he knows she feels helpless, but she'll have to wait and not jump the gun. EMMA gets to Lily's room. Holden is waiting outside. Emma tells him that, "Thank God he's here" and to hurry in and see Lily, she's been calling for him. Holden explains that he was already in there and she got upset and he had to leave. Lucinda walks up. She tells him that she's glad he's there and to hurry into see Lily. Holden explains to her that Lily got upset when he was in there and he had to leave. "What have you done!" Lucinda demands. "Because you couldn't keep your jeans zipped up, Lily is lying in there on the brink of death!" She continued. Lucinda demands to know what he was thinking when he slept with that "Slut." "I thought Lily had married Damian." He says trying to defend his actions. Lucinda let him know that if he just would have stuck around and asked some question that this wouldn't have happened. He tells her that she's right, but it isn't like Lily hadn't done that before. Lucinda lets him know that he still runs away, instead of dealing with his problems, too! Holden tells her that he was confused. Lucinda goes off on the "confused" statement. "None of this would have happened if I didn't love Lily so much." Holden defends. Dr. Bob comes flying out of Lily's room and tells them to be quiet! Lucinda wants to know if she can go to Lily. Bob lets her in. Holden wants to go she Lily too. Bob tells him no, that she gets upset when he's there, that he should really go someplace else. Emma and Holden go sit in the waiting area. She tells him that she's disappointed in him. That he should take responsibility for his actions and try to work things out with Lily. Holden is surprised to hear that his mother thinks he still has a shot. "How did Lily know Molly was in Montana?" He asks. "She called and Molly answered the phone." Emma tells him. Lucinda walks up and apologizes to Holden. Bob comes out of Lily's room. Lucinda presses Bob to get Holden in to see Lily. Bob tells them "No, Lily's having trouble breathing and Holden only upsets her and makes it worse. We've had to put her on a respirator." Later...DAVID walks in and sees Lucinda alone. He tells her that he's sorry, but he had some pressing business that he had to attend to. "I know, Emily." Lucinda says and drops it, just as quick. She tells him that Lily has been put on a respirator. David tells her that Lily is strong and the family will just have to rally and fight for her. He tells her that he's gotten a hold of one of the best Cardiac specialist in the country and he's being flow in. Lucinda is grateful. David tells her that he has something he wants to ask her, but he knows its lousy timing. David tells her that he wants to change his name to "Walsh:" as soon as possible. Lucinda is touched and gives him a big squeeze. At the hospital chapel, Holden is praying for one more chance to fix his mistakes and for God to punish him, not Lily for his unfaithfulness. "She has to many people, who love and need her." He says. In Lily's room, Lucinda strokes Lily's hand, while the respirator helps Lily to breathe.

LISA is visiting BARBARA. Barbara is telling Lisa about all the wonderful things John has been doing for her lately, about how wonderful he's treating her children, about the picnic and the baby kicking. "Just because John had a fleeting moment of decency, you think you've bonded." Lisa quips. Barbara tells her about he String Quartet. Lisa has to admit that that was nice, but the stars where a bit tacky. Barbara asks if Lisa has brought all the things she ordered. Lisa tells her that yes, she brought all of Johns favorite food and even a chef to attend to them. Barbara is thrilled. She wants to surprise John. She just wishes she could fit a Jazz band on her patio. John was supposed to be there at one o'clock, 40 minutes past, Lisa asks her if she'd like to have a bite, while waiting on John. Barbara says she'll wait, trying to keep her composure. "Where the hell is he?!?!" She finally says in desperation. Later, Lisa comes back from the kitchen. Telling Barbara that the chef says the diner is not fit to eat anymore. It's been kept in the oven as long as possible, but now it's a total loss. "Your right," Barbara says, "he's running scared." Barbara tells Lisa that she's tired and doesn't feel like eating anything. Lisa leaves. Barbara wakes up from sleeping and gazes at her stars hanging above her. She then sees John sitting in the chair, watching her. "You were supposed to be here at one o'clock for lunch." Barbara states. "I was giving serious thought as to where you and I stand." John says. Barbara defensively tells him that she pretty much knows where they stand. "Are you a mind reader now?" John wants to know. That gets Barbara's attention, she's very skeptical. "If you have no other plans, I thought that you might want to give some thought to marring me." John says with a shy grin. Barbara is pleasantly speechless.

Friday, September 26, 1997
font face="arial" color="804080" size="3">by Sage Scrogham

JACK catches up with HOLDEN at the hospital. Holden tells him all about Lily's reaction to seeing him there. MOLLY is standing off to the side, Holden sees her. Jack says that he wants to find Emma and ask her what she knows about Lily's condition. Holden goes over to Molly and demands to know why she lied to him. "Why did you do it? Why did you lie to me out in Montana? That was Lily on the phone!" Holden rants. Molly tries to get out of it, cover her tracks. "You're lying! Come on Molly, admit it!" Holden demands. "You just don't get it." He says. Molly tells him how bad Lily treats him and how she couldn't stand to see it happen. Jack finds CAL and EMMA talking about Lily. They are glad to see him. LUCINDA walks out of Lily's room. She's glad to see Jack, also. He tells them that he and Molly got back as soon as they could. Lucinda demands to know why Molly was out there. Jack tells her that she stowed away in the back of the truck. That he and Holden knew nothing about it. "Holden was soft hearted and let her stay." Jack says. "Soft headed is more like it!" Lucinda raves. Jack springs to Molly's defense, saying that Molly loves Holden more than anything in this world. Over in another area of the hospital, Molly and Holden are still arguing over Lily's treatment of him/Holden. Holden finally tells Molly to just drop it. Jack walks up and sees them arguing. He assumes that Molly has told Holden about her and Carly's scheming. "Finally, you told him the truth the scheme you and Carly cooked up." Jack says. Molly tells him to mind his own business. "What scheme?" Holden demands. Molly tells Jack that if he's her friend that he'll drop this and leave it alone. Jack tells her to tell him, now. Jack tells them that he's going to go check on something, then he'll be back. Molly tells Holden that he's got to understand why she did, what she did. Holden is upset that there is more to the story than she's already told him. He grabs her by the arm and sits her down next to him on the seat. "I'm listening!" He fumes. She tells him that she and Carly are cousins and that she set up the trip to get him out of town. He calls her on it. He tells her that she set it up for herself to get him away from Lily. She tells him that he loved her once and he could love her again. He tells her that that happened when he was only 16 years old. "I was old enough to have your baby!" She spats back. She apologizes for saying that. He tells her that he's tired of her using the past and his guilt to manipulate him. Now she's even resorted to lying, cheating and scheming. He should have been here with Lily when she got sick, but she got in the way of that. "You and I are finished. I'm going to fight for Lily and I'm going to win her back. I was wrong thinking I could have a friendship with you. You and I are done, finished. I never want to see your face again!" On that note, Holden leaves her standing there and walks off. In LILY's room, Lucinda is sitting by her bedside, crying. "Keep fighting darling. Luke needs Lily. I need Lily." Lucinda coos. "How is she?" Holden says interring the room. "I was hoping I could sit with her awhile." He finishes. Lucinda tells him that she doesn't think that would be a good idea and walks over to him. "You just upset her...." Lucinda says. "Because of Molly." Holden stresses. He tells Lucinda how he needs to explain to Lily. Lucinda tells him that it would be better for Lily if he didn't even mention Molly's name. Holden tells Lucinda that they never need to worry about Molly again. That he's gotten her out of their lives. Out in the area where Molly and Holden were arguing, two nurses are talking about Lily Grimaldi and her condition. "The only thing keeping Lily Grimaldi alive at this moment is the respirator." One of the nurses says as they walk past. Molly over hears and gets an evil look on her face.

CARLY goes to Fashions to see LISA. Lisa isn't glad to see her. In fact she is very upset with her and tells her that she didn't appreciate finding out that 'Get Real' went under from the collectors. Carly tells her that she was ashamed and wants to explain everything to her now. Lisa tells her that she doesn't care what she has to say. Lisa tells her that she just wishes she'd have listened to Barbara when she told her that she didn't trust Carly. Lisa's cutting her losses and is through with Carly. A customer walks in and Lisa leaves Carly standing all alone. Carly takes off to see JESSICA GRIFFIN. Carly demands to know what Rosanna is trying to pull. Jessica lets Carly know that the $50 million dollars trust fund for her first born child is still in tact, but there are some stipulations. Carly gets all bent. Jessica reminds her that Rosanna is under no obligation to do this. That she is just doing it because she wants to. Carly settles down a bit. Jessica outlines some of the details. 1) Carly must have the baby before Dec. 31, 1998. 2) She has to conceive under natural conditions. No sperm banks. 3) She has to be married to the father of the baby before it is born. And the father still can't be Mike Kassnoff. 4) She must remain married to the father and they must raise the child together. "What is Rosebud trying to pull?" Carly sneers then laughs. "I'll follow her stipulations to a 'T' ." Carly says, then continue. "I'll do what ever I have to to get that $50 million dollars. She's not getting out of that one." Jessica just looks at her. "I'll be a 'Red Hot Momma' by next Christmas." She gloats. She then asks Jessica if she'd like an invite to the baby shower. Jessica tells her that she'd rather have an invite to the wedding. Jessica wants to know if she has someone special in Montana. Carly informs her that there is no one special, yet, and she's sold the ranch and is moving back to Oakdale. Jessica tells her, "I thought you'd burnt all your bridges her in Oakdale." Carly informs her that she plans on building some new ones. That she almost had the gold ring here once before and she's sure she'll get it this time.

BARBARA wants to know if JOHN is proposing to her because of the baby. He tells her that it's not for the baby, it's for "You and me." He asks her to open the little jewelry box. She sees the ring and starts weeping. "Oh John, oh John...I'm sorry..." Barbara cries. John is worried that she isn't ready for this, and doesn't want to marry him. She realizes that he's misunderstanding her reaction. "It's beautiful. It's perfect." She smiles. "Are you saying 'Yes' ?" He asks. "Yes, yes, yes......" She repeats. "Thank God." He sighs. He tries to slip the ring on. It doesn't fit and he starts fretting. She tells him not to worry, it's all so very romantic. "But it doesn't fit." He rants while pacing back and forth. She explains that she's swollen and it will fit later. She tells him that she'll just wear it on a chain around her neck until the swelling is gone. He keeps ranting about needing to measure he finger for a better fit. He tells her that he loves her and wants the whole world to know it and the ring would be the symbol for that. She tells him to grab her sewing box over in the corner. He brings it to her, puzzled. She gets out a piece of ribbon and puts it around her finger. He cuts it off at the correct measurement of her finger and smiles. "I'll be right back." He says. He takes her hand and says, "Thank you for saying 'Yes'." She gets a funny look on her face, then smiles. "Our baby just said 'Yes', too." She says with a smile. He comes back with another ring. She tells him, as he slips the ring on, that it is even more beautiful than the other one. She starts to throw the piece of ribbon away. He stops her. John tells her that he wants to save it for he baby. Barbara is touched by his gesture. They chat about their previous disagreements....'misunderstandings', Barbara calls them. They laugh. He tells her that he doesn't want to elope. He wants a big wedding. Barbara reminds him that she's confined to the bed. "Well, how many people do you think we could jam into this bedroom?" He asks with a grin. She tells him, "Everyone that mattered." He asks her when she's going to tell her partner. Babs squirms a bit about telling Lisa. She explains that Lisa was there earlier with a chef, but they had to throw out the lunch after it spoiled. He realizes that she was worried when he didn't show on time earlier. "Did you think I'd run out on you?" John asks her. Barbara looks down at her hands. He explains that his undependable days are in the past. "I love you," John says, "If you ever doubt that, just look at that ring." Barbara shines.

At CAMILLE's apartment, SARAH RUTH sees her daughter looking at a piece of paper with a worried look on her face. She asks Camille what the paper says that has her so worried. Camille lies and tells her mother that the letter is just from school about some schedule changes. Sarah Ruth tells her that she knows her looks and thinks it's something else. She decides to change the subject and asks Camille how school is going. Camille tells her that she's doing well. Sarah Ruth tells Camille that she was talking with Lew and he thinks that she is spreading herself too thin. Camille tells her mother that Lew never did want her to better herself, it might have interfered with his time with her. Sarah Ruth tells her that she's being unfair. Camille tells her that she realizes that she holds a fondness for him because he saved her life, is a professional and is charming. Everything a woman would want for her daughter, but she keeps forgetting one thing. "He's married, accept it." She says. She tells her that he's getting a divorce. Camille reminds her of how many times they have heard that one before. Camille tells her that she wants Ben now. He listens to her. "He'll put you in danger if he doesn't drop this law suit." Sarah Ruth stresses. Camille gets upset and tells her mother that if she can't accept her relationship with Ben, that she won't be welcome at her home. Sarah Ruth starts crying and says that she'll take up her sister's offer to stay with her in Chicago. "Maybe you should." Camille says standing up for herself. A bit later there is a knock at the door. It's BEN and he's brought a bottle of wine to celebrate their day in court. Sarah Ruth comes out with her bags packed and slung over her shoulder. "Think about what I said, " her mother says. "Can't you stay and celebrate with us?" Ben asks trying to include Sarah Ruth. "No, my taxi's probably waiting." She says to Ben. Looking at Camille, Sarah Ruth continues, "I know Camille won't like me saying this, but...I don't think you have anything to celebrate. You've just stuck a broomstick in a hornets nest." Sarah Ruth leaves. Ben wants to know if they'd been fighting about him. Camille starts to say no, then tells him that 'yes', they were fighting about him. She tells him not to worry about what her mother said. She tells him, "We are gonna win this thing." Ben likes the 'we' thing, them being a couple. He likes seeing her happy. She tells him that she wants to make him happy, too. He looks her softly in the eyes and says, "So...Sarah Ruth is gone for now?" Ben asks with a smile. "I guess were all alone then." He hints. "No chance of her coming back?" Ben says with a sly grin. Camille shakes her head 'no' and smiles. He kisses her. They move to the couch where things start to get a bit steamy. Camille gets up gently takes his hand to lead him to the bedroom. "Are you sure?" Ben asks. "I'm sure," she says and they start to head down the hall toward the bedroom. A loud crash breaks up the moment. Ben grabs Camille protectively. Someone has thrown something through Camille's window.

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