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Monday, August 4, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

BARBARA tells JOHN that she is pregnant. He wonders who?? She sees his expression as horrified. She tells him the baby isn't his. He thinks it's Kirk's child. He yells at her about how bad Kirk is. He says he still wants to be with her and that if it were his child, she wouldn't have to be going through with this alone. "We'll work something out. It'll be all right." She tells him it's his baby. Because of his reaction, she decides to go upstairs and rest.

LILY comes to the farmhouse looking for HOLDEN but finds MOLLY. Lily tells Molly that it is over--she has told Damian. She writes a note to Holden and leaves it with Molly. Molly answers the phone and it is Damian. He tells her that he knows that she is in love with Holden. He says that when she sees Lily, tell her to meet Holden in the bell tower. Lily comes back and Molly tells her what Damian said.

DAMIAN is reading Molly's diary and realizes that she loves Holden. Holden comes in looking for Lily but finds no one but Damian. He yells at Damian and tells him to move out of the house. Damian denies knowing anything about them getting married. Holden tells Damian that he and Lily are getting married tonight. Damian tells Holden that yesterday at the lake all the feelings he and Lily had for each other came back. Holden leaves. When Lily goes to the bell tower, she finds Damian.

BEN and CAMILLE are jogging in the park. He has a surprise picnic waiting for them at one point. He decides they need some dessert and runs to catch up with the ice cream man. A policeman stops Ben, throws him to the ground and handcuffs him. A woman who had been mugged said that Ben was the mugger. Camille appears as the cop car is leaving.

LUCINDA is talking to TOM on the phone about her case. He says he has not been able to find anything strange in her books. Then she talks to Samantha about David.

DAVID and EMILY are looking over papers of WorldWide--some of which were on the computer and the others in the safety deposit box. She says she can't believe that James could fabricate this. She looks over the papers and sees some entries that are not right. An accountant who retired has some entries after his retirement date. She says James set Lucinda up. David wants to destroy the evidence. Emily insists that Lucinda is innocent.

Tuesday, August 5, 1997, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

DAVID hands EMILY a match to burn the records of WorldWide. She won't do it!! She says Tom has copies of everything they have and he could uncover everything they did. She is urging him to do the right thing. In the meantime, Tom has arrived at Lucinda's with all the WorldWide papers. David tells Emily that she is not only beautiful but smart too. And a real friend. He calls a press conference. Lucinda gets a phone call from a reporter from the City Times. He tells her about the press conference. They go to it. David announces that new information shows that a great injustice has been done to Mrs. Walsh. He then lets her know that he has controlling interest in World Wide.

HOLDEN tells MOLLY that Damian is still in love with Lily. Lily finds Damian in the bell tower. He reminds her of how they fell in love. He says if they had stayed in Malta, they would still be married. She says that what happened at the bell tower wasn't Holden's fault. He remembers their wedding ceremony and their wedding night. She tries to stop him. She tells him that she could never love him. Lily tells him that when she married him, she thought she was over Holden. "I can't lose you, Lily. Not again." Lily tells him that all he is doing is hurting her. She asks him to please let her go.

BEN is at the police station. Camille has followed him there. Ben tells her to call Jessica. Camille tells the victim that she has the wrong man. Jessica shows up. Camille tells her the story. Margo comes in. They do a line-up. The victim identifies Ben in the line-up. Then a cop comes in with another black man who had been trying to get rid of a wallet belonging to the victim. She then says that he is the one who mugged her. Margo apologizes for the department.

HOLDEN asks Molly if she has seen Lily. Molly says Lily came by there earlier but then left. Holden finds the note Lily left him.

Wednesday, August 6, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

LILY is urging DAMIAN to let her go. She says he is not the same man who came back from "the dead." He tells her about his time in the hospital. It was a spititual time. He felt pure joy.

MOLLY tells HOLDEN that Damian has not moved out. Lily doesn't answer Holden's phone call. She tells him that she still cares for him.

DAMIAN tells LILY that when he came back, love took hold. He took advantage of her--manipulated her. He starts to tell her about his "new life."

BEN talks to CAMILLE about his experience in the park. He thinks Camille doesn't understand him. He thinks once he steps out of OR, he will be pulled over by the cops.

LISA tries to feed BARBARA a vegetable plate. John says he will get the best prenatal care for her

Thursday, August 7, 1997
by Bubblz

Friday, August 8, 1997
by Bubblz

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