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Monday, July 28, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

KIRK tells SAM that he is the new head of WorldWide. He tells her he bought up stock and owns 51% of a financially sound WorldWide. She decks him and tells him not to touch her again. She tells him that he has destroyed Lucinda. She quizzes him about where he got the money; he says he borrowed it from a friend. He says he did it for the two of them--to keep the company in the family.

DAMIAN and LILY are still at the lake. They kiss. She responds but then pulls away. He tells her that she is still in love with him. He asks her to look him in the eye and tell him she didn't feel something when they kissed. She says she wants to go home.

HOLDEN receives an envelope containing the baby's picture, birth certificate and hospital and adoption records. MOLLY says she looks like her daddy. She says she could write a story and dedicate it to Abigail (their daughter). Emma and Luke come in. They all go outside and see Lily and Damian approach. Emma asks Damian to come in the house to see something Luke has made. When Damian tells Emma where he and Lily have been, she says houses are going to be built around the lake. "A lot of things have changed since you have been gone. You can't go backwards." Just as Holden is asking Lily if she told Damian about their engagement, Damian comes out of the house and asks her if she is ready to go home.

BARBARA comes into the Free Clinic just as they are taping a public service announcement for WSPR on prenatal care. She tells Bob that she has not changed her mind about telling John. Kim notices something is wrong with Barbara. Bob says she could use someone to talk to. John approaches Barbara about Kirk and notices that she is not feeling well. Barbara tells Kim she is pregnant and thinks something is wrong. Kim takes her to the ER. John sees them leave the clinic. Bob tells him not to follow Barbara--"Whatever is wrong is her business." Kim and Barbara have a heart-to-heart about John while waiting for the doctor. The doctor tells her that they are running a test and she wants her to stay overnight. "We are hopeful we can correct the problem." "What problem??" Enter John!

DAVID knocks on EMILY'S front door and wants to apologize. She has a chair propped against the door and is sitting on the floor against the wall. He says he knows she was telling him the truth (about Lucinda being his mother). He asks her to trust him. She gets up and opens the door. She tells him he upset her by yelling at her and saying horrible things to her. She slams the door. He continues talking to her and apologizing. He says he is worried about her. She opens the door again and lets him in. He tells her he would never hurt her. She says something about being in the office and being backed up against the desk. He asks her if Diego raped her in her office. He finally gets her to tell him about the rape. David tells her he cares what happens to her. She tells him that will change; she brings out the worst in men. She thinks everything that has happened to her concerning men has been her fault. She says she feels better because she didn't think she would ever be able to talk about the rape. Then she starts having flashbacks about Diego coming into her house and goes into a total panic which terrifies David. He tries to calm her but she won't let him touch her.

BEN asks CAMILLE to go out for coffee after work. She accepts. Just as they are leaving, she gets a call from the mystery man and hangs up on him. She tells Ben it was a wrong number.

Tuesday, July 29, 1997, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

NANCY tells BEN that the man on the phone for CAMILLE sounded very interesting. Camille says it is just a guy she used to date. Ben suggests that he would like to take Camille out for dinner rather than just coffee. She accepts.

KIRK says to SAMANTHA--"If we stay married the stock stays in the family." He says he bought 51% for one reason--to save Lucinda. He says, "The trouble with WorldWide is Lucinda. She needs me. She wouldn't have been in the spot where she is now if I'd been running the company. You need me because I'm the only one who can save WorldWide." Sam says, "I don't need you; I'm stuck with you." Ben and Camille come in asking about the sign that says, "Closed for private party." Kirk tells them the party's over and they can stay and enjoy themselves. He tells the waitress to bring them whatever they want. She brings them burgers and fries. They dance. Camille says that during her freshmen year in high school she went to a dance with some kid and would have given anything if Ben had asked her to dance. They get very close.

BARBARA is talking with Dr. Reynolds as John bursts in. The doctor tells him that she has been doing some routine tests. He tries to get Barbara to talk about it but when the doctor returns, Barbara insists that John leave. Dr. Reynolds says the baby is not at risk yet--as far as they can determine. There are indications of a separated placenta, possibly caused by the drugs given her by Stenbeck. They will start her on some medication and she wants to examine her again. KIM goes out into the hall and talks to John. She tells him that he needs to give Barbara time. Kim goes back into the room; Barbara is crying and telling her about what the doctor told her. John comes back in but Barbara insists that she is fine.

DAVID is trying to calm EMILY by telling her that Diego cannot hurt her any more. When he tries to get her to lie down on the couch, she runs from him and crouches down on the floor. He calls the hospital and leaves a message for Susan to come home immediately--it's an emergency. Susan comes in and thinks that David has caused Emily's trauma. She starts to call the police but Emily stops her. David apologizes to Emily and says it is all his fault. Emily says that it isn't his fault and that he helped her tonight--"more than you can possibly know." She tells him she is glad he called her mother because she probably wouldn't have. Susan apologizes to David for jumping all over him. After he leaves, Emily tells Susan that she told David about the rape and that it all came back to her then.

LUCINDA is on the phone asking someone to find out who bought up the stock. Sam comes in and says to her that whoever bought it probably stopped the free fall. She then tells Lucinda that Kirk bought the stock. They try to figure out where he could have gotten the money. Kirk comes in. Sam wants him to give the stock back to Lucinda. He says he is trying to protect both Lucinda and Sam.

Wednesday, July 30, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

HOLDEN is talking with MOLLY in the barn. He is angry about not knowing what is going on with Damian and Lily. Molly says she thinks Lily is being too sympathetic to Damian's feelings. Later Molly is writing in her diary about her own feelings for Holden. He comes in and tells her that if Lily can't bring herself to tell Damian about them, he will.

LILY comes into the farmhouse looking for Holden. EMMA tells her that this would have been her 40th wedding anniversary. She asks Lily if her feelings for Holden have changed. Lily tells her she loves Holden and wants to marry him. Emma says, "Saying those words doesn't mean anything any more; you have to do something about it." Lily tells Emma that Damian kissed her yesterday and she felt something, but she says that "Holden is the greatest love of my life." Emma says, "It is so important to be honest with yourself and the people you love."

DAMIAN and LISA meet for breakfast. Damian tells her about their day at the lake. He says that he knows for sure that Lily still loves him. He is ready to take the next step, but he needs her help. He needs her to make a few phone calls. He has plans for Lily and himself to be remarried in a church. He wants everything to be ready when Lily agrees to this. He wants Lisa to be the only witness to the wedding. Lisa asks him, "What about Holden?" Damian says that Lily has made a choice and it is not Holden. Later Lily is back home and Damian comes in with flowers and tells her how much he loves her. He starts to "get cozy" with her and she says, "I can't because I love Holden. He and I are together now." Damian replies, "He can leave now. I'm back." She says, "I do love you but I'm in love with Holden. I can't return the feelings that you have for me." He tells her he will move out tomorrow. She leaves and he yells, "Damn you, Holden!"

LUCINDA and SAMANTHA are talking at home. Sam is going to the Falcon Club to charm Kirk and try to get the WorldWide shares back. Lucinda is waiting for DAVID. He has asked to see her. When he arrives he tells her that he has accepted the fact that she is his mother. He tells her that Emily told him she overheard James and Lucinda talking about it at Fairwinds. Lucinda suggests that they might pretend that the last few months had never happened. She thinks now he will drop the charges against her. He says, "Forget it." He tells her that he put his own father in the slammer and he can do the same with her. He leaves and Sam returns. Lucinda tells her about David's visit. Sam says her visit with Kirk was a disaster.

MARGO and EMILY are at the Rape Crisis Center. Emily tells the group that she has always been drawn to dangerous men. She tells about her background with Diego; then she relates the whole rape experience. The group leader tells her afterward that she is over the first hurdle. The next step is to come back next week.

Lily goes to the farm and tells Holden that Damian is moving out. He puts the engagement ring on her finger.

Damian says to himself, "I won't give up on you, Lily. I won you back from Holden once. I will do it again."

Thursday, July 31, 1997
by Bubblz

Determined to try to get their marriage back on track, Margo invited Tom to join her in the shower. As the shower steamed up, Margo and Tom did to, until Margo said she would be late for work and Tom commented that her job wasn't important. After an apology and an argument, Tom kicked himself for being unable to get back o the closeness they once shared.

Jessica invited Ben out to a concert, but he declined and didn't tell her it was because he had a date with Camille. Camille overheard him and reminded him that he promised to be honest with Jessica about their dating. Caught in his little white lie, Ben finally gives Jessica the news that he's "involved."

At the cop shop, Jack guessed that Margo was upset about problems at home and offers her his shoulder to cry on. Margo ended up joking with Jack about his abilities as a therapist.

Holden boasted to Jack that Lily has placed his engagement ring back on her finger but lets loose with his anger over how long it' taken Lily to get Damian out of her life.

Meanwhile, undeterred from her confession that she loves Holden, Damian invited Lily to watch some home movies of them together. As they did, Lily found herself getting closer to him.

Friday, August 1, 1997
by Bubblz/b>

Jack told Molly about Holden's plans to take Lily out of Oakdale so they can be married. Jack warned her not to go over there and cause problems.

Barbara was relieved when Bob reveals that he's ordered her medical records sealed so John can't get his hands on it. Before leaving the hospital, Barbara finally managed to convince John that there is nothing terribly wrong with her and asked him to stay out of her personal business. But when he discovered that her medical records have been sealed, he rushed over to confront her and demanded some answers about her health. She finally admitted that she is pregnant.

Lily comforted Damian when he suffered from a sudden intense head pain, a moment witnessed by Molly. Realizing that Molly saw them, Damian revealed that he's had these pains before and added that the people who cared for him also told him that he suffered convulsions to the point where they thought he would die.

Lucinda and Cal joined Emma in sharing a beer toast with Holden on his upcoming wedding. Cal even wrote a check to insure Holden takes Lily on a great honeymoon. But when Holden ran to be with Lily, Molly stoped him and let it slip about the scene she witnessed earlier.

Turning on the charm, Sam explained to Kirk that while she does believe his reasons for he stock purchase, she can't forget aobut her sister's anger. She asks him to prove his feelings by making peace with Lucinda and giving back the stock. Kirk realized he was being conned, and told Sam that he couldn't give back the stock.

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