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Monday, May 19, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

DAVID ALLEN tells LUCINDA that he is now the district attorney. She says she is going to find out whose idea it was to oust Tom Hughes and put David in his place. He says he has a few friends in the right places. She tells him that she came to talk to Tom but she does not want to discuss the matter with David. Later Lucinda is back home and finds JAMES there. He tells her he knows she got the DNA test results. She wants to know how much it cost James to get David appointed district attorney; she asks James what he wants. He says he has their son's best interests at heart. He cannot understand how a mother can deny her own son. Lucinda tells James that she went to find Tom to tell him about James; then she says that it may be time to talk to the FBI. James says he hopes he never has to tell David that he is his father. Lucinda says if she has to accept David, then she has to accept James and she would rather swallow poison. He says that she and David need each other. He says David means more to him than anything else in the world. Lucinda says she will accept David when James is dead.

EMILY calls David to find out why he has not returned to give her the "big scoop" he promised. He tells her that as soon as he gets through with Lucinda, he will be there. David returns to his room and tells Emily he is acting district attorney. He says he believes in honesty and fairness with no special treatment. She wants to know who he knew to get himself appointed. He says sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. She thinks he wants to get into politics and she tells him maybe she can help, but that she has a funny feeling that he is already pretty well connected.

As HOLDEN and LILY are about to make love in the hayloft, they see MOLLY. Holden recognizes her; he tells Lily that she was his girlfriend long ago. Lily asks why Molly didn't tell her that she knew Holden. Molly says she just couldn't tell her after finding out that Holden was Lily's boyfriend. She says she was too embarrassed to see Holden; that's why she kept out of sight. Holden and Lily find out that Jack had been hiding her. Lily says she wants to be alone with Molly. Jack and Holden go to the pond where they talk about Molly and the past. Holden remembers her being real shy but with a wild streak. Holden says that Molly told him she had been married. In the meantime Lily asks Molly if Holden is the guy she came back for. Molly says she knew Lily and Holden were so much in love and that the thing between Holden and herself was "kid stuff." She tells Lily that she was glamorizing things about her teenage romance with Holden. Lily asks Molly to come home and stay with her; Molly says she will see her tomorrow.

HAL and NIKKI are talking about her graduation. She tells him that she did not invite her mother or anyone else. ADAM comes in and says he wants to talk to Nikki alone. Hal goes upstairs and calls Tom to tell him that Adam was there. Tom arrives and wants to know what's going on. Adam tearfully admits he set a locker on fire at school. It was a boy's locker who had said Adam's mom was crazy and in the looney bin and never getting out. Tom tells him he has to learn to ignore remarks like that. He explains that Margo is like a person with a broken leg whose leg has to be put into a cast until it heals; she is ill inside and has to have time to heal and then will come home. Tom asks him why he didn't come to him to talk and Adam says that Tom is never around. Tom tells Adam that he must go back to stay with Casey and Gram because Tom has to go back and see Mom again.