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Monday, April 21, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

Holden and Lily enter her new house which seems to be almost finished. The furniture is covered with sheets. She shows him the back yard and tells him there is a creek. He says that the surroundings remind him of where he grew up. She says that is what she wants for Luke. Connor brings the fax of Mark into the Falcon Club and hands it to David Allen, asking him what is going on.

Kirk tells Margo that he didn't see anything the night of the wedding. She has a flashback of a hand holding her gun and shooting. It looks like Kirk's hand and sleeve. Kirk tells Hal Margo needs a doctor, not a jail cell. Emily sees Kirk and tells him he should help her with Lucinda now that she (Emily) has printed a flattering article about him. Mark admits to Connor that he went by the name of Jennings years ago. He tells David Allen that that is no excuse for prying into his background. Lily tells Holden that so much has happened to her since she last saw him. She warns him that she is not the same person that she was when they fell in love.

David Allen said he was investigating the Santana murder when Mark disappeared, which cast suspicion on him. Mark warns him to stay out of his personal life.

Jack welcomes Sam to the Falcon Club. She says that the last time she saw him, he was doing private investigating. Kirk tells Emily that he will not help her fight Lucinda because Lucinda can help him get Sam back.

Margo tells Tom and Hal that Kirk killed Diego. She says that the cologne he wears is the same she smelled when he came over to her and took her gun. Hal doesn't want to believe it without evidence. They agree that Kirk has covered his tracks and nobody is looking at him as a suspect. Margo says that either Tom or Hal has to go and talk to Sam.

Lily tells Holden that she is frightened because she doesn't know what she will be like when all the memories settle and heal. Holden tells her he has been through it because of his memory problem. Lily tells Holden that before she found out that Diego was Umberto, she was falling in love with him. When she found out the truth, she would have done anything to make him pay. She says she lied to everyone about what she was doing. She doesn't know how to get back to the person she was before. Holden mentions that Fairwinds had been sold. A figure is shown taking down the Sold sign and opening the gate to Fairwinds.

Connor urges Mark to tell her about his background. He tells her that he used to "disappear"within himself when his Dad got drunk. He didn't want anything to do with his father. That is why he changed his name. He was afraid that he would end up like his father.

Ben and Jessica appear at the Falcon Club to drink a toast to Mark and Connor's engagement. Emily visits Margo. She admits that Margo told her something about the night of the wedding. She said that Margo told her that she was looking for the scent and she (Emily) was afraid it was Margo's own perfume. Tom went to the Falcon Club to talk to Sam.

Ben wants to know what is bothering Connor. She tells him that strange things keep happening about Mark. Ben said he didn't know that Mark went by another name. Ben said that after his own dad died, he would think about Mr. Kasnoff and he thought he (Ben) was better off. He told her, "Enjoy the person that Mark has become." Lily tells Holden that he has changed too in a lot of ways. He tells her that she did the right thing staying with Damian. Jack enters and says he got a phone call with an offer to buy the Falcon Club. He tells her that there is major damage to the hull and it will take a lot of money to repair it. She says to tell them about the damage and "sell it." Tom tells Margo (in Emily's presence) that she will be arraigned that night. Emily will blast the DA's office in the morning paper. Connor calls David Allen and leaves a message saying that she needs to talk to him ASAP (about Mark).

Kirk goes to see Sam after she has left a message that she wants to see him. She tells him that today is his lucky day. She is going to give him the chance to prove that he really loves her.

Jack tells James Stenbeck that the Falcon Club is his. Jack says that he almost laughed when he told Lily about the damages. James says (while gazing into the fire in the fireplace), "It begins."

Tuesday, April 22, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

Lily told Holden that she wanted to take things between the two of them slowly. They agreed that they need to take time and start over. They reminisce about how they first met and fell in love. Holden brings a picnic basket, blanket and hay bale into Lily's house.

Sam tells Kirk that she wants a divorce; they argue. Kirk wants her to look him in the eye and say she doesn't love him anymore; she says she still loves him. (She's trying to get him to admit that he killed Diego.) She tells him she missed him and said she fantasized that he would change. He said he did change. She says she wants to know one thing he did that was bold or selfless for her to prove his love. He says he stayed in Oakdale because he thought Sam would come back. He said he hadn't done anything bold but would do anything she wanted. Sam said she came back for Lily. She said she admired Lily and Margo; they laid their lives on the line. "Why couldn't you have done something like that?" Kirk said he will come up with something gutsy to show how much he loves her. After he left, Hal comes into the room carrying a tape recorder. Sam says she will deliver the goods. James and Jack talked at Fairwinds. James says he will stay in Oakdale as long as necessary. He is glad that the house has been renovated without attracting attention. He doesn't want anyone to know he is there; Jack will help keep him a secret. James said that he had made arrangements with the government that he was not to set foot on American soil. He tells Jack that he made himself public enemy #1 in Oakdale and now he wants to get even and take control over the whole city legally. He shows Jack pictures of "his" new Oakdale.

Connor goes to David Allen and tells him what Mark had told her about the reason for changing his name. He tells her there was a girl who fell in love with Mark and killed herself. He talks about Annie (a fellow law student) who dated Mark for a few weeks (D.A. was jealous). Mark dumped her because she was getting too serious. She told D.A. she was going for a drive alone. Her body was found and it was assumed she had jumped off a bridge. Mark had already left town. D.A. said Annie was not the type of person to take her own life. He is suspicious of Mark because of this and the fact that his new wife was killed in a single car crash and because Mark was at Diego's wedding and left town.

James says he wants to strong-arm everyone. His only enemy now is time. He says he is not doing this for himself, but for his "family." Not Paul, and not Barbara. He says that the premiere family of Oakdale is Lucinda and her children. He tells Jack to keep an eye on Lily and Holden. James says he knows all about Samantha Markham. They talk about Emily and Margo; he says, "Look what happened to her after she left me." James introduces Amber as his personal assistant. He says he will not turn on his own people (Jack and Amber) unless they turn on him first. He says he has an heir in mind, but it won't be Paul.

Wednesday, April 16, 1997
by Nicolas Stroman

Thursday, April 24, 1997
by Sage

Friday, April 25, 1997

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