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Monday, February 17, 1997
   By Sage Scrogham

Lily and Diego go outside the church. Diego tells her that he really loved her. She tells him that he doesn't know how to love. Diego starts to leave. Lily screams out for him to stop. She wants to know where Lucinda is. Diego calmly tells her that Lucinda is with her husband... her LAST husband. People start filing out of the church. Lily wants to know what he means. Diego tells her that Lucinda is dead and he killed her. Lily gives a blood curdling scream, tosses the bouquet into the air and cocks the gun. A shot is heard ringing out just as a bolt of thunder crashes, knocking out the lights. Someone turns on the headlights of a car and the crowd gasps as they see Diego lying flat on his back bleeeding from the chest and not moving. Pilar rushes up to his side, crying out to him. Ben comes to Diego's side as well, checking for vital signs. Lily asks if he is dead. Ben says that he is in bad shape and that he'll need all your prayers. (Like anyone is going to waste one on him, besides Pilar) Diego regains consciousness, looks directly at Lily and says his last words... "I loved you." All Lily has to say is "What did you do wit my mother's body?" Pilar is upset and blaming Lily for Diego's death. Later, Hal arrives and asks what happened. Lily says that Diego said he killed Lucinda. Just then Lucinda shows up. "No he didn't baby... He tried." They fall into each other's arms, crying. Then Lily tells Hal that she had a gun hidden in her bouquet... and she thought about Luke and wasn't going to shoot but it went off anyway. Holden then makes his presence known. He tells Hal that Lily couldn't have killed Diego because he did it. Holden and Lily exchange long looks of concern for each other. Lily can't believe her eyes. "It's really you?" she asks of Holden. Hal asks where the guns are. Holden says that he threw his in the river. Lily says she can't find hers... and must have dropped it. Connor walks around asking other wedding guests if they have seen Mark. The police comb the whole crime area looking for a weapon and clues. The find a fresh foot print in the bushes which looks like it belongs to a work boot. Later, at the police station, Holden and Lily each contend that they killed Diego. Back at the crime scene, Margo doesn't remember anything and finds that her gun is missing. Kirk lurks around, yaking to everyone like he's drunk (I don't think he is). Emily is glad he's dead and wishes that he had suffered more like he made her suffer. Back at the police station, Holden and Lily take a powder test, since they were the only ones who confessed to killing to killing Umberto. When the results are returned, Holden doesn't have any traces of gun powder on him but Lily does. Hal places Lily under arrest. She signs a confession to the murder. Jessica, her lawyer, is very upset that Lily won't listen to her. The police tell Holden he can leave. He tells them that they are making a mistake.

Ryder stops by Nikki's to talk to her. He's soaking wet. Later, they are making out on the couch. She asks him what he was doing out walking in the rain. He tells her that he was thinking about things. He notices that he's tracked mud in from outside. Nikki asks for his work boot and puts them outside on the porch.

Mark parks his truck and gets out. We don't know where he is. He hides his gun in the bottom of his tool box under a tarp in the back of his truck.

Editor's Note: Even though it doesn't look like a whole lot, it is mostly what happened during the episode. There was a lot of camera action jumping from Diego's body to following the police in their search for the murder weapon and everyone is at one scene other than Nikki and Ryder. Also not included is Hal questioning everyone at the church because everyone said they didn't see anything. No sense in repeating all that. :)