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Monday, January 6, 1997

Connor, driving down a deserted road, looking for something, stopped suddenly when she saw something blocking her path in the road. She looked closely and found that it was Mark in the middle of the road. She got out and went to him. He asked what she was doing there. She admitted that she had been worried about him and had decided to follow.

Connor asked Mark why they were in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere. Mark pointed out the spot in the road where there were skid marks and said that it was the spot where Jones had had her accident. He said that he had been going there often to try to figure out what had gone wrong.

After Connor and Mark sat quietly together for a while, Mark wondered why Jones had entered into his life if only to be taken out of it shortly after. He told Connor about the night Jones had died, how he'd had a fire burning in the fireplace and had had a nice, quiet, romantic dinner all planned. Connor appeared a bit uncomfortable but didn't say anything. He said that Jones had had a rough life growing up and hadn't deserved to die that way.

Connor told Mark that she could tell that Jones had made him extremely happy. Mark, angry at that point, yelled out that he didn't know why she'd had to die and that there were just too many questions left unanswered. Connor tried to comfort him, and they hugged. Both of them were crying.

A man and woman were seen sitting in a bar, having an argument. Another man in a black leather jacket, whose face wasn't seen, stepped in to defend her. The first man punched the man with the leather jacket, who went down to the floor. When he got up, it was clearly Holden. Holden defended himself against the man and another, who had arrived to help the man.

About that time, a policeman entered and broke up the fight. The men told the policeman that Holden had jumped them over the woman for no reason. The policeman checked everyone's IDs then took the woman away from them to get her statement. As they talked, the first man picked up Holden's wallet from the table and looked inside. Holden didn't notice. The man found a picture of Holden and Lily together. The man remarked to his friend about "getting" some of Lily.

Holden turned back to them and found them in possession of his wallet and photo of Lily. He demanded his wallet back. They refused, but the policeman turned around to see what was going on. The men complied and gave the wallet back to Holden. When the policeman was done, he told the men he wouldn't run them in that time. He turned to Holden and said the next time he was in Maryland, he should not get into trouble. The officer left.

The first man kissed the photo of Lily and got excited. Holden demanded the photo back. When the man wouldn't comply, another fight broke out. The policeman returned and tried to break it up. Holden picked up the policeman, thinking it was one of the other men, and punched him. Holden realized what he had done and stopped.

Later, Holden was shown into a jail cell. The policeman commented that it should cool him down. After the officer was gone, Holden took out the photo of Lily and looked at it.

Diego watched Ben operate on Pilar from outside the room. He encouraged her that she had to beat it. He looked up to God and said that she'd better not die, with an angry look on his face. Ben worked diligently and carefully on her. Susan walked up and found Diego watching the surgery and suggested that he go home. She said she'd be there most of the night if he wanted to call and find out how the surgery had gone. He said he wouldn't leave.

Susan asked if Diego had been able to contact Pilar's family. He said he had checked Barcelona and Madrid, but without knowing where she was from, it was hard. Susan said goodnight and walked away. He promised that if Pilar died, everyone involved would pay dearly.

Later, Diego paced outside. He wondered what was taking so long. Ben walked out of the operating room. He said that the surgery had gone well and that he expected her to emerge from the coma once the anesthetic wore off.

Diego asked Ben if he could sit with Pilar in her room. Ben didn't think it was a good idea. Diego asked if Ben had heard that Diego had been suspended from the hospital. Ben said he had. Diego explained that it was only a mix-up at the university that had issued the credentials and that Bob had promised to reinstate Diego once it was cleared up in a few days. He also said that he didn't know what Mike had told him, but he admitted that Mike and he had a difference of opinion. Diego didn't want Ben to be influenced by that.

Ben changed his mind and agreed to let Diego sit with Pilar when she returned to her room. As Ben walked away, Lily walked up to him. She told him that she had been trying to get ahold of him.

Lily looked at photos of Holden and smiled. The phone rang, and Mike was on the other end when she answered it. Mike told her that he was on the way there and teased her with the fact that he'd found Diego's sister. After he arrived, Lily asked if he was sure that Pilar was Diego's sister. Mike told her that he had overheard Susan thank Diego for his donation of the rare blood type. He had heard Diego make reference to the rosary beads belonging to "their" mother. Mike also showed Lily a picture that he had found in Pilar's locker that matched the one that Diego had in his apartment.

Lily looked surprised, as did Mike. Mike said he couldn't believe that they had been deceived all that time. Mike told Lily that he thought he could get Pilar to tell him the truth if she woke up from her coma. Lily asked how.

Mike said that Pilar had talked while she'd been unconscious. He thought he could get her to talk again after her surgery was complete and she was in her "half-conscious" state. Mike thought it might be their only chance. Lily didn't think Diego would let Mike be alone with Pilar long enough. Mike explained that was where Lily factored in.

Later, Lily found Diego at the hospital. She told him that she'd been looking for him. He asked if something was wrong. Lily said nothing was wrong. Diego asked her what was up then. Lily said she had some plans for them that evening. Diego said it wasn't a good time. Lily asked if he could change whatever he had to do. Diego said he couldn't. Lily asked why not.

Diego had a scared look on his face. Lily told him that it was very important. Diego asked why it had to be right then. She said he didn't know how she felt, and she wanted to make love to him. She started to get him interested, and he looked like he'd change his mind, but he refocused on Pilar and said he couldn't go. Lily asked what was more important than her. All Diego said was that he had something to do, and he left.

Mike checked Pilar's room and found that she wasn't back yet. Susan walked up to him and told him that Pilar's surgery had gone very well. Susan admitted that if Pilar hadn't had the surgery that day, she probably wouldn't have survived the night. Susan left as Ben approached Mike. Mike asked Ben if he could stay with Pilar when she was taken back.

Ben said that he'd be having some company and said he'd agreed to allow Diego to go in too. Pilar was taken into her room. Mike asked if he could see her. Ben said he could and walked away as Mike entered the room. Mike sat with Pilar and held her hand. Mike said that he needed her to tell him about Umberto. Pilar's eyes suddenly opened. She didn't say anything. Mike asked her about Umberto again.

Bob and Kim arrived at her planned getaway. Kim told him that she had abducted him so they could start the new year off right. There were two boxes in the middle of the room. She told him that she had gotten them delivered. When they opened the boxes, they found ski equipment for cross-country skiing in the moonlight. Bob said he would rather stay inside in the hot tub.

Bob and Kim went out and returned from their moonlight skiing. They looked tired. They got warm before dinner, but Bob suggested that they stay in. Kim said that she was glad she had abducted him and that they had gone there. Bob said he was, too, and added that he loved her. She warned him about being abducted a little more often then. As they decided to order room service, Bob's pager went off.

Bob got up to look at the number on the pager and announced it was the hospital. After a brief phone conversation, he said that he had to drive back that night, and he apologized. Kim said it was okay, since they'd had some fun. She helped him pack. As she did, she got a "twinge" in her back. Bob asked her where it was. Kim moved around and said it was gone, and she resumed packing.

Barbara, trying out different ideas for her line, was with Lisa at Fashions. She had on a South Pacific-type wrap, but Lisa didn't want to be reminded of it. John entered and told Barbara that he liked it. Lisa asked why he was there. John said he had learned of a new Polynesian restaurant with Tahitian-type food and wanted to take them there, since they hadn't gotten to try out the food while helping Lisa. Lisa said she didn't want to go.

John asked Barbara, who in turn tried to convince Lisa to go, but Lisa only remarked about not having as much fun as some people. John and Barbara sat down and talked all about their trip again, asking each other the high and low points of it. Lisa wanted them to stop. John told her that he thought it had been a wakeup call after looking death in the face a couple of times and declared that Bob could keep his chief of staff job. John added that he planned to stop and smell the roses along the way. Lisa laughed, realizing that he wouldn't change at all.

Later, Barbara and John were still having fun, talking about the trip, while Lisa stood nearby, obviously annoyed. John confirmed lunch for the next day with Barbara, and he left. Lisa wondered if John would be happy with a commissioned statue of him swimming with sharks on the elbows in Riverfront Park. Barbara asked Lisa to give him a break and said that she had fond memories of the trip too. Lisa sounded surprised that Barbara could have fond memories with John, knowing how Barbara felt about him. Lisa also mentioned that it had been hard to believe seeing them dance and kiss.

Barbara reminded Lisa it had been midnight on New Year's Eve. Lisa asked if Barbara and John were dating. Barbara said it was only lunch, and it was not a date. Lisa voiced her reservations about them getting together. Barbara wished that Lisa would change her mind and join them. Barbara said she was just glad that they had gotten out alive. Lisa only wanted to know what was on John's mind.