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Monday, December 2, 1996

Lisa tells Martin that she's on to him but he says he doesn't know what she's talking about. She says she overheard him and Mr. Lee talking and knows that this isn't a pleasure cruise but the way to get control of Get Real and that she has been kidnapped. Martin wouldn't quite term it that way and thinks she would be less judgmental if she heard his side of the story. He claims he isn't the wealthy business man she thinks he is. He says he used to be wealthy but since the cartel nationalized his businesses, he was forced to make certain career changes. Lisa calls it preying on innocent people. Martin says he is merely helping people move their own assets out of Hong Kong. Lisa is upset, disappointed at hurt that he involved her to begin with. Martin tells her that they are both in this tight squeeze together and doesn't like it either but the only way the cartel can get shipments out of Hong Kong is if he has control of Get Real and the only way to do that is if he marries her. Lisa thinks that out of all her marriage proposals, this on is the best proposal she has ever had. (Quite sarcastically said too) Martin pleads that if she doesn't marry him, then they will throw him overboard so she has to accept it. Lisa doesn't think so but that he's right, they have to join forces to get out of the situation. Lisa thinks it would be better if Martin doesn't let on that she knows. They will get married to save themselves then when they return to Oakdale, she will have it annulled. She wants nothing to do with him after that and compares him to John. Martin thinks she is being hard on herself. Lisa reminds him to just behave himself and she will do the same. He asks her if she's ready to take the plunge then. He tells her that he has to be loyal to the cartel because his family is involved too. Lisa says that when they return to Oakdale, they will be safe. Martin laughs, admits that it was Mr. Lee who beat him up in the park and they will not be safe there. Mr. Lee won't hesitate to use them as shark food. Lisa compares him and Mr. Lee as sharks and could care less who is the hunter and who is the prey. Martin says he likes her fighting spirit but doesn't realize that she will die too if she doesn't go along. Lisa doesn't like that he used her and the company for smuggling his business. Martin says no one will ever know and that she must still love him because she was going to marry him. She calls him a fraud but Martin says it costs her nothing to save them. Lisa says that Get Real is the one lifeline which she can cut. He says that if she cuts it, they will both go down. Lisa would rather die than let Martin get what he wants. He retorts that he will get it.

Barbara and John see the yacht get underway. John says it's now or never. As they go for the boat, the get caught in nets some men are carrying away from the dock and miss their chance. John gets upset. Barbara asks what will they do now? John suggest they keep going and find the Harbor Master's office to find out where the yacht is headed. Later, they talk with the Harbor Master. When they ask if he knows where the yacht is headed, he says he's trying to remember and holds out his hand, expecting a bribe. John rolls his eyes, pulls out some money, but Barbara grabs all of it and gives it to the man. The man says that he remembers now and that the yacht is headed to Little Mango Island but they will have to charter a plane because the fastest boat won't beat it there. Barbara tells them that they chartered a plane to get where they are now and that the pilot already left. The man says he can get them another pilot and to follow him, but it's a trap. The men who were carrying the nets they got tangled in comes up behind them and ties them up. Mr. Lee is there. John recognizes him from the boat. Mr. Lee tells them that this is the end of the line for them.

Nikki tells Ryder that he's quite the hero, but with Dani back, things will go back to the way they were. Ryder says that he's onto Dani's game and won't let anything happen. Dani comes up and asks to speak to Nikki alone. She tells her that she's really sorry, but Nikki isn't buying it. Dani says it won't happen again because she is leaving to go to Helsinki to be with her mom because she wants to get out of everyone's hair and go where she is wanted and loved. Nikki thinks that Dani is running away from her problems, but Dani says she is running only to her mom. Dani then announces to everyone that she knows she has been a nuisance and is leaving for Helsinki in a couple of hours. Kim thinks that it'll be a wonderful Christmas present for Betsy. Nancy says that she will be missed but is welcome anytime. Bob tells Ryder that he is glad of the way he handled Dani and thinks that when Ryder decides to go to college, he would be a great Pyschiatrist. Ryder says he's happy just working at Sparky's. Bob doesn't want Ryder selling himself short. Ryder only wants to be free and to see Nikki. Bob thinks that it isn't a good idea and that they should still "cool it" because young people sometimes have the tendency to go a little overboard with their feelings. Nikki will only be allowed over when Bob or Kim is there, at least until the probation period is done where he can't get into anymore trouble. Dani comes over to where they are talking and says she only needs to bring her bags down and she'll be ready to go. Bob goes upstairs to get them. Dani asks if Ryder will walk her out. Nikki, who was within earshot comes up behind and puts her arms around Ryder says they both will. There are smiles on each of their faces. Elsewhere, Bob asks Nancy if they can talk. He admits that he was a little sassy with her. Nancy admits she was a bit harsh and they both forgive each other. Kim says it's a tough day for Dani and the next task for her is getting over her first love. Nancy reminds Kim that Chris will be next in line soon. Nancy just wants them to treat Ryder with a little more patience and listen to him. Outside, Nikki tells Dani that she is going to miss her. They both start crying. No matter what mistakes they both made, Nikki still wants them to be friends. Ryder says he's glad it happen because now he knows how much they both mean to him, but in different ways. Dani tells Ryder she is sorry for everything. Nikki wants her to keep in touch by tapes, letters, e-mail, etc. They hug. Dani turns and gives Ryder a big kiss that Nikki obviously doesn't like. Dani leaves with Kim. Ryder smiles until he looks back at Nikki and then he takes his smile away and looks down.

Lily arrives at Diego's loft. Just as she goes to knock, she hears a woman's voice and Diego's behind the door. Lily hides behind a part of the porch as they come out. Pilar tells Diego that she loves him and they hug and then she leaves. Diego goes back inside and closes the door. Lily watches as the woman drives away, thinks a moment and then leaves herself. She later arrives at Sparky's garage to talk to Mike. She tells him about what she saw at Diego's. She wants to know why this woman is still in town. Meanwhile, Diego paces the loft impatiently waiting for Lily. He calls to the farm, but there is no answer. Diego gets his coat and goes out. As he comes down the steps, the shawl Diego gave Lily can be seen on the ground where she hid. Diego doesn't see it. Back at the garage, Mike asks what she wants to know. She's confused but wants to ask Diego was is going on. Mike doesn't think that Diego should be given another chance to explain. Mike asks why she followed the woman. Lily thinks she shouldn't have involved Mike and should be talking to Diego about this. Mike thinks that if she has doubts, have Diego introduce her to the woman. Lily thinks that he may be right and that if she cares about Diego, she owes him the chance to explain. Lily makes a call to Lucinda and then leaves the garage and goes back to Diego's loft. She doesn't see the shawl when she comes up the stairs to knock at the door. There is no reply. She hestiates a minute then takes the spare key hidden and goes inside. She sees the table prepared for dinner. As she looks around, she decides that this wasn't a good idea. When she goes to leave, she hears the fax machine start to print something out. She reads it with a surprised look on her face. (You can't really read it, even paused, but you see Roma, Italia easily) Later, she reads it out loud:

    "Senior, please make all further deposits to my account, #293629 in the Banko de Minoche in Rome. Signed Sandromano."
Lily wonders why Diego would be paying her detective money.

Lucinda is working on her laptop computer, obviously having some kind of problem with it. She searches for her instruction book. When she sits back down at it, the phone rings. It's Lily, asksing if Diego has called. She tells him no and if he is coming to dinner. Lily asks her to hold off on that and if he should call, tell him that you haven't heard from me. Lucinda tells her she is nervous about this and asks what she wants her to do if he shows up. Lily just wants her to stall him. Lucinda wants to know what's up, but Lily just says to trust her. Lucinda says she always has and hangs up. Just then Diego knocks at the door and looks in. Lucinda comments what a surprise it is to see him and what can she do for him. He asks if Lily is around. Lucinda asks if she should be and goes into stalling mode. She asks him if he knows anything about computers. When he says he has to go, Lucinda tells him that Lily is supposed to be calling soon and will tell her to come over when she does. Lucinda tells him that Lily is smitten with him. He smiles, surprised, and says he was hoping to find out how she felt about him. Lucinda tells him to take off his coat, have some tea and help her fix her "frozen" computer and will tell him some things about Lily he probably didn't know. While he fixes her laptop, she tells him about spending so much time with Walsh Enterprises that she didn't give Lily the time and attention she needed. Diego thinks she is being hard on herself. Lucinda wished that there was a father figure in Lily's life. Lucinda asks if Diego and his father were close. He says they were, but died when Diego was young. Lucinda says that at least he had his sister. Diego says that he and Maria were very close and that she inspired him to become a therapist because of her blindness. Lucinda becomes embarrassed, admits she knew that because Samantha told her about it before. (I don't remember Diego telling Samantha his sister's name before) Diego mentions again that he is worried about Lily. Lucinda asks if he knew why she was coming to see him. Diego didn't know but that Lily was acting mysterious and had a surprise for him. A car is heard approching. Diego hopes it's Lily but Lucinda looks and says it was only the gardener. Lucinda asks if something is wrong because he looks so tense. Diego says nothing is wrong. Lucinda says that she had one lesson of Tai Chi and wants him to show her more. Diego is more interested in knowing where Lily is. As Diego shows Lucinda some Tai Chi, she notices that it's already dark outside. Diego says he has to go but Lucinda tries to keep him there without success.

Tuesday, December 3, 1996

Susan and Cal meet in the parking lot of Memorial hospital. Susan is just leaving and Cal was coming in to give blood. Cal asks if they can have dinner but Susan has already had dinner. Susan starts to walk away but Cal runs after her. He tells her that he is leaving for Waco for business for awhile and just wanted to let her know in case she needed him. She says she doesn't need him that's why she hasn't called. Cal has noticed. She wishes him a good trip. He says he'll call her when he gets back and goes inside. As Susan gets to her car, a man walks up behind her. He grabs her purse and covers her mouth and tells her not to scream again. He wants her to get into the car but Cal comes up behind the guy and struggles with him. The guy runs off and Cal goes after in pursuit. Susan screams out to Cal to come back and not leave her alone but he doesn't. Soon, Cal returns. He wasn't able to stop him and asks Susan if she is ok? She says she is ok, just a little shooken up. Susan notes that he took her wallet and checkbook and panics because he knows where she lives. Cal says that everything is replaceable but her. Later, Susan gives a statement to the police and is worried that the guy will come after her. The officer says they will do everything to catch him. Cal offers to escort her home and make sure she's ok, but Susan doesn't want to burden him. He claims it won't be a burden at all and wants to make sure she's protected. When the get to the house, Cal checks all the windows and lets her know she's locked down tight but doesn't want to leave her alone. Susan is sure she will be fine, but as Cal goes to leave, a branch snaps on the tree outside scaring her. Cal insists that he stay, but wants a real Texas breakfast in the morning. Susan asks if he is willing to risk it. He says he is if she is.

Zoe is talking on the phone with Corey. She tells him that she isn't interested in anything to do with him. Ben comes up behind her and tells her to tell him to get lost. She later hangs up. Ben says that he can't believe she would even talk to him, just hang up on him when he calls, remembering the bruises he inflicted on you. Zoe insists that she only ran into a door and it's still none of his business. Ben is worried about her. She says that she is ok. Ben points out that Corey still get to her but Zoe doesn't want to talk about it. She tells him to lock up when he leaves and she goes out the door. He has an internal debate for a moment and then follows her. Zoe is later seen helping at a homeless project when Ben shows up. Ben is surprised that she here and wants to know what the big mystery is all about. He asks if this is where she went with all the mysterious phone calls? She says yes and says she needed something to feel good about. She didn't want him to think that she did it for the publicity. She used to care about it, but not anymore and has gotten back alot for the time she has put in. Ben drops his head and admits he feels like a jerk and asks if she is going to stay mad at him now that he knows her secret. She says she wasn't mad at him and that everything she has done is because of him. Ben goes into shock and asks her to repeat that again. She does then asks him if he remember their first dinner together. He says yes. She tells him that the time they spent together changed her life. Ben doesn't want to take credit for the change and says that it was her that changed it. Zoe changes it and says that he made her see another side of herself.... a person, not a model. She knew that there was something between them but couldn't admit it. Sarah saw it but I was scared. Ben doesn't think there is anything special about him, but Zoe says she sees it. Zoe says she put up a wall to protect herself because Ben isn't like any of the men she has met in her life, especially Corey. She asks if he feels the same way. Ben doesn't say anything. Zoe tells him that he doesn't have to say anything and she knows this came way out of left field and didn't know he'd be so flustered. She wants to give him something and kisses him.

Kirk is talking on the phone with a prospective client when the doorbell rings. When he hangs up, he opens the door to find Connor standing there. He tells her what he has accomplished so far today and asks how the meeting with Paul went. Connor admits she doesn't know because she could only think of Mark. She wanted to tell him how sorry she was about Jones but thought she would only be a reminder if he saw her. Kirk thinks that she should stay clear of Mark. Connor agrees but wants to pull completely out of EAS. Kirk can't believe they are going through this again. Connor flatly refuses to work with Mark. She wants to be there for him but can't. Kirk says that she doesn't have to see him until she's ready and can think about it before making a decision. Kirk is convinced that Connor believes that Mark will never be able to love her as much as he loved Jones and reminds her that she isn't a Saint. Connor admits that she never loved anyone as much as she loves Mark and when she saw him grieve for Jones she knew she couldn't be around him. Kirk will try to find a way around this. Kirk offers to handle the construction aspect with Mark, but Connor doesn't want to risk the chance of running into him. Kirk threatens that if she pulls out then so will he. Connor doesn't see the need for him to pull out. Kirk says that it was their dream and is this some kind of punishment for it? Connor asks if he had to work with same, would he do it? Kirk says he would in a heartbeat because at least he'd have her around and tells Connor to think about that.

Mark sleeps and dreams about Jones. She appears to him in the dream and he tells her that he doesn't want her to leave again. He says he can't do it without her. He then wakes up, realizes it was only a dream and begins to cry, looking at all the damage he did to the furniture. There's a knock at the door. It's Mike. Mark apologizes for running off after getting the gift from Jones. Mike starts to clean the room up a bit. Mark tells Mike he can help him by closing up the house and packing things up. The furniture stays because she rented the place furnished. Mike asks if he has boxes to put stuff in. He says he does and starts to go out back to get them. Mike sees the envelope on the floor by the door that Connor left. He hands it to Mark who reads it. Mike asks if he's ok. He says he is and goes to get the boxes. Mark admits he's not with it. He says he could have stopped her. She could have taken a desk job but I didn't want to hold her back. Mike tells him not to blame himself. Mark doesn't know why not, he loved her so much. Mike says that she loved Mark and gave her the one thing she needed to be happy. Mike says that they will get him through this. Mark tells him that he'd give up everything just to have one more minute with the woman he loved. Later, when they are done packing, he remembers something and tells Mike to go on ahead. He goes to the answering machine, takes it and the phone and then leaves, with Connor's note attached to the bottom of the box. When the arrive at the Kasnoff house, the phone rings. Mike answers it and Corey is on the other side. He asks for Zoe. Mike calls out for Zoe but gets no response and he tells Corey she isn't there. He leaves a message for her saying that he is still waiting for an answer. Mike writes it down and hangs up. After carrying the boxes downstairs, Mark finds the note again that Connor left. He thinks about it and reads the letter again. It reads:

    Dear Mark. I can't tell you how sorry I was to hear about Jones. If there is anything I can do for you please remember I am and always will be your friend.
He sees the picture in a box of him and Jones together. He crumples the note up and throws it away from him.

Sarah looks for Paul in the Lakeview Terrace. She asks the bartender if she has seen him. He tells her that he hasn't seen Paul since he had lunch with Emily. As she gets ready to leave, Corey goes up to her. Sarah asks why he hasn't left. Corey says he isn't leaving and won't take no for an answer. Sarah says that Zoe won't be doing his video and turning him down was the smartest thing she ever did. Corey says he will remember her not helping him. He says he wants Zoe back and will not leave Oakdale without her. Sarah asks if he thinks she will. Corey says Zoe will and he'll be patient. Sarah tells him that this isn't the same Zoe he knows. Corey says that he's gotten help but Sarah says it's old news. Corey says that he knows Zoe better than anyone. Sarah suggests that Zoe might already have someone else. Corey asks who it is, Ben? Corey reminds Sarah that Zoe's fans are like a drug to her. Sarah says that maybe the old Zoe would be like that. Sarah won't let Corey get in the way of her happiness.

Wednesday, December 4, 1996

Susan tells Cal that she's glad he stayed. She admits she was more shaken than she let on the night before. He asks if she slept ok. She said she slept fine, especially with him here. She points out that his turtleneck isn't folded right. As she fixes it, Emily enters, and completely misreads the situation. Susan pulls Emily aside, says it's a long story. She explains about the attempted carjacking and that Cal stayed with her. Emily has a fit, but offers to stay the day with her. Susan says it wasn't necessary. Emily goes to take a shower. Cal gets ready to leave, but Susan tells him that she promised to fix him breakfast and what would he like? He wanted a full "bunkhouse" breakfast but knows he won't get it. The phone rings. Susan answers and talks to Margo who tells her that the police have recovered her wallet and checkbook. She's happy and relieved to hear that and hangs up. Cal says it looks like he isn't needed anymore. Susan says she needed the peace of mind he provided by staying, by the way, how do you want your eggs. As they eat breakfast, Cal comments how it seems just like old times. Susan says she was thinking the same thing. Cal doesn't think that they need to go through life alone and need friends they can count on. Cal admits he misses her alot. Susan comments who would have thought. Cal asks why they go from here? Susan asks him to tell her. Cal says that he has lost touch with what she has been up to and what about the guy she was dating the night he saw her in the mall. She says they didn't have much in common. Cal is surprised and wonders why Susan never told him that. She says she thought she did. He's glad to hear it anyway. She asks why. He says it indicates that she's not all booked up. She thinks she has some free time. Cal asks her to dinner and she accepts.

Sarah, with Paul at EAS offices, is on the phone with a newspaper trying to give an obituary for Jones but breaks down. Paul tries to calm her down, but she throws her coffee cup at the door and it shatters. Paul tells her to go home but she says she doesn't have anything to do there. She remembers the night Jones died. She says she went to see Mark at home, who was preparing a special dinner for her. The next time she saw him, he was at the hospital with her. Paul offers to handle the obituary for her but she feels she has to do it and begins to clean up her mess. She tells him that she has never seen Mark like this before. Paul says he won't hold Mark to the original deadline because of this but Sarah said it won't be a problem since Mark went back to work the day after Jones died, his way of coping. Paul wants to know if she is ok. She says she's fine. Emily then enters. (Boy, she gets around, doesn't she?) She tells Sarah she heard about Jones and is sorry, but wants to know what happened. Sarah asks her to get the details from someone else and goes to leave but Paul tells her to hold up and don't go. Emily says she didn't mean to upset her. Sarah is fine, just wants to get some coffee downstairs and leaves. Paul gets mad at Emily, told her before to leave Sarah alone. Emily only tried to offer her condolences. Emily gets down to business, wants an answer to her offer. Paul says he can't work with Lucinda. Emily thinks it's the right decision for him to make. Paul wants to know what she is talking about. She pitches Worldwide's top-notch advertising agency to bring in the big names. Paul says he already has them. Emily offers the services of their legal department, but Paul wants to know why he would want Lucinda looking over his shoulder. He points out that Lucinda was their the previous week telling him not to work with Kirk. What gives her the right to do that. Emily tells him that she'll be the contact on the account, but Paul knows that Lucinda owns the company and is not afraid of her. Emily thinks that he should be because she's powerful. Paul says, bottom line, he doesn't want anything to with her. Sarah comes back in, sensing that they may need more time. Paul says that they don't, but Emily tries to say they do. Paul tends to Sarah giving Emily the cold shoulder. Paul insists on taking Sarah home and they leave, with Emily standing there burning mad. (Hate it for her!)

Sparky and Ryder get ready for Mike's race. Nikki enters, surprising Ryder who didn't expect to see her. He asks if she's cutting classes. She wonders why he cares at all. He's afraid that Hal will find out. Nikki doesn't think it'll be any different because Kim and Bob imposed their own prison keeping them apart. She claims this is the only way to see him and reads him the riot act about breaking his probation and the kiss he gave back to Dani when she left. Ryder thinks that she is just mad at him and that it has nothing to do with anything else. Nikki says it isn't that and he just doesn't get it. He didn't mean to hurt her but she tells him he isn't used to being a couple. He admits it, but he is happy to have met her. We move to Pilar coming up to Sparky asking if Mike is there. He isn't there. She asks if the car is there, but Sparky tells her it's already at Cedarville. She asks if he can win. Sparky says that he concentrates, he's unbeatable. We go back to Ryder and Nikki, with her not wanting to hold him down but wants to know that he cares. He says he does and they hug. He asks if she forgives him now. She snides a moment, but then says that she has. Later, they sit in the stands in Cedarville. Ryder points out where he works in the pits and where his car is. Nikki changes subject and tells him that she is meeting with Jessica on his appeal. She tells him that Richard was hitting on Dani way before the incident at the Yacht Club. He even hit on her too. Ryder gets upset, asking why she never told him. She explains that they didn't know each other then. Sparky comes up to them, tells Ryder he needs him in the pits. When they leave, Ryder asks if Mike is there yet. Sparky says that he isn't here yet and is getting nervous because Mike is never late for a race but hopes his head will be in the race. Later, we see Mike, kicking himself because he lost another race to Domingo. He desperately wants to know who Domingo is. He asks Ryder where Sparky is. Ryder points to him somewhere closeby. Mike asks him to go over there and help him pack up the car. Mike stands there, disgusted with himself. Pilar comes up to him. She comments that he lost again. She thought he said he was going to win. Mike admits he blew it. Pilar thinks that maybe it was the pit crews fault but Mike takes full blame. Pilar thinks that maybe Mike should have passed Domingo on the "110" right before the turn. Mike wants to know how she would know this. She says she heard a man talking about it in the stands. Mike says that if he had passed, both he and Domingo would have been kissing the wall. Pilar asks if he thinks so. He says he knows so. He's crazy, not stupid. Pilar tries to console him (I think) by suggesting that if Domingo hadn't been in the race he would definately have won. That doesn't make him feel any better. He puts all his money and effort into the car. She wants to know why. He doesn't think she'll understand but tells her that there is nothing else like it and he lives for it. It feels like pushing yourself to the edge and then bringing yourself back. She didn't know he felt that way. She asks how many times Domingo has beat him? Three, four times? Mike says it has only been twice, but will beat him the next time. She asks if he wants to have a drink with her. He thought she didn't hang out with guys who come in second. She says he doesn't know her very well then. He wants to, but the drink will have to wait. She asks why she should wait. He's hoping she will. She tells she will for him, but not for long.

Mike is at the farm talking with Lily. She tells him what happened at Diego's. Mike thinks that Diego is leading a double life but Lily is certain that there is a good explanation for everything. Mike says she can find out if she is willing to risk it. She can't figure it out. Mike wants to know about the woman and why Diego is paying her detective but she doesn't know. Diego has given her hope since Damian. Mike asks if she thinks if Diego may be after her money. There are too many lies around. He only told you about the woman after I found out about her. He asks her how she will know if he is telling the truth. Lily wants to go talk to Diego but Mike stops her. She asks him if she doesn't owe him a chance to explain. Mike doesn't think so. He's bound to ask you where you were when you didn't show up at his place. When he asks, don't tell him you were at his place. Mike is her friend and cares about her and Luke. There are too many things wrong here and doesn't want her to lay all her cards on the table yet. He hasn't been honest and doesn't deserve her trust, it's the only wasy to find out. Lily thinks that Diego holds the answers to her questions. Diego enters at this point, asking about what question. Lily says she's glad he's here. Mike goes to leave for the race. Lily and Diego wish him luck. Diego asks if she is ok and why didn't she show up. He waited and then called to the farm but got no answer. Lily says that things didn't pan out quite as she planned. She says that Luke got sick with an earache, but is feeling much better now. He asks why she didn't call. She doesn't remember hearing the phone ring, but with Luke's crying it's possible she missed it. She didn't mean to leave him all alone. Diego claims he wasn't. Lily asks who stopped by. He said no one did. She asks who it was. He says that it was her mom who insisted that he stay and have tea with her. Diego wants to talk to her. She asks how long he stayed with Lucinda. She kept him around until dinner time. He didn't find any messages waiting when he returned home. He asks what she wanted to know but he wants her to hold off. Since Luke is with Emma, Diego suggests that they go back to his place and pretend that yesterday never happened. (Yeah, right.) She doesn't respond. He asks what's wrong. She says nothing is wrong. He hopes she didn't change her mind. She says she would like to see the "real" him. He's glad but she will be the first one to see his home. She seems surprised. She can't believe he never had another woman there. Not even Connor? Diego says no one has been there and that he's been saving it for her. It's someplace special they can share. He asks again if something is wrong, please tell me. She tells Diego that he has made verything perfectly clear and they kiss.

Thursday, December 5, 1996

Special Note: Approximately the first 15 minutes were pre-empted for a speech from President Clinton. When it was over...

Lisa is preparing a cup of tea. Martin asks what she is up to. She says she makes tea when she is upset and wants to relax a little. She walks to go out. Martin asks where she is going. She gives the cup of tea to a guard outside the stateroom. He likes it. Lisa offers him to come in and sit down. She warms the tea for him again and talks about how much she loves the yacht. As she talks, she flirts with the guard and puts her hand on his thigh. The guard passes out. Martin freaks, asks what she did to him. Lisa says she put some of her migraine pills in the tea, about 32 of them to be exact. Martin is afraid of what Mr. Lee will do when he finds out. Lisa says he won't find out because she won't be onboard. Lisa takes the guards gun. Martin doesn't think she knows what she is doing, but she says she has the gun cocked and ready to be fired. She points for him to lead the way out. Martin doesn't think it's a good idea. Mr. Lee will be back on the boat shortly. Lisa tells him to shut up! She wants him to lower the lifeboat so she can get in, but Mr. Lee has it padlocked to the boat. Lisa grabs a life preserver, but Martin says she won't survive with the sharks around. She finds a flare gun and fires it. She prays that someone see it and comes to her rescue. Lisa asks if Martin sees a response to the flare. Martin says he sees flashing lights, but it's a ploy and they struggle for the gun. Martin calls out for Mr. Lee to come out on deck. Lisa kicks him and gets the gun back. Mr. Lee and some other men come on deck. Lisa is in the middle between them and Martin. She moves the gun back and forth between Martin and the men. Martin eventually gets the gun back. Mr. Lee asks what is going on. Martin explains that Lisa knows the truth. He says that Lisa drugged a crewman, grabbed his gun and shot off a flare before he could stop her. Mr. Lee tells Lisa he doesn't think anyone saw the flare becase of the fog that has developed along the water. He informs her that she won't be going anywhere. Mr. Lee and Martin escort Lisa back to her stateroom. The other cartel men carry the drugged guard out. Mr. Lee urges her to reconsider. The cartel only wants to control the Get Real shipments, that's all. Martin begs her to listen. Mr. Lee says that if she fails to agree, she will pay for it with her life. She calls him an evil man. Mr. Lee will give her a few minutes to think it over. Martin suggests she use the time wisely but Lisa suggests he jump overboard. They leave, locking her in the room. She can't believe this is happening. She thinks it serves her right for being so naive. She realizes that John knew it the moment he met Martin. She wishes she had listened to him. She snoozes a moment and halucinates that John is there. He says he has subdued the crew and is there to rescue her and take her back to Oakdale. She wakes up and realizes that it won't happen and nobody will save her.

John and Barbara are tied up in a shack. Barbara appears to be unconscious. John shouts for their guards to come, they are needed right away. They come in, asking what they want. John asks to be untied but they won't because they'll run to the authorities. John explains that Barbara is having chest pains and has passed out. John says he is a doctor and she needs treatment right away. They think he's been watching too many movies. John says that if they don't let him loose, he could lose her. He needs to treat her. One of the men looks Barbara over and agrees that she looks like she is in distress. John says that she's having a heart attack and could die. The men agree that the cartel isn't paying them enough to be murders and lets John go. He fumbles around her. It's just a ploy for the guards. They ask what is wrong with her. John doesn't know. John says he needs a ball point pen. One of the men hands him one. He explains that Barbara can't breathe and he needs to perform an emergency tracheotomy on her. Barbara's eyes go wide on that statement. One of the men says that she is awake. John explains that it's a reaction from the condition that happens when they are unconscious and can't breathe. John suggests the go outside because it can get kinda messy. They won't leave and will watch. John explains that blood with come spurting out and can make you sick. They tell him not to try anything and leave. Barbara gets up and wonders what they are going to do now. John says they will go through with it. They make a bunch of noise and John knocks out one of the wall panels in the shack and they escape.

Sarah can't believe she and Paul have the whole house to themselves. Paul asks where everyone is. Mike and Mark must have gone to work. Paul can't believe he's working. She says that Mark thinks that if he works hard enough, he'll forget about his grief. Paul says that everyone handles grief different. Sarah is afraid that it'll come back to haunt Mark. Paul says that he just needs some time. Eventually, he'll have to deal with it. Paul talks about how hard it was to accept the death of James. He didn't think he'd survive. Sarah says he certainly did. She thanks him for telling her. It helps her to understand what Mark is going through. Later, they go through a Kasnoff family photo album, making jokes about her pictures. Paul thinks so looks so adorable. She thinks this is fun. He's glad he could be of help. They are not just business associates, they are friends. Paul's cell phone rings. It's Kelly, who has a call transfer for him. He makes an appointment with someone at "Santa's Helpers" Paul would like to get some advice on how to do a gift delivery for some needy kids. After he makes an appointment, he hangs up. Sarah is intrigued with the idea. Paul wants to make sure some needy kids have some presents for Christmas. She wants to help. Paul wants to get the companies with EAS to donate the gifts. It's part of Paul's commitment with the community. Sarah thinks it's a great idea and would be a great publicity generator. He wants to deliver the gifts the night before so the kids will have something to open Christmas day. They must also be delivered from a one horse open sleigh. Sarah thinks she can help him out but Paul says she has way too much on her plate already. She doesn't consider this work and it'll be lots of fun and besides, he needs and elf to help. Sarah is excited about the project and looks forward to it. He smiles at her. She asks why. He says it's the way she gets when she is excited about something. He suspects that she was a handful at Christmas time. He thinks it getting late, should probably get some work done. She thinks she should go to. He insists that she stay and do something for herself. She tells him she'll see him tomorrow. He says bright and early. He smiles at her again. It's because of her. He wants her to take care of herself. He gives her a kiss on the cheek and says because he needs her. As he leaves, she displays a look of shock on her face.

Diego paces in the Snyder kitchen. When Lily enters, he asks her what took so long. Lily was listening to Emma talk about how excited Luke was to a winter wonderland performance, couldn't interrupt her. She says that Emma is now taking Luke to see Santa so they have the whole afternoon to themselves. Diego thinks that's great, he just wants to spend some time with her. He wants to take her back to his place. Diego can't believe they'll have to whole day uninterrupted. About that time, there is a knock at the door. Lily opens the door to find Lucinda, who says she is glad she found her here. She needs Lily to fix a problem she has with Jane. Lily asks what she did. Lucinda asks if she could talk to her right away. Lucinda can't tell Lily what she did until Diego goes out of the room. When he does, Lucinda wants to know what is going on. LIly says she can't spend the afternoon with Diego and says she saw Diego with the woman Mike talked about. Lily needs to find out what is going on. She tells Lucinda she snooped around and saw a fax come in from her detective. Lucinda doesn't understand. She wonders if she asked Diego about it. Lily hasn't. Lucinda thinks it too dangerous. Lily needs her help. Lucinda asks where Luke is. Lily says that he is with Emma. Lily doesn't want Lucinda to let Diego know that they are on to him. Lucinda tells her to be careful. Lily goes to call Diego back in. Lucinda apologies for taking Lily away to deal with Jane. Diego suggests that he goes with her, but Lily says it's a woman thing. Diego says he'll go home, but Lucinda stalls him there. Lily leaves. Lucinda tells him to take off her coat and will whip something up on the stove for him. She doesn't think Lily will be gone long. Diego thinks that Lily is a strong woman. Lucinda tells him to wait until he gets to know her better. Diego wants to know what she is trying to say. She is surprised that he hasn't seen the way she fights when there is a fire in her eyes. Diego has seen it, especially when she was after Umberto, and he knows she can protect herself. Lucinda adds that Lily has access to all of Lucinda's resources and support and he better not forget it. Diego assures her that nobody will cross Lily while he is around and will protect her for the rest of his life. As they talk, Lucinda is seen cleaning her rings. (Isn't that just rude...) Lucinda remembers the day he first came to work with Samantha. Diego never thought he'd fall in love with Lucinda's daughter. Lucinda remembers firing him but allowed him to stay on after they were impressed with what he did for Samantha because she was blind. She adds that Lily isn't blind and is quite perceptive. Diego gets the feeling that Lucinda is telling him this for a reason. She laughs. She says that Lily is getting serious about him, and doesn't want her to get hurt. Diego mentions he got the same grilling from Mike a few days ago. Lucinda cell phone rings. She can't hear whoever it is on the other side and gets up to go into the other room. She tells Diego not to go anywhere because she isn't through with him. When Lucinda goes into the parlor, Diego is seen with a dirty look on his face. While she is gone, Diego leaves a note for Lucinda saying he couldn't stay and was going home and leaves.

Lily arrives at Diego's loft and takes the key from it's hiding place. She goes inside. She wonders what else Diego could be hiding and where would he hide it. She searches around and looks behind some pictures on the wall. She finds something and her eyes go wide. Diego returns home. When he gets to the top of the landing, he finds the shawl he gave Lily on the floor near the door. Meanwhile inside, the phone rings. Lucinda shouts at the phone, wanting Lily to pick it up the other end. Lily just looks at the item she found. Diego hears the phone ringing and goes to put his key in the door.

Friday, December 6, 1996

Zoe is preparing a special meal for Ben. When he arrives, he asks her how she got in. She says the super let her in again, can't say no to her. He asks what's all this. She says she made him lunch. Linguini and lots of good stuff. Cooked it herself. He likes the apron. He looks tired and he admits he was in surgury all night. He gives her a small kiss but she wants better than that. He gives her a big 'ol sloppy kiss but it's interrupted by a knock at the door with Corey yelling out for her. Zoe wants to take care of him herself. She opens the door and asks why he is following her. He wants to know why she keeps hanging up on him. She doesn't want to talk to him and he should go back to Los Angeles or where ever he is shooting his video. He says it isn't about the video, he just wants to talk. Ben steps in and asks him if he's listening to her say that she doesn't want to talk to him. Corey tells him to butt out. Ben wants to escort him out. Ben asks Zoe if Corey has been stalking her. She tells him that she'll be ok. She tells Corey that she will never work with him again. He just wants her back. He says that he has changed and is getting help. Zoe doesn't believe him but hopes it's true. Corey says he did it for her and that he loves her. She says it's too late and that it's over. She has a whole new life and is with Ben now. Corey thinks it's funny and that it's not like her. Zoe says that Corey never knew anything about her, never did. Ben cares more about her as a person than as a model. Corey thinks that Ben fed Zoe a bunch of lines to fill her head up. Ben didn't like that accusation. Corey eggs him on and enrages Ben's temper. Ben just wants to beat the pulp out of Corey but Zoe stops him. She tells Ben that Corey will never understand how special their relationship is. Corey asks how it is. Zoe says that Ben respects her, sees more than just a face and could make a difference. Corey says that she is beautiful and can't she just settle for that. Ben doesn't like the way Corey phrased that and that he doesn't have a clue what Zoe is about. Corey doesn't think Ben does either. Ben says that she has got alot more going on that Corey, her agent or her model friends ever gave her credit for. Zoe wants to do something real with her life and doesn't know how she managed to pull herself up after everything Corey put her through. She has done alot to help people in this town. Zoe says she couldn't have done it without Ben. He made her believe in herself. Corey can't believe what he's hearing. Zoe says that it's over between them and that they both love each other and are planning a life together. Corey says that Zoe has the costume on and now he'll just let her play the part out, but will see her tomorrow. Zoe says he that won't. She wants him to go back to L.A. but he says he isn't going anywhere without her. He leaves. Zoe tells Ben that he was just saying that but got the message. Ben hopes so but thinks it was a great act she put on. Zoe wants to know what act he is talking about. Ben says it was about them, almost had him convinced they were dating. He knows she was trying to get rid of him and was playing along. Zoe says she meant what she told Corey. Ben tries to stop her. She wants to know if he only said the things he said just to string Corey along? Ben says he didn't and meant everything he said but Corey had no right putting you down and is glad Corey is out of her life. Zoe asks about them. She admits she has never talked to anyone the way they did the night they talked about where they came from and what was ahead. She needed that so bad. She knows he saw something in her. He's proud of the strides she had made since she arrived but she had that all along, it was never anything he did. She claims she did it all for him. Ben thinks they both exaggerating on how serious they are about each other. Zoe admits she loves him and thought he loved her too. She asks him if he does. Ben says that he really cares about her. She not talking about that. He says they haven't know each other long and that these things take time. Zoe asks how long because she knows how she feels and she loves him. Ben tells her not to push so hard, just give it some time. She can't believe this, thinks he's blowing her off. Ben wants to keep seeing each other. She doesn't think she's good enough but she thanks him for straighting her out. She grabs her coat and leaves, with Ben calling out after her.

Lisa, locked in her stateroom on the yacht, is crying. Martin unlocks the door and comes in. He tells her to pull herself together. He tells her that all she has to do is give the cartel control of Get Real and they will let her go. She is convinced they will kill her. Martin tells her that nobody is going to kill her. She knows Mr. Lee can't wait to toss her overboard to feed her to the sharks. She doesn't want to die. As Martin comforts her, you can see that all the drama she is giving is for his benefit. She is terrified and is afraid she won't see anyone she loves ever again. Martin says nothing will happen to her. He wants the Captain to perform the marriage ceremony tonight, only a formality. Lisa doesn't want to give him control of the company. He doesn't know what the difference is. She thought this was supposed to be a pleasure cruise now she doesn't know if she will live through it, being hysterial through it all. While all this is going on, Lisa searches for and then takes the key for the stateroom out of his pocket but then drops it. Martin doesn't see it. Martin tells her that she needs to follow precisely what he tells her. She agrees she will. Once he has control of Get Real they will let her go. She asks when and Martin says it will be the next island they dock at. Just then a siren sounds. Lisa asks what that sound is but Martin doesn't know. Mr Lee comes in to say that the electrical system has short-circuited and they have to return to Little Mango. Lisa gets happy but Mr. Lee tells her not to get any ideas. Lisa says that her and Martin have come to an agreement. Mr. Lee says it's about time. Later, Martin says he hopes that he finally got Lisa to accept how grave the situation she is in. She says understands. Lisa picks up the key that fell on the floor when Mr. Lee comes back in to say that they are docked at Little Mango and is going ashore. He says he needs Martin's help to oversee repairs. Martin tells Lisa not to do anything foolish. Martin goes for his key lock her in but Mr. Lee says he'll do it. After they leave, Lisa looks around for a weapon and take a vase. She unlocks and opens the door carefully and goes up behind the guard and hits him with it. She apologizes to him as he falls to the floor.

John and Barbara make their way to the marketplace on the the island. She's afraid that the men will find them soon. John looks at her ankle, which has swelled up again. He tells her that she needs to stay off of it, but she knows she can't because they need to find Lisa. John has to find a way to contact the authorities in Tahiti because he doens't trust the ones on the island. John asks someone where there is a phone. The man directs him to one. Barbara tells him to go make the call but he doesn't want to leave her alone. She looks like she is ready to pass out at any moment. John will get her something to eat since they having eaten since they left Tahiti. Barbara doesn't want him to steal anything. He says he won't and will pay cash but then realizes he doesn't have any. Barbara gives him a credit card to use. John notices the men chasing them enter the marketplace. They hide among the carts near them. She begins to panic about being found. John doesn't want her running on that bad ankle. She tells him he needs to go and make that call. The men pass them by and they get up and try to make their way out of the marketplace. A lady selling baskets stops them, asking if they want to buy some. They decline but the woman is persistant. They can't buy any because they don't have any cash, they were robbed the night before. They explain to the lady that they need her help. She asks what they did. They did do anything wrong, only to help a friend being held against her will. The boat was docked last night and as they tried to get on board, those men held them captive. They got away but they are after them again. They convince her to help them. The men chasing them come up to the woman and ask if she has seen two Americans. She asks what the woman looks like. They describe them to her but she says she hasn't seen them. The men leave. The woman returns to Barbara and John. They thank her and promise to buy alot of hats. As John gets ready to go make the call, Barbara almost faints again. John explains to the woman that Barbara hasn't eaten since they have been on the run. The woman offers to get something to eat and protect his "wife" while he makes the call. Barbara tells the woman that they are not married. John always wants her to put a little ice on the ankle too. The woman thinks that John is a nice guy and thought they were married. Barbara waits while the woman is gone. John returns soon. Wasn't able to call, phone out of order. She tells him that there is another phone in the next town, two or three miles along the beach. Barbara says she can't walk that and wants him to go without her. The lady offers to give Barbara boarding at her home while he's gone. John thinks that's they way to go. Barbara and the lady leave. As John watches them go, Lisa makes her way into the marketplace. She thinks she's halucinating when she John, who has his back to her.

Lucinda, at the Snyder farm, is on the phone calling to Diego's to warn Lily that he is on his way there. Lily, who is snooping around is ignoring the phone. She has found is passport and can't believe what the contents give his name as (we don't see what it is yet). Diego is outside the door. He has found the shawl that he have Lily on the landing on the floor near the door. When the answering machine answers, Diego hears it. He puts his key in the door to goes in. Lucinda just hangs up. She grabs her coat and purse and goes to leave but Mike comes to the door. She tells him where Lily is and that Diego is on his way over there. Mike and Lucinda leave to go over there. Inside, Diego puts the shawl down. Lily isn't anywhere to be seen. He tries to think when Lily could have been at the loft to leave the shawl. While he's thinking, Miguel the cat shows up. He pets the cat, wishing it could talk. Lily is seen hiding in the closet, listening. Diego figures out that Lily was there and lied to him but he doesn't know why. He think that maybe Lily saw the woman there and heard them talk. But Diego thought he explained all that and he doesn't want to lose her because he loves her. Miguel goes to the closet door where Lily is. He scratches and meows at the door, but Diego tells him it's time for him to go back outside. He picks up the phone and makes a call to someone, telling them they need to come over right away. He notices the closet door open a little and goes to open it up, but Mike calls out for him. Diego goes outside to meet Mike. Lily exits the closet and sees the two of them talking. Diego asks what Mike wants. He says he is there for Lily. Lily, at the top of the landing, waves to Mike to not let her presence be known. Mike says that he wants to bury the hatchet but Diego doesn't believe him. Mike says that Lily is upset that they can't get along and admits that he feels bad and has no business interfering. Diego is surprised in the turnaround. Mike says he sees the errors of his ways since the night at the lime pit and thinks he might have gotten a little carried away and wants to apologize. Diego doesn't fall for it and asks what Mike is really up to. While they chat, Lily comes down the steps and leaves. Mike says he isn't up to anything. Diego thinks Mike has done everything possible to turn Lily against him. Mike says that was a time when he thought Diego was two-timing Lily. Diego wants him not to come here again. Mike only wants to be heard out and is looking out for Lily. Mike asks what he was supposed to think when he saw Diego with the woman at the lime pit and then lying about it. Diego wants to know why Mike is spying on him. Mike just doesn't want to see Lily get hurt. Diego explains that he told Lily all about it. Mike says he knows and that Lily is cool with it and he is butting out of it now. Diego knows that isn't the reason why he is there and is trying to figure it out. Mike contends that he just came for Lily's sake and that's the truth. Diego tells him to get out. As Mike leaves, he comments that Lily trust Diego more than he does so he better just watch his step. Diego asks if that's a threat. Mike says it is and that he'll be watching. Later, Diego has a flashback to the night he asked Lily to come back to his loft with him and she wouldn't accept. He snaps out of it when there is a knock at the door. When he opens it, it's Pilar and he pulls her inside quickly. He's afraid of who might be in the stables during the day and has to be careful. She asks what's wrong. Diego tells her that Lily never showed up last night and that she's lying about it. Lily was distant and troubled and Lucinda was the same way. He shows Pilar the shawl he found on the landing. Diego thinks that Lily showed up and perhaps saw her there. Pilar doesn't think so. He also tells her that Mike stopped by telling him to watch his step too. Diego thinks the only reason Mike would do that is because Lily told him what she could have saw the previous night. Pilar tries to get Diego to calm down and that he doesn't know for sure that Lily was ever there. He says he knows her and can tell. Pilar asks why Lily wouln't ask why. Diego doesn't know but thinks that maybe she was trying to give him a chance to be honest with her and he never took it, lying to her and she knew it. He knew someday all his lies would catch up to him. She must know and now she doesn't trust me anymore. Pilar asks why he had to fall in love with her. She tells him that this isn't the place to be anymore and is too dangerous now. Diego wonders if Lily heard them talking and knows that he's Umberto. Pilar says that they never talked about Umberto outside the room. Diego says that these wall are very thin. If she was on the landing, she could hear everything. She could see in her eyes that everything had changed towards him. He can't lose her and wouldn't be able to live without her because he loves her so much. Pilar tells him not to worry. She has to go.

Lily returns to the farm and shows Lucinda the passport. Lucinda in shock too. Lily admits she heard the phone ringing but didn't know it was her and when Diego came up to the apartment, she went to hide in the closet. When Mike came by, she was able to get out. Lucinda asks if Diego suspected she was in there. Lily doesn't think so. She can't believe that he's been lying to her all this time. She was so close to finding Umberto. Lucinda thinks he's been pretty clever and fooled alot of people. Lily says that Diego didn't fool Mike. Lucinda thinks the passport should be turned over to the police. Lily says no, but doesn't know what she wants to do yet. Lucinda suggests that she and Luke come stay at the house. Lily protests, saying she has to do this on her own. Lucinda is concerned about Lily's physical safety. Lily says that Diego can't harm her now that she's on to him. (Lily is really shouting now, and is doing a good job of it). Lucinda warns her not to do anything stupid and reminds her she has done alot of stupid things in her life. Lily didn't need to be reminded and thinks Lucinda should leave now. Lucinda starts to leave but stops. She tells Lily that she is not going to leave her alone. Lily says that Emma will be home soon with Luke and she will be fine until then. She just wants some time. Lucinda tells Lily that she is NOT to go to Diego's apartment. Lily says she isn't going to do anything stupid and give her a little credit. Lily is practically in tears at this point. Lucinda comes up to Lily, hugs her for comfort and apologizes. Lily says she will be fine and Lucinda leaves. There is a knock as soon as she closes the door, which scares her. When she opens it, Mike is standing there and she gives him a hug, which he returns. Lily shows Mike the passport she found. She can't not imagine what he is thinking Diego could be capable of. Mike reads the name in the passport as: Diego D. Castillo. He asks her what she wants him to do. She doesn't want him to do anything. He asks her the same, but she doesn't know. It's personal and it's up to her. Mike wants her to promise him that she won't do anything without telling him because she doesn't know anything about him. She says she knows. He wants her to take care of himself. He gives her a kiss on the cheek as he goes to leave. Later, Lily, talking to herself, wants to know who Diego really is and what he wants. She doesn't know how she is going to find out. There is a knock at the door. When Lily opens it, Pilar is standing there. Lily just stands there in shock.

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